How to Create a Podcast (hardware, software and publishing)

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  1. Steve, your "How to Create a Podcast (hardware, software and publishing)" is a brilliant synopsis. More, please, on how best to produce content for a podcast (your advices on "content creation"). Yipee!

  2. Incredible how simple things can make us really happy! I saw your happy face when music goes up again several times!! As usual, thanks for your wonderful job.

  3. Thanks as always for the tips. You asked for our favorite podcasts. Here are those I listen to regularly, and which (besides my loving the content) demonstrate a range of lengths and production approaches. I also offer another great resource for current or aspiring podcasters:

    – the tony kornheiser show
    – the briefing
    – at the movies with arch and ann
    – wretched radio
    – sql server pain relief
    – confessing our hope
    – armed lutheran
    – localhost
    – 5 minutes in church history

    Of course, as with all podcasts, some of that content will bore (or even anger) some while thrilling orhers. That's the beauty of podcasts (and youtube): there's something for just about everyone. And if there's a niche you feel is under-served, start your own podcast. Steve's helping you to see how easy it is.

    Of course, getting people to FIND your content is another challenge entirely. Just like a website (or blog, YouTube channel, or social media account): you need to get the word out, sharing it with others in direct or indirect ways. And then hope others will share yours where they can, like I have here. 🙂

    And while you and people can share URLs, note that you can also just share the name (like I have) and people can simply search for them, whether in Google, etc or in most podcast players (like beyondpod, which I use on android).

    One more podcast to lookup, for those interested in or already creating podcasts, is "the audacity to podcast". While Daniel has gone quiet in recent months for personal and professional reasons, he offered years of really well-organized content all geared toward informing and encouraging podcasters and future podcasters.

    Podcasts are indeed a powerful and convenient way to learn, relax, or stay informed–or to help others do that. Thanks again for the encouragement, Steve.

  4. Thanks for this brief tutorial, Steve. If you’re ever searching for a topic, you might consider a tutorial on mics. For example, I was thinking of that RE20. It’s an amazing piece of kit when you think of all the “new” technology we deal with the RE20 has been around for what…at least 50 years. AND it is still in use, and very popular in sound studios.

    BTW, technically there is no such thing as a USB mic. USB is merely a connector. For the most part there are 2 general types of microphones Dynamic and Condenser. Your RE20 is a classic dynamic mic. The Blu Yeti (which is incorrectly described as a USB mic) is a condenser mic.

  5. Good overview Steve. One important part of creating a podcast is album art, which wasn't covered. For those not familiar with podcasting, album art is the image potential listeners will see in their podcast listening app or – for example – on the desktop version of Apple Podcasts / iTunes Podcasts. It's similar to thumbnail images on YouTube. If you decide to create a podcast, Google "podcast album art" for guidance. is a free service you can use to get started with creating album art. Your album art must be at least 1,400 X 1,400 pixels (3,000 X 3,000 pixels max), no larger than 500 kilobytes, and be in JPG, JPEG, or PNG file format. You only need to create the album art once as part of your hosting setup.

  6. On my task list for this morning was to research podcast hosts and publishers. Your video being on the top of my notifications list was serendipitous. Thanks for saving me a bunch of time. Well done!

  7. At work they have informed me that I will be producing a podcast. The material and hosts are already set, but this really will help me. Thanks Steve your content needs millions more views.

  8. Hi, Steve. First of all, I just want to tell you, I am a fan of your Youtube channel (haven't checked out your podcast – yet). My personal favorite podcast, not to sound too irreverent, oh but I guess I am, is… WTF Podcast by Marc Maron. Once you get past his neurosis and a bit of crass language, he is one of the most insightful and funny interviewers on the planet.

    I'm currently helping my sister and her friend, both psychologists, set up their podcast. They produced their first dozen shows with a Snowball, which they tell me worked fine until they had a guest with a markedly lower voice then theirs. After attending a podcast expo here in Philadelphia, they called me to help them get a better end result. Being a musician. my first instinct was to set them up with a Yamaha MG1OXU mixer, a headphone amp with separate headsets and mics for each of them and their guest(s). They love the new setup and the sound! For software, they use Audacity. As a Mac guy, I personally prefer Garageband. But as I've learned, there's always more than one right answer!

  9. There is also another software that everyone can use it’s called Anchor and it’s absolutely FREE available for iPhone and Android

  10. Thanks again Steve. You have a great way of making things look easy – even when I've used these apps before, you still confirm how easy it is to do some of the things that I struggled with in the past. I kinda wish I had your video to watch first.

  11. 13:14 – I loved this and your sincere excitement! Really amusing! And a very useful practical walkthrough, indeed! Thanks!

  12. BTW: Any particular reason that you've stopped publishing podcasts and focused 100% on youtube? Indeed, it woud quite interesting to hear your insights on pros and cons of the various platforms that are available: youtube, podcast, blogs, facebook, linkedin, instagram, pinterest…

  13. As always your videos are VERY interesting , and thank to them I learn a lot: Here you are , my first podcast, using audacity and a usb headset. I know it's very primitive, but give me time, I hope to improve:

  14. Thanks for the walkthrough Steve. I don't plan on Podcasting, but I've always been curious about the process. This was just enough detail for me. Gosh it's been at least 10 years since I've used Audacity. I've used several other studio/production apps which get complicated fast. I like the simplicity of Audacity. I think I'll go check it out again.

  15. Hi Steve 🙂
    I know I shouldn't be commenting on this particular Video, but couldn't resist…..When you mentioned your Love of Radio, …. something just flashed through my head.

    "Queen"…Radio Ga Ga, Radio Goo Goo…..Radio, Someone Still Loves You !!!

    Of course I need not mention, all else was way over my head ! 😏

    Meant Well !
    Sincerely, JaneLee ^_^

  16. I tried Audacity and found it difficult – but listening and viewing this YouTube vid, I think I could do it. Terrific vid!

  17. Thanks, Steve! This is just perfect timing as I am planning to start a podcast with a friend. Perfect timing since I only subscribed to your channel a week ago!

  18. I stumbled on your videos while researching if Chrome had updated it's visuals or if I was going crazy. Your voice is calming AF! Thanks!

  19. Great tutorial on podcast. Thank you Steve. For the music volume you may be interested in the auto duck function in Audacity, it may be faster than doing it by hand. Here a 2 minutes tutorial about it that I have found (not my channel)

  20. My favorite Podcasters are the ones who do little editing like Jim Jesus' podcast Lolberts. He does edit the lolberts but the private pay wall podcast he does threw Patreon he has it unedited.

  21. Hi Steve very interested to start listening to Pod Casts. Have you ever made a video on "how to get started with listening to podcast" yet for newbies? What apps to use to get started? Thanks in advance.

  22. Very helpful, Steve. I've just recently discovered your YouTube channel and am now a devoted subscriber. I do plan to start doing some podcasting. You have given me the motivation!

  23. I am using/learning the recording/editing/publishing software (for MAC or WINDOWS) HINDENBURG JOURNALIST PRO. Really, really, simple to use and has all professional features for a one-off payment

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