Honest Government Ad | Visit Australia!

Honest Government Ad | Visit Australia!

Visit Australia. The most pristine place on the planet, and home
to a shitload of natural wonders. The Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, Kakadu, and Scott Ludlam’s hair. as well as a unique array of poisonous insects. Yo might have heard some off-putting
rumours about climate change making Australia a little less tourist friendly, but don’t worry, we are fixers. That’s why we demanded the UN
remove all mentions of Australia in its latest report on climate change in
world heritage-listed areas. We fixed it! So, tourists: by the time you get here and realized that 93%
of the Great Barrier Reef has been bleached into a desolate coral graveyard, you’ll have already given us your money. Dickheads. It’s part of our “Sanitize Australia
Development Strategy”, to get rid of inconvenient blemishes on
our national image, instead of addressing the underlying issues. We also removed the words “invasion”
and “genocide” from our History books. We now have a spotless environment and
History for you to come and enjoy. Unless you’re an asylum seeker, in which case we have a special package deal
for you and your family on Nauru. Visit Australia. Authorized by the Australian Department of
Environmental Irony and Mining Apocalypse.

49 thoughts on “Honest Government Ad | Visit Australia!

  1. Oh.. silly me, i keep watching your videos mistakenly believing 'surely the next one will be funny like that first one way back'.. but, not unlike that first pill I took in 2001, no matter how far i chase it that feeling from the first ever clip i saw of yours can never be caught .

  2. I never knew that Australia could be this dark. I always thought it is a coutry of good people who enjoy staying in Bali.

  3. Dont know about Manus, but based on Google Earth…Nauru seems…empty of life necesities. If its less-than-20-people-population, you could still get water from the lake and food from the sea. But lack of woods means lack of mean of cooking, ship building. Almost-flat terrain means less rain.
    So…whoever are stuck there, wont get out without outside assistance…and wont survive in large number without outside assistance as well….

    Manus seems..a bit better, at least there wont be a large decrease in population should outside assistance is cut off…unlike Nauru.

  4. 93% of the Reef hasn't been bleached. If it had; it would mean the whole world is dying rapidy and we'd only have years left to live.

    So to 'FACT CHECK' your statement: 93% of the Reef is 'effective' by Coral Bleaching – which means next to fuck all in my books. How much of it is dead beyond repair and how much of that is seasonal or due to natural climate events that take place every year, decade, century etc.

    Unless scientists can unequivocally quantify that the cause is 'only due to human made pollution'; then its all just speculation.

    I'm all for zero bleaching and zero pollution and zero shipping etc in our Reef. But making shit up just makes you look deceptive, immature and amateur; which means instead of now just watching your other vids, i will now have an inclination to question everything you say now.

    If you don't understand that, you will die eventually like the rest of the bias media. Oh, wait, you're comedy, right? Please….a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing is still a wolf.

  5. They dont accept people seeking asylum coming in boats but they run to give asylum to a Saudi brat throwing tantrum, perfectly align with Australian white culture.

  6. Right wingers love to ignore that the negative effects humans have on the planet span wider than simply global warming, which is the only issue they choose to "address" by "debunking" it. We're causing damage to our atmosphere, our drinking water, oceans, food supply, forests, and ourselves in the process.

  7. I’m surprised there’s never been a Boston type tea party in Australia to clean up the corruption and take out the trash. (Satirical comment cuss Australia is a police state)

  8. Please make videos like this about the Indian state as well. It's one of the most corrupt states and keeps sticking it to us ordinary Indians. Love your work.

  9. As french i appreciate so much your work. i wish you billions of seen. French Gilet jaune, same fight.

  10. White ppl seriously ruin everything they touch. Aboriginal ppl lived here for thousands of years in harmony and in a couple hundred we have destroyed it

  11. Now that the Internet has warned tourists not to use the term Aborigine, tourists can now report them for using the term themselves and have them fined and jailed.

  12. Anyone come here from their latest How good is Australia video?
    I've never seen your earlier stuff. I think I'll go through your archives.
    Your videos have improved but still this is good. I'm glad that you're managing to stick around and provide a much needed public service in these ponderous times.
    Funny as heck and incontrovertible. I would send you patron money but I'm broke. Perhaps when I'm better off. Every Aussie needs to watch your videos. I think they should be compulsory viewing in schools and jails. Lol

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