Honest Government Advert | Centrelink Fail (#Robodebt)

Honest Government Advert | Centrelink Fail (#Robodebt)

Hello, I’m from Centrelink Did you recently commit the crime
of accessing social security? If so, you will have received a polite letter
from us over the Christmas holidays indicating that you might need
to pay us a shit load of money You may also receive a visit from
our friendly debt-collectors Merry Christmas πŸ™‚ Did you know that due to our recently introduced
“IDGAF” algorithm, at least 1 in 5 people who received our letter didn’t actually
owe us any money at all? We knew this! We just thought it would be more fun to force
you to prove yourself innocent It’s not like you bludgers
have anything better to do But we’re here to reassure you Centrelink’s algorithm is not malfunctioning It’s doing just what we asked it to: sending out a clear message to poor people that this Government f*cking hates you Above all, it’s distracting you from the
actual bludgers who really know how to rort taxpayers That’s why we’re going after the most
vulnerable people like single-income mothers and people with disabilities …rather than billionaires who stash their
money in corporate tax havens or the top third of companies in Australia that pay no tax or ministers who blow public funds on private flights to their own weddings, parties and house-buying sprees If our efforts to ruin your life are causing
you distress, call us on 13 24 68 and if you don’t die of natural causes while waiting to speak to a real person we’ll gladly refer you to counselling Just don’t call your local MP or the media Centrelink

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  2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚im disable and had the skippy mafia on me for 2 years…sucked when they told my dog friends and they start taping me too… i dont know whoz the real dog dog…

  3. They're tried to take me off the dsp put me threw hell and to keep you calm they're get social workers to keep you quiet and calm and steal they're couldn't prove anything what waist of tax payers money lucky i didn't off my self i was Seriously contemplating it the hole time they're made me think i was going to lose my payments centerlink put fear in to people already have emotional and paranoid and mental problems and they're just made it worse parasitic government nothing more they're do nothing for anyone but make life hell and they're steal harassing me one year i was tested 3 times for the DSP because i fought to hard for my child so they're told me if i don't knock it off they're cut me off and child support bully me and i did the right thing for the child by signing my life way and they're tried to get 186 month out of me when i lost my job because i had to move to another place to see my child which was waist of time because the child was taken interstate and centerlink and child support said get over it and then in a month was sent email saying must prove i need DSP and then went threw 6 month of trying to prove my self.

  4. hi centre link why don't you split every wins payments in two weekly payments then every body don't have to commit crimes for week and half trying to eat then all the drug dealers get people buying smaller deals making more money and the crime rate will go down fifty percent police sooking about the crime rate hahahahaha

  5. centrelink are really going over zealously with their data matching and making major errors they r on a fishing expeditions and deciing things before having checked evrything
    have a read of this and then u tell me centrelink isnt going over the top
    I am writing to you in regards to what Centrelink has done to my son, this young man has been unemployed for 2 years now, no one in our country town is willing to give him a job.
    he has applied far and wide, even as far as Melbourne etc, but still no luck, his former job network provider couldn't find him work.
    recently my son received a letter from Centrelink saying that they had done data matching with the ATO, and wanted him to provide his payslips from over 4 years ago,
    my son provided his payslips to them and before Centrelink had all the information they needed and without even seeing the payslips, they decided he owed a large amount of money in overpayment,
    then when we provided them with what payslips we had, they said that there were several missing, we then asked the old job provider Nagambie lakes entertainment in high st Nagambie, they would not co-operate and provide those payslips so Centrelink had to use the legislation to order them to.
    then when Centrelink did get the payslips, they without checking the breakup of the tax records they declared he owed money.

