Horror Podcast Recommendations

Horror Podcast Recommendations

HI, it’s Stephanie and I’m here today to
do another video in my series of horror videos for the month of October,
and today I wanted to talk about podcasts. Now, I love podcasts, you know,
sometimes I get into an audiobook slump or I’m just not in the music mood, you know
what I mean? And podcasts are just great. If you don’t listen to podcasts, they’re
basically like radio on demand, I guess, but, there’s just so many different types
of programs to choose from and it is just wonderful also, I work somewhere where I can have
headphones and or I can plug my phone into a speaker and there’s actually a
few of these podcasts I’ll talk about this later that I listened to with my
co-workers and when I come into work they’re like “Is there new episode of that
podcast out yet?!” So, these are really enjoyable. Also, none of the podcasts I’m going to mention are unknown or anything. A lot of these are pretty popular, but if
you’re like me sometimes you just like to hear a lot of opinions before you try
something out. I know I’m that way, so if you’re that way. You’ll just get another
good review for these podcasts and maybe you’ll try it out. The first podcast I wanted to talk about, I’m starting with like the most popular podcast and of course that’s gonna be Welcome to
Night Vale. At one point, I think it was the most popular broadcast in America,
and this one has been going on for quite awhile I want to say it’s began 2012 so if you start listening to it now it
definitely have a lot of episodes to listen to you which is really great. Um,
so if you don’t know Welcome to Night Vale about, it is a fictional story
telling podcast about a small desert town called Night Vale, where all these
crazy things happen in governed by the ever so shady city council. There’s a lot of strange
goings on in the town. There was a mysterious glow cloud happened by the town
there’s a cat that’s stuck floating in mid-air. It is just very bizarre and odd and it’s told
through this radio broadcast that narrated by Cecil Baldwin. He is letting us
know all these things going on in our town and by the way of announcements and
this radio program and it is just absolutely amazing it’s not scary i’m counting it as horror because it has very Lovecraft type
storytelling it’s absolutely awesome really funny episodes are all really
short they’re perfect and they’re just so perfectly written all the jokes are
just so spot-on in the way that they’re written to fit with this radio
broadcast format. It’s just great you haven’t checked this out by now I
mean I definitely suggest you check it out the second podcast I wanted to talk
about is also a storytelling podcast and that is Black Tapes Podcast, this is a spin-off podcast from Pacific Northwest stories And, this story at a docu-drama so it’s
about this reporter named Alex Regan who is interested in the paranormal so she makes her journalistic focus on
this this well-known skeptic named Dr. Richard Strand who started the Strand
institute and has a very infamous million-dollar wager out for anyone who
can prove to him about the paranormal exists and so when she goes to his house
to visit him in the pilot episode she noticed that there is a shelf of VHS
cases that are black and he lets her know that those are the cases that he
hasn’t proven yet so of course people are constantly sending him evidence of
the paranormal the videos and whatnot and so that shelf of black tapes are the
cases he hasn’t quite solved yet, as he says, or the technology doesn’t exist to prove
him right that’s one, where the podcast gets its
name and that is what the emphasis becomes as the show goes on is her and
Dr. Richard Strand going through these black tapes and interviewing the people
in them and looking into these stories it is super interesting and this one
does get really creepy this is one I’ve had playing at work and the girl I was
working with got really creeped out it gets it gets scary. I was reading an
article about it and I love just the way they described it . They
described it as” imagine if a really perky NPR reporter just got really
interested in the Blair Witch” and let’s definitely kind of the vibe of the
podcast but it is really interesting nonetheless if you want something that is
serialized and creepy to listen to throughout the month of October, I
definitely recommend the Black Tapes. I think there’s only two seasons right now
so it’s actually pretty easy to get caught up. The third podcast I wanted to
talk about is not really as storytelling podcast because it’s not fictional.
they’re real stories and that part of the podcast I wanted to talk about is
Lore, sorry I have my cat here she wants to she wants to join us, now Lore is
crazy because number one, it’s a one-man show. All the episodes are researched are
researched and written and produced and voiced by Aaron Mahnke. Okay she wants
down now, and as the title suggests in the episode he looks for the real-life
inspiration behind a certain folklore or some episodes will just beyond strange
histories of a region there was like us a weird history of New Orleans episode
and then obviously with certain legends and stuff so all the episodes are super
interesting they are very well written and they’re really short all the
episodes are about a half hour long and they are absolutely addicting this is the podcast I was talking about
when I said people at work are really into it this is the one where I walk
into work and they ask like “hey, is there an episode of Lore out yet?” I mean by that they don’t listen to
podcasts on their own time I don’t know but it’s a cool bonding thing we do now
at work so it’s fine and I think he mentioned in a recent episode that he
got some kind of a TV deal so I don’t know if he’s going to get some kind of a
show where he explores folklore, so it’ll be really interesting and I’m definitely
looking forward to that if that the case because I love this podcast you
should definitely check it out if you’re into strange history because sometimes
the history that he talks about is way weirder and creepier than the full floor
it’s all that he is just really great how he does this show he’s really
impartial so even when he’s giving this he never really take sides on anything
and it’s great he’s just presenting the facts as he sees them and it is
wonderful you should definitely check it out. And, the last podcast I want to talk
about is the Faculty of Horror, and this is a podcast about horror movies this podcast is voiced by Alex West and
Andrea Subisati, and I think in their intro they say “from the Horrored halls of
academia” so they take just a very academic look at horror movies. I think
some people tend to write off the horror genre and really having any value or
saying anything I think the nature of horror movies is very subversive and
they just really dig into that and social commentary. I personally have
always loved the horror genre. They talk about very interesting things, like, they
discuss the final girl trope, and a lot of things like that they talk about all
kinds of movies b-movies, slasher movies, blockbuster, and I just really really
love them and their insight. So, if you’re interested in that. If you’re interested
in horror movies and just really getting into them and dissecting them and
listening to intelligent conversation about horror films, I would a hundred
percent suggest checking out the Faculty of Horror! So those are podcast I wanted to tell you guys
about today. Let me know if you listen to any of these already and what your
thoughts are on them or i you listened to this and now you want to listen to some
of these, let me know that too! If you want to let me know about other
podcast, please do. I’m all ears! Thank you so much for watching.Have a
great day, and see you again soon. Bye!

