How podcasts became so popular

How podcasts became so popular

– [Shaq] This is Shaq podcast.
– [Ashley] In our new podcast. – [Anna] And we have a new podcast. – [Kara] Our very first podcast. – Influencers, celebrities, journalists, random friends of yours,
everyone has a podcast. Spotify plans to spend $500 million on podcast related
acquisitions this year alone. But why is this happening now? Podcasts have been
around for over a decade. To understand what changed to make podcasts the phenomenon they are now, we have to, hold on. This is better. Okay, we have to look at the big picture. So yeah, podcasts came
about because of Apple, iTunes and iPods. – Now we recently announced something new for iTunes and iPod and
it’s called podcasting. – [Ashley] Apple brought
podcast to iTunes in 2005. – Podcasting of course is a concatenation of iPod and broadcasting. – Steve Jobs called
pocasts, TiVo for radio, which is an insanely dated reference, but can help us contextualize
this whole shift. Before podcasting you had the radio, with it’s ads, unpredictable content, and your favorite hosts
timed to specific days with specific shows, but with podcasts. – You can download radio
shows and listen to ’em on your computer or put ’em
on your iPod anytime you want. – And you can subscribe
to these shows too, so you never miss an episode. Plus podcasts are free
just like the radio. With the release of internet
connected smartphones, people could download podcasts
onto their phones directly instead of having to load the audio onto their phone from their computer. And that made listening
to shows even easier. Still in 2009 only 11%
of the US population had listened to a podcast
in the last month, but then a podcast arrived in 2014 that changed everything. (dramatic music) – [Sarah] From this American Life and WBEZ Chicago, it’s Serial. One story told week by
week, I’m Sarah Koenig. – Serial broke with
established podcast rules. It was a narrative, mystery, crime show that told a single story over many episodes versus just one. And that new format drew listeners in. It became the fastest
podcast to ever reach five million downloads
and streams on iTunes. Around the same time that Serial and other highly produced shows became popular, cars were becoming more connected too, which gave commuters an opportunity and place to listen. Plus new direct to consumer companies had money to spend on podcast ads. The confluence of all of these factors pushed the podcast
business to new heights. – [Male] This week’s show
is brought to you by Casper. – [Announcer] This episode
is sponsored by Dell. – [Woman Announcer] Turn your great idea into a reality with Squarespace. – Last year podcasts created nearly half a billion dollars in revenue. Maybe you’ve heard hosts read ad and give you a promo code. That’s a main way shows make money. And that code helps advertisers know which show has sold their product. Shows make money in other ways too. Some adapt their story for TV and others host live events. Other than the recording costs, audio is relatively cheap to capture, particularly compared to video. So it can be a lucrative business. Media companies and individual creators can try out podcasts without
risking a ton of cash. And they can publish their shows in the same places that
major publishers do. Now that there’s so much money in podcasts companies want more control and visibility in to how well their ads actually work. So podcast technology is
becoming more sophisticated and the field is changing. Promo codes might not be needed anymore. Advertisers want a more
robust way to track ads, similarly to how they
do with banners online. That’s why the Interactive
Advertising Bureau established it’s podcast
measure technical guidelines in December 2017. With this new standard,
advertisers now know what counts as a download, or a play, and they can get a real sense of how many people heard their ad. The ads themselves are becoming
smarter and dynamic too. Which means one ad doesn’t have to live inside the same episode forever. They can be swapped out with other ads as time goes on and podcasters can improve their ad offerings by guaranteeing timeliness. Everything is formalizing in an effort to make the field even more lucrative. Some podcast players are experimenting with exclusive content too, which is a fundamental
change to the open world podcasts have traditionally lived in. Podcasts are starting to be tracked more like the rest of the web and the content is
starting to be distributed more like movies or TV shows. So why does everyone have a podcast now? Because they’re cheap to
make, the stakes are low, and the opportunity to make
some cash could be big. Plus who doesn’t love the
sound of their own voice. So now that you’ve just watched this video on podcasts, wouldn’t you know it, I have a podcast too and
you should check it out. It’s called Why’d You Push that Button. We’ll put a link below
and you should click it. See what it’s all about, check it out. All right, we’ll see you later, bye.

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  1. Can't tell if people not knowing that an audio file named PODcast was developed by the company that invented the audio player iPOD is real or just a troll.

  2. Podcasts did not come about because of Apple, iTunes, etc. I would agree they popularized it, but this isn't 100% correct.