    and then when they did some work on my sons Centrelink record the person from centrelinks compliance department without checking the payslips properly and checking my sons Centrelink record, had coded him as working in full time ongoing employment for the past two years,
    and had coded it also as what they call a breach.when in fact and was proven he hadnt been working. as the complance mgr steve had said they had made a coding error
    this in turn ended up cancelling his benefit,
    the only reason we knew that this had happened was because I just happened to be on my way to entertain myself at bingo and thought I will go into the Centrelink office at Shepparton and get an income statement for myself and my son. when arriving at the office and going onto the computers there, I have nominee access to my sons record, and noticed that the record was showing that access to this customers record is no longer available, so I ask the staff ,
    the first young lady says without checking any information or looking up my sons record and mine as nominee, and basically took a wild guess and said that its probably because you are only an enquiry nominee not a correspondence nominee which gives me access to his record, then I said that no we will check the record as to why my sons record is no longer accessible,
    then after sitting at a desk I was told it was probably because some Centrelink employee was locked into my sons record that is why it was showing not accessible.
    then lo and behold we get told that my son doesn't receive benefits that is why I couldn't access his record, we eventually find out the reason for that, is that someone from centrelinks compliance department who was in my sons record , after coding the information we had sent them, had made a major mistake of coding my sons record as having been in full time ongoing employment for the past two years.
    then after all that of sitting in centrelinks office at Shepparton for over 6 hours on Tuesday
    the 3rd of april 2018, at the last ten minutes before they close they finally manage to sort it out and restore my sons newstart allowance,
    we had a sigh of relief until we returned home to check the date that my son can apply for a Centrelink advance and to our shock and horror, we see that Centrelink now claim he owed in and overpayment an even more massive amount, at that point I started having chest pains and had to be taken to our doctor, and my son who is 27 years old was in such a panic attack that he had to be sedated.
    we call Centrelinks compliance departments who is apparently from the Hobart office, and told him what was going on , even he realised that Centrelink had stuffed up and they removed the massive overpayment amount from the record and then on top of that they also had to restore his ability to apply for a Centrelink advance as the compliance department when removing the massive overpayment amount they claimed my son owed to Centrelink, the information online that allows people to apply for the advance had disappeared , it took several hours again for Centrelink ton the 5/4/2018o fix it. and the record was finally back to normal.
    then again this morning on5/4/2018 the record that allows people to apply for the advance was stuffed up again, so I ring the mgr of sheppartons Centrelink office , and he threatened to hang up the phone after I was a bit loud as I was very angry with this calvalcade of major errors in less than a week being made by Centrelink, this mgr refused to make sure the problem was rectified today, I couldn't understand why it couldn't be rectified today as they managed to rectify the same issue yesterday. all he could say was I will contact the IT department and see what they can do. and then when I said to him what do you expect , no one is checking and ensuring of information before they speak, the compliance department is coding records incorrectly which caused my sons benefit to be cancelled, they accused him of things he didn't do , so I said β€œwhat you expect me to be nicey nicey and buy ice cream for you,hung up the phone in my ear.
    and just because I use to work for Centrelink over 28 years ago he keeps telling me you know how this works and keeps telling me this over and over every time there is a problem
    the ability to apply for the Centrelink advance is because our landlord is selling the current rental property and we have to move out we have some money and the ability to get an advance from Centrelink will give us enough money that we need to move out and not have the worry of having a roof over our head

  6. Yeah they look after themselves & there rellies & crucifie everyone else deceptive fuckin arsholes. These short clips should be on main stream media

  7. The following is how to deal with the I.R.S. it is the same method you can use for Centrelink or any one who says you owe money. >>> How to deal with the I.R.S.
    When they say you owe them money. You write to them and say β€œi will be happy to pay you whatever i owe you. Just send me proof that i owe it and you get a live man or woman to sign under penalty of perjury that i owe that the money.” They will leave you alone forever after that because they can’t prove a thing. They cannot prove what is not true. Remember to always maintain your status as a man or woman and not as a person. The I.R.S. is a fraud. >>> http://famguardian.org/publications/greatirshoax/greatirshoax.htm
    AND http://fedinfo.tripod.com/tax_page.html AND http://www.devvy.com/notax.html
    AND http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/01/27/know-irs-fed-private-corporations/

  8. Centrelink: where the middle class is supporting the poor. If you're poor in Australia, you can always fark off to america or in any thirdworld country where you will die in starvation smiles because welfare is not a right.

  9. Why do us as a people just sit here and let these wankers do this to us? It kills me to the core that thought.. these people ruin our lives with their bullshit and we do NOTHING.. when will people understand WE have the power.. its us 99% vs that 1% and they're winning, always have been.. its fucking embarrassing.. My dream would be to destroy the Government take back control and give people the life they deserve.. id gladly give my life for the cause if i had enough people to back me up

  10. I'm 65, managed to stay away from Centrelink for 20 years, have had zero income for two years at least, applied 7.5 weeks ago for Newstart (age pension in four months), desperately needing a concession card for medical procedures. Still waiting as my claim is "complicated"!

