Home office vs Regular job  Qual você prefere? SWJ Podcast #5

Home office vs Regular job Qual você prefere? SWJ Podcast #5

hi, guys! Jonas here. While I was driving here I started thinking
“which one is better? Working in a traditional job in which you
take your car every morning, you take the bus, a train to go there or working at home
in a home office?” I have both experiences in my life. I have had both kinds of experiences in my
life. I have worked in traditional jobs. I have been a receptionist in a technical
repair company. He repaired TVs, cameras and other things,
and I have also worked as a teacher and as a coordinator in three different English schools. For the last five years, I have dedicated
myself to working independently, so I work at home. For me, having a couple of job it is really
good in this aspect: you don’t need to stress about it when you go home. You finish your work hours, you’ll go home,
you can watch TV, you can sleep and that’s it for most jobs. I know that some jobs can be more complicated
than that. But normally, it’s like this. But when you work for yourself, when you have
a home office, you don’t stop thinking about it because you are independent as you don’t
work you don’t make money. The more you work, the more money you make. So you have to decide ” how much am I going
to work?” If I work too much, I’m not going to have
time for my wife and kids, but if I don’t work enough, I’m not going to have money to
pay my bills. So that’s my dilemma. Working more and having less time for my family
or working less and having less money. So, I still prefer to work at home, because
one of the things that I avoid doing is this. I don’t need to drive so much. I don’t need to drive so much. I drive when I go to my mother’s house to
visit her, when I go to church, when I need to go shopping for food when I need to go
to the shopping mall, to the beach. Basically I drive (oops!) for things out of
our routine. But when I used to have a common job I spent
around four hours of my day inside buses. Because at that time I didn’t have a car. So I would spend a long time inside public
transportation every day. For me, that was very bad. I always felt like my life is passing by. My life is saying “good bye, Jonas. I need to do something for myself. Stay there inside the bus and live this pretty
terrible life.” I know that most people in our country have
this problem. People in cities like San Paulo, for example,
call Mom can spend even six hours in public transportation every day. Is it worth it? It’s really complicated. What do you think about it? What activity do you do every day that you
think “this is a waste of time”? Waste is trash. Something you don’t want anymore. A waste of time is when you take your time
and you throw in the trash. You are using your time in a negative way. You can leave your comments talking about
it and also ask your questions. See you on the next video. Bye.

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