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  1. Yo I know you're more likely to see this bc you have fewer comments on this channel. But I was rewatching "can you guess what I'm chewing" of gmm. And you guys really need to do that again. With a guest or whatever but its REALLY entertaining

  2. Do the kids still leave stuff all over the place, and leave stuff open?

    My dad used to growl and I would kill myself laughing, and couldn't take him seriously; but with you I think it shows your displeasure, and frustration. Whenever I grunt at the kids they eventually stop playing with my face; I always reinforce with a hug afterwords or doing something fun.

    I worry about people getting sucked into MLMs (thank you for correcting that for me), especially when it involves friendships. Like what happens if you trust someone with your merchandise, do a down payment for them to produce and sell for you, then things go down hill and that other person still has all of that money?

    I just can't imagine the dynamics. But I'm no economist, or business person.

    There are a lot of good products out there though from credible sources (like SLMD skincare, Sandra's a doctor).

  3. I cant stand MLMs but i get the idea. Instead of spending millions of dollars advertising a product with no guarantee thatll sell well enough to recoup ad expenses. Getting other people to advertise word of mouth is a safer method. Its basically like youtube videos. You can either spend money advertising your show or ask viewers to like comment and share. In order to play the alogorythm to be noticed. Or word of mouth share the show.

  4. as frustrating as it is, i strongly recommend against going into the kids rooms to clean up for them. It just teaches them that they will always win and further reinforces that they dont need to do it themselves. My parents taught me by smacking me, but a more modern way would be to change the wifi password after like 6pm if the kids rooms are messy. If they have the same internet dependency as most other kids, they will get the drill pretty soon. And no one gets wifi until all three have clean rooms.

  5. I only notice the pink crap when people use bar soap. Also you leave the cutain shup so it can dry properly. It annoys me too.

  6. Ok in England we just stand closer to the shower head. Seems weird that you Americans stand halfway down the shower. We stand under the shower head so the water doesn't go everywhere

  7. At the end of the day, everything is a scheme or a scam… including this comment.
    Like this comment now to be guaranteed happiness, and get your friends and family to like it too. Best. Darrian.

  8. Rhett, you're thinking of a ponzi scheme. A ponzi scheme is always illegal, but some pyramid schemes arent, but all MLMs are pyramid schemes. I also think you guys are going too easy on the dangers of an MLM.

  9. Very Respectfully,

    That is the signature I feel the best about. It's not ass kissing or negative. contact me if youd like more details. Lol

  10. I have 4 kids and raised a couple of other's kids. Nagging to pick up never worked.If it was their turn to unload the dishwasher, etc. i would just unload it onto their beds. Nothing said, Trust me, that happens once. They remember to pick up after that.

  11. I took my close from the 18th century "Your most humble and obedient Servant" P.S. Me and Link both said desalinization at the same time.

  12. Combining faith + consumerism. Hmm… oh yeah, welcome to a 400 billion dollar Christmas industry. No shade to Christmas.

  13. As a bio major I just had to confirm that the pink residue you would see in your shower is normal. Pink/orange mold feeds off the soap residue in your shower! Also I think link isn’t impeding on his kids space. Maybe it’s just how I was raised by I see it as, his house, his rules (within reason). You wouldn’t leave dirty underwear in your friends sink! I just think it’s about cleanliness and them learning to clean up after them selves.

  14. This is the greatest thing ever. I have been a part of to MLM schemes and it is crazy to think back on it. I sold Cutco knives and I also did Primerica insurance. I remember they pressured us into bothering all of our friends and family to southern a bunch of crap they didn't need and I always felt horrible that goes putting them through some sort of idea that they didn't want to be a part of but I had to do it in order to make any money. I made no money at all with Primerica and I think I may be made $1000 in total for Cutco because this lady felt bad and bought a huge knife set from me. I will never get dragged into that world. I was absolutely dying laughing when link was talking about being held hostage at a at a "dinner party," and he felt like he was about to die of starvation. Literal tears of laughter because I can relate so well.😆😂🤣😭 This whole thing could be a stand-up comedy bit.