    In my opinion, these mongrels must be getting paid bonuses for each claim people give up on, after delays, harassment, intimidation and whatever other tactic they come up with to prevent genuine payment entitlements!

  11. Taxes: The money the government takes from you as a punishment for working hard.
    Centrelink/welfare: The money the government gives you as a reward for being a lazy waste of space.

  12. One of the dummies people working in Centrelink. This is how they picking new stuff? They are stressing people for their own mistakes. What a joke.

  13. Good biting satire.
    Satire is good for waking people up, but history tells us that guns are best for waking up those who aren’t listening.
    Always use a two-prong strategy!
    Thanks for the delightful piece that pulls no punches!

  14. Centrelink – they need to get rid of their so called customer services operators – lazy – unapproachable – care factor 0- offering false info – bad attitude – worst Aus gov service EVER!!

  15. Hi! I'm from Centrelink πŸ™‚
    Did you recently commit the act of suicide?
    That's great! now we have one less welfare recipient and can now give even more to people that are not even citizens πŸ˜€

  16. I'd rather die than go back to centrelink, I was with them for two years while I was at uni and working part time and they made my life hell they even tried to make me do work for the dole when I was already doing three full days of uni and working every single afternoon in a vet clinic as well as work experience in another vet clinic they're absolute fuckers they're basically the government version of that friend you borrowed money form who reminds you about it every 5 minutes. Then last year I got a letter saying I misreporting my earnings and demanding $900 and because I didn't have my payslips anymore I couldn't prove they were wrong and had to fucking pay it! It's disgusting, they target people who do the right thing like me who only went there out of desperation so I could continue studying without living in the streets instead of going after the lazy lying assholes who treat it like an entitlement and never plan on ever finding a job or doing anything with their lives it's revolting.

  17. These fucking dogs can all go eat shit. Government is fucked. its ok for them to sit in fucking Canberra yelling and carry on like 10 year olds and getting payed millions to do it. while the poor sit at home with not a cent in there pocket watching the bullshit on there cheap no-name tv's

  18. Made me suffer this Australian Governent nothing left in me I can say shame this racial Country what they done with me Medicine has no shame you peoples

  19. What I do of your money keep money money and deport me from here since 14th of March till to 30th October 2018 put me on death bed any shame you has what made disable with medicines. I want to leave Radical country riuned my life and laughing on me what kind of Government this I don't need mercry from you for my self I want to leave this Radical Country.

  20. Ellen HOT HOT HOT soooo HOT!
    Dam funny but and so bloody true. Totally Love your work TJM team.
    Question do you have any ring tones or message tones available to download and if not ,any plans to Release some Juice Media turns on iPhone or android ? I hope so I love your music.

  21. People have this fundamentally wrong idea about welfare that it’s wasted money. National economies are circular, any money you give to low income people will go directly back into the economy, increasing jobs and economic growth. Only at the top does money leak out out of the system when multinationals move their money out of Australia into tax havens.

  22. I ashamed I shouldn't come this country took away my son abused in Courts, please I appreciate deport from here, I knows what ever I Says no effect this Government made me suffer calling honest this government laughing on me.

  23. Yep. This confirms it. Centrelink is nothing but a cruel and meaningless joke. They send you in pointless circles, their customer service is beyond shit and in the end many people who are eligible for benefits get nothing!

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  25. I personally know of two people who have committed suicide after receiving their RoboDebt letter. Who cares about two of life's losers? I do.

  26. Lollll
    I had a centrelink staff member tell me that the figures on my MYGOV account were a computer glitch.
    The anomoly should have been reported to the AFP.
    I thought l was in Bill Shortens office not a centrelink office.

  27. What the hell is this? Normally you put out liberal propaganda. So you're actually talking about something that really truly happened as opposed to liberal fear mongering? You guys really fucked up.

    Don't try to address facts, reality or commonsense. Your liberal viewers can't handle anything like that!!!!

  28. Great work! Please don't stop. I'm sure you must be disheartened after the election result like a lot of us, but don't give up. Like minded Australians need your satire/truth telling more than ever.

  29. Liberals idea! Well done for voting them in again u patheic dumb mOssies! U make me sick! Some are committing suicide! Libs=killers!

  30. We should expose Stuart Roberts, (previously sacked by Turnbull, reinstated by Scomo) Minister for Human Services, and his robodebt, see some of his shady history here: https://youtu.be/FzkT8_2Is_4.

