How To Create A PDF Ebook As A Giveaway For Your Website

How To Create A PDF Ebook As A Giveaway For Your Website

what’s going on you guys Nathan Lucas
here your home business coach and in this
video I’m gonna teach you how to make a PDF file as a free giveaway so maybe you
have a blog or you’re creating videos on YouTube or you’re just out on social
media but like here maybe you want to create a free give away free download to
grow your list and grow your email so what I wanna do show you how to do this
it’s really simple in there some videos out there on YouTube that i’ve seen that
over complicate this it really doesn’t have to be complicated there are several ways to do this but
what I’m gonna do is gonna show you a very simplistic way to do this right so
the first thing I want to show you here is a document that I am and I want you
to to take a look at where I’m at right now all I am is I’m in a Word document
in Microsoft Word and I created a book now I created this book cover just by
simply googling 3d book cover and I think it costs me $3 to create that you
can find creative ways to do that but really just focus here on the contact so
I type out this book right and I all I did was I typed it out in what you’re
seeing right now is a Microsoft Word document and I don’t know how many pages
11 pages right so this is my free ebook that I’m leveraging on my website what
you saw here ok and I type I actually created it inside of Microsoft Word
pretty simple right so how do you convert to a PDF well it’s really simple
let me show you all you do is you would come here to File Save As and this is
where how how easy this is all you do is click save as and you’re gonna slight PDF and
it’s as simple as that alright so create your book how you
would want you just like this save it as a PDF and then what you’re
gonna do I wanna show you how you’re gonna upload that on to your website so
assuming that you have a website I’m gonna show you how to host it on your
website so now I’m in the back side of my website on the backside of WordPress
and all you’re gonna do is go to your media click on media and then this is
where you would add it all you would do is click Add new media go inside of your
computer where you stored in saved your PDF you would upload it here and now
look this is what it looks like this is my top earner online PDF that I created
inside a word saved as a PDF uploaded it here and then what happens is you get a
URL this URL is exactly where you will send people to to download this PDF so
what’s going to happen is once you upload that here on the backside your
website you can copy and paste this URL and that’s where you’re going to end up
sending people to get that so now what I want to do real quick as you might be
wondering how I created this just a brief overview of how I did that I use
something called a Weber an autoresponder so if you’re thinking
about growing your business online you need to have an autoresponder know and
ifs or buts about it you need to learn email marketing so I created that inside
of your you how you can create forms and here you can create messages
autoresponders that go out and you can stay in contact with your list with your
prospects via email so that’s how I created this I’m not going to go into
detail on how to create that just know that
this is where it’s at and if you’re if you’re not involved with Aweber I should
have an affiliate link I think I do and if I do I will provide that below in the
description of this video so now the last thing that I just want to show you
here is this is a lead capture page I created this from top earner
I bought this domain and I created this website just specifically for my book so
this is just giving you ideas the stuff that you can do when you’re
creating content in your putting it on the internet to be more creative so
instead of just having you know what you saw here download my free ebook on a
website you can actually create an entire domain incent people here to
download your book and then what I did here is I used a marketing software in
educational platform really where I learned all of my internet marketing and
if you’re a business owner your network marketing and you’re trying to grow your
business using the power of the Internet I highly recommend using this system
that has taught me everything I know to generate leads to grow my business to
learn you know SEO to learn social media YouTube everything that I’ve learned to
attract business on the internet I learned from this system and I’ll leave
a link for that down below to so that really sums it up you know it’s really
simple you really you type out your ebook on Microsoft Word you save it in
the form of a PDF upload that PDF on the backside of your website you’ll grab
your link here and then that’s the link that you’re going to be sending people
to to actually download the PDF so I really hope you guys got value out
of this video if you did go ahead and share around with someone else do you
think we’ll get value out of it feel free to hit that comes up down
there in like this video to help you know and I will see you on the next
video take care for now

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  1. Nice Video clip! Forgive me for chiming in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you thought about – Tarbbatigan ebook master Tip (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a good exclusive product for learning how to create an ebook without the hard work. Ive heard some super things about it and my friend Sam after a lifetime of fighting got astronomical results with it.

  2. Hello Nathan, My friend and decided to write a hackers guide ebook. I’ve seen some of your past videos. So I decided to view yours even though it was made in 2015. Your advice still is applicable and the simple ness still useable. Hey bro, keep your stuff on YouTube. Best wishes, Cheers 😊👍🏼

  3. Question? I've written 12 short ebooks and I am wondering how do I protect them from getting stolen? In the word press media library?

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