Hot Breach Podcast Ep. 8: Major Siege bug fixes incoming!

Hot Breach Podcast Ep. 8: Major Siege bug fixes incoming!

welcome everyone welcome to the hot
preach podcast as always we’ll be talking about Rainbow six siege
predominately siege news siege discussions also a couple of other games
that came out quite recently that I’ve been playing rounding things off with
the Rainbow Six pro league the games that we’ve had over the last couple of
weeks certainly for North America and the last week for EU and Latin and then
ending everything on a question-and-answer session with me as
always we have pretty GOP and get flanked hi how’s it going guys doing
good yeah I’ve been doing way too much over the last week it’s affected my
sanity as well as my voice I’m a good place right now I’m looking forward to
actually hearing about that that sounds like an interesting story for sure yes
let’s kick things off with the news I’ll bring that up on my screen right now I
couldn’t there we go so the main news I think for Rainbow six right now is that
the test servers have gone up again we’ve had two sets of patch notes one
from the 26 of September we’ll talk about those and then there was also a
new set of patch notes that released only just today so let me take you
through those or at least through the gameplay changes which I think are the
most important currently on the test server right now they’ve changed the
gadgets for both pulse and Montaigne to be toggle instead of hold now I think
for Montaigne I can definitely see the value in that if you have the shield up
you want it generally to stay up until you’re ready to get rid of it and I
think there’s certainly the the risk of accidentally letting go of the button
just for just for a second or you’re trying to type to a teammate or you’re
trying to press the push to talk button and you accidentally release the gadget
button wherever you’ve got that map to maybe even on console that could be an
issue so for me personally having Montaigne on toggle makes sense pulse
neutral on I don’t mind it being toggled but I don’t think it’s like an important
change to make what do you guys think I think it is one of the first things I
did when I started playing saige was I had to remap that button from the mouse
because I think by default ease middle mouse click you know I’m not sure what
it is on console but I found that really hard to move around and and hold it in
so to have that option to toggle it I think is a good thing because I tend to
use control so I’ve remapped whatever control was
which I guess was prone or yeah so yeah I think that’s a good option for both of
those operators and long-overdue I agree that I think this is a good option I
would rather see it be and maybe encrypt if I’m wrong here but that’s gonna be
default right and there’s no mm switching it so I’d rather have a button
an option in the option menu where you know I could say you know toggle it on
or off and decide what I want but yeah I play a good bit of monitoring now I’ve
always played a good bit of pulse and I do agree this is something that’s
important I like UPI rewrapped that button as well Brad took it from my
mouse wheel to one of my side buttons on my mouse and that works pretty well but
yeah ya know I think it’s a good change and I think it’s something that we’ve
needed to see for a while yeah and I suppose it’s a really good point that
one of the things I did right at the beginning as well as get it onto a
different mouse button so that’s why it didn’t really affect me as much as it
maybe did you Pete but I can definitely see that if you’ve got that still on
middle Mouse that that’s probably quite horrendous I’ll take number two and this
is what this is an important change this is possibly the longest overdue update
to Rainbow six ever and that is that the shield glitch is going away
up until now since the beginning of time it was possible to place a field at a
certain 90 degree angle in front of any window any vulnerable window and block
the attackers from coming in there and it became more such an issue that for
many players that’s a default strategy on certain certain locations on
Maps on certain objectives is to block off a certain window and really like
that’s not the intention what the shield was there for there was a bit of a
discussion around this recently when it’s it was it was I think it was either
it was either changed or it was only discovered then that it’s actually not
illegal to use that under ESL rules so technically in pro league the shield
glitch would have been legal and that became a whole discussion point because
hey if it’s legal in pro league then it must be a viable tactic and people
obviously arguing against that and eventually then ESL clarified their
position and said no this is not something we want this is an exploit it
is and in pro league and now changes are being tested that will stop that and the
way it works I’ve seen this seen this tested the way it works is now if you
try to put down a shield while you’re in front of the window it will actually
shove you forward or backward by a couple of inches and then place the
shield next to the window so that it no longer blocks the entry and the patch
notes tell us that this is work in progress so what they’re doing basically
is they have to code this in window by window site by site map by map this is
not something they can just go and edit a piece of code and that’s how it works
everywhere they have to actually create these non shield zones in front of all
important windows that are affected so this is this is in the test server as as
of right now but not actually implemented on all windows yet your
thoughts guys yeah call Ross did a video on it’s showing exactly how it works so
if you haven’t seen it basically much like what Road just said when you try to
put it down in front of a window where it would prevent people coming in you
can now all no longer put it there and it will kind of force it to one side and
so you can’t block the window I think it seems like reasonable and I’ve changed
though I haven’t had any hands-on experience with it so perhaps flanked
and I think you’ve been on the TDS of you know I actually I actually haven’t
yet but I agree that this is a good change I
think that’s a good way to handle it the patch notes were a little confusing to
me I initially whenever I read them I thought that he were still gonna be
gonna put the shield there but it was still gonna give you the option to
mantle and because the way it was worded so I was picturing something that was a
little bit uncomfortable there with basically mantling into a space that you
couldn’t before because I think that’s the way that it’s worded that the plural
shields will no longer cancel a mantel animation from a mantel option but
anyway regardless I think this is great I think kind of long overdue they went a
lot of different directions with this remember the test server where if you
mantled on to one it would just fall down which
I thought because there’s two issues with the deploy whooshes the boy will
shields have been the cause of many issues one that it blocks Windows two
that it allows people to get into angles that aren’t intended by looking out of a
window or something like that so that was one of the fixes there so I guess
this would fix that as well because you’re not gonna be able put it close
enough to a window because most of those Moses employable shield blitz angles
have to do with the window putting it extra window jumping up and then having
an angle on a window looking out that a lot of that have patched our table 18
months ago to remember there were places in the map you could get to by putting
the shield and then vaulting and then having a friend sit somewhere beam on
the ceiling or something and just give you this crazy angle but they patched
out ages and ages ago so I feel like this one was specifically for the vault
so the vault prevention shield thing though yeah exactly I think so exactly I
suppose it could work both ways but the majority of the of the objective here is
really just to stop people from blocking a window that then can no longer be used
by attackers and you think about this like there’s sites where that could be
really useful I’m thinking maybe odd I mean you think about coastline in the
kitchen you block that window you don’t really need any anchors anymore you can
play the delivery area you can play sunrise bar and the cool vibe stairs and
you don’t really have to be as at least as worried about people just jumping in
anymore that is certainly going to go away from now on
once they’ve managed to code it in for each and every window we’re actually
going back to something you just said flanked it you’ve not been on the test
server Pete you haven’t right mm-hmm I haven’t either and that’s I may be
something that’s worth quickly mentioning as well because there has
been some discussion around this like the test server normally entices players
in by introducing something new by intruder introducing a new map new
operators or some new gadgets something some new
change that is exciting enough that people want to go and see it but very
occasionally we have these test server iterations where it’s a few small
technical changes and the phenomenon we’re seeing right now is no one really
goes to play the people who try who really want to just play it to give the
the developers some data to work with they go there and is empty they can’t
find games so I’ve seen some discussion on Twitter between members of the
community and the developers and a lot of people have been calling for maybe
some kind of incentive to get people on especially in instances like this
I have to say maybe not a bad idea yeah I like it I do I think that would be a
good idea you know sometimes the TTS comes out and everyone wants to play
there’s new recoil on there all we’re testing the new operators or a new map
and it’s exciting and I’m sure that they fill it up quite quickly then but I
think when they’re testing some of these kind of what seems like more boring or
background changes that are quite important to the state of the game but
for us there’s nothing new or exciting there obviously it doesn’t feel the TTS
up so readily so I would agree if there was something that carried over from the
TTS climb to the main build of the game just to encourage people to go on there
and fill the service up so that they can get the data they need I think that
would be a good thing even if it was just a charm or or something like that
that they did specifically like they did for operation health you know something
like that TTS and then you could perhaps build
them up over time and you could have like a catalogue of all the different
charms you got from taking part and participating in the TTS and I would say
as well it should probably be after you’ve played say I don’t know two or
three hours of it not just download it go in play one game and then get it and
I mean play a few hours then you get your charm so you imagine imagine um you
get so creative with this I could think of a thousand different things right now
but imagine like if you played in this one then you get a universal the plate
will shield charm you know what I mean like because that’s the major concept of
this one if you play you know you can do something like that with everyone
imagine a weapon camo where every patch that you went and tested for them you
got that patch inscribed on that weapon camo so over time you could collect all
these patch patches on this weapon camo and eventually you know they would all
like run together and it would look really cool yeah there’s a lot of
different stuff they could do with that I think it’s a great idea they get
flanked weapons home that would be cool we both know I don’t have that cloud be
even simpler if we want to make it like really easy it could just be that okay
instead of the renowned you gain in the tests over being completely wasted
because you can’t use it make it carry over with a multiplier make it carry
over whether times two multiplier all the renowned you get while you’re on the
test server is going to be multiplied by two and add it onto your main account it
could be something as simple as that really but here’s what forgiving I play
on console I have zero access to this how do I feel
now give it to everyone on console for free
well you know actually but that’s not true okay
console players correct me if I’m wrong here console players have access to the
TTS for free so long as they have a PC that can run it
that’s what the way I used to understand it and that was based on the fact that
Kouros used to ease a majority majorly a console player or the majority of his
plays on console for Rainbow six but he used to join us for the TTS all the time
and only recently did he buy a PC copy for Rainbow six so I would have been
100% convinced except that in the Rainbow six news
this week they released an FAQ which says that you have to own the PC version
as well which to me doesn’t seem right but that’s what the FAQ said hmm I know
initially when the TGS launched initially I want to say after like the
first test of the test server the second time the test server came around I
believe it became available to console players because there was a big stink
about that maybe honestly what about this why don’t make the test server free
to play for anybody anybody anything a test server who’s live can hop one and
play the test server even if you don’t want on the game period why not
could it be a good demo slash test environment and add to the player
account and then maybe hey this was fun I’m gonna go try it over here yeah so
just to make sure that I’m getting this right I need read this out this is from
the 27th so a few days ago and one of the first questions in this FAQ on my
screen right now is do I need to own the game to participate and it says yes you
will need to own Rainbow six siege on PC like I said that’s what that’s what
that’s what the FAQ says but I know for a fact that kollross used to play and
only had the Xbox version in an ideal world and I know it’s not
possible for the reasons that we’ve all spoken about previously but in an ideal
world the TTS should be on console because obviously there are they console
has its own kind of balancing issues but obviously they got the certification
problem with doing that change that I’m sorry I but let’s come back to that
after your thought you repeat because console needs to get with the times and
change that but sorry good no that’s pretty much it I mean we still recently
our Sony have a loud cross-platform play with fortnight after really digging
their heels in about that so I just think like they’re kind of set in their
ways a little bit about it but I think don’t they do this certification thing
because they’re worried about there being a patch that will basically break
people’s consoles that’s that they want to give it the okay and the way
obviously with TTS or these development type systems is that the devs need to be
able to update them kind of fluidly as they go along with new patches and I
think like the with the consoles they want to individually see the patches and
give them the thumbs up before they deploy them I’m sure that is part of it
but I know there’s been I’ve seen several videos a couple by actually
drifter he’s you know rather rather large youtuber a million subs talking
about how because fortnight has stayed in early access they can update their
games for cheaper and without one through as many steps as a game that is
not an early access because they expect beta games to need to update and fix
things on the fly I believe that both Xbox and SUNY allow games that are in
early access or beta to be able to hop patch and to update faster quicker and
cheaper than a game that’s in full release and that’s just broken like
think about how backwards that is you know what I mean and okay so Xbox
recently announced that they’re in beta testing fours natively supporting mouse
and keyboard the clear everything’s going cross-platform
we’re clearly entering an era where a PC player and a console player is a line
that the divide between them is narrowing okay so if consoles want to
keep up with being as developer friendly and to keep to allow the play people on
console to have as good of an experience as PC they need to fix this and it’s ok
go through the certification process but don’t make the developers pay lots of
money and I don’t know all the details about this don’t make them first of all
pay lots of money in order to update and make the experience for people who are
playing on your platform better don’t take forever to approve those updates
either you know let’s get them let’s get them done let’s get them through and I
think that you’ll see a big improvement there yeah makes sense for sure
I’d say if also players can still play it on PC that would at least kind of
