How To Create A Morning Routine (You’ll Actually Stick To)

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  1. I used to sleep til the last minute and rush, now I get up and walk around the block with my Dad every morning, but because I’m still living with my parents, I find it hard to make a routine for me and works for them (aka not waking them up when I get up earlier, not enough space in the kitchen to all make breakfast at the same time, yet parents feeling upset if I don’t eat at the same time as them)…so I guess I’m a work in progress?

  2. Great video, here's my 3:
    1. Vitamins & morning water
    2. Treadmill for 30 mins. While taking in some TV as it's the only real time I get to watch TV.
    3. Listen to NPR while getting ready for the day.

  3. Amy!! I had a PRIVATE message to send you, so I sent a PM to your Facebook page. Please go check it out and give me an important answer if you can. Thank you, sincerely!

  4. Can you do a video exclusively about morning pages inspiration? To be perfectly honest I don't really have any thoughts until I've been awake for like at least 2 hours, LOL. All I think in the first 2 hours of my day is WHERE MY COFFEH, PLAY MY JAM and HOW LOOK HALF-PRESENTABLE.

  5. Almost 9 minites to come to the second point. That's way too much time. Thanks for everything you do, but I can't stress it enough, your videos are longer than they should be. The first minutes are the moment to grab someone's attention. Than you can put bits of information, advertising etc

  6. In my timezone it's always Sunday 10pm when you upload. I always wait until the video, so I can watch before sleep. Yesterday I fell asleep but I rewatched it today and the video is amazing as always!😁😁😁

  7. I was getting into this, but then realised it’s just an #ad 🤦🏻‍♀️ should you not title your video “ad”?

  8. Perfect timing for me as my morning routine has become a bit stale. I used to love it so much, but now it’s gotten a bit boring. I’ve got the mindful and movement parts down (mediation and pilates) but I think I need to up my up my mastery game 😊 Thanks for the push and to help me always see how I can go after the life I want 😘

  9. I'd say most people with very small children don't get to do the first half hour to hour of the day on their own terms (unless you're happy to wake at half three to beat them to it). I think part of a successful morning routine for people with children (or very demanding pets) and outside-of-the-home jobs is acceptance. We bloody well chose this life, so there's no reason to whine. In that sense, running around for someone else first thing in the morning isn't a failed routine in my eyes, it's caretaking, which we chose to do for a couple of years (and yes, I will enjoy it immensely when it's over and there's more time for me again, but for now, it's good). For me, that includes mindfulness (feeling the warmth of my child in my arms, enjoying their cuddles and their smell) as well as movement (getting everything ready). I will admit though that mastery is getting slightly neglected these days, though I like to reflect on my goals and what I can do to meet them on that particular day.

  10. I’m such a morning routines/waking up early videos junky. For mindfulness and movement, I usually practice yoga and meditation in the morning. I think the mastery part usually comes after my initial morning routine once I’m dressed and stuff but it’s still morning so I’m fresh to focus on things.

  11. I love these! My movement is walking the dog that way I get movement along with fresh air and (sometimes) sun! Great video!!

  12. I love your description of mastery. I think goal writing and morning pages seem like a good idea, but they always seem to lead me down a rabbit hole of distraction. Making time for reading every morning makes more sense for my current goals.

  13. I would love some tips and tricks for people who already HAVE to get up early. As a school teacher and Mom of three (one, three and five) I get up at 5 to get us all out the door by 6:15. Obviously the whole morning is spent getting everyone ready.

  14. Hi Amy, I have a challenge for you.
    I'm the head nurse of N.I.C.U in one of the hospitals in Israel. I'm getting up every morning at 03:45, going out with the dog and then, coffee, bath, makeup… And going out to work at 05:40.
    I'm back at home around 17:00 and that's it. Don't have the energy to do something fun or healthy for myself…
    Do you have any suggestions?

  15. *Mindfulness*: Meditation and journaling
    *Movement*: Taking the bird feeders outside and greeting the new day. I love this ritual, even though it came about from a pesky raccoon. (Thank you, pesky raccoon!)
    *Mastery*: This is the missing piece in my morning routine. I don't know when I came to equate reading with luxury. I notice a huge difference in myself when I take the time to read. Even if I "allow" myself 15 minutes in the morning, I feel that would be great. I also love the idea of learning a language with that time. I've been wanting to learn Italian for almost a decade. I mean…

  16. Thank you for sharing, Amy 🙂
    Mindfulness: journaling and/or meditation
    Movement: a little dance at home, then (medium pace) walk to uni
    Mastery: a course I am currently doing and/or writing

  17. Mindful – write gratitude and journal
    Movement – walk!!
    Mastery – use elevate and duo lingo to get my brain going

    Also watched this video while walking on the scioto trail. Which you might think is not mindful but I like to think of it more like pairing a la Gretchen Rubin better than before. How do you balance the two?

