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  1. This worked for me, the only problem is that i have 3 albums from 1 artist in my library so far, and when i change the album art of 1 album, they ALL change to that and i get a message saying "Album art can't be changed when a song from the album is in use. Please try again later." but i have nothing playing… please help!!!

  2. we updated the solution please click on the link or get the solved video on my channel 
    @Rose sanchez
                                                        Thank you 🙂

  3. So I created cover art pictures of my songs to my android phone… but how come the picture does not appear on my car navigator. The phone music playlists is synch to my car . I can see the cover art picture on my phone when its played but its not appearing on my car navigator.. Anyone know how to do this??? Thanks!

  4. It Works On Some File But On Some FIles Says Album art Can't Be changed When a Song From Album Is In Use Please Try Again Later but i still say thank u Tek Know

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