HerOnlineBiz Interview: Tyana Golsteijn – Podcasting for your Biz

HerOnlineBiz Interview: Tyana Golsteijn – Podcasting for your Biz

this morning I am interviewing Tyana
Golsteijn and she has very generously offered to stay past her work hours
because Tyana’s in the Netherlands I’m in West Coast North America so well – we’re
making it work. And the reason I’m interviewing Tyana
today is because Tyana is a specialist in podcasting. Her business, Blackbird
Podcasts, is all about training and coaching people to create podcasts for
their business. So before I go any deeper with that I’m gonna get you into this
conversation Tyana and so what is your core offering in your business? It’s
podcasting but what do you do with your clients? Well I do several things.
I have launch packages for example in which I I basically help them launch
their entire podcast but I also help them create their entire podcast from
start to finish so if it’s someone who doesn’t really know what to talk about
or they have a subject but it’s really very very narrow and they’re like, ‘well
you know, I kind of want to do more with this, I’m not really sure where to go’ I
really help them with that as well. So we help them create the entire
concept of it and then I basically they have they get this entire plan come in
which I gave them all the steps that they need to you know build the podcast
have the intro outro music all that kind of stuff and then in the end once they
have once they make all the content they can send it to me and I can give them
feedback on it but also once it’s finished
I can you know put it all online so I can handle all the technical stuff
because you know it’s sometimes it’s just a lot for them to do and they don’t
really want to do with it or not time for it so they basically drop all the
audio with me and I handle all that so I edit the content for them as well and I
also help them make the images for the podcast I help find the music for it and
then I also put it online so kind of all the technical stuff but they don’t want
to think about that has nothing to do with the content is on me
that’s a really interesting cuz when I when I first go started chatting with
you and I heard about your business, I was thinking – okay so she’s
gonna help them with all the tech but that’s really interesting that you also
coached them through content and and planning out their series that’s huge – because
there’s you know sometimes people don’t need it so there’s also people that are
just like you know I just need some to edit my podcast and put it online so
I also have you know I have subscriptions for that so that people
can do that too but there’s also people that really want to get started and they
don’t know how you know they don’t know how to get started they don’t really
know what to do how it works so then I kind of help them steer them
in the right direction and help them in that process as well so I definitely
like to do both just you know because there’s a lot of people that have
difficulty with making podcasts and they don’t really also they sometimes they
don’t really know how to really work it to their advantage
you know to really use it for their business so then I also help them with
that aspect so just make sure that it all goes right from the start okay
don’t jeez now I have a million questions so those we had order because
I want to ask you just if I wouldn’t exactly what you said ahead of myself so
what were you doing before you got into podcasting or teaching people how to
podcast I was mainly doing video editing in the beginning as a virtual assistant
just you know so that people could send their all their video to me and I can
you know make a video for their business out of that that’s what I started with
sorry that was a door and you know I really did enjoy doing that because I’m
a very visual person but also an auditive person so my sister was the one
who actually told me well you know podcasts are right now really coming up
in our country as well why not do those well because they are very similar and
because I do you know when you when you’re video editing you also focus on
the audio we want to get that right as well and of course with podcast that’s
even more focused on that so I kind of created a whole company around that and
then I kind of drop the video editing because it was just not really the thing
that was fun for me at that time because it was all business videos and it was
just you know right it was less my thing you know I focused on the podcast and
that’s what I’ve been doing now yeah so you went from doing the business videos
do this I would imagine there’s a whole or potential for creativity and what it
is you’re doing oh yeah a lot more definitely a lot more I mean I’m working
right now with a lot of business coaches for example so it’s still a lot of
business but I can definitely help them steer more in a creative yeah more
creative content and you know right now because it’s so up-and-coming
in my country oh yeah there’s not a lot of for example audio dramas and
everything you know that’s not really big here yeah so that’s definitely still
on my wish list to do something with that as well because I’m a definitely a
very creative person and I love storytelling so I’m still really looking
into that as well it okay how does that work and what can I do with that so
there’s a lot more coming probably so of course I immediately go to could you
then also at one point get into creeks helping creeks people create audiobooks Never Say Never
yeah I mean I actually that’s how I start my mornings women when I’m not
getting on a podcast early in the morning it’s not earlier yet but yeah go
