How to CGP Grey

So, you want to be CGP Grey, the famous things-explainer. Well, unfortunately, that’s not possible,
yet, so why not get as close as you can? First things first, this tone of voice? Not gonna cut it. Remember you’re an American raised-university
educated ex-teacher living in England. The primary goal is to communicate what you’re
saying as clearly as possible. It’s important to keep as much bias as you can from your contribution to the subject. That is, unless the topic involves Apple or
Coffee products. The last thing you would ever want to do is
give out too much personal information, so turn that video camera off right now! [TAKE VO]
That’s better. Now you can communicate with the soothing
sound of your voice through carefully revised scripts, extended podcasts, reddit comments
and the occasional blog post on your website. Since you’re not going to have any of your
own video to contribute to your… video, start learning how to animate. Your animations should be simple but shockingly
clear, and help build on your auditory message you’ve spent the last few weeks, or months,
writing. And if you’re not an animator, per say,
basic PowerPoint functions should generally do the trick. If you really want to go all in for your Grey-inization,
get started with Final Cut Pro and Inkscape. Of course, in order to do this, you’re going
to need to get your iMac. And while you’re at it go ahead and get
yourself a couple iPads, an iPhone, and an Apple Watch or two. If you’re going to maximize your productivity
you’re going to need to fully integrate yourself into the apple ecosystem. Speaking of maximizing productivity, take
everything you know about your phone and throw it out the window. The key to getting the most work done and
not letting your monkey brain take over, is to limit it’s options. In an ideal world you’ll have a dark low-poly
background to help the apps pop, and only a single page on your phone. That page will have four folders at the top
to hold apps you need to function (such as Google Maps, Uber Eats) and the next couple
rows of your phone are the apps you use every day. If you don’t use it or need to use it every
day, don’t let it escape from the folders up top. If any app on your phone happens to be…
anything fun… get rid of that entirely.Don’t let anyone know you’re
human or are capable of doing anything other than getting work done.
It is, however, acceptable to have
both Spotify and Apple Music on your phone as to thoroughly distract the monkey brain.
Side-note to fully adapt Grey’s workflow you’re going to want to listen to an album
by Girl Talk titled All Day. The album is a mashup of tons of different
popular songs and if you leave it on repeat it should just become background noise while
you work.
In the bottom of any device you’re going
to use for the rest of your life, as Mr. Grey, you’re going to need to have OmniFocus, or an app of similar nature. In this app you will put To-Do lists for everything. Everything. Packing for a trip? There’s a list for that. Posting a video? There’s a list for that. Going out to dinner with your wife? There’s probably a list for that too. Even with all this we’re not getting into
the half of it. We still need to cover redundant backpacks,
data analysis in spreadsheets of your life and others, working in time as 40 minute units,
maybe …?, and much, much more. If you want to learn more about CGP Grey and
his workflow I’d highly recommend the podcast “Cortex,” by the man himself and Myke
on Relay FM. (Use the Overcast podcast app to really get
in the Grey-mood.) Mr. Grey, if you’re seeing this, you’re
a super interesting guy and I can’t wait to see what you make in the future. For all of you watching you can find links
to everywhere Grey posts in the description, and that’s all I got for today, I’ll see you next
time. Thanks for watching with subtitles ­čÖé

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