  3. I’m terrible sorry but this only happens in America. And not in the rest of the world… 🤷🏻‍♂️ And by saying “everyone” you lied a bit…

  4. You do realize that podcasting existed well before Apple jumped on board, right? Right? (I know. I was there.) And serialized podcasts existed long before "Serial". And the first wave of podcasts had no "established podcast rules" as you call them. In fact, there are still no "established rules." Also, not everyone is in it for the big bucks. Please, Please, please get your facts together on this.

  5. Basically, podcasts are everywhere because they're cheap to make, easy to distribute, easy to advertise on and have different formats for listeners. There, saved you 8 minutes.

  6. everybody have their own bluetooth headphones( especially true wireless ones) now. I think this is the main reason

  7. I haven't played the video yet
    I recently started listening to various podcasts after I downloaded the google podcasts app. And I thought, 'Maybe I'll tweet/DM Verge why Podcasts are trending nowadays'
    5 days later, here's this video.

  8. I listen to podcasts of my favourite radio stations when I drive, sometimes also when I clean the house. I discovered podcast when I bought my first Mac, thanks to iTunes.

  9. Apple did NOT create podcasts or the term "podcast". More revisionist history. I wish The Verge with all it's resources would be clear on this point.

  10. My question is why doesn't everyone has a podcast still ? There are so many voices that I would love to listen to (like Zack from JerryRigEverything, Rebecca from WatchMojo, Morgan Freeman) for hours and there are so many content creators that mostly does YouTube videos they research and gives us the information as shortly as possible. But sometimes I want the longer and deeper version of that information that's when podcast comes to rescue.

  11. I do love The Verge, but I'm disappointed this didn't scratch past the surface layer, like coverage of other topics has.

    So many overviews of why there are this many podcasts completely subverts the human element that drives all the banter-based shows, or even the more heavily-produced/narrative indie projects. Noone is baffled at the idea of people enjoying making music together, or posting clips online without expecting a reward, people like to create. If the vast majority of podcasts are unsponsored talkshows between friends, it's because of enjoyment, connectivity, and creating a unique space to talk about what you love.

    The real story is how this is enabling diverse voices to create media that represents them and their experiences, and maybe how Spotify and others in the podcast space have the power to make it even more accessible.

  12. I used to see the podcast app on my Ipod touch and thought it was for old people now i binge listen one everyday

  13. This video could be a podcast and would make no difference. The video literally shoes nothing helpful. Exactly why podcasts are so popular today!

  14. Podcasting predated the Jobs announcement referenced in the video. Adding podcasting support to iTunes did a ton to popularize it, but there were several popular podcasting clients before iTunes.

  15. Podcasting is getting destroyed by advertising – once it’s been pillaged there will be a new format that hits the mainstream.

  16. I'll grant you that Apple was early to podcasting, but some of us remember listening to Adam Curry's Daily Source Code before you could download them on itunes.

  17. I think more people know about podcast because of Adam Carolla he had the most successful podcast ever and then Joe Rogan people like him are the reason people are podcasting to the day because I Joe Rogan said. All you need is a way to record audio and send it out to the world I would say if there was no Adam Carolla or Joe Rogan doing podcast podcast wouldn't be big like they are

  18. 99% of Podcasters are boring. It is nice technology, but the talks of people are endless losing all the connection to the topic they have came up with it.

  19. finally someone with correct grammar, "link below" instead of the popular "link down below" thanks Ashley!

  20. Spotify ruins Podcasts. They are commercializing them, making them exclusive and are just buying their competition – I switched to Apple Music because Spotify became what they
    sought to destroy.

  21. I started listening podcasts since I bought my iPhone XR and I like it. when I had Android never see an app like this free .

  22. I made a podcast in 2007 till 2014, this video inspire me to awake my podcast again. 🙂

  23. when you hear "new podcast arrived at 2014 that changed everything" and you start hearing weekly planet pod theme song.

  24. All of this sounds like podcasters will make way less money, but you baselessly assure that it will be more lucrative.

  25. I already knew podcasts were related to iPods. It is just obvious. I would have been surprised if it was not the case.

  26. Obviously great quality since, you know,…it's The Verge!

    You could get even better if you would provide context to all the numbers you just mentioned! "Half a Billion Dollars in Revenue…." Great! Compares to everything relevant and related here,… how exactly??? We don't know, but if it's spelled in Billions it must be a lot…. 🙁

  27. Wait, it's 2019! People only listen to radio in their cars for the lack of a better alternative (atleast here in India). Why would someone otherwise want to spend their time only listening to people talk, when they can watch something instead? Just curious.

  28. I heard about the term podcast a while ago n seen it on the large ipad as well back in the day. But I actually started by listening to Joe Rogan. Came across clips on youtube which convinced me to listen to the whole thing. It's not scripted and the guests are often cool n it's honest like listening to friends. I even sometime chk out some really old episodes

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