take away a little bit of the argument of it being unfair if you could earn
rewards by going on the TTS but then again I would even say that
you’re providing a service you’re providing something that’s valuable to
the developers and if you get a reward for that well if you don’t have access
to that from console that’s a shame but so be it it’s I’d say having a reward in
there is probably better than expecting people to come on to a test server that
isn’t offering nothing new nothing valuable or interesting and then just
having these kind of mere mediocre or unsuccessful test server runs where you
don’t get as much out of it obviously an open topic but yeah let me just move
through the the rest of the changes there’s also been an update and this was
I think initially launched with a problem and then updated again and I
think also a wording problem so this is also an updated part in the patch notes
glasses bullets from his marksman rifle sniper rifle whatever you want to call
it they can no longer penetrate castle barricades at all so they won’t make
holes and they moat destroy the barricades anymore as of this this test
server patch I think it’s something we’ve kind of spoken about before
because they did discuss this or mention this at the beginning of the season but
as any additional thoughts on that this is the second buff to castle in
this test server first of all it’s a big change it makes sense I love it
no complaints whatsoever but you think about it what’s what was stronger the
deployables shield on a window or a castle on that window
deployable shield absolutely I mean yeah you could still see through that window
but I can’t melee it employable shield and get out of the way you know there’s
there’s there were so many aspects so not being able to do that with an
employable shield could potentially lead to an increased pick rate for castle and
a little bit of a mini buff for him and then also the glass stuff is another
buff let’s come on let’s make castles barricades fireproof maverick should
have no impact on a castle barricade let’s do that let’s make it happen why
not I think we’ve seen Gaborik Nelson’s getting a rework anyway so though I
think they’re going to be completely different when the rework happens
anyways though yep I and probably I suppose it makes
worse sense waiting for that until we can see that but as of now yes he’s
getting sort of a mini buff in the meantime and then I think maybe the last
pattern this is mostly important for PC players enabling and disabling the mouse
scrolling inputs for weapons swap is no longer missing so up until now you
couldn’t really disable mouse mouse mouse wheel weapons swapping if you
wanted to and maybe some people would have wanted to take that out now that is
a possibility I think a good change just adding more customizability to the
controls for PC players there’s nothing you can argue if you still want it you
still use it if you don’t you can finally turn it off I’ve inadvertently
switch weapons before and yeah so that’s a good change I don’t think that I will
personally be changing it but I could see why some people would does that mean
because what I do enough against on my mouse wheel if I scroll forwards that
will always give me the primary weapon so it doesn’t select between them and if
I scroll backwards he’ll always give me the secondary I can’t keep scrolling it
would just give me the secondary is that well that it doesn’t mean that does it
no I don’t know I wish it did mean that yeah for other games I set it up like
that as well I don’t think you can in rainbow six in rainbow six is just cycle
through I’ll be on the primary I want the secondary and I’ll cycle all the way
back to the primary now fresh of today we’ve had another set
of patch notes go live and this will be going on to the test server as of
tomorrow I believe yes so that would be tomorrow the 3rd of
October and they’re basically going to change some things which will take out
some exploits or bugs the invisibility glitch with which we’ve seen return
Oregon washing machine glitch mirror glitch clash ad escalate so they are
also reacting against to some glitches and exploits that have appeared since
the last iteration since the last DLC release and yeah we’re gonna see it in
TTS first and then hopefully soon after in the main game after work
sorry go home no we’re gonna watch the machine glitch is that the ability to
mantle onto the washing machine after you destroy the laundry basket or is
that always been in the game because I I saw somebody in-game I believe it was
yesterday in a place that I’ve never seen anybody before they weren’t
invisible I could clearly see them but it was like Oregon laundry room they had
the B bomb right there right in the middle of that room there was washing
machines right behind it and he was in between the bomb and on top of that
washing machine and I was like I’ve never seen anybody there but I asked him
in a chat and he said that if you mail a the laundry basket that it gives you a
vault animation you get up there and you can go throw it on top of them now it’s
not that tactically strong if people are looking for it because you can shoot
them from the hatch there but I wasn’t looking for it and definitely caught me
by surprise he got I think three or four kills there is that what people are
referring to because I’ve never looked into this war in which I’m not even sure
what it means and that sounds plausible yeah I read an explanation of it
somewhere but I can’t seem to see it now so yeah and I’ll be quite
straightforward as well I don’t really want to discuss these in detail as long
as they’re still in the game yeah so I mean if you’re gonna go in research
that’s up to you it was something crazier than that
I thought it was something where you got like inside of a washing machine or
something like that made yourself like impossible to see or something like that
to be that and it may not be that it may be something completely different I mean
we’ve seen people melting themselves into staircases and all sorts of weird
things so it it wouldn’t be surprising to me if something like that existed apparently you can still get into the
washing machine but it just put you on a one-hour spin cycle
so enjoy have you guys experienced the invisibility glitch in dang have you
seen people run like lately since the is obviously that was in the game some
months ago its reimagine again as these things do tend to
I not me personally no but I’ve seen videos over the last few weeks of people
seeing it and didn’t it happen in one pro league game lakhs is actually my
charity now and it was cloud 9 vs Mouse in the US national and there was one of
them that turned invisible and they had to do a host took like 5 minutes to get
the rehearsed and yeah yeah that’s that’s pretty bad yes I did notice
tutorial videos popping up great yeah yeah yeah well as always I suppose
there’s an audience for it and people will take advantage
what can you say except kind of a shame yeah nevertheless I think so that’s
going into the test server hopefully live soon moving on from there I think
the other small bit of news this week well is this I think this came out
yesterday or the day before and there’s a bit of discussion around it it’s not
major major news but it’s funny quite amusing so psycho which many followers
of Rainbow six eSports might know he was a player who was banned for two years
from competitive play or the thing they managed to pin on him was use of a macro
that’s what caught him I’ve seen people suggesting though that
it wasn’t just about macro it wasn’t just about hitting four four four four
at certain intervals I’ve seen people suggesting that that was linked to an
aimbot so that was being toggled or other things so whatever it was it was
the use of a macro that that kept pressing the number four for him that
got him caught there he was banned for two years and he has as if I think a
couple of days ago he has had his ban renewed for another two years so it was
already one year down but now it’s been reset because apparently he was caught
trying to play a go for under a secondary account and well that means he
was trying to circumvent his band go Falls even though they’re kind of
unofficial anyone can join them they are still ESL competitions so his ESL ban
would have extended to those and by trying to play a go for he tried to
circumvent his ban which automatically means that his his two-year ban has been
renewed and it just runs as of a couple of days ago he’s been quite vocal on
Twitter I think I saw a long long thread there where he was saying why would I
even try to play a go for what what interests have I in that he was
pretending as if that wasn’t the case and he was innocent and out of nowhere
ESL started sending these emails saying he was banned going forward again and on
the other hand I mean in the reddit thread ear BK who is one of the head
judges for the pro-league he’s basically coming and
said before anyone starts getting the pitchforks out this is what happened he
tried to bypass his ban and as per as per their rules that means an automatic
reinstatement have you guys seen or heard about this at all any opinions on
that yeah I’ve basically followed it I think pretty similar joy you summarized
their BK you know who is Aeneas I’ll admit I guess you could say really
handles these stuff this stuff very well and he is very strict on this stuff and
rightly as he should like cheating and pro league is something that will
tarnish the whole scene and you have to handle it very serious and I think he
does a good job in doing that I do want to make it clear here that I think they
he I think this maybe there’s some people who are under the impression that
they caught him cheating again and I don’t think that’s the case so I want to
say that not necessarily in his defense but I just don’t want that mess for his
presentation out there I think that what happened like what he said is that he’s
banned you can’t participate in anything that has to do with ESL good force have
to do with ESL he was trying to get around that they caught him and now his
ban has been extent yeah I don’t really know anything about
this so I don’t want to just force an opinion on something
I don’t know you’ll see I know and out the first band that’s you know it’s a
shame really because whatever you say about that first band all the macro
whatever believe it was that they banned him for he’s obviously a phenomenal
player anyway and now he’s got another two years to wait so you know it sucks
yeah and that’s one of the reasons I’ve seen most commonly cited by people
supporting him fans of his twitch streams fans of his YouTube videos are
saying look he’s he’s got this amazing talent this raw aim talent he is a great
player we’d really love to see him redeem himself and I think also he’s
been quite vocal and this is not something I’ve seen directly but I’ve
seen people say of him that he’s talking a lot of trash in terms of what he would
do if he was allowed to and some people have kind of then gone into the mindset
of like well I’d really like to see him put his money where his mouth is so
those are sort of the arguments that people are making who are in support of
seeing him again and obviously on the flip side there’s a lot of people who
represent the opinion that well he’s cheated some people say he should be
banned forever for that some people say it’s fair that he was banned for the
time he was and if he did try to get into a go for which obviously I would
say if ESL is claiming that he did they must
have some information that indicates that he tried to play under a different
account he’s claiming it’s absolutely not true I don’t know I don’t know I
would say I’d be surprised if out of nowhere based on nothing ESL would would
do this I doubt makes no sense to me so I could share the evidence with him
whatever they whatever they think they have to prove 100% or beyond bounced
that he was playing on a second account it depends like he would know if they
have some kind of system set up to catch people trying to do that the last thing
they want to do is publicly share or even with one individual who could then
spread the news about how they police that because he’ll obviously if he did
do it thought he was safe he thought hey I’m just gonna create a secondary count
no one will know that it’s me I’m gonna go in under a false name and I can just
play and I can get more practice in and all this and that and whatever method
they used to catch him maybe they don’t want that to be public knowledge
maybe he got snitched on a teammate maybe maybe he bragged to someone in
person and that person thinks but who knows who knows or it could be something
technical it could be something in that’s they yeah they can see that it’s
someone from his PC in his location that has created an account and tried and who
knows and obviously if that’s the thing then they don’t want people finding a
workaround they don’t want people finding loopholes which as soon as they
explained how they found out people will find loopholes or people will have a lot
of effort into finding loopholes us a fair point
so I’m under stand why they would why they would keep quiet and that’s pretty
much it for sort of news for Rainbow six for this week obviously we’re sort of
mid seasons and not a lot of new stuff going on but I think we could maybe go
back and discuss clash a little bit I’ve just finished some work analyzing
her guns in depth and I put a video outs on that and people were some people
a little bit irate because I titled the video as these are two of the worst guns
in the game based on the fact that apart from the RG
15 the P 10 C which is clashes pistol is actually in terms of damaged
capabilities the the second worst it is really really bad and in terms of the
machine pistols obviously being a burst fire only weapon the SP SMG 9 is pretty
bad as well but at the same time something that I was really kind of
maybe a little bit surprised to see is how balanced the guns are as well so
they’re both bad and I understand that because clash is not about gun fighting
but at the same time this is the first time ever that we’ve seen an operator
with a machine pistol and a pistol and they’re actually it’s both of them are a
valid choice it’s kind of more down to personal preference rather than just
like every every other operator we’ve seen so far the machine pistol was just
always the choice if you’re playing EKKO here or Habana with the p229 you’re
doing something wrong or at least you did up until up until the recoil changes
we’ve seen but these two weapons from the ground up were designed to be
balanced designed to be almost interchangeable with the similar
efficiency depending on what play style suited you so in terms of that I mean
now that we’ve had a chance to play clash a little bit and with the
knowledge that really her weapons are designed to be weaker compared to other
operators what thoughts do you have on clash in general well first of all the the nerf slash fix
that they’ve brought her way was it put her and a much better place in my
opinion though the weapons which the speed was way too fast when she was
released and where it is now is appropriate I think I think we’re
starting to see clash used in pro league and we’re really only just scratching
the surface as far as what we’re gonna see with clash I’m seeing g2 ban clash
every single match that they play that tells me one of two things here they
recognize how the clash could completely wreck some of their setups or to that
they have a lot of stuff that they plan on unleashing with clash down the line
that they don’t want to show yet clash is somebody that’s gonna continue
getting better and better again I think the best thing we can say is that as far
as it’s a high levels of class right now we’re only seeing the surface scratch
with her capabilities I think we’re growing her weapons I’ll
say this clashes machine pistol was the best
machine pistol in the game right now okay would you trade would you trade
that if I’m smoked I would trade the SMG 11 in its current state right now for
her machine pistol if I’m Havanna I would trade the bearing 9 for her
machine pistol if I’m dough kabhi I would 100% trade the SMG 12 for her
machine pistol fact is that if you do land both of those bullets from the
bursts it is a quick kill I know as far as that on paper the DPS and stuff is
outclassed by the other machine pistols in the game but when you factor that you
can actually get kills at medium to long range with it and that it does actually
have a good damage with both of those bullets combined I think is the best
machine pistol in the game right now so the advantage really that it has over
the other machine pistols is the recoil yes absolutely because of the forced to
round burst I think I think that with with clashes machine pistol you can get
