How to Change YouTube Playlist Order Sequence- How to Reorder Videos in YouTube Playlist

How to Change YouTube Playlist Order Sequence- How to Reorder Videos in YouTube Playlist

I recently made a video on how to create a
YouTube playlist but last week I got a question about how to set the playback order of the
videos in the list. It’s quite easy to do. Here’s how. After logging into your channel click on Video
Manager on the left. Then click on Playlists. I’m going to modify my first playlist called
taco trucks by clicking on the Edit button on the right. Now click on Edit to the right of your channel
name. Here, hover your mouse cursor over the videos. Notice the three dots that appear to the left
of the video number. And when you hover over the dots, the cursor
turns into a cross. Now just click and grab the dots and reposition
your video. Drop the video in a new place in the list
and that’s it! This is really useful when you have a sequence
of videos that need to play in a certain order. I hope you found this video helpful and if
you did please give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel TheRenderQ
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37 thoughts on “How to Change YouTube Playlist Order Sequence- How to Reorder Videos in YouTube Playlist

  1. how do i change the order of another person playlist? i only see the option "repeat playlist" and "ramdom reproduction",,, i want to see the last video first, an the lastest video last

  2. Hi, I mean no offense; but have a suggestion. You might consider removing the first part of this video title; i.e., "How to Change Playlist Order Sequence-" because the terms are a bit ambiguous; and your video content shows "How to make changes to the video sequence within a playlist." What your content covers, is referred to in the 2nd part of your title. I noticed because after watching your video, I still needed help for my project.

    I was looking for how to change the order in which playlists appear. The words I suggest you delete, arguably describe what I need, but your instructions don't address that. (What I'd like to do might not be possible.)

    It's nearly Christmas and I wanted my Christmas Song list to be at the top of my playlists on several channels. On 2 or 3 such channels, I had created a Christmas Song list, but later made 1-2 more playlists, pushing the song list to 2nd or 3rd place. Anyway, that's my suggestion and then your title won't appear that it's addressing something it isn't. And thanks for your video content; it might be a better way than how I've been doing it.

  3. Thank you for the explanation of resequensing within a playlist. I saw other instructions as well. But you are the first one that mentioned that you used Firefox. and used IE and that did not work. so now it works finaly , thank you so much. Btw., I also tried Chrome, but that gves another problem, that does not recognize the video type, and suggests you go look at html5. So That's a new problem there. But main thing is I can resequence now. I managed to resequense som by using the move up and move down option, but thenn you have to make a prepared list of which one to move first etc. Now I am saved thanks to you.

  4. This shows how to order your videos, not the playlist order. I want to change the order of my PLAYLIST to the order I want them to appear. Is there a way to do this?

  5. How do you change the order of your playlists in the playlist tab?
    I have 2 playlists, I want 1 of them to be in front.
    When people come to my channel I want the "Uploads" playlist to be in front and the other playlist after it.

  6. is it possible to re-order the playlist (not the video in the playlist)? I am referring to the different playlist to be rearranged… I already tried "video manager>playlist>view> [newest created. oldest created, a-z, z-a] but nothing happened.

  7. How do I get my newest videos to be 1st on a specific playlist I created? I followed instructions but still newest video doesn't appear, please advise.

  8. I thought this was going to be about how to change the order of the playlists themselves, not about how to change the order of the videos inside a playlist.
    Do you know how to change the order of the playlists for when the viewers are looking at all of the playlists on a channel? Thx.

  9. For those who want to change the real order settings, just click on Playlist settings and you should see an Ordering drop down menu option. Like so everyone can see

  10. You did not show how to save the new sequence once you have reordered it. I can find no option to save the newly reordered list, like a button to click on that says “save” or “done”. So when l log out and log back in to my Youtube channel, the old sequence is still there, because I did not save my work when I reordered the sequence of my playlist. I can find no way to “save” or a “done” button to click on etc. – does anyone else see a “save” or “done” button, or box, or icon to click on?

  11. Question: how do you move the order of the actual folders themself though ? For example, i have different playlist folders and id like to move them so some show up first

  12. Completely agree with many other comments – how do we reorder the playlists permanently? I wanted the first playlist I created to be the first to show up, but no matter WHAT I do, there is no way to save the reordering oldest to newest in the Creator Studio Classic and the Studio Beta is a mess. Does anyone have a solution to this? The RenderQ PLEASE HELP!

  13. TheRenderQ I have a problem that occured this weekend. The 'edit' button on the right of my channel name has disappeared all of a sudden. I can't rearrange manually the videos on my playlists anymore. There's no longer this box where I can make all playlist settings. In this 'creator studio beta' there are no playlist options so far. Playlist settings could be done in 'creator studio classic' until lately. Can you help me?

  14. as of today, the edit button next to your channel name is gone. Which means I can no longer use the "move to top" or "move to bottom" options anymore. This is infuriating!

  15. How do you change the order of playlists in the Youtube > Edit Video > Playlists menu to alphabetical order? By default, they are listed by the date of creation in the drop down menu.

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