17 thoughts on “How To Clean Up iTunes Library – Fix All Songs Automatically!

  1. Thanks for the preview Andy!  I am sitting on 29Gb of music from all over.  I figure at least 1/2 are dupes from various moves and dif libraries.  Once I get rid of the dupes, I will likely use this program if the dupe finder I am trying "leawo" actually works.  The reviews for leawo are hot or miss and the reviews I've read tell tales of extreme woe when discussing tech support for the full version.  Wish me luck because as it stands I get repeats on any playlist I have.

  2. It says that i should retry when iTunes isn't busy ; I have tried multiple times. I have the most current release of iTunes and have tried rebooting. Also tried safe mode. All help is appreciated.

  3. Use Tunesgo to Clean up all music automatically
    Step 1. Launch TunesGo
    Step 2. Select ITUNES LIBRARY > Music
    Step 3. Click "Clean Up" to clean up music in iTunes
    Click "Clean Up", then "Scan" to start the file scanning, after that, click "Fix" to finish the process. You can fix iTunes music Tags, missing covers, deplicate tracks and missing tracks by one click. (Note: Get screenshots for the comparison before and after cleaning up, the 4 different scenes' screenshots should be included.)
    Step 4. Succeed Cleaning Up iTunes.

  4. Hey andy i tried doing it exactly how u said to do it but a message keeps popping up saying make sure there's no pop ups, any idea why that keeps happening ??

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