  31. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

  32. Applied in January. Accepted in March. Cancelled late May/June for a clerical error.
    Reapplied in June. Scheduled a phone interview for first/second week of July.

    Wait patiently Day finally comes…
    Scheduled for 2:00PM – 3:00PM — Hour comes and goes. I sit by the phone diligently watching it. Nothing happens.
    3:30PM… 3:45PM.. I decide to call them.
    Went through 5 different numbers (Started with the original one and it kept saying "The operators are busy, goodbye" and hanging up on me.)
    Finally get a hold of an actual living breathing human. Not the one I need, but hey, at least I don't have to follow a set path of pre-determined choices.

    After explaining my issue, he finally tells me that he will have a look into it, and get someone to give me a call.
    Nearly 5PM by this point.

    After all this, still took 2 months for them to accept my claim, the day before I was supposed to 'report my income for the past 2 weeks'. Then they cancelled me again.

    Now I'm on a course because "I've been with the employment agency for all this time" which, no, I haven't. So far they have done literally nothing, but that's another issue.

  33. This news presentation is sheer genius! Merely beginning on my mission to ultimately track down and view them all, whenever I need a (bitter) laugh, which seems to be always, these days… guess there's no way to explain to these turkeys that Australia is no longer a penal colony, since they seem to be stuck in the same time-warp as the US Neo-Cons and their dredging up of the 1823 Monroe Doctrine, refurbished as an excuse to bring back 'colonialism' by force…

  34. You bitches 'bout ready to start paying " Gideons Swear Jar ", UNderneath the Arch of Triumph yet ? – whats that, ? The stride of your leg span isn't that wide, to come over and take a look see from your house ?- well you coulda' fooled me…yep its there alright since last spring when they switched up the time of atonement with the " International Date Line ", back in 82 – 92 , so I'm a little early,,, Sioux me, I will be polite, now, because the reason you can't see it, is because Noble Gold hasn't slapped a G.A.S. / S.A.G. clear poly acetate adhesive silicate ATTORNEY / SURGEON / GENERAL Republic Public Defenders membrane identification sticker on it yet…tell me you can't see it from your house ??? – I think you're fibbing…it's quite " Trans – Parents " to the PEOPLE now…I'm feasting on these most excellent advertising commercials of yours and I'm just about ready to BUST a nut right straight through Commerce…somebody better keep that dental dam on that one eye of Lady Justice, cuz I'm on your back door step just ' bout ready to grab some Gender identify with a BOOMing Home alone Trump ….The Angel Spirit in the heart of Gideon, came here to stay on the Christ's honour, thats the only reason he accepted the Golden Calf, on behalf of the man who buried his talent in the sand, because he knew the end of the 2nd Industrial Revolutions plot to change the Noble standard of atomic weight through those scales politically, not physically..
    So he could not buy the gold enough to produce 6 golden rounds to save a true marriage by proper dual, according to the corperate church vows, " death do we part ", so Gideons plans were intentional on rescuing the man, along with Canes banishment , for Christs sake on brotherly love. Restoring Common Law Marriage requires a plan, with a divorce in writing, filed through the DMV on an
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  35. Government costs us BILLIONS of dollars — and still we fall for that ridiculous word 'democracy.' Since when did a Member of Parliament vote for what you wanted rather than what they wanted? They don't even know of your existence, let along voting on your behalf. Human beings don't need to be 'governed.' Wake up, people. We are chucking untold billions of dollars down a ever-deepening rabbit hole — all in the name of democracy. Oh and by the way, keep them boats a-coming. Mustn't be racist. Mustn't be intolerant. Mustn't be judgemental. Mustn't be phobic. Mustn't be . . . [insert here whatever your Zionist-controlled 'representatives' are cranking out for you this week]. It's too late to wake up. Embrace the New World Order and its multi-armed control system. There's a good goy. My racial and cultural heritage is dying, but no one seems to give a fuck about anything anymore, let alone my precious heritage.

  36. Exactly……a shitload of money to pay back… wtf is every comment tyrned off for these false claims….because I would sue to the hilt because you never have to prove any of these accusation because you are the totalitarian government of australia……

  37. Everyone that gets a robodebt have 10 ppl you know quit their jobs… ..soon nobody will be workingπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

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