  18. Tomorrow is my 40th Birthday (no it doesn't get easier)… 1. Already a C/O customer but I've slacked at taking them and have oh, two spare boxes or so… 2. Downloaded an app that has short 10 min stretching and warm ups and 3. Just put the book "Never Get Angry Again" on the back of the toilet

  19. Literally, I wake up 15 mins before I have to leave, through on clothing, brush teeth, wash face, through lunch in backpack, grab backpack, walk out the door. I stopped hitting snooze because I just set my alarm for when I 100% need to get up. I'd much rather have an extra 30 mins of sleep than have a proper morning routine…

  20. My mindful would be my morning pages, that is something I really want to get into, my movement would probably be some stretching, I am noticing my tend to get very tense and locked up so I think it would help. That could also be a form of mindfulness. My mastery is actually where I am a little stumped but I think listening to one of my motivational videos or figuring out my plans for the books I want to write and seeing what I need to do to get that done from both a writing and business perspective. I have also been wanting to start a book themed Instagram account as I am so passionate about reading and want to share that with everyone, finding a way to put myself out there.

  21. 1. mindfulness – Taking thyroid meds, showering and getting snuggle time in with my dog.
    2. movement – cooking breakfast, taking my dog out, light stretching.
    3. mastery – listening to podcasts on topics of interest.

    I didn’t really realize that I had already created a morning routine that worked for me until your last couple of videos. I thought I was failing at a successful morning routine because reading and writing morning pages made me feel too rushed. But I’ve actually had a successful morning routine for years. I’d just never thought of it in those terms. Thanks for delving deeper into the topic and really explaining in a broader sense. 😊

  22. Amazing as always, Amy, helping us to get that life with doable steps. If I may add, writing down more than one action for each category may help us keep this routine, since we can do the easy options when we're not feeling like doing anything at all.

  23. If you Really want a Real answer Yoga for All three. But here they are
    Mindfulness: Meditation
    Movement: Yoga
    Mastery: Editing Videos

  24. One important factor to mindfulness too, is to be non-judgmental while being mindful…so like if you're washing your face, and you notice you're having an anxious thought, don't judge it, just let it go.

  25. I literally have no motivation to even want to be motivated. No reason, no purpose, no job, no need to work. Nothing that fulfills me at the moment. Stuck in a Grand Canyon sized rut and I hate it.

  26. Great point, Amy! It's like when I'm chopping veggies, if I'm not focusing on just chopping veggies I might just cut my fingers.

  27. So my issue is- alarm goes off at 5am; then too scared to get out of bed because it’s so warm and cosy and actually leaving the bed is an awful movement. BUT, 10 mins being out and away from my bed I’m fine! It’s the initial rising is my biggest let down, it can take me up to 40 mins later to get out and then the self loathing happens!

  28. Can't wait for the whole book gorgeous 😘 morning mindfulness in my routine is my Fajir prayer (if I'm on my period it's yoga and meditation). For movement I have water, workout, and clearing my 👃. For mastery, I am creating an IG post on 3/7 days and editing my YT post 4/7 days at least for an hour each session but trying to get 10hrs of editing per week in.

  29. I can't believe this bitch is selling vitamins. Don't take them without prescription, people! It can be DANGEROUS!

  30. Thanks Amy! As helpful as these videos are to all of us, Amy benefits the most. Talking things through always helps me get my thoughts organized.

  31. You guys— I need help from Amy's watchers! I don't know what I want anymore…. Sep 2018-April (ish) 2019 I had goals, I was waking up at 430am every day and was great! I was excited to wake up in the morning and get things done.. now I can't think of anything to do, anything that I want to do, I feel stuck. I need help! I feel like I have no "passion" for what I want, and if I do sometimes find a passion, I can't figure out how to get it done..

  32. I found out that even if I wake up at 4 or 5 AM and do some stuff to be more productive then my main problem is not mornings but actually afternoons. I tend to crash very easily after my work. I come back home, I eat dinner then I just have to take a nap. Not always but a lot of times. That's when I actually sleep for 8 hours bc I like to stay with that particular routine.

  33. Oh dear god. The second I heard “take your vitamins” as a morning routine I knew this was going to go into a 5 minute vitamin commercial. Painful.

  34. I love these tips because they allow for so much flexibility along with consistency! Maybe mindfulness, for example, looks different for me on different days (prayer on one day, morning pages on another), but the fact that I’m incorporating the same “buckets” every day gives my mornings a sense of ritual or sameness which I find very comforting.

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