Hello welcome to a special behind-the-scenes video. Today is Monday the 16th of September
and I’m hoping to release another animated 3z podcast today because I’ve
really liked making those. So today I thought I’d just show you my process and
how I’ve been doing that so far so the first thing I did initially was go
through the whole audio recording of the podcast and sort of isolate just the
best bits that I thought would make a good animated segment. When I made the
first one I didn’t know what I wanted them to look like yet so what I did was
I…[music cuts] found my notebook… [clicks mouth].. Aha. [Music resumes] Some of you may recognize this from one of my old videos.
Anyway so the first thing I did was try to design what I wanted the little
animated dudes to look like. You see I was trying lots of different… this is
just a tracing of the drawing of me and my brother I I got the idea at some
point that I wanted each of us to be shapes so Zakkai looked like this from
fairly early on and Zephyr was gonna be this and then this was going to be me.
I drew the three of us maybe a bit more realistically the problem is that Zephyr and I looked exactly the same if I did that. And then this was a slightly later drawing you can see that Zephyr was
gonna be a sort of rectangle, Zakkai was going to be a triangle and I was going to be a
circle and that’s roughly what I’ve gone for. This is the
storyboard that I actually made for the first episode. I initially drew it all
out like this and then later on I went and I made it in Photoshop. So it was a big pain to do that so the next time I animated it I
did it in Adobe animate which was a much nicer process. So I’ve picked out a bit
of audio that I’ve decided to use for this one. So the first thing I’ll do is
export the audio and then send it to Adobe Animate. So I’m gonna get started by
importing it into Adobe animate and then drawing out an initial
storyboard in rough red paint and then what I’ll do is I’ll go back
over and make it look nice so I’m gonna get started with that and I’ll speak to you in a little bit. [Chorus of song] So it took about an hour but I’ve just
finished the rough draft in the red pen. I’ve been using this nice lovely
expensive tablet that I’m borrowing to draw with because it’s so it’s so lovely
to use. (to Zakkai) Here it is so far. – How exciting
– You ready to see me as Garfield? – So excited
[Audio from episode plays] [Zakkai laughs] Oh god
Zeb: And there’s you as Jon! – Why am I Jon?
– I don’t know cause you’re talking! I might fix that.
Zakkai: Oh my god that’s hilarious [More audio from episode] Zeb: My favorite thing that we’ve done in this is just you appearing
in the corner of the screen saying weird things… “SPACE!” – I’m pretty sure “I’m sorry Jon” is a meme! I’m gonna find it. Alright now that that’s done I’m going to spend the next two hours going over
it and making it look nice instead of just a rough sketch [Chorus of song] Okay it only actually took me an hour
and a half to do all the inking…the inking…for that so the next step is for
me to export that video put it back into Final Cut Pro where I’ll add the starting title and the music and all of that stuff and then I’ll export
it and do all of the YouTube stuff that I explained in my last behind-the-scenes
video so yep that’s that’s pretty much the whole…whole deal with how I make one
other little 3z animation episodes They’re lots of fun to make but they take a
lot of work and I’m not a professional animator so I’m pretty slow when it
comes to making it and it’s not the most sophisticated but there we go! Thanks
for watching and I’ll see you again tomorrow! 🙂

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