How Long To Demo Trade Forex? (Podcast Episode 6)

How Long To Demo Trade Forex? (Podcast Episode 6)

this is the Forex Q&A podcast this is VP
professional Forex prop trader answering your user submitted questions every
Monday now if you want to ask a question you can do so just go to and you can ask me any Forex question that has ever been
on your mind as long as it’s forex trading related I will get back to you within 48
hours and your question might make an episode of the show so we are only on
Episode six I have shot seven episodes because I did an episode zero I just
want to say the response to this has really been tremendous it’s been way
above and beyond anything I would have expected at this point that I’m talking
about the sheer quality I’ve gotten and the excitement level that people have
shown me so far you guys are charged up and that’s awesome that gets me excited
too and it makes me want to keep doing this and building on to it more and more
may I think on YouTube for every like 9 or 10 views I’m getting I’m getting one
thumbs up that ratio is ridiculous you don’t see that anywhere and I think in a
lot of the videos I forget to ask for a thumbs up so really with all those
things considered I’m really really thrilled at the response I’m getting
from you guys so far turns out a lot of you are just really starting out I had
no idea was gonna be that way and that’s the reason why I’m kind of going slow on
the podcast to where on the YouTube channel we’re already starting to get
into actual technical analysis things that you can start to implement right
away and/or avoid because if you guys have watched the elimination video which
I will link below you already understand how important it is to know what to
avoid and what to get rid of before you even start and if you haven’t watched
that video go watch it like I said I will link it down below so it’ll be easy
for it to access but if you don’t know what to eliminate and you haven’t
eliminated it already it does not matter what I tell you from this point forward
you’re pretty much wasting your time now I have made this easy for you I have put
up the Dirty Dozen video on YouTube it is my favorite video that I have put up
so far maybe not even the most important I think the the elimination video
the big banks video don’t be a reversal trader video things like that are
probably more important but in terms of what to actually eliminate and what most
of you have probably already used in the past or are currently using that video
is super important I’ll link that one below too but I know and I know because
a lot of you have told me that you’re already wanting me to start to tell you
the indicators and the system that you should use to get into the best trade
entries and there’s a reason why I haven’t done that yet guys every single
one of you was set up to fail from the start and that totally sucks these
people should not have done that to you because you deserve so much better than
that you’re the one that actually took the time to learn something that most
people have no idea how to do that’s risky that involves losing your money
and you went for it people like you I will always support now you did do it
wrong you went to the wrong place you didn’t focus on the right things but
for one they didn’t tell you to focus on the right things but when you finished
learning how you were in absolutely no position to go out there and start
trading your actual money but you did it anyway and that it’s not your fault you
didn’t know any better you just knew what you knew and you fell flat on your
face but because you have found this podcast and because you have found the
No Nonsense Forex YouTube channel you get the chance to be set up the right
way the way you should have been set up before but weren’t and that is what I am
here to do however if for some reason you think I have already done that if
you think that I have already given you enough information here in late July
2018 to go out and start trading your hard-earned money you could not be more
wrong very soon I’ll be making a video that’s going to go in my forex trading
psychology series called the three qualities every Forex trader absolutely
must have and I’ll go ahead and foreshadow it for you right now one of
those is patience if you don’t have patience you’re done instant
gratification has no place in making money anywhere anytime
and I could really go off on a tangent about this but I’ll save it for the
video my point is I haven’t even come close to setting you up the way you need
to be set up to go out there into the real world and start trading but that’s
okay enjoy the ride just like most things the ride there’s
the fun part if you have taken in every podcast in every YouTube video or every
blog either way you like to do it that I have put out so far you are light years
ahead of any Forex trader that has ever walked this earth in terms of how well
you’re set up to succeed but we have a long way to go before you can ever
before I recommend you ever start putting your real money out there and
that leads in perfectly to this week’s question our question is from Callum
from Scunthorpe in the United Kingdom and Callum asks how long should I demo
trade before transitioning into real money I love this question now what I’ll
often do is when I get a question I will go research what other people have said
about it just to see how their answer is differ from mine and they always do and
it makes me sad when I see it’s like I was saying before that their answers are
really bad and they’re setting people up so horribly and not only that if you
were to come to me with a question like this would you want some kind of answer
that says you should well you know you should probably just demo trade till you
feel comfortable blah blah but no you want if you’re coming to me with a
question like this you probably want something direct and exact say hey just
give me a blueprint I can follow and I’ll do the rest don’t say just do it
until I feel comfortable I was gonna do that anyway I need some guidance here
give me something so that’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna tell you exactly what
I think you should do and I hope you execute on it and if you really do have
patience this is the way you will approach it so for those of you who are
brand new on any brokerage platform out or at least they’d better do this or
else do not use them as a brokerage platform but you can demo trade which
means you get to trade fake money and the mechanics of the platform work
exactly the same as if you were doing it for real which is great so you can trade
in real and kind of see how everything moves and
reacts and you can do all of this as if you were trading real money which you
should do you shouldn’t take any liberties you wouldn’t take if it was
real or not but you can trade and actually see how you would do based on
the system and the style of trading you are currently using it’s fantastic but
so many people are in such a hurry to start trading real money that they don’t
trade it long enough now if you have done this in the past I guarantee you
one of two things happened either you started losing fake money and you said
