How To Be Taken Seriously an an ENFP or INFP – Dreams Around The World

How To Be Taken Seriously an an ENFP or INFP – Dreams Around The World

it’s time to have a serious talk
specifically talk about being taken seriously in this video I want to share
a new approach to deciding on what you want to do – setting goals – taking
direction which will help increase the chances that people take you seriously
now this video is not just for enfps and infps but my hunch is will ring
particularly true for my fellow NFPs who sometimes have a lot of ideas and
not a lot of action I first filmed a version of this video for my dreamers
community but decided hey I want to share this with the whole world so here
I am refilling it for you here on YouTube now the first thing you have to
start doing differently is to commit first then plan and talk with others so
often we think out loud we brainstorm we want to get feedback on something maybe
we think of a business we could do and we’re like hey hey Chris what do you
think about this and then you know we share it with someone or even worse
we’re kind of committed like we actually want to do it but we’re seeking someone
to validate the concept so we’re sharing it with the random people in the lineup
at Starbucks and assuming that their feedback will somehow tell us if we
should do this business that is terrible in so so many ways first the feedback
you’re going to get is terrible it’s not going to be aligned with getting you to
your goal and it’s going to kill all your excitement so if you do finally
decide to do this thing you’re probably not going to be nearly as excited or
committed to it as if you commit first here’s the difference when you commit
first you think through what it is you really want to do you write things down
you get it on paper here is what I would love to do I’m going to use an easy
example here with the keto diet I know some people apparently hate it but oh
well so approach number one you hear this guy Dan on YouTube talking about
the keto diet and you think hey that actually the things he talked about
mental clarity and weight loss and energy that would really help me and
you’re like yeah we’ll see and then you go into work and you bring it up to
everyone and you’re like I was thinking about maybe this keto thing and then you
get 10 different opinion someone whose sister did it and
suddenly fell off a cliff and someone else who had a great experience and
someone who read an article about it was actually both the Atkins diet which is
quite a bit different but they got confused with it and now they’re telling
you about the keto diet by the way that happens all the time like most people I
talked to tell me about how they went on the keto diet but they’re describing the
Atkins diet which is a totally different thing anyhow by the time you’re done you
were very confused you have very mixed emotions about it and so you maybe try
out the keto diet for a week you know that’s what most people will get you to
write let’s say hey just try it out for a week and see how you feel here’s the
other approach is you go to a good source of information you find something
you want to do and you realize hey I really want to try this keto diet and
you write down why you want to do it what benefits that would have for you
why you’re excited about it and what committing to it would look like for you
so say you say three months I’m gonna try this diet three months see how it
affects me and then reevaluate then you go into work and you say guys I’m on the
keto diet I’m doing it for three months does anyone have any tips to succeed has
does anyone know anyone who’s done this diet and has been really happy and can
offer me advice so here’s the big difference there in one case you present
people with a possibility and when you share it with them people naturally want
to give advice so they’re going to give advice based on whether or not you
should do the diet right if you tell them you’re going to do this people tend
to give you advice based on how to do it successfully and if they don’t naturally
do that you can nudge them in that direction right if you’re starting a
business it’s very different to say to someone hey I’m thinking about starting
a business or I’m trying this thing then saying yeah I’m this is my business I’m
moving forward I have a two-year plan do you have any advice you’ve worked for
yourself before can you help me on this part of my plan or do you have any
success tips that will get you very very different feedback this happens for a
few reasons one is just the linguistic part of it the way you word it will
bring out different answers than people right how you ask a question will
determine the type of answer you get but the other thing that I found and I found
this across the board is when I’m really committed to something and people see
that people don’t want to be a hater they don’t want to bring you down they
will look for ways to support you and often be really impressed and inspired
at the big steps you’re taking in many cases and this is probably very true if
you’re an ENFP you may be the leader in your group of
trying new things of taking risks and people sort of let you go out and see
how you do right so if you’re saying hey guys I’m gonna start this keto diet
people will say okay like let’s see how this works I’ve converted probably
twelve people to this diet that I’ve just met randomly and started talking to
and then they’re like oh that sounds really good but they never would have
went out and tried this on their own let’s say right so when you’re really
committed to something people get excited about it and want to support you
when you’re on the fence and you say to them hey I’m thinking about doing this
then they want to test you they want to see wait are you really committed are
you serious and they also want to pick it apart because they want to see for
themselves – if you say you’re gonna start a business maybe they’ve thought
about starting a business and if you’re not sure then all their doubts they’re
gonna bring them up and ask you well what about this what about taxes how do
you figure out the corporation what if you run out of money what about bla bla