kills at close medium and long range and that’s not something you can say about
the other machine pistols right now you think if someone had sort of the
discipline to only click very quickly and do two or three round bursts with
the normal machine pistols they could emulate that advantage okay well let’s
think about that with the SMG eleven let’s say you can and your recoil stays
manageable then you’re now losing that DPS which
rates the SMG 11 so high okay also now you’re still have a 16 round magazine
okay with with that SMG 11 so I would still give the edge to clashes machine
pistol in that comparison bearing 9 okay yeah you’re still gonna
lose that high DPS that you knew that that was so coveted before you you do
have a bigger magazine it might be a little bit of a closer competition there
but I would still say it would be very hard to burst fire quick enough to where
your your recoil on the bearing 9 would be comparable to clashes machine pistol
and the SMG 12 is the same thing the SMU 12 does very little damage per bullet
it’s just that fire rate that gets it to high damage per second correct me if I’m
wrong that rogue yep so I do think even if you were able to burst fire it very
effectively you would be in a position where classroom machine pistol might be
the better option yeah makes sense the damage of course being lower because
it’s suppressed by default for the the SMG 12
okay I’m sorry let me say something one day I don’t I don’t disagree with you
titling the video that way rube because I do agree that for an operator who only
has two weapons available to them Obama still has the type 89 smoke still has a
shotgun and the fmg9 you know so yes I agree with what you were saying there as
an operator who has choices available to them class probably has the worst weapon
selections available to her and I agree with that but then she’s not you know like she’s
not really a Fragger is she so exactly completely okay you know I’m you were
just saying about we’ve only really scratched the surface with pro league
strats and plash and all that I am and you were talking about Jeter as well
I saw them selecting her on coastline a couple of weeks back and Eunice was
running flash Nick didn’t actually do that great and then he came off clash
and I think he was playing and it and he was doing superb so maybe they’re
banning of her is more that they don’t I mean I don’t know but maybe they feel
like they’re not go they’re not quite just yet getting the best out of her and
because they’re not getting the best out of her but yet she still poses that fret
with what her ability is they don’t want other teams may be taking that advantage
so it’s just easier for them to ban plan face a team that is getting the best out
there because you know if you if two teams are getting the best out of an
operate so then it doesn’t matter if you’re banner or not but if you if the
results are showing that you’re clearly not doing very well with her as I don’t
think they were on coastline then maybe that’s why they keep banning her out you
know straight from the beginning or maybe like you say you know fabian is
just got some genius strats that he doesn’t want to reveal before the finals
could be beat that’s a great point we thought 9 vs cloud 9 vs robe last night
you know really entertaining matches you guys go back and watch one vaad watch
that one that was a crazy match but we saw laxing on clash and him have a
couple instances where he was in a 1v1 and it was as simple as a melee shoot
the legs he’s done that happened to him twice – I want to say almost two rounds
in a row so yeah yeah I see we were coming from there Pete absolutely
members of some of the ways of using as something I’ve seen popping up recently
and obviously this is on YouTube which you never know how effective a technique
really is when it’s on YouTube because it might be that every one and one in
ten tries actually works and then it all ends up in a YouTube compilation and it
looks as if it’s amazing but actually 90% of the time it fails but something
I’ve seen and now two different players do is when they’re switching from the
shield’s to the gun they will flip around 180 degrees turn their back have
the shield on their back to soak up some of the bullets then spin around from
there and get a kill with that it sounds ridiculous but it’s it worked is that
just a something that’s working right now or because no one’s no one’s
expecting it oh is that potentially actually viable I think that’s what the
kids call 180 these days okay first of all I don’t think I haven’t tried it but
I don’t think my sensitivity is high enough to pull that off it would it
would not go smoothly for me because I would be going across my whole mousepad
like this and trying to land bullets but yeah I mean I could see where that could
that could throw some people off but correct me if I’m wrong that shield
doesn’t if you’re aiming at her head that she owned her back doesn’t cover
her head it’s like a stop set neck level I want to say mmm it’s higher I think
depending on depending on which angle she’s looking like if you’re looking
horizontal looking down looking up it changes a little bit but I think if
she’s looking straight ahead there’s maybe like an inch at the top of her
head that is visible and the rest of the head is actually covered so it’s I think
the most exposed parts are maybe the the bottom of the legs and the head is
almost completely protected I think you’re right now that I think about her
actually yeah you’re you’re right I think if you even look down a little
bits then your head is completely safe I think maybe yeah yeah maybe they should maybe
they should look into making all shields while they’re on their back take the
state that they’re in when they’re dead because I’ve tested this when you kill
Clash and her shield falls on the ground it does not block bullets at that point
okay it’s basically just say it’s just you can see it but it doesn’t actually
have any bullet blocking characteristics yeah so maybe they should make that to
where it has that characteristic when it’s on her back as well that would you
know there is a strats involved with Monty Monty you know he turns his back
and plants to the future people are shooting through the smoke they hit his
shield there’s a very small window that you can actually land bullets on Monty
would that go away as well and it should that go away yeah it would but I don’t think it
should I think I think shields on the back of fine
and working as they are on the back peace I think let’s give this some time
yeah that’s where I would go let’s see like you said is this a youtube one out
of a hundred tries I got right and I’m showing it that or is this a it’s very
easy to pull off and it’s gonna affect the balance of it yeah good question you
wanted to talk a little bit about flash grenades flanked maybe tell us a little
bit about that for flash pranks and this is just an idea
please don’t crucify me because anytime you know how these goes you guys know
guys you produce something on your channel that’s really you just want to
drive a conversation and start people thinking about this and get some input
on it and people instantly think that you’re advocating for it and that’s not
what I’m saying but in my opinion flash grenades in this game are really really
frustrating and I would like to start a conversation
of should flash grenades actually be flash and stun grenade combos so here’s
what I’m saying you throw a flash grenade at an enemy okay and that enemy
turns and looks at a wall okay the flash grenade goes off as long as it
wasn’t within I believe three meters they will not be affected by that flash
grenade at all they turn around and have a very you know get a very easy kill on
you because you think are they flash or they not I have no idea of knowing you
push based upon you know hey I’m trying to flash them in our room and what if
flash grenades were also stun grenades so you throw this flash grenade the
enemy turns and looks at the wall they don’t get affected by the flash but
their movement speed would be slowed so that when they’re trying to turn away
from that wall and get back to a lot of site that you’re getting ready to push
the movement speed would be slower okay so it would it would in effect still
affect them somewhat they can still see clearly look it might take them a little
bit longer to get their sights back up onto that line of sight you’re getting
ready to push now if you throw that flash grenade and they don’t turn and
look at the wall they’re blind and that blind and stun effect are perfectly
correlated to have the same amount of time as an effect okay so while your
flash and you can’t see anything yes your movements people would be slowed
but does it matter you’re completely blind at this point I guess you could
say it would matter because what if you’re trying to get out of that you
know you get flash so I’m gonna go through this rotation hole that I
created and get to safety now I can’t because I’m stunned this would be a big
buff to sunrise but I think it’s an interesting conversation
yeah so what would that mean for an operator like Sofia meaning that okay this is my special
gadget that I have that allows me that some people are now operators with flash
grenades can do the same thing yeah that’s what lights few people Dennis
here saying in my chat yeah I mean what would it mean like for her special
ability that you might have you know operators out there that just have this
secondary gadget that he’s I do see what you’re coming from warfare and it is a
mechanic in the game but by buffing it are we kind of impacting
other operators here a couple of things I would say regarding Cynthia a lot of
people have argued that the Sevilla has too much utility already in fact we
recently saw them get rid of one of her concussions because of that the other
thing that I would say is being able as a via to shoot it across a map and to
use it as an approximately tool and that’s pretty strong you know what I
mean like I wouldn’t the exhibit whoever asked that question I get their point
point taken Sophia is not who I would choose to base my battle cry on I would
use yang as a better example what would this do to yang so now you’re telling me
a flash grenade is more powerful than Ying’s candelas in a lot of ways because
means candelas wouldn’t have that stun capability so I get where he’s coming
from that’s a very valid point yeah for both very good points really ie
I see how sometimes when a flash doesn’t work it can be really frustrating and at
the same time obviously yes if the if the concussion and flash had timed does
it matter and I think yes it does kind of because when you’re trying to run
away or hide and you’re blind but your sensitivity is different or your
movement speed is different you’re gonna you’re not going to know
where you’re going you can’t really have that control that you still have when
you’re blinded right now at least try to get to cover giving you a little bit of
a chance so I see that as an issue and yes encroaching on operators whose main
gadget would then kind of be out class because yeah or Zofia and even Ella you
have the concussion but then if anyone with a flash grenade has that plus
blindness they’re better it just gives that additional thing and compared to
young the point you’ve made I think is also valid only flash versus flash and
concussion yeah for that reason probably encroaching on
on so many other operators whose main gadget would then become kind of
inferior I would say it would probably be challenging to add that functionality
do you think flashbangs need to buff then or is it consistency of them
working is it knowing when you flash someone you know is that the problem
because sometimes it can feel as though you flash someone they seem to see you
very easily because obviously they look to where you’re I don’t know man it’s
tough it might be one of those things were I’m sitting here I have a cater I’m
advocating I already said that might be one of those things where if they did
this you you would see it in-game and be really annoyed by it because again
aren’t you am i right in saying that if a flash grenade lands more than three
meters of you it doesn’t matter where you’re looking your blot I think it’s
amazing yep maybe they extend that out to five
meters maybe that’s something they should try a test server here’s what
stirred this okay so bank they’re defending the lockers downstairs and and
that and that objective there’s always that mirror that’s on the wall they’re
looking into the site where you plant okay and then a lot of times we will
thermite that wall and you try to get that plant right inside the wall I’m
upstairs an open area I open the hatch and a hash drops down into a place that
you could put a lot of pressure on that mirror so I through that hatch drop to
flash grenades as Habana me standing on top of that hatch get flashed I’m blind
I have to I have to wait before I can drop I drop mirror just kills me
instantly in the killcam I see Mira just turns looks this way turns back easy
kill as I dropped I was more blind than Mira even though those flash grenades
were 100% closer to Mira than I then they were to me
and that was good gel for that sorry I think there’s a good shout for stuff
like that being going in the TTS even even if it’s not something they’re too
sure about that wanting to implement in the game they could do a bit more with
the TTS with little changes like that but I think it could be frustrating
affecting someone’s movement speed like that wasn’t especially a big fan with
that and I don’t think largely speaking a lot the community were a big fan of
the the mechanic whereby your movement speed is slow down you know mmm and I
wonder if you had if you had one of these mice whereby you can up the DPI
could use press that and turn quicker you could slow movements be without
affecting sensitivity though those are two different things and Ellis
concussion grenades and Sophia’s do affect sensitivity and movement speed
what if you didn’t affect sensitivity but only affected movement speed I think
that would be you know closer to where it should be personally but yeah you’re
right but I think what you’re talking about with the mouse and the DPI changed
it changes your sensitivity to a random amount am I not correct in saying that I
think it’s fixed but lower I think it’s it’s just slows to slows it down
okay I was under the impression that it changes it to a random range that is
slower but you wouldn’t be able to perfectly you know hit a button and get
your dpi back up to where it would normally be every single time which kind
of makes sense that’s that’s one solution I remember this being a
discussion I never tested it myself but I saw people talking about it and I
think people tested it and tried to mess with the sensitivity but what happened
is that it was implemented in a way that its limits your movements me there’s a
hard limit so no matter what your sensitivity no matter how quickly you
can normally move you can’t go past a certain speed that’s how I think they
countered that I just brilliant my end up here what if what if the buff of the
flash grenade was just that when you hold it two options one you hold it for
a longer period of time and then it behaves like it currently does you can
Bank it off a wall it lands on the ground makes that quick sound then
explodes the other is if you pull it and throw instantly it grenades it impacts
it goes off on impact as soon as it touches which would prevent somebody
from hearing the sound and looking away I’m confused by that a little bit
especially since holding it but when you hop when you when you don’t hold it it
goes off quicker but when you dinky dollars you hold them the longer it
takes for them to go off to things you could just remove the impacts
the impact mode that it has at the moment which is kind of nonsensical
anyway and just sort of bang off of walls though if you’re in a doorway you
bang it off door frame it goes on the other side you know it’s useful in some
situation but then exchange it with a simple timer so that you can when you
hold you let the spoon go and the longer you hold it eventually it’ll go off like
a hand grenade and you can cook it you can choose to cook it and throw it and
it will go off in the air or go off immediately or you can throw it
immediately and it will go off pretty quickly
maybe I love that I really do the flexibility same as with grenades don’t
give it the same timer as grenades make it really quick anyway but you can hold
it for half a second and then throw and then it will go off in the air as it
comes in or something like that and you could air you could air detonate it as
well in the air base and there’s a skill element there you have to learn the
timing of it it still gives you the flexibility of using it I really like
