How to Choose a Ringtone

How do you choose the proper ringtone? Because what you choose
says a lot about you. ♪ Hi we’re Moonlet and the Love-Monks ♪
♪ Let’s talk about that ♪ ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning.
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– Neck of the world! It is a Mythical Morning as you’re
watching this. You survived the blackout, I trust. You look as if
you did. We survived. We won’t do that again unless there’s
another thing that we will be protesting – via blackout.
– Right. – It could happen again, I guess.
– It could always happen. Listen to this, Link. It happened in the
news and so I’m gonna report it to you and all of the people who
watch Good Mythical Morning. Those people. An incessant iPhone ringtone during a
concert this week forced Alan Gilbert to stop the show at the
New York Philharmonic. – Mmhmm.
– The universally familiar Marimba tone kept playing during
Mahler’s 9th Symphony. – Which tone was it? I’m pulling them up.
– Marimba. You have it checked right there. – Oh.
– ♪ marimba music ♪ – I guess it’s also my ringtone.
– ♪ marimba music ♪ Very familiar. Anyway, this ringtone
started happening in the audience, for somebody who’s there
watching the New York Philharmonic, – Which is an orchestra.
– Yeah. And then, even after Gilbert– This is the music director,
composer, whatever he is– I guess he’s just the music director.
He turned his head reproachfully. Eventually he stopped the music,
a first for the Philharmonic. – So in other words, here we are–
– He’s doing this. He’s doing (trumpet noises) and then
he looks around reproachfully. The guy’s like– he doesn’t respond.
The Marimba tone continues happening. Let’s just demonstrate this.
Let’s make this happen. – (Link, trumpet noises)
– ♪ marimba music ♪ – ♪ marimba music ♪
– He turns back around, keeps playing. – (Link, trumpet noises)
– ♪ marimba music ♪ Turns back around reproachfully. I don’t
know how many times he turned around. – I’m sort of improvising.
– (huffily) I am reproachfully looking – for that Marimba sound!
– I don’t think he spoke, and I don’t think he’s Latin, but go
ahead. It happens again. – A third time?
– Yeah. – Give me that phone! (laughs)
– So now he’s… (laughs) Nice. – He’s some sort of British.
– I don’t know what he is. Caribbean. – So anyway.
– Oh my gosh, did that come out of my mouth? There’s
spit all over our table. That’s what happens when you try
to impersonate a music director. – It might have come out of my mouth.
– Good gosh, I hope it didn’t come out of– How can that much something come
out of your mouth and neither one of us – know who it was?
– (both laugh) Did you see that?
Somebody play the replay. Okay. Hopefully that wasn’t
my mouth. Anyway. Oh, gosh, I’m using the
sleeve of my jacket. This happened last week at
the New York Philharmonic. My lip is a little moist. I can tell
that it did come from my mouth. – (both laugh)
– It was my orchestra reproach. This is something that I fear very
regularly. Not that I’ll be at the Philharmonic and it’ll go off, because I’m
pretty good at making sure… and also, when I go out to different events with
my wife, which I do on a regular basis… – You’re an event kind of guy.
– I’m always like, “Baby, is your ring off?” Because I always
have it on vibrate. Always. I never have my ringer on. It’s always on vibrate,
but she’s a woman, she keeps her phone – in the purse.
– Right. So when they keep the phone in the purse,
they gotta have the ringtone so they can hear it, because the purse buzzing
could be anything, really, you know? But women are so connected to their
purses, there’s almost an emotional connection. Almost a physical connection.
I believe that if they did keep it on – vibrate, that they would still know it.
– No they wouldn’t. They just don’t have enough confidence in
that unseen umbilical cord that connects – them to their purse.
– My wife doesn’t even know when the phone rings when the ringer is on in her purse.
I call her all the time. She never answers. – She doesn’t text me back.
– That’s because the ringtone she chose – is just ambient purse noise.
– (laughs) – Which is very confusing.
– Which is a choice on the iPhone. But it did occur to us that whatever
ringtone you choose says a lot about you. I think that’s what you’re getting at. The
first thing you’re saying is, you choose a ringtone just based on minimizing the
amount of embarrassment that would ensue. There are a lot of people who say, “I
choose my ringtone because, you know, it expresses something about myself,
you know? I chose this song.” or, “I chose this particular default option because
it says something about me and my – awesome personality.”
– Yeah. But that’s not how I choose a ringtone.
I choose a ringtone exclusively on how I – will feel if it goes off in public.
– But for everyone else, when it does go off in public, they make a judgment about
who you are based on what they hear. So I think it’s a good idea for us to step
through– we have iPhones– we’re gonna step through the ringtones offered in the
iPhone and then say what we think of them. We realize that not everybody has an
iPhone. We’re not trying to be elitist – people here, but we have iPhones.
– ♪ marimba music ♪ These are very popular ringtones, so
whatever your ringtone is… your options on your phone, feel free
to experiment with them. Okay, so that’s the Marimba. Basically, if
you choose that ringtone, it means that you are a self-absorbed jerk who enjoys
listening to live orchestration, which you – also are totally fine with interrupting.
– I think it just means you’re kind of normal, because I think that
might be one of the defaults. – Yeah, it is. It’s the first one.
