How Much Money Do You Need To Trade Forex Professionally? (Podcast Episode 5)

How Much Money Do You Need To Trade Forex Professionally? (Podcast Episode 5)

this is the Forex Q&A podcast this is VP
your host professional Forex prop trader with a brand new podcast every single
Monday answering user submitted questions now if you wanna submit a
question you may do so and whether or not it makes the show I will still
answer it to the best of my ability you just go to hit
the ask VP tab and fill the little form and I will get back to you as soon as I
possibly can with the most honest and direct answer I can possibly give well a
lot of people don’t like my answers but I don’t care if you like my answers the
answer that I will give you is likely not the answer you’re going to find on
the internet right now most advice you’re going to find on Twitter and on
YouTube is not only not going to help you it’s probably gonna end up hurting
you in the end you need an honest and direct approach
straight from an actual professional and that is what this free podcast gives you
every single Monday and this episode is a really good example of what I just
talked about so many websites YouTube videos Twitter handles love to do
nothing more but blow smoke directly up your asshole with this question and I
want to address it right now again fair warning most of you traders out there
especially the ones who are just starting out are going to hate this
answer it’s a very sobering answer to a very common question I get but again
stick with the podcasts listen to it all the way to the end because as usual I
always offer somewhat of a silver lining a way out if you would if the initial
answer to my question is not what you wanted to hear but I have a feeling this
one’s gonna sting a bit let’s go ahead and get to it Sean from Boca Raton
Florida asks how much money do I need if I want to trade Forex professionally now
please don’t get me wrong I love it when you guys send me questions but a lot of
them are quite vague or have some type of ambiguous nature to it and this one
is no exception first I want to get this out of the way
when you say professionally this is the most loosely tossed around term out
there when people try to qualify themselves in terms of how they trade
Forex by definition trading professionally just means you’re trading
real money regardless of how big or small that is
so be very careful going forward when you hear anybody say I’m a pro Forex
trader I trade Forex professionally because all that could mean and they’re
not lying when they say it is I don’t trade a demo account anymore I trade a
real account that doesn’t mean they’re good at it that doesn’t mean they’re
living off the money they’re making that doesn’t mean that somebody hired them to
trade on their behalf it just means they trade a real money account so if that is
what you’re asking and I doubt that’s what you’re asking Shawn but if if
that’s the question you really had I think the answer is usually depending on
your broker 500 USD some might even go lower than that to start but usually
five hundreds the minimum if I recall keep in mind there only so many
brokerage platforms available to us here in the United States you know globally
you know you have a lot more options and some of those might go as low as 50 to
$100 who knows you don’t really need that much and this is great news to a
lot of starting out forex traders because you usually don’t start out with
a lot of money especially if you’re in your 20s you typically don’t have that
much money to throw around especially money you just can’t afford to lose
right away but if you were anything like me when I started out you probably made
this critical mistake stop me if you’ve heard this one you went somewhere online
to learn about forex and how to trade it you learn how to read a chart which you
didn’t know how to do before but turned out to be easier than you thought and
you learned all the cool little tools you can add to it to be able to predict
better which way price is going to go and lo and behold every example they
showed you whether it was a trend line or Fibonacci or the RSI indicator in the
examples they would show you worked like a charm worked perfectly made a bunch of
pips called a trend or a reversal just at the right time and you thought to
yourself hot shit look at that all I have to do is use one of these tools or
a combination of the tools that they’re showing me right now apply it to my own
trading and the sky’s the limit really and you’re telling me the do to leverage
I can get $50 for every $1 I put in the market or if I’m outside of the United
States I can – I can do even better I could have $100, $200 for every one dollar
I put in the market well this changes everything it’s just a
matter of time before I turn this $500 into Millions
I mean think about it just you just have to put this trend line on a chart wait
for it to bounce off it and just do that over and over again and I figured we you
know two three years from now I can quit my job in two years three years time
this $500 can easily be six figures I might as well go ahead and just put a
down payment on a new car right now it’s only a matter of time really and then
you go pick your platform you go set your little account up and what happens
that little system you put together that little method with the trend line and
the indicator and the Bollinger Bands work sometimes didn’t work all the time
only worked about half the time and that’s just not enough because your
money management skills were never developed and the combination of those
two things is a very bad combination and then there’s that one trade that just
wipes you out because you went short price went long and instead of
abandoning the loss which you should have done you figured it was just a
matter of time before that stochastic oscillator just started to finally make
its way back upward and everything was going to be all right but it didn’t and
now your money’s gone now if this example hits a little too close to home
understand that I’m not making fun of you I’m making fun of myself because
this is exactly what happened to me three times over and I don’t want that
to happen to you some people can’t afford to blow out three trading
accounts and some people will get their money blown out one time and quit for me
I don’t know what it was either I really felt like I had something and I just
persevered on probably coupled with the fact that didn’t want to wait tables
anymore and there’s such a desperation there at the time but I kept going and
it worked out but I realize how rare that is and even though maybe that’s the
best thing that can happen to you in terms of your overall growth is to
really really get crushed once twice maybe more I want to put you in a better
position than that to start I don’t want you thinking that that five hundred one
thousand dollar deposit is going to make any kind of dent in your overall state
of well-being thanks to Forex it’s just not enough you
should deposit it and trade it because you need to get used to trading real
money after you’ve demoed for a while because
especially emotionally the two things are very very different you need to get
over that emotional hump just understand that you’re not going to turn that
initial deposit into anything significant and those websites out there