that let’s do it come on Ruby yeah there you go from any glow I think with that
we can maybe move on to a next segment and talk a little bit about what we’ve
been playing this week in flanked you’ve been playing a lot of siege play a
completely different game and that is called solo queue in the silver and gold
limbo hell and that is very basic steeps but yeah it’s a different game that I’ve
been playing and it’s been very it’s been a very
it’s been an experience let’s just say that and I’m still there I’m still I’m
still in that silver gold limbo in previous seasons I have I have a solo
queue in an account at least one account whether it be on ps4 or PC to platinum
every season and this season that is not happening and it’s it’s been it’s been
an experience man there’s the level of competition and siege is is dramatically
increasing their last few seasons that’s one thing I’ve learned and I feel some of the pain of the
people who say hey I’m and so her I dropped you know eight killed between
eight and nine kills every game and I cannot get out of silver like that’s
very real the fact is when you still oq you were rolling dice and you might get
a good team and you might not and if those dice don’t land right for you you
can do whatever you want as a player and you can like I think I think honestly I
think I’m a silver player right now with like a 1.75 KD so
you know that’s how I can go I’m trying to win I got like I don’t want anybody
get the false impression I’m not trying to be in silver just like create content
or relate with the silver players I’m really not trying to do that I’m trying
to win and you know it’s tough how many matches have you played look a
bit good I think I’m down to like earning like 60 ehlo per 4 MMR per game
so you start out 100 that’s a good bit I mean I can look it up real quick play
that throughout the season and see if can get it into gold maybe well the
reason I did it it’s a new account that I purchased the reason I did it is one I
like this little cue whenever I stream because it allows me to focus on the
chat interact with them more don’t have to worry about call-outs and stuff like
that – I can do this and I wanted to I wanted to have an account that I can
play ranked in and not worried about having a 5 stack not worrying about my
rank and just play anytime because I found myself not playing as much as I
wanted to because I didn’t want to play casual and I didn’t have a 5 stack so I
wanted to have an account where I could just get in playing ranked work 1 stuff
and not worry about my rank and 3 I wanted an account that I could stream on
and not have to worry about getting stream sniped how long today take you to
get to rank 20 actually longer than I thought I mean several like I think I
want to say about 4 streaming sessions of about 4 hours apiece so yeah right
around like probably between 12 and 16 hours somewhere on there
of game time solo queuing is frustrating is pretty much all I do you know solo
queuing and it is because you know I’m not the greatest player but it’s when
should people do the daftest things and it’s like really you know why are you
doing that when you’re not really actively community I mean there is the
ingame push-to-talk but when you’re not in the same team when you’re not using
voice comms you just you don’t use that as often there is that extra step I now
have to click a button to speak sometimes your teammates will never ever
speak back until they’ve died and then they start complaining or something like
that that’s when they’ll start speaking up is after after we’ve lost that’s when
the the comms come through so yeah it is completely different experience even if
you were playing with the same team that had active voice comms
I think you’d get much more out of it just by being able to make the call-outs
quicker by having that information and that extra level of information just
makes such a difference rather than being dependent solely on yourself
completely independent from having players that you synergize with that
you’ve practiced with that are really really good completely independently
from that already the fact that you don’t have that active communication is
I think something is always going to make solo cueing challenging yeah you
could just take it a load of Silver’s team them all together put them in voice
comms for a day and they would probably be Gold’s that are all solo queuing and
running off and doing their own thing yep my favorite thing is when I’m solo
queue which is all the time is someone not talking and then they talk to give
you she’s hit yeah where she you know last
round last round and they finally make a call and you’re like what where has that
been you know that’s that is great I looked up my staff I played 49 ranked
matches at this point and my win-loss is just below 50% I think about like 49.7%
win-loss here’s what I ran into I run into a lot too because of the time of
day that I play like using this account during today today I played two matches
before we hopped on here the first match I played two guys from
EU I looked up their stats on EU he’d been won both of them have been plat two
this season they’re flat two and he you right now and we’re diamond in the
previous season and they’re playing against silvers in na okay and I had
talks I talked so much smack to him the whole time like I was every time I kill
him I was like EU you flat two equals in a silver that’s probably not fair I
probably shouldn’t do that because I you know I can play at the platinum range in
and in well clearly I need a team in order to do that as I’m proving this
season but and then the second match that I played that it was a full team of
EU players I mean I looked up their stats and at least one of them was a
plat three and they’re playing against silvers in na and I think it has to do
with the time of a day you know it’s during the day you know during na and
it’s evening over there and but yeah I mean it it’s tough man like a lot of the
EU as you come over they they’re they’re playing at a much higher level than a
silver and then your average silver na player and they’re just coming over here
as unranked players and making life pretty difficult on a guy who’s trying
to get out of silver that’s I think the problem with the
resetting of the rank every season because if you haven’t played ranked at
all if you’re going into into a different region or in your own region
and you’re only just starting this season you start out on 2500 MMR which
is the very bottom border of gold for two silver one so everyone is at that
range when you start and of course if you if you are if you’re a diamond
player you go in and you’re facing people who if if you don’t start playing
ranked until mid season when most players have already been playing ranked
you will have the players at your level who are platinum diamond and so on they
will already have risen to the top they already have high MMR you’re gonna be
matched against people who’ve already been playing who maybe have 50 60 100
matches and they are genuinely Silver Gold players and here you are as someone
who isn’t ranked yet but gets lumped in with them that I think is maybe more the
problem than anything ryx Cuse me region related yeah
that the first match that I pull it against the tui you guys both of which
were plat Susan to you the one guy was unranked an na the other was silver to
an na mm-hmm so that that was that’s tough to swallow it really is you got
two guys who are playing at plat and in previous season diamond level Andy you
playing against North American Silver’s who are all solo queueing like we were
all we were all solo so that’s that’s tough to swallow
it really is do you think they should just have a running rank then so if you
hit plat this season your plant next season I suppose the reason they reset
it is the pool is for people to come back and then to try and reach that rank
again it pulls place back into the game and also if you’re someone that got
silver last season then it gives you something to try for with the Fresh
Start you can also you go and try for gold or what have you so I guess that’s
why they do it the whole Rea brief so yeah I see that argument on both sides I
don’t know I can see benefits um yeah I think that’s just it’s with that dual
approach they’ve publicly stated several times that your rank is not supposed to
be a reward and it’s not all it’s not even based on individuals play a skill
it’s based on how much you win and lose which is dependent on so many things
apart from skill obviously skill helps to win but like I said like I said if we
get into solo queues and you’re there’s four other players if they don’t match
up you can frag out as much as you want
you’re still not going to win as much as you maybe should so there’s that
approach that publicly they’re saying this is not a reward this is not a
player skill and then actually though you’re getting rewarded with the little
charm at the end of each season and it gets reset each season I think
absolutely if there was just a running matchmaking level or a running ranking
you would just be playing mostly against players who are at your level the entire
time you would avoid that weird phase certainly maybe even for the first month
of any new season at least certain if the first week or
two where I mean imagine the the reset happens and then G to come in as a five
stack and they go into ranked and they ranked they’re ranked right on the
border of gold for silver silver one just like everyone else and here in you
come as I don’t know a silver gold player and you run into them because the
matchmaking system has been reset and they haven’t managed to rise to the top
yet it’s it creates with every reset with every new season it creates a
period of poor matchmaking of unbalanced matchmaking replacements sorry I mean
people wouldn’t enjoy that they would they
I want to go in them you want to go to and play with hands you could one
solution might be to have like a global rank that’s permanent and you’re
building and growing all the time and then a seasonal rank which is your for
show rank maybe you could have to run concurrently but it’s what they
obviously use for matchmaking as well but your global one I would assume is
the one that they would then use for matchmaking because that’s a better
representation of how good you are as a player although arguably it isn’t really
because it’s just a representation of you know the fact that you’re going into
games in a squad you know with other players so perhaps that’s one way they
could get around it but as I said earlier I feel the reason they probably
reset it is to get people to come back each season on top of the LC operators
and then try to achieve the rank keeps people play him
yeah I think that’s the whole reason why there are charms and why the the rank is
publicly visible I think the game the game itself would be better and more
enjoyable if the rank wasn’t visible and if there were no charms associated with
it I know it’s what drives a lot of people to go into rank it’s a motivation
for a lot of players but I think the argument could be made you’d be having
better games if if that wasn’t shown if you just have a matchmaking system in
the background doing its thing and that was that because I think one of the side
effects of having rank as a reward and ranked as a status symbol is that there
is a win at all cost culture which results in cheating in boosting in
smurfing fake accounts down to down to copper and then teaming up sir cheater
matchmaking system which results in whatever other methods stream sniping
anything people can do and get away with to try to win is currently something
people will do in Rainbow six siege because it is about the result and not
the competition itself for a lot of players is there an alternative to that
system though because combat competition is important for people that achieve
Minh it’s important to keep people playing the game so I don’t know if
there’s necessarily there’s not an alternative that immediately springs to
mind for me other than showing people what rank they would have to think that
the reigning system where you see you get your farms and you this has to be
positive for player attention Debbie and that that would be negatively affected
by not showing that and not putting it on public display to a certain degree
but I agree that for the time that you are playing this game it would certainly
create a probably a more hospitable environment for all players involved I
just don’t know how long those really happy players would stick with the game
so maybe a system where you have a global matchmaking system a global as in
not in terms of the regions but something that is permanent and goes
across the seasons and then but then having something a layer on top of that
that isn’t used for matchmaking that can still somehow measure achievement in the
game and give a player a rank and a little badge based on that rather than
the actual match main was at the moment it’s not personal skill or performance
it’s how many times you win or lose and if I queue up with four members of g2 as
an old potato I’ll still get my diamond every season no bother yeah no problem
at all but that doesn’t mean I’m good that just means I playing with really
good friends so yeah yeah basically that yeah something the little medal system
each season which shows people what they’ve got but they may a global
permanent ranking in-game but you can always you know you you’ll try to build
that up as well you know it’d be good if you saw that and you could try and grow
that yeah certainly you’re interesting I
think yeah go ahead one day I wanted to mention here we don’t have to talk about
because I’m really excited to hear about your experience with Assassin’s Creed
rope but I had an interesting interaction with epi on Twitter talking
about this matchmaking because again this solo queue and me being at this
level was like it’s opened up my eyes to a lot of things and I put on Twitter and
it was I was really this joking I said something along the lines of there’s
more that goes into ranked matchmaking than just MMR is it experience level
question mark and then I put you know asterisk this is only a conspiracy
theory that I choose to look into to make myself feel better
epi actually responds that who’s a community manager for Rainbow six siege
he responds saying if you’re playing with a group it will affect it to a
certain degree I’m paraphrasing here guys if you’re playing with a group it
will affect it to a certain degree but it is not clearance level has nothing to
do with it somebody responds to that down the line here and asked him to go
into more depth and he says if you’re playing with a group your MMR is
inflated to compensate for that okay and again I’m paraphrasing there’s words but
that was enlightening to me there is more to ranked matchmaking and that’s
confirmation there’s more to ranked matchmaking than simply your MMR number
so what defines a group is it two people playing together is it three is it four
is it five is it adjusted if it’s two it’s slightly adjusted if it’s five it’s
adjusted more right that would make sense so I mean that’s opened up a whole new
realm of possibilities in the way that I’m looking at who I’m playing with and
against and siege if you are are you better off to play with two of your
buddies and a three stack who can both hold their own then you would be to play
in a five stack with two of your buddies that are good and two of your buddies
that are just there to have fun because they’re gonna increase your MMR and your
planning it’s tougher competition because you’re partied up with them yet
they’re not going to be able to hold their own would you in effect be better
off to pick up two random people who have earned their MMR to that level by
solo queueing if they’re still acutely now they still look you probably quite
often and would you maybe have a stronger team with those randoms hard to say and I think it would
probably depend on a case-by-case basis but I do think it’s really interesting
to see because I did remember this we talked about it I did quite a lot of
research on the matchmaking system and this is not something I found mentioned
anywhere that it actually takes into account with whether you’re solo cueing
or playing in a group and it adjusts your matchmaking based on that to try
and at least help soloq us out a little bit I think that’s it i think it’s it’s
interesting to know that that’s working in the background and i think it’s a
good thing that they’re trying to compensate a little bit i’d always not
always also question though how well it’s working because technically if it was working perfectly
if you went in and solo queued you should be having a match that for you
personally is just as difficult as if you go in with a group and it’s and your