bla bla bla that’s what people do but it’s not their
fault it is your fault for how you present yourself and the level of
commitment you go in with now this stage especially if you’re in ENFP you might
be thinking but I need to brainstorm I need feedback I need to chat with people
that’s how I think hey I’m the same I think out loud I have some of my best
concept come through conversation so all you do is you differentiate those you
say to be well hey like I’m just brainstorming or I’m thinking out loud
this isn’t something serious what would you think about that or hey wouldn’t
that be cool and you think that through you don’t say hey I’m probably gonna do
this or I’m thinking of doing this and you separate those two things into
brainstorming thinking about pondering and committed – and I’m going to make
this happen if you start to do this and be careful with how you
use your words you’ll start to be taken more seriously people will respect you
when you really commit to something and when you’re just playing around and
brainstorming and thinking of things that would be cool they’ll know that hey
they shouldn’t take this seriously and engage with you in a different capacity
now the last part of this is setting timeframes this is so so important if
you want to be taken seriously but also you actually want to achieve some things
and get results you need to set longer time frames for how long you stick to
something I’m gonna go back to the keto diet and really when I started filming
this video I was thinking about business and starting something for yourself and
I will link to a free training I have on that at the end of this video as well
but the keto diet in this case is such an easy example because I have so much
experience meeting people as I’ve been traveling I went back home to Canada and
I was seeing old friends and people I know from business and so many people
apparently it’s become quite a thing in North America told me yeah I tried that
diet and then I’d asked them about it and they try for like two weeks or like
a week and be like I don’t really feel that good the first thing you read in
any proper literature about the diet is the first month sucks and you’re tired
and drained as your body switches how it processes food so you have to go in like
when I started it I committed for multiple months I basically committed
that I go indefinitely on it but I committed at least for three months
where I would know okay I’m gonna get through that tough part and the same
thing happens with business people go in with this I’m gonna try it out for a few
weeks you’re never going to get anywhere trying something out for a few weeks if
you want to try out a business try out first off get rid of that language from
your vocabulary if you want to create an amazing business for yourself go in
thinking I will be stubborn like Rocky Balboa stubborn no quit no excuses for
at least one year then I will consult with two to three coaches wise friends
mentors people with business experience to reassess if I am on track if I should
quit if I’m cut out for this but if you jump
into working for yourself with the attitude of every day I’ll reassess like
I’ll just try it and on Tuesday if I feel like it’s not working
maybe I’ll not start this business or maybe I’ll start a different business or
maybe I’ll go back and get a job you’re gonna fail there’s no ifs ands or buts
about it there is no autobiography you’ll ever
read of a successful entrepreneur actor artist writer who was like hey I’m gonna
try this and every day I’m gonna re-evaluate and think maybe and then
when I tell people what I do I’m gonna be like yeah I’m kind of trying this
entrepreneur side hustle thing and seeing how it goes I challenge you to
find a single story like that so to sum it up number one commit to your outcome
before you get started number two commit to a time frame where you will pursue
without reevaluating your goal and number three when you share this with
other people choose your words very carefully and ask
for their input on how to achieve your goal not whether or not your goal or
outcome makes sense I mentioned a free business training that I will link to
here I’ll have that pop up as a card and link it in the description below as well
this training is for you if you’d like to build a time and location independent
business now this does not mean you want to go travel the world and be a crazy
person like I have it may just mean that you want to be able to work from home on
your own schedule but it’s primarily around coaching freelancing and other
service businesses and one of the topics I address in the training is about
commitment and staying on track and how do you deal with self-doubt and focus
and being unsure of where to start if there’s multiple things you want to do
so I’ll link to that training I encourage you to check it out if you are
new to the channel my name is Dan this is dreams around the world and I publish
new videos each and every week so consider hitting the subscribe button
and the bell and I’ll catch you in the next video soon ciao you

9 thoughts on “How To Be Taken Seriously an an ENFP or INFP – Dreams Around The World

  1. This really makes sense now, as to someone that has being struggling to get a high school diploma/GED and has no idea on how to get things done this made me rethink so many things. I’m working a book and is just the draft so far I have written about 438 words and is doing good. Over the past 21 years of my life I have always find it difficult to even try and get things done, be them for school purposes or other stuff and this has light things up for the first time in my life. Thank you! (An INFP). Also a question that is not so relevant to the topic do you know how to overcome test anxiety as an INFP?

  2. I hate it when people talk about Keto! Ugh. I keep to myself these days. I am INFP and I don’t need any input from others because it’s probably BS.

  3. Someone's sister did it and suddenly fell off a cliff! – I just cracked up!!

    … but seriously: it absolutely makes sense, thank you for the insight, Dan!!

    Please keep it up!!! Your videos are very helpful!

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