to the gym and listen to an audiobook usually something related to business
and I get all jabs and yeah it’s a great way to start today I love audiobooks
podcast yeah no podcast you’re saying you work with a lot of business coaches
around ants yeah yeah for whom and or what kind of business is a podcast
really appropriate and where does it have the best return on it on investment
can you make a call on that that’s a good question um I think definitely it’s
for business coaches is definitely a big thing that’s for sure well because you
can you can get even closer getting even more up and personal with your customers
mm-hmm and you can share even more because there’s a lot of people that for
example they have issues with video or you know their customer might not want
to watch long videos so but in a podcast a lot of people enjoy longer shows you
know once they have time yeah so you know when you do a video and maybe you
know after two minutes people like meh okay I’ve had enough of this but in a
podcast you can talk for like half an hour and if somebody’s on their way to
work you know yeah well they’re even you know doing the dishes or something that
they can still listen to a podcast they don’t have to put everything else down
they can still continue to do something else oh it’s really anything yeah so
that’s really how a podcast you know how it works even more than video does I
mean I would always say do both not don’t just say like okay so now we’ll
switch to podcasting do both it’s definitely a way to reach even more
people so if that’s something that you know if you have a little knowledge on
certain subjects and you really want to share more of that you don’t know how
not guess is a really good way to do that mm-hmm no it occurs to me the we we
both had video we both had it sound yeah a whole lot less time to create a sound
product and the video product so that makes it a little bit more attractive
also for reading lots of content oh yeah definitely
I’ve always told people that you know there are some people that tell me okay
you know I want to really do the podcast because I’m not really you know enjoying
making video because there’s a lot of preparation time needed that’s true you
know because you have to get the right background and you know your hair and
makeup and all that crap you know it all has to be perfect but a podcast I mean
literally I could sit here in my pajamas and still record and no one will notice
no nobody will care you can do it at all hours of the night it does not matter
you would however you want as long as the sound is good it’s gonna stand you
it’s fine it’s perfect we met some people record in their car I
mean really ya know they do I mean you know I’m not a fan of it because the
sound quality isn’t always that great but but they do do it it is possible to
do it so why not you know you can be on the road and be like oh man I have this
idea they have to share this now you grab your phone your record that’s it
you have a podcast that’s incredible so if it just curious about this processor
so for the people your clients that actually do that in the car they then
take that sound file and send it off to you and you yeah clean it up and turn it
into yes exactly put all their intros and their outros
and all that in and boom they’ve got a professional sounding podcast yeah so
again curious about the process for your client sort of doing this and for what
you see working successfully for people who are using I guess how often are they
actually putting out a new podcast it really depends I mean it really depends
on how much time that they have and it really depends on their their clients as
well I mean most people start with twice a month so every other week and you know
for some people were really and they’re really like you know what no
I just want to go for it right away they do it once a week I know there’s also
people out there who actually do it more than once a week which is a lot yeah but
you know if you have the time for it and you have that much content to share why
not so it depends they’re just building their library they’ve got the time let’s
let’s get that content library yeah exactly
I mean it’s always good to start with more podcasts anyway once you launch it
but you know after that it really depends on how much time and you have
and how much time you want to spend on it so you know if you even say like you
know you know what I don’t really want to have my consistency in there I just
want to do it whenever I feel like it mm-hmm go for I mean for me it doesn’t
matter and you know people will listen whenever they can anyway it’s just some
people really do look forward to a new episode so then it’s you know it’s nice
to have a new one consistently but if you don’t you know it’s not only people
are gonna say like oh man you know it’s been taking six months and now I’m gonna
stop listening no there’s a new episode and they’re interested they will get you
to listen yeah down to the quality of the content and the value you bring to
them yeah I’m gonna shift gears here and getting into the technical side of
things the tools what tools do you use in your work around us well for the
editing I use Adobe Audition and I also use isotope which is you know
sort of a program that you can you can take a lot of them all of the background
noises and stuff out of it that way a lot easier than with Adobe so I really
love it especially you know if there’s someone who who’s talking and they
breathe a lot into the microphone or you know they don’t use a pop filter so it’s
very you know you’re all blows of sound yeah if that program really can take
them out very easily and you don’t have to do much in it then you know I mean
