How the BONEBRIDGE works with SAMBA Audio Processor

The Bonebridge
is a partially implantable hearing system. It’s suitable for those with conductive and mixed hearing loss
or single-sided deafness. The Bonebridge hearing implant system
consists of an externally worn audio processor and an implant
which is surgically positioned under the skin. The audio processor
is held directly over the implant by magnetic attraction and can be comfortably worn
under the hair. The microphones of the audio processor
pick up sound waves. The audio processor converts sound
into electrical signals. These signals are transmitted
through the intact skin to the implant. The implant is fixed
in the temporal bone. The signal converter of the implant
converts the signals into mechanical vibrations which are transmitted to the skull. The bone conducts the vibrations
to the inner ear. This implant is therefore called
bone conduction implant. Transmitting the signal to the inner ear
via bone conduction bypasses the outer and the middle ear. The inner ear processes the mechanical vibrations
similar to natural hearing and transmits the acoustic information
to the brain. The audio processor
offers the latest hearing technology that adapts to different listening environments
and individual listening usage. A remote control ensures easy handling. Wireless connectivity options
enable connection to mobile phones and assistive listening devices. The covers of the new audio processor
can be interchanged. The favourite colour or design
can be chosen for every occasion. Users can benefit from future upgrades
in technology, as the audio processor
is worn externally. This highlights just one
of the distinct advantages of this partially implantable
hearing system solution. The Bonebridge is a leap forward
in bone conduction hearing system technology.

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