MMR’s adjusted and you’re getting tougher opponents technically if it was
working perfectly you shouldn’t feel a difference at all in terms of solo
cueing and playing as a group because of the adjusted matchmaking and well as you
led off earlier solo cueing is a very different experience so if it’s there
it’s good and it’s interesting and it’s good to see that there is an effort to
be made or an effort being made to keep the matchmaking system as sort of
valuable as possible in terms of getting you competitive matches but I question
whether it’s actually working all that well
I would be interested to know if this is new this season cuz I really feel like I
know that I’m an emotional guy I know that I love to blame my failures on
other people I recognize these weaknesses in me that’s where the
seasons been more difficult man it has the season has been more difficult than
previous seasons and my opinion last season was already more difficult I
think there is a trend in that it’s becoming more and more difficult more
and more competitive even at the lower levels even at the low platinum and the
gold and even the silver levels I think I think just in general the playerbase
of Rainbow six is maturing to the point where even the sort of middle of the
pack players the gold level are still extremely good and getting better and
better does it work that if you have more competition at the top the overall
say the overall player base is getting better so there’s more competition
around the top platen and diamond does that mean that say if you were plat to
last season but there’s more competition there you might be plat for a next
season because that okay so that does make sense then because obviously over
time people will get better at the game you know in two years if people are
still playing the game not only will they know Maps better than they do now
they will have better aim and and so on and so forth so it kind of makes sense
that the game does constantly get more difficult where all ranks because those
that would have usually placed at a certain rank there’s more competition at
that rank because everyone’s played more time and therefore that filters down
through the whole entire ranking system so if there’s more competition a gold
one and you’re usually gold one and you’re struggling to get gold one then
obviously you’re going to drop down and you’re going to see them provide more
competition for the other people yeah does it make sense yeah this is there is
some logic in that and can I just throw something at you Balam
ID clip 1994 now I know we’re not over Q and a bit but you got a little bit upset
in my chat so you know I don’t want to just be seem to be ignoring people that
aren’t agreeing with us so ID clip 1993 says most people on five stacks a lot of
plaits are legit players that are good and this narrative is annoying so like I
don’t think anyone here was trying to put down anyone there is a genuine you
know just his plan or is diamond door or anything like that
but I think is largely agreed that it’s easier to move up through the ranks if
you’re playing with people that you’re communicating with are not just random
people on the internet who aren’t using push-to-talk or aren’t communicating I
mean I think that’s just a generally agreed principle and if you do know
personally lots of people implant who are solo queue in then all credit to
them I’m not diminishing ya I’m not diminishing their achievements but I
just think it’s a it’s generally agreed that it is easier to move up through the
ranks if you’re playing with your with your
friends that’s not to diminish anyone that is there no the opposite even
because if you are so no cueing into plat getting together with a5 stack
where you’re getting call-outs you’re getting communication all that would
mean is I cannot see any scenario where someone who can get into plat solo
queueing gets together with a5 stack is getting call outs on enemies pushing him
can can know where to go which flank routes are clear yadi I did all that
advantage that you get from good communication
I can’t envision a scenario where someone who gets into plat solo goes
into a5 stack and does worse there’s no way you’re gonna go in and not do as
well how would you do less well with info from your teammates topic I agree
with you but we’ve recently learned that there is a different mass making
variable involved here so let’s say that that person whose sole accused plot
three kids in a five stack with other plot three x’ now there how much
is their MMR boosted are they gonna be playing a different level of competition
I doubt it’s that significant to where that person is gonna struggle but there
is definitely something of an adjustment period for a person who’s solo cubes
getting into a five stack and first of all learning to call out and second of
all dealing with call-outs because when you play in a five stack in this game
your headset is constantly your sound is constantly bombarded by other people
talking and if you are the type of player who has a slow cure has really
relied on sound horn and having all those sound cues get lead to kills a lot
of times when playing with a five stack you lose a piece of that and it takes an
adjustment period no doubt 99 out of 100 players will adjust to that over a
period of time but there is an adjustment period to dealing with people
talking in your ear constantly okay yes fair point fair points
nevertheless I think I feel really confident in saying that look if you can
get into plants and your solo cueing I think you could do even better you could
get to eat you maybe know it well yes you would do better to get to higher
ranks so you you would do even better you would win even more if you’re
playing with people you’re communicating with playing with people that you’re
coordinating with like sometimes it’s not just about the communication it’s
about picking operators and being set up for a certain strategy that then just
really works rather than okay everyone kind of picks an operator they feel like
running right now and maybe sometimes they’ll be talking about can you please
bring a Thatcher or something like that but
I think it doesn’t mean that playing in a team makes you a better better better
player or anything like that it means that you have a better chance of winning
your matches which will rank you up and I think I don’t I don’t quite understand
why you would be offended if you can make it to that level on your own
because the argument is that if you’re playing with a group of people you know
well you would arguably do even better and get to an even higher rank so maybe
your rank as a platinum solo cure is actually depressed maybe if you were in
a regular 5 snack you would actually be a plant one or even diamonds and you
just don’t know it because you don’t you don’t get that opportunity that’s the
argument I would make there and and that’s really what I’ve said about that
what I’ve discovered about the the silvers and lo golds it’s very nice to
like you experience a lot of those players are platinum players with the
right four players around them they have the gun skill and they have the game
sense being a silver and gold does not mean that you are a bad player in any
way shape or form it can mean a lot of different things okay but there’s plenty
of players of that level that will just straight-up ruin your day if you go in
there as a plat through and you play against a group of silvers and you think
you’re just gonna have an easy time don’t be surprised if you walk away with
a few bruises okay I’m just going to tell you that right now and that’s based
on personal experience yes absolutely oh yeah I think hopefully that clears it
up no offense intended yeah absolutely yeah okay then maybe let’s move on a
little bit still talking about games we’ve been playing and I really want to
take a bit of a swipe away from multiplayer first-person shooters and
talk a little bit about two games I’ve been playing and that is a shadow of the
Tomb Raider which came out a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been playing for a
couple of weeks and also Assassin’s Creed Odyssey coming out on Friday which
I’ve been playing since yesterday I’ve been sort of desperately trying to dig
into the game a bit so I can talk a little bit about those and give you my
thoughts really on on what I think so let’s start off with Tomb Raider since
that’s been out for a little bit instead of my experience with that I’ve been
streaming the whole thing and I’m gonna continue streaming that game so some
people in in my stream would probably have seen me experiencing that firsthand
but let me sort of try and summarize what I’ve felt about that game to me
it’s basically a continuation and an improvement of the recent rebooted
series that started I think in 2013 with Tomb Raider and then went through rise
of the Tomb Raider and now shadow it basically takes what those games did and
just does some things a lot better and some things a little better and I
suppose there’s also maybe some drawbacks so just let me start off with
things I think the game does really well the graphics are stunning the game looks
absolutely beautiful on my PC I’m running it at 1440p on the highest
graphics settings and it kind of I mean it’s sort of like 50 to 60 FPS which
isn’t stellar if you’re talking about a competitive game but for a single-player
story based game is perfectly fine and it just looks absolutely amazing I think
something that they’ve done that is quite new and innovative for both for
the Tomb Raider series and like these kind of adventure exploration games in
general like I’m also thinking of uncharted in that in that same group
something they’ve done is they’ve split the difficulty setting into two so you
have a1 which is the general game difficulty in terms of mostly the combat
and then you have a separate setting for the puzzle difficulty so that’s cool
puzzles we’re used to puzzles in these kind of games both in Tomb Raider and in
uncharted climbing around these ancient tombs pushing buttons levers and things
start moving raising water all of that we’re used to that but shadow of the
Tomb Raider really doubles down on puzzles they feature much more heavily
than past games have done and yeah I’m playing the game on hard which is the
second most difficult setting for both combat and the puzzles and the puzzles
are challenging they’re actually it’s not just you walk in you see the wall
you climb and you push a button and that’s it
I think puzzles in the past have been a little bit simplistic here they are
actual puzzles where you need to find clues you need to go through your
journal and look at photographs and other items and find other things that
you can then use to help you solve what’s going on it’s actually been quite
a lot of fun solving those so that’s definitely an improvement I think I
would also say the map design is a little bit better because Tomb Raider is
I would say almost a quasi open game open-world game right it’s it’s it
pretends to be open-world but it really kind of is pretty linear one thing
they’ve done I think quite well is they’ve designed these Maps even though
it is still a linear game in a way that makes you feel it is open like there’s a
there’s a bit right at the beginning of the game where you crash land in the
Peruvian jungle in a plane and I remember walking out from that crash and
walking into the jungle and it just felt as if I could walk off in any direction
and I did that because I was walking and there seemed to be an obvious path that
the game was guiding me towards and I just turned left at a 90 degree angle
and walked into bushes thinking I’m going to hit an invisible wall here I’m
gonna come up to a cliff or trees or something’s gonna stop me and bring me
back around but maybe there’s something hidden here maybe there’s something to
collect and I just ended up walking through these bushes and the game
continued which was just really weird and unsurprising so I think they’ve done
that quite well in sort of hiding the fact
it’s still being a linear game even though it it pretends to be open-world
so that’s quite good and maybe like a minor and last positive that I thought
the game has is you can dress lara up in in all kinds of outfits outfits for this
game outfits for the previous two games and even going beyond that i think
there’s outfits for Tomb Raider 2 or you can literally walk around as this blocky
character which is quite funny to see in such a sort of well-designed and
beautiful game where every person every main character has had their face motion
captured and it’s just so expressive it’s like you’re almost watching an
animated film in a lot of places but then you can also go back and play as
one of the original outfits it’s just a good fun there for sure to balance it
out maybe a few negatives there’s a stealth mechanic in this game which was
also in the last one in that you can use your um your batman sense basically
because batman was the first game i think that did that but here i think
it’s called survival sense assassin’s creed had the same thing the colours all
change and you see stuff highlighted in the previous game you had that if an
enemy was highlighted in yellow it meant he was not being seen or heard by other
enemies so you could stealth take down that enemy and get away with it and
anyone who was marked in red was an enemy that was either in the visual
direction of another person or at least close enough to them to be heard so you
wouldn’t be able to stealth take them down one thing i’ve noticed in this game
is that sometimes enemies that are marked in yellow you’ll go to take them
down and by the time you’re finished taking them down someone will still see
you because they’re coming closer or because the animation of the take down
actually pushes you close enough to an enemy that it doesn’t work and that is
really annoying when you think you’re doing you’re doing the right thing and
you’re using the mechanic and it backfires on you and now you’ve been
discovered so that’s yeah it’s something that surprises me because it worked in
the game before and doesn’t quite work the way i would have expected to maybe
it’s by design maybe not i don’t know some other things there’s
Quest’s in the game which is new and I guess a good thing if you call
side-quests a good thing cuz yeah they tend to be mundane fetch quests find
something for me you kill these people kill those animals whatever it is but
they’re a little bit confusing sometimes in how you can follow them do you have
like a quest log but you can’t really choose which quest to follow and which
you can’t so I’ve been accepting these side quests but not really able to focus
on the more you focus on them individually so that’s a bit confusing
and could be better there’s a whole bunch of resource management in the game
that is also not really clarified you gather resources like animal hides and
metals and stuff like that that you need to create and modify your your gear but
some of it is just to sell to to vendors and it’s not quite clear which is which
and I think maybe last and possibly the most important part is that the pacing
of the story is a little bit odd in that you find the there’s like two huge
artifacts that are the focus of this game and you fight those pretty early on
and it then just makes you wonder where the game there’s no like single goal
that drives you through the story and there’s these odd like overdramatic
cutscenes where the game just slows down and the characters start talking about
their dead parents so many times it’s it’s yeah it’s it takes you from a fun
action game into this really heavy drama that I find almost a little bit
unnecessary and overbearing so there’s all of that as one gush of opinion if I
had to sum it up I’d still say if you like those kinds of games and if you’re
a fan of Tomb Raider definitely is something worth looking into I’ve been
enjoying it despite maybe some of the smaller flaws but definitely definitely
interesting to look at how many rogue paid out of ten I’d give it I give it
eight so so just going back a little bit there
but you said you know the game is in completely open world and you there was
sort of a path for you to follow but you took a 90-degree turn and went left yeah
you know you were going through the jungle what happened I mean did you
reach an invisible wall what I didn’t which was really you can’t just keep
going forever though what happen I mean maybe it’s maybe it was luck maybe that
was the way I was meant to go but yeah I just walked kept walking through these
bushes and then a path appeared that was that was perpendicular to the path I Sh
I was sure was the main path and I just ended up coming up to this this ledge
and the story continued from there so maybe I just got kind of lucky because I