still you have to edit yourself of course a lot but that tool they have a
lot more possibilities that Adobe doesn’t offer so it’ll be not first you
load it into that program you take all that the crap out yeah then you look
back into Adobe and then you know then you do the rest and then after that I
master it with Auphonic – Auphonic? yeah that’s another app that…
it isn’t really an app – it’s an online website where you
can upload your audio and it kind of you know it puts it at
the right audio levels that is needed for podcasting yep so it just you know
pulls all the audio together on one line and says okay it has to be you know
minus 16 an audio level so it puts everything on that level and it can take
some noise out and stuff like that so it really just completes the whole thing
and then you can put it online no not wanting to get too nerdy about this but
I I use audacity and it’s got some noise removal stuff but I find when you go for
too many different kinds of noise that you’re taking out you know pull that
with so many pitch range is that it ends up sounding kind of hollow and or
abnormal and when you run it through I set and then a phonic you don’t get that
back no no cuz I really do pay attention to that like I you know because in
isotope especially you know I like not so much but I said you can have a
preview so you can you know grab a filter you can have an effect try some
things out you know move move a few bars you know just try
some stuff out then you click on the preview and it’ll play it you can hear
the difference yeah and you know if it sounds funky that I’m just gonna delete
that filter and just try something else yeah yeah you know because you do want
to make sure that it’s you know not actually sounding worse than it was
man you got it you know you don’t wanna sound like a robot or something yes yes
I do watch out for that for sure so is I isotopic isotope that’s it oh is
that a free or a subscription piece of software it’s not free they definitely
do have you know they have several different versions usually have like a
standard version which I am and I’m not even sure what the prices are but that
one’s kind of the basic one then you have the advanced one and that one is
already you know it already has a lot more filters and possibilities in there
and then you also I think you also have or is it extended and then the advanced
I’m not sure there’s three different versions and then you also have one
that’s even bigger than that you can even use that in for example movies and
stuff or you have to isolate the voice from from the music score for example so
then you can even do that but for me I don’t need that right now so I’m like
you know I’m gonna focus on that one so I have the the advanced one so I can
actually you know use all the different filters and that that are really needed
for cast okay no no of course were you on this one and I I know I’m gonna have
to stop myself today from going out and checking out iced excuse me um so for
your average person what when you’re teaching people how to do this of course
you’re gonna if they’re coming to you and you’re coaching them and for those
clients who want to become self-sufficient and doing this what
tools do you recommend for them do you also recommend they use the same range
of tools you do no no definitely not because they’re very professional and
you have to know what you’re doing when you use them and I don’t want to
complicate things for them yes because they’re a lot of people you know they
don’t have time and they don’t really care about it they just wanted to sound
as good as possible so we definitely do tell them also about audacity it’s also
the first one on my list because it’s free and they can just use it and also
for recording so not even just for editing but also recording so they can
use that for both and then I do tell them to use all phonic as well because
that starts free for I think about two hours a month or something you can use
that one and then after that you have to pay if you use it for more than that but
you know the first two hours are free so I’m just like you know just use that
once you have already have the right volume and it already does a little bit
of editing for you but you don’t have to look into that so nice that usually does
work yeah okay so you take your clients you either you know do a do for you
service or you teach them how to become self-sufficient well they send their
production those are the tools for production what platforms or tools do
you recommend for your clients for the actual hosting of the podcast I usually
recommend them fireside which is one that is not you know that commonly known
yet within the podcasting world it’s kind of new but it really it’s very nice
to use because it’s very it’s very easy to use yes and you know everything just
it’s it just looks very easy as well that you know it’s not over complicated
it’s just very simple to use and they also they just have one subscription
that has everything so you don’t have the whole thing of oh you know if you
use the small subscription then you get this but then you don’t get you know all
of the statistics and if you if you want those and you have to go higher there’s
none of that there’s just one subscription that’s what you get and you
get everything that you need so why I kind of tell them to use that one
because it just has what you need sounds like you have somebody else every
wants to get in on the audio of this the other door was opening so the dogs so if
they go with fireside it’s called right there any advantage or disadvantage
because you know I’m like you some of the big names that you hear get it on