well this sucks and you either stopped or you just hit the reset button and try
it again and if you chose the latter good on you because that’s what you
should do you keep trying until you find something that actually works or maybe
this happened to you you started making money right away in your little fake
money demo account and I can say this because this is what happened to me
you made start making money and you thought well okay what am I doing here
I’m just I’m leaving money on the table at this point I should go ahead and
start trading real money and start getting some of these returns and then
what ended up happening yep crash so here’s how you prevent that from
happening and here is what I want you to do the magic number is six months and
now I don’t mean demo trade for six months and then immediately go start
trading no I am going to ask and hopefully require that you go longer
than that you need to see a six-month sample in where you have made a six
percent return based on what you started with at the beginning of that six month
period so for example if you started out at fifty thousand dollars for example a
lot of demo counts will start out with an arbitrary number like that you need
to be at least at the fifty-three thousand dollar mark then and only then
can I recommend that you start trading real money and most people will not
achieve this right from the start so you just take whatever money you had started
and then six months later do the math and figure out if you’ve made a six
percent return or not and by doing this I don’t mean land one
gigantic over-leveraged trade in the first month
and then just stop you know that’s cheating and you know
it’s cheating that doesn’t count you have to be actively trading for six
months and get a six percent return before I will ever recommend that you go
out there and start trading real money and guys don’t despair this like I said
is the fun part this is where you put your system together this is where you
test your money management out this is partly how you test your trading
psychology out the trading psychology really won’t take complete effect until
you start trading real money but you can definitely get started here this is the
cool fun building part this is the part too when I do make those videos where I
give you a really cool indicator to use you can plug it in and see if it really
works for your trading when I give you a money management concept you can start
implementing that and see how it works for you it’s probably gonna work really
well and you would not have had that had you’d start trading real money now this
is the cool exciting part and the best part is unlike real money if things
don’t work you can hit the reset button there is no better option you can have
than to hit the reset button if things don’t go your way because in real life
things never work that way and for at least six months you get to have that
luxury now if this six month time frame or what’s gonna end up probably being a
little longer than that sounds too long for you just understand guys you’re
gonna feel like you’re leaving money on the table you are not you are leaving a
bunch of losses on the table you are leaving a bunch of heartache and despair
and self-doubt on the table spot forex trading is probably going to be around
the rest of your life which means you are going to be able to trade this
market the rest of your life if you cannot give 6 to 12 to even 18
months of your time to get it right before you get started
then you don’t deserve all the benefits that it has the potential to give you
you just don’t in this podcast and my youtube channel
and my blog are just not for you we go slow we’re patient we do things the
right way why because nobody else does and many of
you have been to those places and it didn’t help you one bit it only sets you
up to fail now how did I arrive at that 6 percent number well the American stock
market on average does just under 12 percent rate of return year after year
you need to be able to beat that because if you can’t your best move from an
investment strategy is just to put your money into the American stock market if
you can’t beat 12 percent a year just go do that I mean wait till the recession
happens first we’re very much overdue for one you know you I want you to get
in cheap as possible if you’re gonna go that route but in my opinion if you
can’t do that then it’s just not worth the time and effort until you actually
can I mean even if it takes you three four years to do it so what how much
longer do you plan on living you know 30 40 50 years it’s a very very small price
to pay and then once you do go real money start very small because I had
mentioned before psychologically it is a completely different game and you have
to get used to that first but hopefully for most of you we are a long time away
from that and you don’t even have to do what I say you can approach this channel
in the podcast in any way you choose but if you want a real blueprint for
absolute success this is what I recommend because let me tell you I
would have become a pro much sooner had I have done things this way all of those
blown accounts that I talked about probably would not have happened but
like a lot of you I got excited I got charged up I saw some success early and
I jumped into the pool way earlier than I supposed to now speaking of mistakes I
have been making mistake I think almost every podcast I have been asking you
guys to give the the podcast a like on iTunes and the reason why I did this is
because there is a one of my favorite podcasts from a while ago that isn’t
even on anymore at the very end would always say hey
give us a like on iTunes I don’t think they do that anymore and I’m not on
iTunes I’m on stitcher so I don’t really how that works but I don’t think likes
are a thing from what I’ve been gathering from people if you would if you’d be so
kind go and give me a review on iTunes those
things really go a long way and I’ve already had a few people ask me hey how
can I make sure this podcast keeps going do you have a patreon account is there
anything I can do and I’ve told them no just give me a like on iTunes which is
not even a thing apparently and by the way no I do not want your money I
believe Forex education should always be free I set this back in episode 2 and
the podcast and the YouTube channel and the blog are here to stay but a nice
quick review from you will go a long way into vaulting me ahead of some of the
Forex podcasts that aren’t even around anymore they are still ahead of me in
iTunes and probably will be until I get some reviews down so I will be more than
happy to keep these coming every single Monday if you just do that one thing for
me but regardless great new podcasts coming
in to you every single Monday so much cool stuff coming out on the youtube
channel and on the blog you can find it all at which is a
great place to go because everything’s right there in front of you and you can
just pick what you want to learn but whatever you do I wish you the best of
trading this week go out there and get it

79 thoughts on “How Long To Demo Trade Forex? (Podcast Episode 6)

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