How To: Create audiogram video using your podcast audio

How To: Create audiogram video using your podcast audio

Hi and welcome to All About Podcast Promoting your podcast may be limited to text
transcripts, quotes and audio snippets, So today, we’re going to add another into the
mix and that is, audiogram videos. Yes, you heard it right and although a quick
search on Google may give you something not
podcast related it’s actually just a matter of a bad naming
choice, I guess. We’ll probably have to call it something else to
avoid confusion. So don’t forget to leave your
suggestions on what you think it should be called. Audiogram videos actually gained
traction when WNYC released their open
source Audiogram Generator meant to “provide podcasters, radio
professionals, producers and audio makers a super easy way to share their work across social platforms including Facebook and Twitter. So what this audiogram generator does is it
turns mp3 and wav files into video files. And that’s what I’m going to show you today. So what I did is I recorded a short snippet. And
then we’ll go through the steps, one by one. So you can create your own audiogram video which you can post on your YouTube and
social media channels. Hi and welcome to All About Podcast. My name
is Florante and thank you so much for checking
us out. Watch the full tutorial on how we created this audiogram video from a short audio recording.
You can also use your audio snippets from your
podcast episodes and use your audiogram video as a teaser and social Media
Post to invite more listeners to learn more
about you and your message The first step that you need to do is to choose
the audio file you would like to create the
audiogram video for. Next, choose wave type. There are different
options that you can have in there. For this, I’m
going to make use of the Bricks. And also, you can set the wave position to
either the bottom, middle, or the top. At the same time, you can also choose the
wave color. You can click on the color picker and also choose the opacity. At the same time you can also change the
background image. I have an image from
Pixabay that I’m going to use here. And you just have to make sure that the size is
fit or you can just crop it. Once you have set the dimensions, click on
OK. You can also add captions or titles. or text components to your audiogram video.
But this will not move. It’s just going to be a
static text. This could be a title or quote or something that you would like to associate
with your audiogram video. I’ll just put
“AUDIOGRAM VIDEO” How to Tutorial. and you can also customize the text by changing the font style As well as add in some effects like shadow,
padding, line spacing and you also have the blur effect
Okay, I think that looks good now. Let’s just put some background color I think yellow will be a perfect one for this. OK, so… Alright, I’ll just go ahead Let me just… fix the wave position. I think it’s going to look
better if I put this below or… and then put and then put the wave in the middle or at the top OK, the top looks better. The good thing with this is that you can just go
back to the text that you have created you can reposition if you think that you still
need to realign those texts and make sure that they’re in the right place Alright, so once you have completed that, you
can click on generate and this will now upload
the audio that you have chosen earlier This will take a couple of minutes depending
on the length of the audio file that you have uploaded OK, so this is the final product.
0:05:12.066,0:05:12.000 of the audiogram that we have created and all I need
to do now is to download this one and upload to YouTube so you can all have a
listen and see for yourself. This is the first video on how to create an
audiogram video If you would like to see more videos on how to
create an audiogram like this please don’t forget to click on subscribe If you have any questions or suggestions on
topics, you can leave them in the comments
box. Thank you so much for your time. Have a great

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  1. Podcast Story Maker is a phone app that does the same thing with just a few clicks. No need to sign up for anything or use a PC.

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