mean when you there’s a map that you can look at when you go to the map you can
see that there is out of these these bowls in the map where you have an open
area and you can walk around and those are connected with corridors essentially
even though you’re playing outside the the maps all these sort of linear
corridors for the most part and then sometimes you have these ball areas
where you can walk around a little bit but they’re not really huge so it still
is that but the way they’ve they’ve designed those those areas is to really
give the illusion much better than any game I’ve ever seen before of actually
being open-world and actually having the freedom to go I’m sure that if you try
to go certain regions there’ll be a sheer cliff face or there’ll be a cliff
cliff face up or something you can’t continue in those areas but they guide
the player in such a way and hide those areas in such a way that really makes
you almost forget that you’re playing a linear game
if that makes sense you play many of the Uncharted series I played all of them
apart from the last one I’ve had a hard time getting back in the Tomb Raider
after uncharted I just I guess what I would you would you put this on par or
ahead of the last uncharted you play so the way of I would always describe it as
that in uncharted took the Tomb Raider idea and improved upon it just so much
more but what I would say that tomb Raider’s been doing with sort of the
reboot certainly and maybe even even more the last two games is that they’ve
circled bucket back around and they’ve actually looked at what Uncharted have
been doing well and they’ve started incorporating that back into their game
so it’s kind of gone like this full circle of innovation of games and
developers copying each other and I think they’ve done well to sort of catch
up with the standards that were set by Uncharted yeah what was the last two
later you tried the one before this I believe that was on ps4 and it’s been
what a couple years right yeah rise of the Tomb Raider right yes yes I didn’t
think that game was as good as the most recent Uncharted I’ve played and I’ve
noticed that yeah just kind of I guess for me the Uncharted series is kind of
stole the Thunder from Tomb Raider and I have a lot of nostalgia was Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider was one of the first games I remember playing on the original
PlayStation and just really like blew my mind it was I remember getting Tomb
Raider 2 for PC the one that was in Venice I believe that was Terminator 2
or 3 and just loving that game like I’ve got so much nostalgia for the series so
I kind of I might try it out based upon your recommendation there eight beards
out of ten is I’ve been enjoying them I like them yeah uncharted certainly did a
few things now bear in mind I didn’t play Uncharted 4 which I hear
was amazing like I played one two and three I haven’t played the most recent
one so I can’t compare it to that but compared to the older
ps3 error uncharted the story is possibly the the weaker point here
because it is a little bit muddled because it isn’t quite as focused but
yeah it looks stunning the puzzles are great I think it’s I think if you’re
into that kind of game it’s still I enjoyed it let’s let’s say that that way
I can’t guarantee I can’t guarantee it’ll it’ll turn you around or change
your minds but I personally I’m having a good time with it notwithstanding the
fact that it does have some weaker weaknesses which I which are listed the
three bids and now we’re getting a little bit close on time let me talk a
little bit about Assassin’s Creed as well so this is actually out today for
anyone who’s ordered I think the the Gold Edition and the Ultimate Edition
they get early access and they can be playing today as well so if you have
that you probably already had a go at it let me just give you a bit of a
background it is set during the time of the Peloponnesian War I believe it’s the
war between Sparta and Athens in 431 BC and you play as basically a mercenary
that is neutral in between the two let me compare it to Assassin’s Creed
origins I think I’d spoke about Assassin’s Creed origins a few episodes
ago and one of the things I mentioned as a downside is that origins has these RPG
elements in it that were maybe not fleshed out enough like they took away
from what Assassin’s Creed used to be and made it more of an RPG and it it
wasn’t maybe quite far enough with origins this basically takes origins and
takes it further into an RPG this is more of an open-world RPG than anything
else it really it really is they flesh it out this the way you get your
missions now is you speak to people as before but instead if you speak to the
person there’s a cutscene with dialogue and you go on you have dialogue trees
you can choose what to say to the people and how to say it you have choices
sometimes that you make during that dialogue that will influence the story
one way or another and we’ll even go as far as to influence
the outcome of the game so the the game has 9 endings 9 different endings
depending on choices you make throughout the game and even even from mission to
Mission there can be missions where you make a choice that will decide the life
of certain people that will then later appear again or not appear again so
there’s there’s consequence it almost reminds me a little bit of the Bioware
RPGs where you have these these consequences in there that will affect
the story and also I think the the the type of upgrades you can have obviously
your character still levels as it did before
now you because it sets in Greece you have a ship to get around between
islands so ship comeback is really back from before I think one of the things
that players like the most and you can upgrade your ship you can kidnap
individual people like if you see a random enemy you can knock them out
instead of killing them and then offer them to join your crew and they will so
you can crew your ship you can upgrade various weapons on your ship and
abilities it’s yeah it’s it’s done more your your weapons are customizable in
that you can take them to a blacksmith to engrave and give them extra powers so
definitely a lot of RPG stuff in there and a lot of sort of things you can find
that are not as guided as you would normally think sure you have you have a
journal that shows you all your quests and will show you normally where to go
but there are quests where you have to speak to people and they will tell you
things about that quest that you didn’t know so they’ll tell you you need to
find a ship but that ship you as you’re speaking to people you’ll find out that
the ship is docked in this southeastern corner of this region of that island so
rather than having a quest marker it’s more natural and it will force you to
explore more certainly than any other Assassin’s Creed game before and
actually more than many RPG games in that
so that’s I think something quite interesting they’ve changed the combat a
little bit compared to origins and that was I think one of the things I’d cited
as a weakness of origins as well is that the combat was kind of more spammy
rather than flow based rather than having the counters and blocks that you
had maybe in past games it’s not changed a whole lot but one thing they’ve done
is they’ve taken the shield out and they’ve instead put in sort of a counter
ability and that takes the combat a little bit back towards that kind of
flow base that I mentioned that is more like Batman like the Batman games
innovated so that’s a good thing something that I’m maybe not quite as
convinced on to balance things out a little bit is that you get to play in
the entirety of Greece so the Greece the Greek mainland and all
of the islands essentially all of the major islands are there as a playable
region which is interesting and sounds great right you can play anywhere in
Greece your your adventure will take you over the entire country and that’s
that’s great and all but what that means is they’ve had to really seriously scale
down the size of the country itself and I noticed this because you start out on
an island called kefalonia and that’s a neighboring island to Ithaca which is
the island where Odysseus ruled he was the king of Ithaca in real life I’ve
looked this up those two islands are two kilometers apart so that’s an awful long
way in the game it’s a hundred and fifty meters so you can swim from one island
to other no bother at all so they’ve really really shrunken down the the land
size in terms of how large it would really be and yeah I suppose some kind
of neutral on it it’s it’s nice to have all of Greece there but at the same time
it’s just this weird version of Greece that is only like 7.5% the actual size
and I almost wonder what if they instead had focused on just a certain region
keep the map the same size but now you’re playing just in a certain region
on the border between Athens and Sparta where a lot of the fighting takes place
and you play that region rather than playing the whole of Greece I don’t know
I think I suppose anyone can have their own opinion on that like I said isn’t it
for me it’s neither a positive nor and negative it’s more of a neutral thing
that okay I appreciate being able to get on my ship and just sail to any islands
within the Greek Peninsula there or around it on the other hand yeah it’s
it’s not real anymore it’s now a tiny tiny fantasy version of Greece a few
other things like there’s a few bits that I think still need polishing or
that aren’t quite as polished we used to kill animations from
from assassin’s Creed in the past where when you take down the last enemy
there’s like this smooth amazing keel animation where you stab him and then
knock him over and then chop off his head or something like that there’s a
sill in there but they’re kind of messy now like more often than not your
character will just stab and actually stab the air and then be wrestling
around with a guy who’s not even on your spear it’s just yeah they’re the two
characters when it goes into one of those animations aren’t married up quite
properly it’s a it’s a cosmetic floor and it’s something that isn’t really a
huge problem but it’s something that used to work in past games and was
better in past games than it is here and it’s a tiny tiny thing because you only
see those Q animations on the very last enemy you you kill but there you go and
I’ve seen some instances where clothes are slightly clipping into the character
so the a bit not quite right aligned again a minor point for a third-person
game because you never quite see that detail anyway but it is there so there
is that a few changes they’ve made the there’s now a notoriety system so if you
steal stuff from people before you could walk into any any person’s house and
just grab stuff and no one would say anything now that that counts as
stealing and they’ll actually be a notoriety that builds up and as that
builds up higher there are groups of bounty hunters depending on the level
you’re in at the game and the how far you’ve progressed
they’ll be neutral towards you until you reach a certain notoriety and the bounty
on your head is put out and then they will become enemies of yours I would
start hunting you so that’s kind of it’s an improvement I think on the system
that was in Assassin’s Creed origins where you also had bounty hunters coming
after you but they were just after you all the time as part of the story here
it’s dependent on your behavior which I find is interesting to see and there’s
also a war system between obviously Athens and and Sparta are going to war
you start right at the beginning of this of this war of this Civil War you could
call it all they’re different kingdoms so maybe it’s
just a war and you as a neutral party will affect the different regions and
and how they they play against each other and who is controlling them so
that I find quite interesting and those are the major things ship combat like I
said is still there but it’s changed because now you’re four hundred years
before the birth of Christ so you’reyou’re a long long time ago your
ship has a sail but during combats it’s actually you take down the sail and it’s
rowing you you use your triremes or you use the rowers of your triremes rather
than being under sail which is a major shift from previous Assassin’s Creed
where you always under sail and you had cannons of course where now you only
have archers and javelin throwers so that’s changed and made it different but
yeah in a good way it’s interesting it’s something new and fresh the skill tree
has been changed a little bit in that you don’t have as many passive abilities
anymore as you did in origins now you can unlock more active abilities so yeah
a lot of things that sort of take Assassin’s Creed and push it even more
towards being an RPG a story based RPG and I think certainly they’ve they’ve
pulled off this RPG element better than they did in origins origins was good I
liked origins and I think they’ve taken that and they’ve done it even better so
yeah the bottom line for me is I don’t feel it’s like a fully fledged RPG yet
but they’ve done quite well I’m enjoying it
and I’m now actually struggling it’s like do I do I finish Tomb Raider first
cuz I’m like halfway through that or do I now continue playing origins because
I’ve been having a blast with that the last two days
there’s my little monologue P are you gonna ask for am I gonna have to go on
then go ahead how many beards are 1000 I you know what I’ve only been playing
this since yesterday evening I checked last night and I managed to do three
percent of the game’s progress in one sitting last night I’ve not actually
checked my progress as of today but I’m only just at the very beginning
I I couldn’t give it a score based on the fact that I’ve seen less than 10% of
the game tune in next week for rogues I don’t even think I can get far enough in
one week to be able to it was like a sprawling sprawling game ok yeah and
it’s only 7% of the real size I wrote this is the king of Ithaca
I swim over to Ithaca and it’s this tiny little rock it’s like what is this thing
like how is he the king of this yeah it turns out in real life it’s like 10
times bigger which is not a bad thing the map is huge the map is huge
unlike the different islands are separated by open sea which you can’t
cross by swimming or on small boats you need your ship to be able to move and
that’s kind of how they lock you into the tutorial starting Island basically
is you can’t get away without a ship and then throughout the story you get this
ship and then you go and explore the whole rest it’s it’s quite good is quite
good and something that I haven’t seen yet but I’ve heard and read about is
that it’s not also it’s not pure purely history anymore like Assassin’s Creed
origins had this you had certain parts where someone would drug you and then
you’d be fighting you’d be fighting Anubis or I don’t even know you’d be
fighting against huge snakes and Egyptian gods I do believe that
mythology is going to play quite a significant part in Assassin’s Creed
Odyssey as well what are you giggling about Pete so yeah and like I said I’ve
only just started yesterday I’ve tried to try to play it as much as possible to
be able to talk about it today for scores I would defer you to something
like Metacritic go and have a look because
there’s people there who’ve been playing the console version for over a week now
and they have reviews up they’ve put reviews up and I say people I mean games
news organizations websites and magazines so the scores are in and it’s
between eight and nine out of ten for the most part so this is a well received
game at this stage coming out on Friday cool yes go ahead
yeah that’s just a brief overview I tried to be brief like I said I’m like
I’m less than 10% into the game despite like putting in a good chunk of hours
last night and all of today essentially so there’s a lot of game there and it’s
it’s fun really quite good shall we briefly look at how Pro League did just
because of time crunch yeah my track you and I oh ok so the results of Pro League
rather than us discussing them this time we’ll be skipping them but you can of
course go to Pro dot DL es el gaming dot-com slash Rainbow six and you’ll
find all the scores and the current standings there other than that any
questions anything in the chat you’d like us to talk about any comments you
have about anything we’ve been discussing so far please post your
questions now address them to us in our individual chats and we’ll be able to
answer those Pete since you insisted on this do you have any one lined up there
was one earlier and it’s really like super common one but I can’t find the
question now to credit the guys so if this is your question just repost it
really quickly so I know it was you but basically should mouse and keyboard be
allowed on console and you wanted us to talk about that and I thought it’s kind