  15. I agree with the whole…friends reaching out to you and they have an agenda and makes you feel weird. I had a friend she was a really good friend. She got into primerica and she asked me one day if I would be willing to help her out. She said she needed someone to practice her speech on and wanted my feedback maybe give her pointers. So I said yes. She came did it all and I told her it was good gave her my thoughts and she turned it around and tried to sell me something I said no wasnt interested, that was the end of it. Then one day she showed up unannounced and I though how cool she came to visit. Wrong!!! She came just to sell me again. And I said no once again. She called me almost every day to the point I stopped answering. Never spoke to her again.

  16. with those shower curtains (British, had one in my house for 20 years), I stand always with the water hitting my body and repelling onto the wall behind me, but it's not a conscious thing that I do, I'm quite broad-shouldered so I shower compartmentally rather than getting totally enveloped by the water so I guess I'm used to it

  17. A MOOD my fiance and I still use Primerica because it really is good! But ooooh gosh, we dropped it like a hot plate after we realized it just wasn't good for us or our health (work wise and trying to make it into a job).

  18. You know someone's mad when you're texting them when they make sure to use periods every sentence, or even after one word. lmao

  19. I don't get why live-in maids/helpers aren't more common in the US…They are probably millionaires, maybe they should at least get one for the kids and maybe two if they want so they both can clean up after the kids and share cleaning the house (one person cleaning the house is really hard). Depending on how many kids you have, maybe having a third helper would be optimal or 1 helper with a weekly or bi-weekly person(s) who comes in to deep clean the entire house? idk. *shrugs shoulders*. Overseas this is very common; i am coming from an education standpoint of foreign cultures especially for those who live at the SES of Rhett and Link. Truly they really become part of your family especially if they've been with you for over decades with the kids growing up.

  20. Ugh. Thank you! "Monetizing the friendship." I'm a new-ish mom of an almost two year old and have struggled a ton with loneliness and depression. I finally started thinking about joining a mom's group one of my FB friends shared about… But then I started getting messages from her about her business and asking if I wanted to host a "party" for her. Suddenly I didn't want to go to the group I could've really benefited from, out of fear that I'd be pressured everytime to join the company. And it felt so gross because she started the messages by feigning interest in how me and my son were. Way to add to my feeling that people don't genuinely care at all…

  21. Im from the UK and I've been to many hotels here and these half shower glass doors are stupid. I also got the floor soaking wet after showering. So no its not just how americans shower its any normal person HA! In my house we have a normal shower with a full sized door!

  22. I’m shocked at how bad your politics are on this one, guys. MLMs even tho technically “legal” are still scams, who prey on desperate people – mostly women. It appeals to isolated women who yearn for community, to low or no wage earners with promises of wealth and encourages their sellers to flaunt conspicuous consumption to drive more signups. Sellers routinely go into debt and are encouraged to go into debt by the companies to maintain their level. Watch the vice piece on Lularoe, and listen to the podcast The Dream, and stop sugar coating MLMs and their success

  23. The picture of the truck shown at 31:00 is Link's '87 Nissan Hardbody. Not the Tacoma about which he is speaking in the story.

  24. MLMs ARE pyramid schemes.
    They promote cult-like behavior, target isolated moms on purpose, lie.

    They make you think you're gonna win money :you have more chances to win a huge amount of money in a fricking casino. In fact almost every member loses money at the end.

    MLMs are scam. They take advantage of people. You shouldn't be so nice while talking about it.

    You shouldn't insult their victims of course but be very clear and preventive: MLMs are dishonest and harmful.

  25. Rainbow vacuum…my daughters boyfriend sold them and if you told him no, after his demo, he had to call his “manager” and say…”No, they prefer to live in filth”. True!

  26. I don't even understand MLM companies in the age of the internet. Everything the MLM was trying to solve for is no longer necessary to be a successful company. You don't need sales people going door to door to push product and you don't need a physical store front to sell merchandise…just buy a domain and set up an online store? You don't even need to work hard to find your audience (through single point of contact sales) online ads are so deliriously simple to target certain people/demographics/behaviors a monkey could set up a successful online ad campaign! If your product is useful and needed (it's not that's why you have to use an MLM to sell it) then people will purchase it. We don't need the majority of the absolute shit these MLMs are pushing and it's why MLMs are all duplicitous and gross.