iTunes or Spotify or whatever is there any disadvantage to hosting it on fire
son um hmm I guess maybe the price could put people off because it’s $19 a month
mm-hmm so you know it’s not like it’s not the cheapest one I know that a lot
of my customers you know if they don’t want to invest in invest too much in it
yet yeah they basically always go away okay but is there a cheaper option and
you know of course there’s always cheaper options yes so you also have for
example Lipson and you have Parveen you know although the normal ones that are
have been around for years and they also have cheaper versions I guess I’m just
more a fan of fireside because it’s also just I guess because it’s so new they
really do have everything that you need while sometimes lips and it’s a little
bit behind in customer service and some things are just a little bit more
complicated my pod being is a little too basic I think so I just sometimes feel
like okay you know if you really want to have everything that you need and in a
good way then just go for fire size and just invest that money and do that just
lack of complexity but lots of functionality yeah exactly
mmm okay so you’ve got them to the point where either you’re doing it for them
they’re doing it at this podcast I know it’s hosted on a fireside oh it’s a
business owner do I then use that where do I use it how do I use it to my best
basically yeah well for fire said I mean of course you
have to upload all the audio on there yeah you have to make sure that once you
have created an account that you make sure that your podcast is gonna be on
iTunes and Spotify those are like the main two okay platforms that not your
process has to be on the others you know there are plenty of others but you begin
your question I might be one of your clients so now I’ve just gone ooh that’s
what I don’t know about Kassie so you put it on like pod beaner
fireside or wherever and then it also has to be on the other large or
well-known channels yes but you do that through the host okay you have to have
the host first yeah then you put some audio on it because without audio it’s
not gonna work so you have audio you have this description and you have the
image that goes with it so the artwork they have to be there once you have that
then you have to actually go and apply it to iTunes and Spotify for Spotify you
don’t have to do much if sometimes you know with most hosts you just have to
click a button and they do it for you that’s it there’s nothing to it then
like two days later or something it’s it’s already there you know that’s fine
but for iTunes you do actually have to have like an Apple ID for example and
you have to login to a certain website and but for that you still need like the
link for your host so it does have to be there then iTunes actually has to
approve it or you know they turn it down if they turn it down then you did
something wrong because there are some rules that you have to adhere to and you
know if they approve it then you will get an email from them once it’s
approved then it’s online and then after that you can just upload your audio and
automatically goes to iTunes Spotify in all those places so after that you don’t
have to do it again but you have to do it once no that’s anything when you say
like they might not accept it because you’ve done something what are some of
the things that you could be doing wrong that would cause them to reject it um
something you could do wrong is if you tell them that the podcast is clean so
there’s there’s no cursing and if there’s no swearing in it and then
there’s some kind of a swear word in your title or your description or
anything like that they will turn down and immediately they will just reject it
it could also be that your image is not up to their standards because they do
have certain standards you know it has to be certain measurements that they
have to have it also sometimes even the size of it I know with Spotify that’s a
big thing for some reason but it has to be under I think 500 kilobytes if it’s
above that they will just say no we’re not gonna do it so there there’s just
some of those rules and of course you know the there has to be audio if
there’s nothing there if you just have the title and image but no audio it’s
not gonna work anyway you have to have something already online on fire side
before iTunes can accept it or reject it and respond if I the same thing so you
have to put something online before you can apply it I’m now sitting here
thinking why would you try to put something I mean no the thing is that
then a lot of people they have this launch date in mind you know they say
okay you know what on the 1st of September I want to launch my podcast
right so then you want to make sure of course that you put everything on iTunes
already but the thing is that iTunes actually can take some time with the
approval and that can take from 24 hours to 7 working days and sometimes even
longer than that Wow and yes and you cannot you cannot really
hold that into account because you don’t know when they’re actually gonna approve
it mm-hm so or reject it so you have to keep that
in mind once you start once you launch your podcast and then the issue of
having to put something a line can be an issue because you’re like no but I want
to launch on that day so I want to put the audio live on that date right you
know yeah so then it’s like okay so you have to put something online I usually
tell people just create sort of a trailer yeah um you know like for one
minute that you can put on your social media which you know you just tell
people okay on that date I’m gonna launch my podcast be ready for it
whatever you know yes let me say no matter what exactly exactly and you put