that say that you can make 20 pips 50 pips 100 pips a day guaranteed are
completely full of shit all of them I can promise you this
anybody who’s put some real time in and has traded this market can tell you
that market conditions don’t always allow for this amount of pips to be made
that’s how we know they’re lying now rather than go off on a tangent about
these scammers online that promise things and don’t deliver let me go ahead
and answer the question well how much money do you need to trade
professionally and again if you hate this answer stick around I hope I’m
going to give you a way out but the real answer is a lot you need a lot of money
to be able to pull a good enough return to actually live off of what you make
trading Forex so let me let me give you a very sobering example let’s say you
have $100,000 in your savings account that you don’t need and you could
legitimately afford to lose so first up I think that puts you in the top 2% of
all earners in the United States and I think globally that definitely puts you
in the top 1% very very few people out there have that luxury but let’s just
say you’re one of those people alright let’s let’s play make-believe let’s
pretend now in forex for an entire year what is a good rate of return well any
type of investing listen at the stock market for example I think average is
what 11 percent every year and and that’s excellent fortunes have been made
just putting money into the stock market and then just doing nothing for 40 years
because of all that compound interest over time now if you can beat eleven
percent that’s really good and that’s not something a new trader is
going to be able to accomplish that that takes some time to get to that level
there are rich people in New York City that give their financial advisor
tens of thousands of dollars sometimes more just to eke out 13-14 percent return
year after year to them that is certainly worth the money that is
upper-echelon rarefied air type stuff but let’s say
they you even go beyond that let’s say you are now like the Warren Buffett
level who does 20 21 % right about every year give or take on average let’s just
say you could pull it to 20% return in spot forex year after year in a $100,000
account that is a profit of $20,000 before tax now is that living
comfortably to you is that the lifestyle you’re looking for as a professional
trader it better be because that’s all you’re getting because if if you spend
that $20,000 you make now you have no chance to earn compound interest you’ve
taken that out of the equation you’re just living off of what you make on a
$100,000 account making an extraordinary 20 percent return a year after all those
stars lined up just perfectly you’re making a few thousand dollars over the
poverty line just think about that not what you wanted to hear was it well
there is another way and this way involves a lot less money out of your
pocket you can take the route I took I didn’t have a hundred thousand dollars
in my bank account I don’t have anywhere near that I waited tables and I bought
my condo in 2007 which was the dumbest time to buy and so needless to say I
didn’t have a ton of disposable income just laying around at the time but I
learned that there are people out there and there are companies that will give
me money to trade on their behalf provided that I’m really good at what I
do and I can prove consistent results over time so step one is get really good
at forex trading put a system together that works and fine-tune it and perfect
it get good at dealing with losses get good at dealing with wins and be able to
hammer out really good consistent results year after year because you’re
gonna need at least a year’s worth of performance to show these people and
this can be on demo account this can be in a very small trading account as long
as you show a really solid percentage and consist
results over an extended period of time you can get companies to look at you but
they will also have their own tests for you you will also have to be able to
trade in a what is it kind of a probationary period where you will have
to show them in real time how you do so if you fudged your numbers in any way or
you can’t perform under pressure you’re going to get exposed but if you are
legit and you have a really good system in place and you know how to trade it
there are prop firms out there there are hedge funds out there they would like to
have you you have to be legitimately good because even if they hire you you
have to maintain that level of profitability over time and that in
itself is very hard to do I’m proud of the fact that I’ve been with my prop
firm since 2014 and I’m still standing and I’m still doing well that really
separates the actual professionals from the pretenders
so overall the good news is yes you can trade professionally with very little
money you just have to be good at what you do and you have to be able to prove
it and there is no better place to learn how to do that then right here on the
Forex Q&A podcast on nononsenseforex com and on the no nonsense forex YouTube
channel I didn’t have that blunt honest person telling me what I was doing right
and wrong that’s why it took me three blown-out trading accounts in five years
just to even get looked at by somebody you now have that strength in your
corner but only if you want it and if you do subscribe to this podcast
subscribe to my youtube channel and make sure is the one
place you go when you’re looking for real forex trading advice that you can
actually use and that won’t lead you down the wrong path like everything else
does believe me I went down that path it sucked it was horrible over 99% of
all traders go down that path and they get nowhere you now have an opportunity
to do much better than they do in a much shorter amount of time but it will not
be overnight if you’re all about quick money and instant gratification I have
nothing to say to you this podcast is for people who want to get there the
right way in a way that makes them sustainably profitable now if you feel
like I delivered on this podcast I gave you an answer that nobody else gives you
and whether you liked it or not learn something as a result give me a like on
iTunes like I said you subscribe it means a lot the podcast
is just starting out and I honestly don’t care if I get a ton of subscribers
on anything I do I just hope those of you who took the time to seek this out
and those of you who decided to ditch all that stupid conventional wisdom and
join up on my team and line up with my way of thinking I want to make your
forex trading dreams come true just like mine did if over time I can amass a
small group of just absolute killers I’ve done my job so we’re gonna keep
this train rolling and we’re gonna start getting a little more technical a little
more advanced questions as we go forward I have a couple more basic questions I
think I want to get out of the way but then we’re really gonna start to sharpen
those edges so get excited traders you should be excited but we have so much
more to uncover and every time we do it’s gonna get you that much closer that
much closer to becoming the Forex trader you’ve always wanted to be I will see
you in episode 6 and until then go out there and get it

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