of interesting because we touched upon this earlier and Microsoft looking at
sort of do allowing it natively so that you will be able to use mouse and
keyboard on the Xbox which I think is interesting but
I know there is going to be a knee-jerk reaction from console gamers that they
don’t want any mouse and keyboard and console and if you want to use it go
ahead and do it on PC but I think if I’ve read it correctly what Microsoft
have said is you will go into a separate queue so say for example I fight up the
Xbox I plugged in a mouse and keyboard it recognizes that I’ve done that and I
would go into a queue with only other people using a mouse and keyboard on
console and so I actually think it’s quite a good solution because those that
do want to use two controller are only playing other people that will have a
controller and as far as I can tell from what they were saying is you can’t gain
that system like you couldn’t go into a game then unplug the keyboard and put
your controller hugs a controller and put your keyboarding them you know be a
bit of a sneaky get about it that that’s something that they understand that
people would try and do and they wouldn’t allow so I think it’s kind of
an interesting thing and it gives freedom of people to be able to do it so
I think that’s good overall those that say using mouse and keyboard on console
to compete against someone with a controller there is 100% an advantage
there that’s not to say someone who’s like excellent on a controller wouldn’t
be able to do well but there is just you know a really obvious advantage to
aiming with a mouse over over like using a controller where you know you’ve got
to hold a stick to turn incrementally and on a mouse you can just move it you
know ten inches or whatever on your mouse mat and you are aiming exactly
where you want to aim and I think what people do is like they use bits of
hardware to achieve that so yeah that was one of the questions let me see if I
could it it was I think it was level 100 alum per there we are
what was it so level 100 and pelipper was saying that he’s been saying it
throughout the podcast he wants to talk about mouse and keyboard on console
or just our general thoughts on it so it just gave mine and also then I mentioned
what you’ve brought up earlier about how all Microsoft are looking at natively
doing it but you will queue up if you use a keyboard you are going to queue up
against people with keyboard and mouse which i think is good you know so long
as there isn’t a way of cheating the system I don’t see a problem with that
you just gives people choices right did you give your thoughts there are over
not yet no I’ve done I mean I think I would really just echo what Pete
mentioned I think a mouse a mouse certainly in terms of the aim is so much
more intuitive and so much quicker than holding a stick that allows you to turn
like a robot it’s ridiculous and okay you can play around with your
sensitivity with your controllers to control stick as well to try and be it
turn a little bit faster but then there’s a trade-off right you can then
you’re suddenly you’re turning so fast that you don’t have any fine control
anymore aiming with the control stick is that’s one of the main reasons why I
play shooters on PCs 1/3 in mazes why reason main reasons why I play nowadays
everything on PC is because most games apart from maybe third person games most
games are better to control with a mouse like you can still play a third person
game with the mouse and still be ok with it
although I would say like something like tomb Raider’s something like assassin’s
creed you’d still do quite well on a controller something maybe where you’re
not playing competitive anyway yes but first-person games whatever
shape or form they are mouse and keyboard is better it’s a better
experience single player and it’s certainly an advantage multiplayer like
yes you mentioned people can play controller and do quite well that’s a
fact but you think that if they had the practice
with mouse and keyboard they could do even better like you’re putting yourself
at a disadvantage by playing yeah with a controller against mouse and keyboard
and on on consoles if they can get as far as to get to a point both
PlayStation and or Sony and and Microsoft with the PlayStation and the
Xbox get to a point where they can separate queues and if you really want
to play on your console because that’s what you have and that’s what you play
on but at the same time you want to play with mouse and keyboard you can do so
but you’ll be playing against other players who are also using mouse and
keyboard and that keeps everything fair for everyone I think that’s that’s that
would be the perfect solution I love this I can’t win people who use a mouse
and keyboard on console to play Rainbow six teach and how they are cheaters and
how they basically and that they’re doing it to have an advantage and what I
love about this is that once this actually comes and those people who want
to play console with mouse and keyboard will be able to do so but will be
playing against people who are using mouse and keyboard how many of those
people are still gonna use theirs em fours to bypass this process of it being
recognized and still play against people with console wait with with controllers
it’s going to be a loss against terms of surface so it is right now it’s not
gonna stop them once its native they’re still gonna use theirs in for so that
the the gaming system doesn’t recognize that they’re using mouse and keyboard
they’re still gonna do it because they know that it will give them a huge
advantage against people playing with the controller and that’s how they hit
their diamond that’s how they hit the levels that they have okay there might
be there will be a percentage who say I just want to play with mouse and
keyboard I’m buying playing as other people who are mouse and keyboard but
you watch and and there’s going to be no excuse anymore
none whatsoever there will be not a single straw that they can grasp onto to
say anything other than you’re right I’m cheating
and I can’t wait for that career point I had a question yeah yeah
yeah yeah someone mentioned what do you think of adding decay to ranks starting
at platinum specifically but what do you think of adding a decay to ranks and I
think what that means and this is by octagon the shape so if you if you stop
playing if you’re if you get to a certain rank and then don’t play anymore
that your rank decreases over time as you’re not playing it anymore I think
this is a concept that is used in competitive chess so chess is really
where the elo system and the matchmaking the ranking systems started out back in
the day and they eventually this wasn’t something that was invented at the
beginning this is something that was added eventually was that if you reach a
certain level and then stop playing you can’t just stay at that level forever
use your your rank and your your grading starts to degrade over time is that
something that should be in siege I’ll let you guys go first I have an idea but
eat Peter Pete can tell us what he thinks no III understand the question I I can see
where this would make sense but you’re going to okay so there’s a guy who hits
diamond he doesn’t play for a month let’s say his decay takes him down to I
don’t know how significant they’re talking but let’s say extreme scenario
here died his diamond doesn’t play for two months his decay takes him down to
two gold one so now I’m a gold one player and I’m playing against a diamond
is that gonna happy yeah that’s what’s what maybe not that
extreme of a scenario but that’s what could happen I don’t know I don’t know that what what
would you fix with this what are we fixing with this yes so
you’ve definitely hits on I think the negative aspect of that is that really
people see rank as a status symbol and as a reward but what it really is
supposed to be is the matchmaking it’s supposed to put people against each
other who are at the same competence level at the same capability level so
when you punish someone and I’m doing quotations mark here marks here when you
punish someone by taking away their rank for being inactive yes exactly what you
might end up doing is placing them then when they come back against players who
are not as skilled not as experienced and it will be to the opposing team’s
detriment absolutely what do you fix by it
I think one thing that it could tackle for sure in Rainbow six is people who
get their ranks illegitimately people who get boosted by cheetahs or by
smurfing or by playing with people they don’t normally play with whether it’s
cheated boosting or paid boosting like there are boosting services that don’t
use cheats they just have really really skilled players who will then team up
with randoms for money and we’ll play them up to a certain rank just with pure
skill rather than cheating and the pure skill part that’s not illegal that’s not
against the terms of services they’re cracking down on cheated boosting but
boosting for money by skilled players is actually there’s there’s nothing nothing
that stops you from doing that right now and the thing that I think a thing that
people do is they will at some point maybe at the beginning maybe in the
middle of a season they will get that have themselves boosted up to a certain
level and then they will never play ranked again for the rest of that season
because if they go into obviously a diamond match without the person who got
them there without using whatever method got them there they’re gonna be crushed
right they’re going to lose their rank they’re gonna go down and the it’s
humiliating and it will be a bad experience for them so what a rank decay
would do is it would it would stop people being able to cheat their way
whether legal or illegal cheating – a fake rank and then sit on that and and
pretend that’s them without having to work to maintain that rank
as a positive yeah okay I mean anything else that on that topic
I got I got a question here I can go with ya pizza do you think anything or
can you just outline the original question have decay you meaning you know
if you hit diamond you don’t play for a month you come back and see that you’re
now plot three instead of dime though okay
oh come to a question that I had is can you go over the mess that was cloud 9 vs
rogue so we did we skipped over perlier this week but last night
Todd night in a rube played and table 9 had to come back from 5 to 1 in order to
tie it 5/5 which they ended up doing but cloud 9 should have won that match
probably 6 to cloud mine through two rounds and on when they were attacking
and in situations were I think they were in like two or three be ones and just
didn’t get the diffuser down or didn’t cover the person who was planning so
that allowed them to you know it was like last last ten seconds one enemy
left and that enemy kills the person who’s planting and like a3 b1 and a time
runs out and then one other time the person who was planting got off the
diffuser to try and get a kill time runs out so there were like two or three
rounds there were cloud nine really through and they ended up having to come
back from five to one and it ended up doing it and tying five to one but that
maps could have very easily been like six to cloud nine so I mean my only
thoughts what that would be if your cloud nine you walk away like geez I
cannot believe we even got a plant out of that but thank God we did if your
robe you’re thinking what’s going on guys we very easily could have just
gotten stomped there and since since I guess it would be what Dreamhack that is
that the Ruby’s not looked very good at all so I think that row has some issues
right now if they lost to Isis Jaden they’ve recently yeah and now they tied
cloud nine after a 5-1 lead a mental a psychological aspect of it in
isn’t it and the fact that you play all your defense all your attacks so what
map was that and where did they start you recall clubhouse and Club man
attacks first hmm I interrupted you twice in the standings
rogue has now tumbled from being one of the top top teams last time we checked
class and whatever is there now 5th there now in 5th place out of 8 with
cloud 9 obey and Noble behind them so yeah they’ve they’ve certainly struggled
in the standings after the last two games
it’s so tight there there was since her yeah they’re only 2 points behind space
station who are now third so literally in one game they could take back the
third spot fair enough absolutely interesting really entertaining match
though probably the most entertaining match
I’ve watched since Paris as far as you know per league best of once it’s it’s
probably the most entertaining one I’ve watched and on that note called night as
a team house to which is kind of cool Congrats to them and I think it’s the
first I don’t I think they might have a house kinda but I’m not sure they all
live there I’m pretty sure cloud nine right now has a team house that they all
live in and I think that’s kind of a first for for siege and it’s certainly
interesting two weeks ago the team that is currently markets that used to be
Olga’s I remember was it last week or the week before when they gave their
interview after winning they were they they even though it’s them they’ve used
to be predominantly German players they were in a team house I think in Sweden
it was a Scandinavian country so since the beginning of the second half of this
season formerly August now markets have been
living and playing together in a single house and when they’re playing their
matches they’re actually sitting in the same room rather than being apart so
certainly not the only one that’s mental actually sorry um when you think about
if if they’re actually playing matches in the same room and also is anything
wrong with that but if you die like you can get up and you can literally go and
stand behind someone and you can be walking along spectating as you could
anyway when you die right but it just makes it so much quicker to spectate and
give that kind of information because one wasn’t one of the allegations
because we were talk about Shaco earlier and i think wasn’t one allegation that
that team and it was never proven as far as i’m aware but won’t the an allegation
they was using TeamViewer I remember hearing murmurs of that but
I’m yeah air with with it that rings a bell that’s actually yeah I don’t know
she didn’t even know what the rules are about being able to see each other’s
monitor on the same team but don’t know or how is that policed if there is a
rule around that how do they how do they police that when people are living in
the same house I think the big thing for me is that when they go to land they’ll
fill you know it’s you know that there’s no adjustment there whatsoever as far as
how they feel when they’re pro league matches versus Atlanta and that’s that’s
gonna be a big thing for them then being able to boot camp without having to have
an additional travel time you know boot camp right at home and just you know not
have to do anything special for that I think that’s a big advantage so it’s a
good thing for siege teams are now starting to do you think we’ll see just
more and more and more teams starting to do that move together
his pens on it Pearlie keeps growing I mean the prize pools are great but I
mean we really need to see some viewership growth in per league man like
I don’t know what the org I’m not an owner I don’t know what they’re saying
but I mean last night I was watching that the highly entertaining match that
I’m referring to and there wasn’t even a bunch of rehearsed last night there
wasn’t like a bunch of issues there was 8,000 people watching that so at what
point I guess as long as the prize pools are
big enough you can keep drawing big big words but at some point you’re gonna
need to draw more than eight people to your pro league contests in order to to
justify orgs spending money on teen houses I were talking about that
ya know they could do more to promote it when my opinion in in game and rogue
said to me will they do sometimes from ok on the banner or what-have-you and
I’ve seen it since then yeah imagine if people could shoot in
inkay absolutely like you didn’t even know it was going on and it just says
continuum play in the continuum eg playing you know rogue or whoever and
it’s like oh you know like I’m waiting for some friends to come along and it
just Tunes you in and it puts the twitch page up it’s totally doable and God did
that I in black ops 3 there was a player we’re building right
brain into PlayStation I reckon I would add to 0 on the end of some of these
fewer ships they get in at the Med solutely and introduced how many people
to Pro League very good points and maybe we’ll see that in future but we’re
running out of time so thanks a lot everyone for joining in hope you enjoyed
that and see you again next time