that online then I can accept it whatever everything’s done once they
approve it then you can go live on the day that you want to live I’m sitting
here listening to you I’m formulating your course in my head of how yeah but
um okay so the complexity of this mm-hmm I mean considering its audio and it’s we
had been discussing before we got on here audio is so much easier when it
comes to the time required for production but yeah there’s got to be a
whole lot of planning and timeline is that something you do with your clients
you kind of map them out from the beginning going okay if this is when you
want to go live and we’ve got to have all these milestones we have to hit
first yeah definitely because you know that’s why I give them the entire plan
so that they can also see you know all the things that they need to have we can
all the content all the the the components that they need for
their podcast and I put everything in order you know they don’t completely
have to follow it if they don’t want to because sometimes you know you already
have an intro or you already have music from somewhere else but whatever
everything is in there what you actually need in which order so that you know you
have this complete podcast before it goes online because I don’t want people
to suddenly you know create this account on fire SEC for example start paying for
it and two months later they’re gonna launch because then you’re paying two
months for nothing that just sucks so you definitely do want to get them ready
for it and I also want to make sure that people you know that they do keep the
launching date in mind because if you have a launch date and you’re like well
I want to I want to do that in two months you know then there’s plenty of
time but if you say oh well you know I don’t really have anything yet but I
want to launch in two weeks because I know my clients you know it doesn’t
happen because people need to you know something kind of push in actually
recording something yeah I have an intro outro and yes you can record them once
but they have to be good yeah work yeah they don’t have to be perfect because
you can always redo them but they do have to sound right and you know I
helped get them through that as well so I always plan some extra time in for
that because you know there has to be some time to get that right and if they
do want me to find music for them that also takes time yeah because you know it
takes exactly because and and and not even because it just takes time to find
the right music but also because once you send it back and then they’re like
oh well I don’t really like any of them well you can start again so yeah you
know I thought if that would happen like a week before the launch
you’re never gonna finish in time that’s not gonna happen so do you so you create
almost like a project management Gantt chart a timeline chart of like here’s
our go live date so this is what you’re gonna have to do so that you know it
keeps them kind of accountable and cognizant of the fact that yeah the
first steps you have to take if you want to launch on that day exactly well I
don’t really use like the Gantt charts um but I do I do always keep them on
track you know so right now I’m also developing more of a Trello board with
them as well so check off because I’ve noticed that you know once they have
that plan sometimes you know things still don’t happen because they also
can’t really see it anymore they don’t really
see what they still have to do so you know I always have check-in moments with
them yeah but there’s just times where it doesn’t really work so that’s why I’m
creating this Trello board as well so they can just really check everything
off and yeah we’re right on schedule anyway mellow you can actually put a
date on there like do on this date and they’ll get an email to tell them okay
this is due in two days yeah that’s really great so we through all these
steps yeah and and there are many more steps and I originally imagined yeah
once they’ve got it produced and polished and they’ve got all of the
assets they required to get it to be accepted from one of you know Spotify or
iTunes yeah they have it they’ve got a where do they then I embed the links or
what’s the best way for them to actually push it out to their clients and/or
potential clients yeah there’s a lot of different ways to do it first of all you
always have to create a different section on your website for the podcast
always why because if you don’t then people can’t really find it anymore
okay and if you if you actually put it you know in the menu bar so that people
can actually see it like a podcast okay great so once you click that and what I
always tell people is the best way to do it is to really create sort of a blog
post for every single episode okay because if you do that you know you have
to write a text for the podcast anyway yeah known as our description for it
yeah but you’re also allowed to use links in it so then why not actually
make a blog post out of it you know that also works in Google again you know it
ranks you up so that’s always great but it’s also easier for people to find
because you can embed an audio player that you get from your host in there as
well so then okay once you have that you can use that website link for your
episode you can use that on social media for examples that people are actually
led to your website and then if you put in the in the text you can also put okay
you know you can listen here but you can also listen here on Spotify here on
iTunes yeah clicking click the link from your website and then they can go to
that platform so yeah it’s just a very simple way to do it just so you have
