How I Learned to Code in Less Than 2 Months

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  1. Bro give me your what's up number I have confuse about my career I am interested in coding so please suggest me how I start.

  2. Dear I want to start from the ist program. Kindly tell me which frame work is required to start coding for python. I have some concepts of c++.

  3. I'm surprised by how fast I'm learning I've been doing for a little over 2 months and I definitely learned a lot more than I thought I would. I can't imagine where I'll be in a year. To anyone reading this that wants to get into programming but they feel like they can't do it- you CAN! But in order to develop the skill fast, you definitely
    have to put in hours a day. That's what I have been doing. The hardest part is getting started.

  4. Hey Qazi ..i just enrolled on your python for beginners course on cleverprogrammer .com..However, i am a Mechanical and Offshore engr graduate.i am just about the same age as you…I actually always liked programming so i would want to make it like a side job i could do..Finally , what areas in thia field do you suggest i could go into as i am currently learning python and very eager to learn ……..i will appreciate to see a reply thanks.

  5. >>> import turtle

    >>> my_turtle =turtle.Turtle()

    >>> my_turtle.forward(100)

    >>> my_turtle.right(225)

    >>> my_turtle.forward(100)

    >>> my_turtle.left(45)

    >>> my_turtle.left(45)

    >>> my_turtle.forward(100)

    >>> my_turtle.right(90)

    >>> my_turtle.right(90)

    >>> my_turtle.right(90)

    >>> my_turtle.right(-45)

    >>> my_turtle.forward(100)

  6. Hi there Qazi, good and informative words indeed, and thank you for all the inspiration you brought amongst me man. Dude i love programming a lot, and i recently came across this Facebook PyTorch Udacity scholarship and i have some hard time finding solutions on it – for the first time i come across a problem i jump to youtube don't know why just the hunch i might get help so umhhhh please dude help me out, thanks

  7. I think to say that education based teachers are less qualified is unfair to an extent. I didn't study any computer based topics at University; I studied Politcs, History and Philosophy. Most of my professors were at the height of their career while teaching. They were consistently contributing to the educational system by learning and publishing on a recreational basis. I think if a teacher has a passion for the subject, they rarely leave it stale and just pump out what they were once taught. I think they will continiously learn the subject themselves, not only because they are paid to do it, but because they have an honest love for what they do. Like I said, however, I don't have a backgrount in any form of computing. I may be completely wrong, but I can't see how a passion to continiously learn the new and mpst relevent information that you can have will change from subject to subject. Of course, teachers will vary in what they do, but in many circumstances, from my educational past; I woulld often much prefer to be taught by a good educational teacher than someone within a workforce.

  8. If I already have a bachelors in Operations Management, will it be crucial not to go back to school for another BA in CIS? I want to pursue a Computer System Analyst field. I was thinking of applying for some certifications to accelerate the process but also save another $20k in education. I know that another B.A will be the better option but will the alternative work on it's own?

  9. What programming languages are you fluent with other than Python? Because I want to know if being good at Python is enough to go down the Software Engineering path.

  10. depends about the college :)) Anyway you will have fundamentals if you want to study for you. The teachers are decent they still give you the materials so with ok

  11. Hi, I want to enroll your python course, but I am stuck on video 1, others won't unlock.

  12. Nowadays you pass few online courses and you're a Ninja. But apparently this job must not be so good since you spend most of your time as a YouTuber. No good engineer or not even a good programmer can be considered good after two months. Stop telling crap to people just because you want more views on YouTube.

  13. Oooppsss, i think i got late too much, because i'm watching this now in 2019 😢😒, is there anything for me to do, from right now? Because i also want to be a programmer, so what will you suggest me to learn first? to get Enter in this field….

  14. Today was my first day as a developer/programmer/designer however you wanna call it and this video gave me the courage and the strength to start a new career as a self-taught developer. And I just wanna say thank u for the inspiration, it's been a long journey, it took me almost 2 years not 2 months to get to this point. I started around June or July 2017. And today January 28th 2019 was my very first day of my first job in the industry. Just like LES BROWN says **One idea can change your life, one idea can turn your life around** I come to the same video where everything started THANK YOU CLEVER PROGRAMMER FOR THE INSPIRATION.

