How To Bundle An Ebook For Your Amazon FBA Product (Step by Step Tutorial)

How To Bundle An Ebook For Your Amazon FBA Product (Step by Step Tutorial)

I am going to show you step by step how to
include a free eBook for your Amazon FBA customers every single time they buy your product on
Amazon. Before we dive into my computer today, I want
to mention that including a free eBook for your Amazon FBA products may not be suitable
for everybody. Some products are just really simple. For example, you are not going to include
an eBook with a pair of chop sticks, right? If you are selling anything that’s super easy
to use that’s really self explanatory, you may not need an eBook. I do want to mention that an eBook is a really
great way to capture your customers’ email address when they shop for your product on
Amazon. After they find your product, add to cart,
and have that product shipped to their house, they are going to get an insert card asking
them to visit your website. And in order to claim this free eBook, they
have to give you their email address. Now, this is completely within Amazon’s terms
of service. You are not doing anything wrong. You are just simply giving them a free eBook
so they can know more about your product. How to use the product, what are the benefits
of your product, right? This works with most products but like I said,
if you are selling something that’s really simple, you may not need an eBook. There are so many ways to make Amazon’s customers
your own customers. This is not the only way. There are many ways how you can make Amazon’s
customers your own customers in the future. Before you get started on this tutorial, make
sure in your next batch of inventory, you are updating your insert cards or the outside
of your packaging to reflect your website where the customer types in to claim their
free eBook. Whichever product insert that you’re currently
using, you want to update that insert. At the very end, you want to say something
like, “to claim your free eBook about our product, please visit www dot-include your
website dot com. That’s it. And then you put, “claim today only.” You want to include today only because that
forces people to actually take action, right? A lot of us may read something in the mail
and we will forget about it. We leave it on the kitchen counter and it
just goes missing. You want to include those words in your insert
or the outside of the packaging of your product. Alright, enough talking, let’s dive right
into my computer so I can show you exactly how you can include this free eBook for your
Amazon customers. Today, we will be using Click Funnels to insert
your eBook to give to your Amazon FBA customers. Now, you guys will need a Click Funnels account
in order for this to work. Again, I have provided a link below in my
YouTube video. All you need to do is click on that link to
get this funnel and you can start using it right away. And that is only after, of course, you sign
up for your own Click Funnels account. Alright, this is my eBook. This is what you are going to see when you
click on the link below and claim my funnel here that I already built for you. I built this for you guys already. I used this exactly for some of my products
that have an eBook and this is exactly what you do. I want to explain a few things. This is my funnel right here. And just ignore this. This is the URL because I am using my own
Click Funnels account that is linked to my official FBA winners account. Just ignore this. But what you want to do is go to edit page,
alright? And there’s just a few things I really want
to explain here and you have to do if you want this funnel to work for you. Alright? There’s a few things you have to change because
I customized this for myself and to provide you guys with an example. Make sure you make these changes in your own
funnel after you download this funnel into your own Click Funnels account. Alright, so the very first thing you guys
should be doing, I am not going to go over step by step in this video because it’s totally
separate. If you want to include a tracking code, in
Tracking Code, this means you are including your Facebook pixel. Facebook pixel basically tracks every single
action from a customer so for example, if they land on this page to claim their eBook,
they are now inside of your pixel. And if you were to run Facebook ads to retarget
them again, they will know and see your ad because they’ve been pixeled, right? You can install your Facebook pixel here. If you don’t want to at this time, you don’t
have to. But you should if are thinking long term about
running ads on Facebook towards your product. Alright, so that’s that. And this is what I have done here. Obviously my eBook, I made an example here
called your Amazing Jade Roller eBook. Yours could be amazing bathroom towel or your
amazing beach ball eBook, whatever it is. You change your title here. It’s very easy. Just click on it. Click on this setting right here and you see
that you can change the font, you can change the font family here. There’s a lot of things you can do. It’s really self explanatory so I am obviously
not going to go through all of these things. But it’s very simple. You can change your font size, the margin
from the top, anything, right? But what we need to do is just change the
text. All you do is highlight that, backspace and
put your own product right here. Right here, you will put your company name. My company name is Jade Roller Creations. And to the right here, we have download your
free eBook, how to use our jade roller to get brighter skin in 7 days. Yours might be, how to have fun in the sun
with your kids with the ultimate beach ball. Whatever it is, you want to advertise here,
you can change it for yourself. And again, you just click on that, delete,
and edit. Now, I really like to use sentences that start
with how to. How to because it makes the customer think
that it is like a step by step. It’s an instruction kind of eBook. And it just makes them want to claim it more,
right? If you write something boring here or have
nothing at all, they don’t know what you are trying to achieve. Right here, I am trying to achieve brighter
skin in 7 days. Why wouldn’t you want brighter skin in 7 days,
right? That’s that. And down here, it’s very simple. You can actually edit this and include your
contact information. Add a new link here. But for demonstration purposes, I just include
my company name, Jade Roller Creations. And that’s it. This is it. You do not need any more text. The reason why you don’t want to add a lot
of text is if you start getting fancy and start adding all of these other things here,