everything at once so people can also you know come to your website and they
know how many episodes you have they can listen to all of them at once if they
want to of course they can do it on iTunes Spotify as well that’s absolutely
fine once they have the link they could subscribe and
mm-hmm that’s one way to do it another way to do it is also like for example on
Instagram you put it in your link tree you know you have all things there
yep for Spotify iTunes all those places but also you have to promote it always
you have keep you have to promote it right so you have to you know you can do
it in advance you can also do it when the episode is actually launched launch
of course you have to do it afterwards as well so what you can do is you can
put an audiogram on social media oh okay yeah and an audiogram is basically just
taking a small piece out of your podcast just a small piece of audio that you
think will you know really trigger people to listen yeah exactly so you
really take that out and with certain you know audiogram tools there are also
some some free ones you can basically put an image behind it then you have you
know there’s those audio waves yes playing along with the audio yep and
they have certain tools where you can just say you know what I want a story
you know for on Instagram for example when in certain story so they will
already give you the right browser measurements you can just move like the
soundbar and everything you can just move that however you want and you can
just download it from that app and then put it on internet done that you already
have another way of promoting it you know yeah it’s it’s just a lot of fun to
do it that way you know because you can you can choose use like an audio piece
of like 15 seconds and your stories and then have one for your feet for up to a
minute then you have extra promotion again yeah keep doing that that really
works get it out there you know one question that came to mind while you
were talking about that in the podcast and do you have any advice for people
who are creating it and they’re they’re kind of strategizing about what their
series are going to be to keep them from like for example ie earlier this year
really got onto Jim quick huh I don’t know if you’re familiar with him he’s
like Jim quick brain learning and and oh yeah
he was fascinating but then after like maybe a dozen episodes of his podcast it
really started to get repetitions hmm and and he had me totally hooked I
would still be listening to him to this day except for I kind of started feeling
like you got like one tune and you’re just kind of like stretching that out
what’s do you help people kind of strategize how to avoid that because
that was quite alienating for me he’s a really famous podcaster but I kind of
gave up on him because of that the repetition and the is the one theme how
do you help your clients avoid that well I definitely talk to them in beginning
already about the content kind of the direction that they want to go into and
I’ve noticed that for people who have very specific subjects yeah but that can
happen very easily because then you’re gonna get stuck I have to be honest like
my own podcast it’s kind of very specific because it’s about podcasting
you know so you’re gonna share a lot of advice about it and that’s kind of you
know where ends mm-hm but I always make sure to tell people
like look do you have a company and I know that and you have certain subjects
that you once you talk about but you know don’t make it too narrow don’t make
it too specific because if you make it too specific then you’re gonna run out
of things to talk about it’s better to have like a bigger subject that you
actually think about like oh that’s what that may be that might be too broad you
know too broad of a subject yeah it’s better to do that and then have certain
you know themes running through that subject then to have one single thing
that you have to focus on because then every week you’re gonna be like okay
what am I going to talk about now you know what I think of in terms of
that seems yeah yes what if I talked about what if I know
you talked about it clean yeah along those lines
hiyee I am a proponent of when it comes to video creation so for somebody I’m
reading a series scripting just even if you don’t stick to the script of course
you don’t want to sound robotic when you’re creating your video you’ve got
another your thoughts you’ve created a structure to the flow of the narrative
of what you’re gonna say do you recommend people are creating their
podcasts that they at least get some you know bullet points or scripting or just
oh spontaneous it really does offend on the person themselves but I would reckon
mind bullet points don’t use a script because what I’ve noticed is that you
know when when you’re doing a video and scripted if you’re really doing it the
right way no one will notice Zana exactly but in a podcast if you are
if you’re doing a scripted podcast they will hear it
because you can hear them you know either reading her a piece of paper or
let somebody actually you know studied it actually notice it because in a video
you know you can distract people by using your hands and the podcast that
does not work you know people listen to you yes you can hear every single thing
I know of course there is you know you have all the audio dramas and stuff they
are scripted but there’s for reason yeah and of course there sometimes when
people hold someone has to read a piece of text out loud you know and then start
talking about it absolutely fine but don’t don’t read the whole thing you
know don’t don’t read a pockets out loud you know it’s don’t read for a piece of