– (loud alarm tone) (speaking over alarm) This means you’re
just a total jerk. Can you imagine this – happening during the Philharmonic?
– Can you imagine that happening when – someone calls you?
– Yeah! Yeah. If you have that ringtone– the alarm–
I’m sorry, but you must just be stupid. – Yeah, yeah. That’s for stupid people.
– ♪ cheerful ascending tones ♪ – Ascending.
– I think that’s somebody who, you know, they love life. They’re like, ‘When my
phone rings, I want people to think that – I’m in a good mood.”
– ♪ cheerful ascending tones ♪ – That kind of thing.
– (dog barks) – Bark.
– Dog lovers. I’m even appalled that this is
one of the choices on here. Just a lowbrow sound effect? Any type of animal sound…
any type of sound effect is just… – An insult.
– It’s an insult to your own intelligence – if you choose it. I mean…
– I think you’re being too hard on it. It’s like the way you were being
on the candy bars the other day. – Yeah.
– You’re too hard on things. This is for dog lovers. It’s like,
“Hey, I wanna think about Sparky.” – (dog barks)
– Oh, it’s like he’s in my phone! – (high pitched) Hey Sparky! Hey buddy!
– But you’re in a conversation and then all of a sudden a dog starts
barking, the first thing you think is, – “Where’s that dog?”
– I’m being attacked. You don’t think, “My phone is ringing.” It
defeats the purpose. If the first thing you think is not, “I’m receiving a phone
call,” or “My friend whom I’m conversing with is receiving a phone call,”
then there’s a level of stupidity – right off the bat.
– But if you’re in public, like if you’re – at the Philharmonic and this happens…
– (dog barks) Everybody looks at you and you’re
like, “It’s the chihuahua in my purse.” – Like…
– You know, you can just… – (crickets)
– You can just what? – What about crickets?
– Well, crickets is… it’s a borderline acceptable animal, I think,
if you’re gonna have one. – Because it’s not incessant.
– I think it means you’re boring. It’s like… Crickets is like the sound
effect that you play after somebody makes a joke that nobody laughs at. You
know, why’d the chicken cross the road? – To get to the other side.
– (duck quacks) – (crickets and duck quacks)
– What is this, Farmville? – It goes well with the duck.
– (duck quacks) – None of these work.
– I like this one. This one’s angelic. – ♪ harp strums ♪
– But you can’t hear that one. – You don’t know…
– ♪ harp strums ♪ – You can barely hear it.
– It’s like, hold on, is that my phone – ringing or is that an angel?
– An angel lighting on my shoulder. At least it’s not incessant. I’m in favor
of any ringtone that doesn’t totally derail a conversation, you know? To me,
that’s a requirement. I’m not thinking about the Philharmonic, I’m thinking about
I’m in conversation. Because… I’m sorry, but I get severely annoyed
by all types of ringtones. – I get it.
– ♪ harp strums ♪ – That doesn’t interrupt anything.
– At least that’s soothing. – Pleasant.
– I can continue my conversation and it – might even take more of a sincere tone.
– Now, I had this one for a while. When I first got an iPhone, I was like,
(silly voice) “iPhones are so awesome and I have one. I’m gonna
be cool and do this.” ♪ high pitched sliding tones ♪ I thought that was so cool. I was
like, I’m into UFOs and stuff. How long did it take you to
realize that you were wrong? – ♪ high pitched sliding tones ♪
– The first time it went off in public. I was in a grocery store and I
was in line and this happened. – ♪ high pitched sliding tones ♪
– People started looking around… – People were like, “Where the nerd?”
– Or the ghost, or what? And then they looked at me. So I changed
it to this and it’s been this ever since. – (old phone rings)
– Oh, really? – At least turn the volume down on it.
– You know why I do this one? – You know why?
– ‘Cause it sounds like a phone. – (old phone rings)
– It’s a phone and it’s loud, you know? Because if I have it off of vibrate it’s
’cause I wanna hear it and I wanna know – it’s a phone. It’s not an old phone.
– (old phone rings) – This is the one I chose.
– ♪ xylophone music ♪ – The xylophone.
– Just because it was the last one on the list and by the time I went through
all of them I was totally and utterly exhausted, so I was just like, “Ach,
screw it. I’ll just go with xylophone.” I kind of like it. It kinda makes
you wanna dance a little bit. I only use vibrate. Leave a comment below.
Let us know what your ringtone is and what – you think it says about you.
– Let’s spin the wheel, Link! (Link) Oh yeah. (grunts) Wow! I’m
definitely gonna injure myself pulling this up. You should
probably do this some of the time. Put it on my side. I’m okay with that. it goes counterclockwise, people.
That’s the direction it’s built to go. The wheel doesn’t spin right when it goes
clockwise. Stop asking about it, please. (unison) Rhett beatbox, Link dance. (beatboxing) (Link, rhythmically over beatboxing)
Yo, it’s been real nice spending time with you, but now we gotta go and do something
different. So why don’t you tune in tomorrow? It’ll be a
Good Mythical Morning! I was kinda hoping it would
rhyme at the end but it didn’t. It doesn’t matter. [Captioned by Caitrin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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