  27. Oh please do tell me about that mlm stuff which is definitely legal and not a pyramid scheme. I want to know what to do once my friends and family start to get sick of me.

  28. Oh, and former Primerica rep here raises hand
    It's very much a lie!
    And dude…. CULT LIKE!
    Primerica is BAD news!

  29. The pink (or orange) slimy film is bacteria. It frequently develops on wet surfaces. I find it most on dog water bowls. It's generally harmless but it can make your pups' stomachs ill.

  30. If you want to make money, create a business! Me and my friends created one, and I dont even have any skills whatsoever about creating a business. We are also developing an app that one of our friend and business partner has an idea for. We dont even have a cent of knowledge on app building or programming but we are developing a prototype on Adobe XD. It is time consuming and costly (we haven't wasted a lot of money yet) but worth it at the end. And if all fails, we move on to the next project. We will not give up.

  31. As for leaving things out you could take everything he leaves out and throw it onto his bed then when he goes to bed that night, make him go put it back up

  32. I have a Kirby. It's 30 years old and still better than any other vacuum out there. It's also a shampooer. My dad was a door to door salesman for them.

  33. As a Scotsman I can tell you I have learnt to shower with my elbows always pointing down so the water doesn’t splash past the half glass door on the bath. We also generally have lower water pressure in rural Scotland because most small towns and hamlets have a well instead of a reservoir or treatment plant with high demand systems. Which also means the water doesn’t spray and splash as far ✌🏻👊🏻💦💦

  34. Hey, Rhett!

    A good way to stay on your back is to get long tube-like pillows and place a fat one under your knees and a skinny one under your ankles (like at a massotherapist)

    I'm tall and I do a couple of things in beds that are too small for me.(I am young, tho, so hopefully this doesn't hurt) I sit Indian-style and lie back (so I'm lying on my back) and then loosen, but not undo the criss-cross. That way I'm not too long and I stay on my back.

  35. The sad part is that even in an illegal no-product pyramid scheme you got a better chance of earning money than by joining an mlm. Both should be illegal.

  36. i am english. i have a glass swivel door over the tub and have no problem with water on the floor (except from when i get out and drip everywhere😂) you dont stand in the middle of the bath you stand direcly under the head toward the back.

  37. when rhett thinks its a good idea to take a (PICTURE) of a kid with a high res camera. Choosing my words carefully you know what he said…… you had good intentions but you are still going to have the fbi seize your computers & go to jail 😂 bad idea

  38. I actually have a Term Life Insurance policy from Primerica. I even tried being an insurance agent for a little while back in 2009.

  39. You guys should watch the new show On Becoming a God in Central Florida. It's Reese Witherspoon playing a woman whose husband died and she takes over his debt and his role in a pyramid scheme.

  40. 2010 a friend asked me to join in on a pyramid scheme. He paid for me to do it, so I said yeah sure, why not? I found out quick that my up line was going to fall apart. As soon as they made money, they got power hungry and ended up in jail. Don't end up in jail!

  41. 15:08 in, as an English lady I can tell you that the half glass shower curtain/door is a bad design. We do get water on the floor. The key is to angle shower head down more so you have to be right up by the tapes. Or like me, if you don't like banging your shins on the taps, also install a fabric shower curtain.

  42. What do I do if I have a parent that’s a raging achoolic and I’ve been staying with my grandma how do I overcome that

  43. My parents have feel for those MLM’s 2 or 3 times in their lives and they were all different products like jewelry and coffee and as of now I’m happy to say that they are doing good financially now and they learned the truth about them and they don’t fall for those horrible schemes anymore. Love your story Link thank god you don’t fall for it anymore much love too the both of you guys 👍.

  44. do you miss seeing ur neighbour every morning??? i feel like if this all happened to me i’d start to miss seeing him 😂😂😂

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