How To Convert Youtube Video To Audio Podcast Step By Step Setup YouTube to iTunes Podcast

How To Convert Youtube Video To Audio Podcast Step By Step Setup YouTube to iTunes Podcast

hello James Greaney here from and in today’s video i’ll be giving you a tutorial on my computer
showing you exactly how to sync up your YouTube channel with Apple iTunes and
create a podcast out of every youtube video that you’ve made so no matter how
many videos you’ve made in the past it will turn these videos into a podcast
that people can listen to on the iTunes podcast or so I’m gonna show you how to
set all of this up and it’s really simple I’m gonna jump straight into it
now but first you’re better off listener through to it all wants and then coming
back a follow a little on bit by bit cuz I’m gonna run through it all really
quickly but the first time you listen to it you don’t have to follow along but
then come back and listen to a bit by bitch as you’re setting it up and you
can pause it at different stages and jump back but I’m just gonna jump
through it all now really quickly so that you know exactly how to sync up
your YouTube channel and create it into a podcast okay so now I’m just gonna
give you the few different tabs that you should open and then I’m gonna quickly
run through this tutorial with you and you can always come back to it again and
check it out at different parents or paused on different parents so you need
to open four different tabs one is pod sync dotnet the other one is Feedburner the other one is IMG you or calm and the other one is podcast
connect dot and you can open them for tabs now and just follow along
as I show you what to do okay so the first thing you have to do is open up
your YouTube channel you’ll see this link this is my youtube channel link
just get your 1 whatever your youtube channel link is and to paste it over on
pod sync darknet then just click on this little arrow once you’re done you then
want to go and copy this link so just click the copy button here that pops up
and then you want to go over to my feet so the URL for this is feedburner
da coogo calm and paste it in here and then click that I’m a podcaster and then
click the next button then you just want to double-check that
your feed title and feed address as as you want it to be so for me it’s going
to be internet bids uni and the feed address is internet this uni as well and
then just click neck then on this page as well you just want to go ahead and
click Next so then you want to go down and just
click through each of these so you want to select any rich media files here
because you want it to pull in your audio and visual and then you want to
select whatever category you’re in here so for me it’s business and I’m just
gonna put Business News for this one but again select whichever category is the
most appropriate one for you then for the product image now you want to go
over to imager comm and image order comm just allows you to upload your own
images to it and get a URL for it so put your image to us and then go and just
create your title first and then again just create any title you want for your
image and this will just host your image on image or calm and give you a URL for
us so then just gonna go and copy the URL that’s created for us bring it over
to Feedburner and paste it in here then you just want
to put in a subtitle for your podcast so i’m just gonna put in growing our
businesses together or online to get then after you put in your subtitle
whatever your subtitle is go ahead and just put in a summary so i’m just gonna
write out a summary here yeah I’m just gonna put if you’re currently building a
business and want to learn how to grow your business online then this is a
podcast for you or something like that you know whatever summary links in to
yours so yet then this podcast is a must for you and then you just want to also
add in a few keywords that people would be searching for your podcasts just had
them in your summary as well as the keyword section so everything from
Amazon FBA Shopify Facebook Instagram advertising you know just whatever
keywords people will be searching when they’re looking for your podcast put
them in here because this will make it more relevant for your podcast and more
likely to show up when people are searching for podcasts like yours so
yeah it’s just Facebook and Instagram advertisement yeah – goal setting
because also be doing a lot with goal setting and speaking with others on this
podcast yeah so just gonna put in and general business discussions but put in
what you like here and just make sure that it’s all relevant and has a few of
the keywords that people will be searching for when looking for your
podcast then drop down to the keyword section then for the keyword section you
just want to put in whatever keywords people will search for so I’m just gonna
put in Amazon FBA Shopify just a few of the keywords that people are most likely
to search for when searching for your podcast and again if you have these same
keywords in your summary it will make your podcast look more relevant for
these keywords so again just drop in your keywords here put in your contact
email address below us so I’m just gonna put in James at internet this Unicom
then take there include or RSS feed and then just drop down here and put in your
name as the podcast author or whoever will be the podcaster on it and it’s as
simple as that to set up your fee burner next you want to go over to iTunes
Connect app TOCOM and log in if you have an iTunes account if you don’t simply
click that you don’t and create one once you create one you’ll have to go and
accept the Terms of Service just click accept and then you’re inside the
podcast Connect Apple comm account station okay so now you have to get your
URL for your Feedburner so go back over to Feedburner
and just copy this URL you’ll have to copy it in to parrots so just copy the
first part and then paste it in here where it says URL then jump back to feed
burner and paste in the second pass or whatever your name is it will be here
whatever your podcast name and then just paste it in here once you
have that done you want to go ahead and click validate see that Everton
validates up with your fee burner sometimes they will request that you
change different things like your image size or different things like that you
can simply go ahead and make those changes but other times it will just
allow you to validate your podcast then once it validates like this you’ll see
prepared for submission just click Submit and then your podcast will be
submitted to iTunes then what iTunes have to do is review it and they usually
take a couple of days to review your account and accept it so as you can see
it’s now submitted for review and once you’ve this done you just have to wait
for Apple to email you tell you it’s been accepted and it always gets
accepted so then usually within two days Apple will write you an email telling
you that your podcast has been accepted into the iTunes Store and all of this is
for free you just want to go over to the App Store and if you have an Apple
device just type in podcast up and you should have the podcast app already on
your phone if you do have an Apple phone just type in your name whatever your
channel name is so for me it’s internet days uni and you’ll see it come up like
this once your channel has been accepted as
you can see it’s a very straightforward process to get your YouTube channel
synched up with iTunes and getting your YouTube
videos made into podcasts on iTunes and in future videos I’ll show you exactly
how to get them set up on Android as well as a lot of other podcast stations
but for this video this was just a really quick simple tutorial showing you
exactly how to sync up your YouTube channel with Apple iTunes and get your
podcast available on iTunes so if you have any questions just leave
them down in the comments below this video and I’ll make sure to answer the
hope that you’ve enjoyed this video I look forward to speaking to you on the
next one if you haven’t hit the subscribe button yet hit the subscribe
button now to stay tuned for more videos like this
in the future speak to

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