  15. Right now im learning html css and javascript. Im acquainted with ruby and ruby on rails. Im still new and learning but im not sure if i want to go the web dev route or software engineer route. Im concerned because i dont want to go to school for one and realize that i enjoy the other more. Do you guys recommend just continuing learning web dev and mastering it for now or try to learn different aspects. Thx

  16. Hey guys i have a question. Im turning 17 in may 2019. I wanna become a self taught software developer. I can devote at least 16 hours a week to learn coding/programming(i have school too. Im gonna be in grade 11 in april 2019). Can anyone who has learned programming online help me in finding the right path?? I wanna be ready to apply for jobs by 2021.

  17. you said you taught yourself?
    then you said you took a course?

    so you didnt teach yourself, and in 2 months your awesome programmer from scratch ! you must be a genius, ahh I dont think so

  18. Just came back from college and started wondering why I'm even studying CS because I couldn't even solve the factorial of n numbers though I know how the formula works, I just didn't know how to code that and felt like an idiot.
    I still feel like quitting CS but part of me feels like I will regret this, not for the money nor fame but because of the beauty in it and I just don't know how to express it through code.

  19. just for the people who thinks , that it has an magical formula , to learn how to code , IT DOESN'T , if you want to learn how to code , study for months , an programming language , and IT"S DONE , you learned how to code , it's absolutely impossible , learn how to code an entirely programming language in less than 4 months

  20. Learning Python programming is trending in the future because python programming will be creating new job roles in upcoming days.

  21. You‘re kinda motivator. Thanks. I am over 35 now and gonna start now first. As beginner. Thanks and keep going with your tutorial. Am start learning with python.. regards from germany

  22. I want to join V.I.P course but I am late . So please help me. I am a beginner and I have curousity to learn it . I have never written a single line
    So please tell the easy way to learn

  23. I just jotted so many notes down on my notecard. You are a very helpful person. I appreciate you so much. I'm going to take this knowledge with me. I am trying to get into genomic data science (i think) but I am doing through everything trying to learn courses. I am taking Coursera courses right now on Data Science. I am also trying to juggle other learning goals (and hopefully college in the fall) and I am determined to be great at this by the end of the year. Thank you so much!

  24. You cannot learn to program in 2 months. And this is not a useful tool in learning to program; it is a sales pitch for his own product. I do not think that there is anything of value. Pass.

  25. 5 years ago I got a Software Developer degree from Phoenix online and learned NOTHING!!! I kept working in a different industry (unhappily) … recently I started following advice such as the ones you are giving here and now slowly becoming a developer with a clear goal. Great advice.

  26. Some random 21 year old is creating a course about programming, I say this is only a cash grab. He took all the free information from all of those sites and just repackaged it as his course, his view consists of nothing but money, he barely even actually talked about code

    I dont get a lot of pleasure from saying all of this but I really hate you methodology, seems like the guy that steals everyone's money by aggressive marketing towards product that are free.

  27. I'm in that space where I am a student at college, following YouTube video to learn how to code and signed up for online coding courses. I definitely need to structure my learning path or I'll just quit. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  28. Qazi! can you please teach us programming coding from scratch? I know its a hard think to do, but please!

  29. Hello sir I'm from Mysore (Karnataka) 

    South Indian.. Just now I completeed BCA (bachelor of computer application)

    I don't know what to do next 

    Whether shall I join any courses like python , Java like that 

    Sir which course is in trending now if I take did I get job…

  30. can you please give the link of the udacity course where they taught to build a search engine becuase the one I am getting with the name "intro to computer science" teaches to build a "pixel art maker". i am finding this one ––cs101

  31. sir which course do i prefer to go in pragramming (IT)
    bcz i come from commerce backround
    i m totally new to tht

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