How to create a top 100 podcast in 2019! (Grow your show FAST)

– What’s up, YouTube? Welcome back to the channel. My name’s Benjamin, but
since we’re friends now, you can call me Ben. Here’s my Instagram handle. Toss it a follow. Today, the topic of the video, you can probably guess it
because it’s in the title, but I am going to be
talking about how to create a top 100 podcast in whatever
niche you want it to be in, whatever category, in 2019. I created a video not too long
ago about my podcasting tips that I wish I knew before I started and I’ve been getting some
pretty positive feedback on that. So I’m building off that and
making this far more specific on achieving that goal, a top 100 podcast. ‘Cause so many people
have that in their bios. It’s a form of accreditation,
it’s a form of value creation to anybody who you have on. It’s far easier to get guests
when you can approach them and say top 100 podcast. And the awesome thing about that is the fact that those ranking boards, the one to 100 or whatever
you see, the top charts, they are not stagnant. They are ever-changing. So if you’re on there once, you can then say top 100
podcast in your field and you’re telling the truth. That’s a great way to outreach
to different prospects, potential guests, to
get them on your show. So let’s get into it and let me tell you exactly how to do this so you
can help grow your podcast, ’cause it’s a very valuable platform. Let’s talk about it. Let’s grow your show. All right, so it’s not
actually as difficult as you might think, but
there’s a few things that you have to do and
you have to do them right. When you launch your show,
this is a huge piece of advice that I can give to you,
is you want to plan ahead, but at the launch, you wanna launch with at least three episodes. Remember that number, three episodes. And let me tell you why. You want that because
the iTunes algorithm, the podcast app algorithm,
heavily favors influxes of content consumption. So when you make a new show naturally, anybody who you share it with is gonna go check out your first episode and that will launch your show
very high in the rankings. So because I had one
episode and I launched it to everybody I knew, a bunch
of people listened to it. I got into the top 100 charts,
which you can see here. I believe at the highest
point in the charts we were at 70 something. And I could’ve been substantially higher if that was times by three. And three’s a sweet spot because you’re getting
three times the engagement. Because likely, people who
listened to the one episode are gonna listen to
the two following ones, so you’re getting three times
the engagement per one person. But iTunes views that all as
new or organic engagements, so that is massive. You can help yourself out so much by launching with three episodes. So I got to 77 with one episode. I could’ve made it into
the top 20, top 10. Because of how the iTunes algorithm works, had I launched with three episodes. So if you’re starting a show, make sure you launch with
three episodes, okay? You’ve got that? Write that one down, three. I’m gonna pop it up right here. Three, all right? Three! Next tip. Okay, so like I said,
you wanna plan ahead. So now you’ve got your three episodes set, you also want to have more backlog, because you never want to miss a week. Like most social media algorithms,
they favor consistency. So you wanna deliver your
episodes on a consistent schedule and consistently. You don’t wanna miss weeks
because, like I said, the algorithms, they favor consistency. So keep that in mind and
have content ready to go. Have it backlogged, make
it easy for yourself. Have a plan of attack. Have a day where you
schedule all your guests and bang them out so you have episodes waiting to be released
so you’re not scrambling when the week comes,
trying to fill a spot. Make it easy on yourself,
reduce the stress. You want this thing to
be a positive experience for both your listeners,
your guests and yourself. The best way to do that
is through being prepared, so schedule your content, be prepared. Next tip. So now, sharing it. How are you gonna get as many people to listen to it as possible? I would say just leverage
your existing networks. Whatever you have, whether
it be your Facebook page, your Instagram, Snapchat. Whatever it is, share it on
as many mediums as possible, even through personal outreach. And this is one where it may
be tedious and time consuming, but the first month or first week of your launch of your podcast, is so, so crucial and something
that I missed the boat on and my trajectory was
something like this, slower. It could’ve been hwoh! Could’ve been going! I could’ve been so much
higher in the charts had I done all of these things, so please, please listen to
me, learn from my mistakes. So back to what I was saying. Sorry, I go on these
little rambles sometimes. Back to the point. Personal outreach works great. It’s very, very difficult
for someone to say no if you make it this easy to them. Send them the link to your podcast, say blah blah blah blah blah at least check out the first episode, let me know your thoughts and that’s it. You make it so easy for
that person to do it it’s almost difficult to say no. So if you do that to all these people who you know may listen. Hey, don’t have any pride. Anybody who you think might have value and you can frame it that way to position it as something
that they may value from, boom. Send it to them, make them listen to it. And that’s gonna help
you grow exponentially, ’cause that’s what the goal is. We’re trying to maximize
your initial launch, ’cause that’s huge for the
success of your podcast. And so the final tip to wrap it all up, why it’s so important, why this is all so important,
is because of this. All of these things, if done correctly, will rank you high in the charts, yes, but it can also put you into
the New & Noteworthy section on the podcast app. You’re probably asking
why is that important? Let me tell ya, that’s
important because as a podcast, the algorithm’s kinda weird. Organic traffic is incredibly
difficult to come by. If you’re not sending people
from other forms of media, other social channels, it’s
so difficult for people to stumble across your
content organically. Almost the only real
effective way to do that is being on New & Noteworthy. That’s because the algorithm, again, it governs the entire platform,
puts all of the things that it deems as new and
noteworthy in that section. So anybody looking for a
new show, they can go see it and anybody who goes and
looks in that section will see your show. And you’re only gonna get on
there if you have an influx of traffic and you convince the algorithm that you are producing steady
content that is high in value and is gonna be coming consistently. So that can be huge. You can save yourself so much work and see success far quicker
if you listen to these steps and you could have a top
100 podcast far quicker than you think and you
could be delivering value to yourself, your guests
and your listeners far faster than you think. So listen to my advice and listen to my show, too. It’ll be linked down below. My show is called Do Dope Shit and what I do is I have rants on the off-weeks of interviews. But the interviews, I interview
people doing great things, who are following their passions, reaching for more in their
life and living life their way. That’s the key, the key importance to me is finding people who
are finding fulfillment doing their thing. They’re doing their dope shit. That’s the essence of the show. If you have any guest recommendations, let me know in the comments down below. Again, my Instagram handle’s right here. Toss me a follow. If you have any questions, leave it in the comments down below or send me an Instagram DM. I am always quick to respond
and engage with you guys. That’s a wrap, folks. I hope you guys took some value from this. Greatly appreciate you checking it out. Subscribe to the channel
if you haven’t already and you will see me very, very soon. I’m getting back on a consistent schedule to bring you some value so subscribe. Do it now. Just do it. I’ll give you a second. Thanks. All right, thank you guys
so much for watching. Wish you nothing but
health, love and happiness. You’ll catch me soon. Peace. Ch, ch, ch! Boom! Wait! One more thing. I almost forgot to mention this. Also, anybody you reach out to, suggest them to rate the show five stars and also leave a review with that rating, so make them type something out. That helps a ton. That is worth substantially
more than a download or a subscribe, so you
want to encourage that as much as possible. So do everything else that I said before and then encourage the rating review. All right, now I’m out. Go watch a podcast. Peace. (smooth R’n’B music)

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