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  2. Do you use your green screen for anything I mean i don't see you use a face cam on anything other than the podcast but you don't acually use the green screen

  3. The ranked decay also encourages people to keep playing rather than ranking up and then not playing, not just the boosters.

  4. The TS is really nice, but us console peeps have no access to it, and if we have a PC that can run the TS, why would we be playing on console in the first place. I also feel like the whole benefit of the TS misses two thirds of potential bugs and glitches.
    Plus, what team would take shaiko after his ban is up? He is the one guy who got caught cheating in pro league. That's his reputation. What org is going to touch that?

  5. Played one game vs a team of asshats who were abusing the invisible glitch with twitch drones and other equipment and other models

  6. My problem with the tts not being used is that there are so many players that bitch moan and groan about balancing and issues. They want it changed and fixed but they don't go in and test them. They just want it done but don't want to do their part. Internal testing isnt as successful due to player count and the mentality of trying to break the game is not something they do. Players break games. Either help with the tools given or quit bitching about problems.

  7. You guys rock! I'm glad I could participate in the discussion regarding the flashbang idea Flanked had. Didn't even think of Ying when I brought up Zofia and Ela. Made me think though, what about a new utility that acts like a hornet's nest; i.e. a grenade that shoots out pellets, can disorient characters and even knock them prone. As a reference, see the Adam Sandler movie 'Longest Yard' and the cafeteria scene.

  8. For all shields except for clash they should remove the ability to switch to pistol only because no one is going to use it and sometimes when I am blitz charging I try to flash with mouse wheel but accidentally put my shield on my back and die.

  9. Test server has and is free to PS4 players. I hop on to try it before each new season….however it runs at 5fps as I don't have a machine to run it. It's totally free without owning the PC game…because it grants it to you based off your uplay account. Since I've PS4 Siege linked on uplay, I get siege pc test server free. That is how it works.
    Not trying to be ranty but wanted to clear it up.

  10. This sounds harsh but I believe it to be true. If you pay someone money that had to be earned in real life to carry you to ranked higher than you deserve; you are a pathetic waste of oxygen that other people could use to do better things. We're over populated. Maybe you should just stop wasting oxygen. I'm not a high rank at all. It doesn't matter. If this is what you tie to your life s far as meaning, you are a waste. Go do something useful and meaningful in any way other than this.

    P.s. I just looked up a boosting service using skilled players and not cheats. To go from gold 4 to diamond, it costs 282 us dollars unless you want to play with the booster which costs 424 dollars. If you want to go from bottom of copper to diamond, it is 324 dollars or 482 to play with them. That's idiotically pathetic.

  11. The flash grenades maybe should have a better effects like fist its white for a moment than black as it would be in real life and slowly coming up to normal plus maybe some field of view restiction, or also some random white pacthes on the screen

  12. Maybe R6 should independently support keyboards on console like fortnite now so later wen they get cross platform play there is not a big skill gap.Just a thought open to criticism.

    P.s love the vids

  13. How do you guys think they’ll handle the 10 years, 100 operators thing? I know it’s not much of a problem on PC, but on console it is. Once the new consoles come out people won’t play an older generation game like they normally would. Do you think they’ll just port Siege to the new consoles(whenever they come out) and if so, how?

  14. PUBG on Xbox has a PTS. I don’t know how different that is from Siege’s TTS, but Siege should be able to do it on console as well

  15. Flashbangs do not need a buff in my opinion. That doesn’t mean that they can’t get significant changes whereby they become more consistent however. A good start would be lowering the amount to 2 but increasing the range to 5m

  16. If they had a rolling continual rank over seasons, they need to also include a decay system. You shouldn’t show the same rank across multiple seasons by playing no games that season.

  17. The Oregon glitch was literally people getting inside of the washing machine, a glitch involving the use of the deployable shield, and you could actually shoot out at other players through a small crack, it was huge problem for me on Xbox awhile back, almost every game on Oregon I'd see it happen. I ended up tk'ing quite a few teammates for trying to do it in the prep phase actually, because it's a totally game breaking glitch.

  18. Maybe ubisoft should stop hiring for "diversity" and hire dev's under a merit based system and they could have a high quality game in no time.

  19. Two things I want to see implemented in the game.
    1. Let us cook flash bangs like how we can cook a frag. These things share the same trigger mechanism in real life anyway.
    2. Please enable the option to turn Monty's shield ability into a "toggle" ability instead of "hold" to activate.

  20. I know rocket league has a soft reset for some of their seasons where your placement matches are based on how you did last season. If you got plat last season your placements are based on the higher MMR such as the high gold low plat rank. If siege did something like that it might make things a bit more balanced especially during the first few weeks of a new season.

  21. nah you can I set my Logitech g405 , 1050 and 3400 for dpi on the dpi switch and lock it so I switch to higher with Ela mines stun and switch it back when im fine.

    my friend does the same thing, so yeah on default there is a dpi range but u can lock the range to certain set like only 2 and you can reliably switch in a situation when need be.

  22. so what happens if a person playing on console with mouse and keyboard parties up with "true" console players? (see Fortnite mm)

  23. Just 2 cents from some random internet guy that mains Clash:
    I haven't watched the ESL games in question, but are the games where they are doing "mediocre" on Clash games that they ultimately win??? Based on my experience of playing Clash in Ranked, my teammates frequently encourage me to play Clash after Round 1, and I'll be sitting on 0 kills. Clash has the ability to occupy multiple players, which relieves pressure on the rest of the team. I've played games on Border where 4 out of the opposing 6 players are holding up around CCTV just staring at my shield, burning flash grenades and time, and accomplishing nothing. Clash's job isn't to get kills or even facilitate them (honestly), it's to run area denial and harry the enemy on the way into objective. A patient Clash is WAY more dangerous than a gun-fighting Clash. Also, on getting shot in the feet. Shock them on the way in, backpedal, and if you still get hit, spin left to maintain max coverage from the shield.

    TLDR: Clash is super dangerous if used properly, but not for the same reasons that other ops are dangerous.

  24. Flashes feel too inconsistent. Even when they're directly looking into it they might just not get effected by it. Maybe increase the range of the point blank effect to 4-5m and maybe let us cook the flashes?
    Concussion + flash seems op though.

  25. When monty and pulse are on their gadgets, Do you have to hit the gadget key again to start ads-ing? or just hitting the Aim and shoot keys?

    the origon glitch.. you put a shield right next to the washer… and jump over the shield, you stay inside it.

    Speaking of glitching and hacking in pro league…. Why space station player wasn't banned? playing against EG two months ago on bank… on last round SSG defending Valk camera was placed by SSG in a glitchy spot, and it wasn't a mistake, he shot the glitchy spot and later on he got a C4 kill from there… Why nothing was done to him? or his team? or the match results?

  26. Perhaps a simple improvement for flash grenades would be an on screen indicator which, when an opponent is actually flashed, a '+5 Enemy Flashed' indicator comes up, if it doesn't you know they ain't flashed.

  27. I really like the podcast, but please give talking about Pro League priority over talking about another game. Maybe only do one other game per week but please don't cut time on the Pro League discussion. thx a lot.

  28. For some reason every time you guys go live with the podcast it shows it to me two or three days later but says you just started at 8 minutes ago.

  29. BF4, BF1 and PUBG have Test Servers on console. So personally, as a console scrub, I do feel like Ubisoft should do more for console.

  30. The washing machine glitch is as bad as you think. I have seen it once and the players were inside the washing machine, not too sure how it's done, I think it's a vault exploit or something. It's similar to when you were able to get inside the wooden stairs when skyscraper was first released.

  31. For the flash grenade point. They are normally always called flashbangs, there is no effect of the bang. I think a better idea of making them better or more reliable would be to enhance the bang effect. Keep the flash as it is, or like you say extend the range of the flash if need be but what about also causing the defending operator to loose sound for a few seconds if they are in the area of effect of the flashbang. This would allow attackers to throw a flash into a room and they know at worst the defender can't hear anything and they have a few seconds to make their move, wether it be breach the room, throw in a grenade/drone or even begin a defuse plant… I wouldn't ever want to introduce a sound effect like ringing ears or something though. That would be hell for headset wearers.

  32. How about no Fuze penetration on the castle barricade? And sledge takes two hits to break a castle barricade too.

  33. Until I was at about lvl 50 i didn’t know you had to the button to keep up Monty’s shield and always wondered why I could shoot

  34. I dont get the point with the derank system. Why do people care if someone has a rank legitimatly or not, when you even say that its not supposed to be a reward system? When they stop playing ranked after they got carried, youre never gonna encounter them, so why do you care what rank they achieved? This game is competetive in a sense where you define the competition when playing against people, and not comparing stats and ranks on a website.

  35. at about 1:18:00 you guys talk about increased competition through increased play by players. what do you think about adding ranks beyond diamond to help negate increased competition in the silver / gold ranks?

  36. I feel like with Ying and her Candela’s, keeping them without a stun effect where it affects a defenders speed would be perfect. If the normal flash bang would be a flash and a slow, and a candela is only the flash, it would keep defenders on their toes. A Russian roulette of blindness

  37. It's always interesting watching the convos that are around rank and stuff. You can see Flanked REALLY cares about ranked and you can see Pete and Rogue care and all but not on like the same level as he does lol

  38. I feel like if you were given the stuff you got in alpha packs on the tts in the actual game, people would also enjoy the tts a lot more

  39. Don’t give the tts to people who don’t own the game. They don’t understand how to play at all and it’ll fuck up the data completely

  40. I would like some fun modes, for example a Secure Area Gamemode, where you only can play recruit, and both sides will only have a great bunch of impact-grenades to fight with, or another fun-mode where more than one player can chosse the same operator, so you would have 5 monty's for example

  41. Re. Ranked solo queue, what R6 should have imo is a split ranked system:

    1. Team Ranked (ranked, as is, players can queue solo or in squads)
    2. Solo Ranked (players can only queue solo, it is impossible to queue with a squad)

    MMR/Rank between the two are totally separate, as if it was different accounts. Other games like Rocket League use this system as well and it helps to eliminate the frustration of queueing solo vs. a 5-stack.

    Only reason for Ubi to not do this: they won't make money off secondary accounts, that players often seem to buy for solo queue actually, just like Get_Flanked. Only reason for players to not want this would be increased matchmaking times, because of a divide in the player base amongst different modes.

    PS.: If the game would support multiple rank systems in parallel this way, a bonus could be a third ranked mode:

    3. Competitive (only squads of 5 can queue, rules and map pool are same as used in ESL Pro League)

    I would love having all three modes. What do you guys think?

  42. I find it hard at bronze and copper as people come in and loose to get lower and leave. Do you think you should be able to pick if you want to do rank as a party and singles or just party's or just singles?

  43. quick solution to the flash+concusion. make the concusion penalty on flashbangs lower than ela/zofia's gadget. minor buff for flashbangs but it won't be as effective as the gadgets. another workaround is a smaller radius for the concusion effect.

  44. I know it has been a few days, but have you guys seen Clash Royale's ranking reset system? Now – changed a few seasons ago – you don't get reset to 4k trofies, it's the half of what you got last season…
    So if you got 4300, you'll be put at 4150, 5000 = 4500 and so on…
    That would be really good for r6

  45. As for the part about eu plats playing against na silvers – isn't it possible that they were plat on eu due to playing in a 5stack?

  46. On the subject of flash grenades, I feel like they're balanced at the moment. When you look at other offensive secondary gadgets that attackers have.

    -A claymore, has lasers to indicate it's location and can usually be shot without exposing yourself to it.
    -A frag, has a small area of effect and can also be negated by being behind certain smaller objects.

    I would be very frustrated in this game if a stun grenade became a gadget that gives someone a drastic advantage if I have the wherewithal to turn/run from it. If someone knows where I'm at and can bounce it into my location to 100% blind me, congrats you earned that kill. However, I don't want to be in games where flash grenades just get spammed into my room or general area and hurt my ability to retaliate to what is a secondary gadget.

    DISclaimer: I know that frags in some cases are "free kill" but if anyone thinks cooking a frag correctly and doing the mental gymnastics of it going off as soon as it reaches a target under gameplay stress is easy, you're wrong.

  47. Just thought i should let others know this:
    If a shield is blocking a window, it makes vaulting through it hard, not impossible. There are many angles that you can look at the shield from, where you'll get a vault prompt, and that aside, no matter whether its blocking the window or not, you can always rappel and enter. Nothing except clash stops that.

  48. For the ranking problem, make it half the elo at the end of the season (above gold). Everyone drops elo (above gold), and everyone has a goal again. But it doesn't make it a disaster every time

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