100 thoughts on “How Many Subs Do You Need to make $1,000 on YouTube?

  1. Mini-testimonial. A few weeks ago, I launched my first paid course (intro price of $49.00). I did only little 10 second shoutouts at the very end of a few videos and I already sold 3 courses (I haven't even sent an email about it yet to my list). It took about 2000 views (and again the shoutouts were at the very end) to get 3 sales. In terms of adsense, that would only have made me about $4. I'm just getting started but I can already see the potential.

  2. Anyone want to help me out I’m trying to get 100 subs I know I’m no where near getting close to earning money but it’s just a milestone I want to hit I really appreciate any support

  3. Reminds of an old scam.

    How to make £3,000 in three months … The guide costs £19.99.

    The guide: Place an advert telling people they can make £3,000 in three months and charge £19.99 for a 'guide' which tells them to place an advert telling people they can make £3000 in three months and charge £19.99 for…

  4. Great video, thanks for posting. I started a YouTube channel as part of a customer support program for my wife's spice blends business. I feature a different spice blend on each video and go through recipe ideas. I've unintentionally created the very thing this video content covers as the channel has opened the spice blends business to a global audience. My wife now sells to 13 countries world wide and with just over 6,000 subscribers, the YouTube Cookery Channel is her most successful marketing tool. Adsense payment for the channel are a fraction of what is generated through merchandising (still nice to get that cheque from Google each month though)

  5. I started my account 11 months ago. I have 500 subs only 17 videos I wasn’t planning on becoming a creator. I know you have to have 1000 subscribers in 4000 watch time hours can you tell me do you have to do that within the first 12 months why I lose all my subscribers or how does that work?

  6. Im having issues with getting subscribers. Im putting out the content but not seeing no results. Some help would be great thanks

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  8. Really interesting video! Been doing videos for a while, but only started taking it seriously this year!! Thanks for the video

  9. Hello all I started youtube 2weeks ago and I have 35subscribers can I reach 100subscribers?and like if you please.ty it means alot to me😍

  10. Small youtubers like me are welcome.
    Fast and 💯 percent loyal.
    Let’s help each other. Subscribe and I will do the same.

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  12. I got a small channel doing lotto scratching and gambling. Come join me and win with me, daily videos!!

  13. Would anyone be nice enough to subscribe to my YouTube I just want people to entertain and make money for my family 🙏🏽😊 have a good day!!

  14. Well I will be finish school I will be Certified as a ECG technician I wanted to be a heart doctor but I don’t wanna spend 7 years in school maybe I can start a channel talking about have a way the heart work And early warning signs of ischemia which is heart attacks and old heart attacks

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