paper it just you hear it immediately I got so many people that once they’ve
recorded their intro and they send it to me that I can I actually have to send
back did you you know did you actually study this
that you write this down on paper and then set it how did you know like
because I can hear it or hear it or hear it very easily because it doesn’t sound
natural anymore yeah that’s not sound natural and I
really I can’t stand it when it’s when it’s when it’s so scripted because it’s
really then then you automatically sound like a robot yeah you’re just reading
from a piece of paper instead of actually using your words you know talk
to someone talk to this person it’s a radio show it’s not it’s not an
audio book it’s not a recitation yeah oh that’s so interesting and especially
when you’ve got to edit it and you’ve got to listen to it numerous times I
mean even more painful exactly and I really don’t like listening to that so I
always tell people you know I’d rather have you recorded 20 times and then I
have to find the best one instead of sending one that you think is absolutely
perfect but to me it sounds like you know you just read your grocery list
from from a piece of paper you know it doesn’t there’s no personality in yes it
does not work now that leads me to another question because much like video
creating video it’s you’re never going to be good at it right out of the gate
it’s gonna take a lot of practice and you just get used to it and you become
more natural but initially it’s not going to be what you want it to be no
so literally in your experience how how many times should they be kind of
playing around with creating your audio like I think well I mean I wouldn’t
really say there there’s a specific amount of time because it really depends
on the person yeah it because it always depends all you know aren’t they
comfortable with it or not so I do always tell them that’s also in the plan
that I give them is you know practice practice practice reports and stuff and
also listen back listen back to it yourself because some people also have
to get used to hearing their own voice yes because it can be scary a thing but
you know I always tell people don’t expect to be perfect you know it’s fine
if you have to rerecord it if it really doesn’t sound right for you you know
just go for it you know just do it we can get that stuff out it’s fine you
know don’t worry about that once you’re comfortable enough with it a bit like
okay this is good enough I want this life that’s it you’re done you know I’m
not going to tell people oh you have to record it first five times and then
we’re going to know that’s it really you have to feel comfortable with it and
if the quality and if the content is good enough yeah it’s gonna go like
that’s it yeah well you know I’ve gotta kind of um move towards the end here but
um so if people want to find out more about this and I think at least for me
over the course of this conversation and this is just like I was interested
before now I’m fascinated so if people want to find out more how can they reach
out to you or what’s the best way for them to get a taste of what it is you
can help them with well I mean they can go to my website I do have to warn you
it is in Dutch right now I don’t have an English website yet but they can go to
WWE and they can also come on my Facebook page
again under black or podcast or on my Instagram where you know I share a lot
of tips and tricks about podcasting or they can even join my my podcast Queens
and I’ll Facebook group which is right now also again in Dutch but you know
there’s a translate button exactly they can always you know send me a private
message or DM or whatever if they want my help and they you know they can’t
really find in Dutch on my page so I’m always happy to do it you know I know my
English is you know I we find another your English is incredible thank you
thank you so you know I don’t have a problem with that so if someone else
wants to work with me but they’re afraid that I can’t help them because different
language going to your website in the Chrome browser it automatically
translates oh oh yeah well there you go no barriers there probably will be one
in the future but for now it’s going to be you know because I focus mainly on
Dutch people but I really want to help a lot more women because I feel that a lot
more women need to share their stories and really raise that voice a lot of
people don’t do it but I think it’s time for women to just stand up and actually
say what they want to say and use a podcast to do it so I’m there to help
and if you can get them from like oh what’s a podcast to hey I’ve got a
podcast yeah fabulous absolutely exactly exactly so if anyone has that idea but
they’re still too scared of whatever just come talk to me and I’ll talk you
off the ledge because then you really do have to have to do it yeah it has to be
done well Tyana thank you so much for taking the time today I’m really sorry
we couldn’t actually get the Facebook live streaming as it was but I’m
recordin and I’ll just put this out in the group and yeah and I’m if you don’t
mind I’m gonna drop links to your business and also cannot software that
you’ve mentioned yeah absolutely No thank you very much it was welcome
this was a pleasure and again I’m very much for working into the evening yeah
absolutely not a problem thank you okay so I’ll see you in the group yeah okay
absolutely all right bye – Bye!

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  1. Is podcasting something I could use in MY business?? I provide PC tech support for PC owners. What the potential there??

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