35 thoughts on “Horror Podcast Recommendations

  1. I want Cecil Baldwin to be my best friend and I refuse to acknowledge that he's a fictional character. Also, I NEED TO LISTEN TO THE BLACK TAPES.

  2. Great video Stephanie! I love podcasts but kind of fell out of the habit of listening. I'm definitely checking these out, especially Lore.

  3. I've been meaning to listen to the Night Vale podcast for soooo long. One of those the-book-cover-made-me-want-it moments. So pretty 😍. Also, that little nose rub with your cat was too cute.

  4. Oooh. The only one i have listened is Welcome to Nightvale. Rest of them sound just like my type of things. Thanks! 😀

  5. I don't listen to many podcasts. I feel like I don't have enough time, although I would love to have a podcast. I normally listen to bookish podcasts if I'm going to listen…oh and My Dad Wrote a Porno

  6. I listen to most of these! I also love Tanis, Jim Harold's Campfire and Archive 81. There are a few others but they haven't produced episodes for a while so not sure if they are still going. Great video – Tfs xx

  7. I am SO jealous that you can listen to podcasts while you are at work!!! Oh man, yes! I just started listening to The Black Tapes and it is so good and creepy!! Man, I feel like I am the only person who does not like Lore. I just hate the guys voice and can't listen to it. I have not heard of The Faculty of Horror but I will have to go download!! Yay for podcasts!!!

  8. Gahhh, I love that you did a video about this! I've been trying to get my friends into podcasts for a while but they won't give in. All of your recommendations look amazing 🙌🏼

  9. I love podcasts and listen to them all day while I work. I'm almost afraid to listen to any of these since I'm addicted to so many already! 😳

  10. I'm so mad I haven't looked you up before. You're suggestions are spot on. I listen to all of these lol.

  11. I bought an electric lawnmower just because it runs quiet enough to allow me to listen to podcasts while I mow.

  12. Let's remove Faculty of Horror since they just talk about what others have created and add Nightmare Magazine. Let's remove Night Vale and add the Simply Scary Podcast. Then add Tales to Terrify and TANIS. Lore is basically folklore, so I will give you that one …

  13. Hey Stephanie! Thanks for the suggestions – you just got a new subscriber! We are fans
    of horror podcasts, and have just started one ourselves! Our first
    episode is on iTunes, soundcloud, or here on our youtube channel. just
    search Esoteric Oddities. Give us a listen, you would probably enjoy! 🙂

  14. I listened to the Black tapes but after a while it just became to predictable and I got burnt out on it really quick, lately I been listing to "We're alive" its pretty good

  15. been addicted to horror podcast. been listening to No Sleep until i fell upon Darkest Hour, and omg, that's now my #1 favorite at the moment!

  16. I have been listening to the black tapes especially, in the night. This stuff amazing. By the way, your taste in podcast is so professional.

  17. Check out the Magnus Archives if you haven’t. It’s structured like a horror anthology but there’s a huge overarching mystery plot full of great characters. 20 minute episodes, easy to binge, and it’s only getting better going into its fourth season.

  18. I know this is old, but check out the following:

    The White Vault (horror drama)
    Kowabana (Japanese folklore)
    My Neighbors Are Dead (horror comedy)

  19. Love that you do this!! Can you give our Podcast a listen and if you like it, can you review it for us? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCULuNF3_UhWoTttwoIS1ZTA/playlists

  20. I like podcast too and it kinda influenced me to create my own channel but of course the recommendation she had are great

  21. Stephanie I don’t know if you’re absolutely hilarious or if I’m easily amused (maybe it’s both) but I just audibly laughed at your channel name and it’s a first for me. Thank you, and congratulations on being so witty!

  22. Oooh, I love Lore too! Such a great show: not only are the stories interesting but the host's voice and the music are so perfect to create the proper atmosphere.

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