I mean you can add reviews from customers but why would you? Because the whole purpose for this is a landing
page for them to get their free eBook, right? We want them to do one thing. We want them to give us their email address
so they can have our eBook and then we have their email address. Ta-da. We then have their email address and you can
send emails to them in the future however you like. If you want to use MailChimp, Convert Kit,
whatever email software that you use, you can start doing that. Another way to get your customer to really
give you their email address here to download your email, you can put an offer right here. 25% off coupon code included. This code, you generate in Seller Central
and you include it in your eBook. You can do that. You can also provide a link, a 2 step URL
link, so you get ranked for your desired keywords when they click on your eBook and there should
be a link directly linking them to your product on Experienced sellers, you already know what
I am talking about here. You can create a 2 step URL that way to rank
for desired keywords. I use Helium 10 Gems for that to create the
desired URLs but if that is too advanced for you guys and you still want to give an offer,
then just create a coupon code in Seller Central and include it into your eBook. And they’ll be able to get 25% off next time
when they buy your product. I think that’s a nice little treat. You just want to make sure right here, when
you download this funnel, the set action, this is telling what’s going to happen, what
action is going to happen when they click on the button after they enter their email
address. Make sure it’s at submit order, submit form. Right now it is. You can also do a lot of other things here
but I am not going to explain every single one. They’re pretty self explanatory. If you guys need more help with Click Funnels,
just message their online chat and they will get back to you right away. Alright, after you check that out, you want
to go to settings, go to General, and this, on submit go. On submit go, after they press this button
right here, this is where you paste your eBook. Right now, I have my FBA Winners Cheat Sheet
as a holder for you. Make sure you delete this right here and put
your own eBook. Put your own copy of your eBook in PDF format. Maybe you’re writing your eBook in Microsoft
Word. Maybe your VA is doing it. Anyway, you want to have it in PDF and then
paste the link right here. And then after you do that, make sure your
digital asset is set to your eBook. Don’t click on this. You click on No Asset Download, then this
button is not going to work, right? Make sure you are selecting the PDF of the
eBook. Mine would be cheat sheet example. And I want to show you how to include your
eBook PDF copy and upload it onto Click Funnels. If I click on exit right here and I go to
my Click Funnels account, I go to account settings. And I go to digital assets which is right
here on the left. I click on that. And then you click on new asset and this is
where you upload your eBook, alright? Just like how I uploaded my cheat sheet right
here. And if you go here, you can copy asset path. If I copy this asset path, and I go back to
my funnel. Go back to edit page. That path is right here. That’s where you paste it, alright? And then this is where you click off which
digital asset that you uploaded which is your eBook. And that’s it, that’s all you need to do. And the beauty of this is your contact, your
customers’ email address is automatically saved to Click Funnels. So it’s saved under Contacts in here. I am not going to click on it because I do
have contacts in here. It’s going to be saved in contacts right here. In the future, when you collect a ton of email
addresses and you are ready to use an email software to email your own customers, your
customers belong to you now, right? Then you can do that in bulk and that’s really,
that’s it. It’s really simple right here, you don’t need
any QR code. You don’t need to do anything fancy. Just make sure, again, that on your eBook,
on that PDF file of your eBook, you can include a coupon code if you want or you can include
a 2 step URL linking it directly to your product on Amazon. If I go to preview, right? If I type in my email address, Tamara at official
FBA Winners dot com. Let’s give this a try. This is how the website looks like if I were
a customer. I click on Yes, give me eBook. Boom. This is the cheat sheet. In your case, this is your eBook. And you might have a coupon code. You might tell them a bit about your product,
whatever it is. They have it right in front of them. Also, Click Funnels will email your customer
this eBook. They will email it directly to their email
address that they gave you in here. Make sure that you name your PDF file your
product. Maybe it’s amazing jade roller by Jade Roller
Creations. Whatever it is. Make sure you are naming your eBook of what
your product is so in my case, it’ll be called jade roller eBook. Whatever fancy name you have, you have to
have it right here, right? You have to rename your PDF file because when
Click Funnels emails your customer, it’s going to pop up exactly that title. It’s going to pop up exactly what you named
your PDF document. You have to be very clear. The customer cannot respond to the email that
Click Funnels sends off on your behalf. But hopefully, your eBook will include your
company email address or how to reach your company if they want. And like I said, in the future, when you’re
ready and you collect a bunch of emails, all you do is download your contacts from Click
Funnels right here and away you go. They are now your customer. Once you guys click on the link in my YouTube
description to get this funnel, you will have a different URL. You will have a URL that is related to your
own funnel. So you’re not going to see official FBA Winners
in case you’re wondering. Also, if you need any funnel help, like I
mentioned earlier, you click on this little chat box right here for Click Funnels and
they will respond to you right away. You can also click on the help right here,
get help. And they have a really good support group
that will respond to your email and try to solve your problem. But there’s nothing else you need for this
funnel. I have given you literally everything and
it does not get easier than this everyone. Like I said, just think hard about providing
an eBook because there are some products that may not make sense or need one, right? Alright, if you have any questions for me,
just drop me a comment below in this video. I will respond to you. Make sure you subscribe to my channel. And of course, give this video a big thumbs
up. I’ll see you guys in my next video.

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