How To Avoid Podcast Plagiarism

How To Avoid Podcast Plagiarism

– How do you avoid
plagiarizing someone else’s content inside of your own podcast? Let’s answer that question comin’ up next. Hey there, podcaster. My name is The Shan
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started in the right direction. So today we’re talkin’
all about plagiarism and whether or not your
podcast is in the threat of being accused of plagiarizing
someone else’s content. And the reason why I bring up today’s topic is because as of recently, we’re talking maybe, as of this recording, maybe a month ago, there
was an article that was posted out about a
particular set of podcasters who supposedly lifted some
content from a journalist and that journalist
accused those podcasters of taking his content and
using it as their own. What ended up happening
was that those particular podcasters ended up deleting
a number of episodes because they feared as
though maybe they were plagiarizing some other piece of content. Now, is this the right course of action that those podcasters could have taken? I don’t know. I don’t think that it’s
wise to necessarily, A, delete the episodes, but maybe that’s what
needed to happen anyway, but number two, it all
comes down to the process of whenever you’re
creating content and when you’re researching your
content and whether or not you’re citing the correct sources. So today let’s examine what
you need to do to avoid any type of plagiarism
within your own podcast. Point number one. Always cite your sources. If you’re going to mentioning
something or someone or some story within your podcast, make sure that you are citing
that in your show notes. Now, I’m gonna tell you
that show notes just aren’t the only place that you
should be citing your source. This comes to point number two is that you should always be verbally citing with a parenthetical inside of your podcast. Now, what does a parenthetical mean? You’ve heard it before when
you’ve watched news stories, when you’ve watched late night TV shows, when you’ve watched sporting programs, and you hear the anchor always say, and Donald Trump said, quote, and then, they mention out the
quote from Donald Trump, and then they end it off
with unquote or end quote. So you should be citing
with parentheticals verbally so you can
make sure to give credit to the person who originally did the work for that particular story. In today’s world, we can
definitely take a lot of information and use it
for our own content creation, and then, think, oh, there’s
nothing really to this, no one’s ever really going
to be paying attention. But in this circumstance with this recent podcast that got popped for plagiarism, there are people who are listening. You wouldn’t believe how
many people are listening to certain podcasts and
then all of the sudden come across and go, wow,
that seems very odd. I feel like that was
taken from somewhere else. So make sure that you are
citing not only within the show notes and doing
your research and copying and pasting those links or
maybe those quotes in your, I guess, your side notes of when you’re creating your podcast episode, but also using that verbal parenthetical. That’s gonna be the key
right there, all right? Next, let’s talk about
lifting audio from other podcasts or other
sources, say news sources. Can you do this? Now, I’m not a legal professional, and I’m not gonna tell you
to do one way or the other. What I will tell you is that if you have a question about it that you
do contact an attorney, some type of copyright attorney, and find out whether or not it’s okay. But there are a lot of
things out there that are basically in the creative
commons gray area. I’ve heard podcasts where they have used maybe a clip from a news
story from an anchor, and then, they have given the citation with inside the podcast audio itself. I’ve heard that done before. Personally, I don’t like
doing podcasting like that. I’ve always believed that
podcasting is original content, only you create that original content, and you don’t have any problems dealing with any types of plagiarism. You’re just creating original content for the world to consume. But if you ever find
yourself in that gray area, number one, talk with an attorney, number two, you can always
go to this podcasting legal guide that is found online about
creative commons licensing. I’m gonna go ahead and
leave a link for that down in the description below
for you to check out and read over to find out what
might be in the gray area, what might be in the red area, and what might be okay for
putting onto your podcast. But it’s very important you
know what you are citing and how you are citing
it and how you can not get accused or popped for
any type of plagiarism because this could
possibly result in maybe some fines later on down the line, and you just don’t really want that. Now, one way that you can get around this, and it might take a little bit more work, but I will say it’s probably
gonna be the safest bet for you to stay out of those
cross hairs altogether is I would contact the content
creator themself if you can. So whether it be a journalist, whether it be an artist,
whether it be a podcaster, someone who’s creating
content, and I would ask them, hey, can I use this content
inside of my particular podcast? You said something in this podcast, can I use this inside of my
own podcast and give citation? And more than likely, those people are going to go ahead and say yes. It’s not gonna be something
that is going to be like, oh, we need to get paperwork done. Most people really enjoy the
fact that they’re getting their name put out there
and being promoted. I don’t see it necessarily as a problem, but if you are running
into a problem where someone isn’t going to
give you that permission to use that piece of content,
then just don’t use it. I mean, let’s just be logical about it. Just don’t use that content. I think the best practice
here is that you just have to be logical about
what you are putting inside of your podcast
and how you are citing it. Again, personally, I like creating content that is original content and
saying, hey, it came from here. In the case of this story where we’re talking about this particular podcast, this is a news story that is pretty much on every website out there. So you can go find the news story itself. I’ll leave a link for
one of the news stories, it talks about this
particular plagiarism case, down in the description below because there’s all over the place. Everyone is reporting all about it. But again, if you’re going to be directly lifting from a piece
of content and putting it inside of your own,
then I would say, yes, you need to give citation
and credit to that person. Now, have you ever
questioned yourself when it comes down to plagiarism
inside of your own podcast? I’d be interested in hearing
what you have to say. Go ahead and leave a
comment down below in this YouTube video or wherever you’re
finding it and let me know, have you struggled with
plagiarism for your own podcast? Whether someone has taken your
content and used it as their own or maybe you’re worried
about taking someone else’s content and using it within
your own particular podcast. I’d be interested in hearing
what you have to say. If you liked this video, go
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started on the right path to creating your own and best podcasts. In the meantime, I’ll be talking to you
guys soon, take care.

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  1. When I find content I like I’ll read it, understand it, do a little research then talk about it in my own words. I don’t think thats plagiarism. There’s so much in the world to talk about, no need to “copy” someone else.

  2. WOW! Actually I'm facing this, someone just took my podcast name and created her "new" podcast, with the same theme as mine. F%^t that

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