Honest Government Ad | Australia’s Refugee Policy

Honest Government Ad | Australia’s Refugee Policy

G’day, I’m from the Australien Government
with an important message for people smugglers Salam, teman ngentot
[Hello, fuckmate] Hello, mates! Remember those some scary ads we made telling
you not to bring refugees here on boats? Well, things are different now You see, we’re about to have an election
and we’ve got fuck-all policies No energy policy climate change policy wage-growth policy or a policy for the looming housing crash we created by refusing to regulate our banks and foreign money-laundering So anyway if you could please send some boats,
that would really help us to distract everyone from realising what useless c**ts we are SEND BOATS! Now’s the perfect time to do it, coz BS
and these hippies just passed a new law to help bring sick refugees to Australia for
urgent medical treatment So if a boat were to arrive now, we can blame it on them Sure the new law only applies to people already
on Manus and Nauru, which means it literally provides no way for new arrivals to enter Australia But why bother with such nuances? when we can just make shit up. It’s worked before! Remember that time these dickbags lied about
refugees throwing their kids overboard so they could win an election? So to help history repeat, we’d like to announce that WE’RE REOPENING OUR CHRISTMAS ISLAND DETENTION CENTRE Yoohoo! Over here, people smugglers We know it’ll cost a mint, but that’s cool we’ll just hire one of our dodgy contractors to run it Like Paladin: the shell company registered
to a beach shack with no phone and no postbox which we secretly hired to run our offshore
camps for $20 million dollars a month Cool and normal That’s how you blow $16 billion to detain a bunch of asylum seekers who tried coming here by boat just so we could look tough on borders Just don’t mention the other 64,362 who
have come here by plane, in the past few years So people smugglers, we hope you got the message SEND BOATS!
So we can get the votes! Terima kasih, memek memek Thank you, mates Authorised by the Department for Throwing Children Overboard Again

100 thoughts on “Honest Government Ad | Australia’s Refugee Policy

  1. Fantastic, just watched this add and before it was an add from the local right wing political party from my country, about how the care about the environment (the don't ), even looked as a parody but it wasn't

  2. Banking regulation wont last nor will foreign ownership laws, Rents are rising due to supply and demand, its a revolving door, Capitalisms only form of continuation is to have high amounts of debt and then a Recession so we can default and reset out debts and accumulate new debts and start the process all over again, this is why every 10 years a developed nation has a Recession. Reset button….

  3. Fucking Malaysia, full of pakistan, bangladesh, nepal, rohingya, myanmar, vietnam, cambodia, china, india, sri lanka, indonesia, african…. Shit.

  4. Demographics matter..bombing people that do not assimilate to European/Australian values does not create multiculturalism it only creates low trust societies and resentment in ethnic enclaves, diversity has never been a civilizational strength- boomers just want cheap a labor force and politicians want votes from party loyal newly minted Australians.. The true minority on Earth is Caucasian women of child bearing age– Evolution created perfect humans suited to live within continental habitats, no -one is supreme in this regard. Race is just a sub-species of human, its OK to talk about differences and even celebrate.. Rap-News is alot better after 1 year but You cannot find a credible economist on earth that back sex pay gap myth. TLDR version –Men EARN more but we are PAID the same.. The greens do not conserve anything anymore just like cuckservatards. Climate is forever in flux but real issues ignored. We not being told whole truth about nuclear energy. Massive spike in female teen suicides (seriously getting effective at it not cries for help 🙁 … Australia cannot be a ethno-state


  6. Hey i just wanted to say, they are lying about word :
    Its a badword sis.

  7. is there any way we can start a people's movement wouldn't that be great to make a movement and get people to interact in to put a stop to all this corruption around the world we need to start somewhere this would be a good place

  8. Smugglers or refugees?? Your title is misinterpret..,
    For smugglers, you have the right to reject it.,
    For refugees, it’s your responsibility due to joining UNHCR under certain treaty.,
    Some of refugees now stuck in some transit country including indonesia which not part of UNHCR treaty., you (australia) break the agreement with UNHCR for taking care refugees that now become a problem in indonesia, they become homeless sleeping in our road cause your new regulation rejecting refugees to australia,,
    Being develop but defensive isn’t good, we need humanity, open your country cause this is part of your responsibility 🙏

  9. Funny but the narrative is there! If you are young and dumb is easy to be brainwashed with videos like that but this is a labour propaganda and she uses a lot of sarcasm to distract you from the real truth… she manipulate the information with truth and fake…

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