Heckling Like a Brit (feat. Bo Burnham & John Popper) – The Bonfire w/ Big Jay Oakerson & Dan Soder

Heckling Like a Brit (feat. Bo Burnham & John Popper) – The Bonfire w/ Big Jay Oakerson & Dan Soder

– Our weapons are, he has decided to use a bo staff. – That’s good, but like, what are you really
gonna do with a bo staff? – I mean, I can’t believe you’re gonna be challenged on your own
radio show like this. – I start twirling that thing around, it is gonna disturb people. – It’s a baton, like a–
– It’s a deterrent. – It’s like a cheer squad
in a parade or something. (heavy guitar riff) (cracking) – Hey, it’s The Bonfire, Comedy Central Radio, Sirius XM 95. Start doing some shoulder punches, just shut up. I’m Dan Soder, and that stupid hunk of man is Big Jay Oakerson, ugh.
– So sticky. – We are women reborn, on the dawn of seeing
Florence and the Machine. It was a real awakening for us, Lou. I have to say, you missed out. – What did I miss? – Oh, crazy times. I, it should have been
called Period the Musical. – Yeah. (laughing) – It felt like, the way that Florence
ran around the stage, it felt like when one
of your little cousins makes the whole family
watch her sing a song, and they just like, jump around, and you’re like, yay! And she’s like, ahh! And it’s like, you know, kind of, but she also can sing like a motherfucker. – For everything in the world, as you need now a nice hot disclaimer, her voice is amazing. – Yeah. – She’s a great frontwoman, frontperson. – Stage design was cool as shit. – Stage design’s cool, her voice is next level, and her performance is, and what she gives for the fans, – Yeah, fantastic.
– fantastic. – The music’s not my cup of tea. – Yeah, music’s not your, it was fun to watch you at certain points. I knew which moments, I
think I know you well enough that I know which moments
were the eye rolling back in the head where she’s like, I want you to look at everyone, and everyone, we are all loved, and I could just feel Jay’s eyes– I tell you where she’s
coming from the intro, the opening after her first song she goes, we are Florence and the Machine. She goes, you all please
dance with us tonight. – Ugh, yeah, that’s not–
– Ick. – Yeah, I knew that– – Would you guys like to dance with us? – Then I said–
– We were all very excited that we were about to be at a sit concert and then she instructed
everyone to stand up and then 99.8% women that were there, – Yeah.
– all obliged. – I was gonna say, I leaned over to Ari when she said, “we are
Florence and the Machine.” Listen, how cool would it
be if a bird just ran out. (laughing) Everybody’s like, yeah.
– Yeah. – Sober October. Just not gettin’ drunk. You’re like birds! Birds on tour with Florence! That was the machine the whole time! (high pitched mimicking) Is that a bird? – Is that a bird, who? She’s like, she would
hate me, the human being. She shouldn’t, but she would. That’s the overwhelming
feeling I got at that concert when she talked to the crowd. – The part that made us really laugh is there was a part, she was doing a song off of her new album called, “Patricia,” which is dedicated to Patty Smith and she said, “it’s about Patty Smith. “Well the beginning and the ending are. “The middle’s about toxic masculinity.” And so we were like,
me and Ari were joking. We just kicked Jay down the stairs. We were like, sacrifice him! (laughing) We run! You feed on him! Feed on him, he’s a man! A bad man! – Did you hear I do it to you? I always do it to Christie
when she goes, “I like “being in a place where
there’s not toxic masculinity.” – I was like, “suck my dick you bitch. “Make me a sandwich you dumb whore. “Suck my dick.” – That’s right, wearing no shoes. You shouldn’t be out of the kitchen. Just bring a 1950s dad in to a Florence and the Machine concert. – So, to bring up that
moment, what I think the, my grand scheme
problem with the world as it is, stands today,
– Yeah. – is so many people at that concert, including, I believe, Florence herself, would absolutely call
me toxic masculinity, but they’re just aiming their, they put the wrong people in their crosshairs for stuff like that. I’m not in their crosshairs. I’m not popular enough, but– – You’re also at a Florence
and the Machine concert. – Absolutely, but I’m just saying the idea that it’s a room full of people. One of my biggest gripes,
I’ll use this example a lot, is I’m a person that goes, again, dude, we should try having a
broad in the White House. Get a chick in the
fucking White House, man. See how it goes and they go, a chick! A broad! And you’re like, I’m just trying to say the funniest word, man. I’m with you, I’m on your team. – Yeah, yeah.
– But it’s like you have to fight through all that. – It’s like you’re upset at the present even though the present is what you want because you don’t like the wrapping paper. – Absolutely, I want to get into it more. Maybe we can get into
it with our guest, even, – Yeah.
– But our first guest is here. First of two guests we
have today coming in. – Yeah.
– He’s coming into the studio now, very excited to see him. – How are ya’? – People smoking in here? – No.
– No, not on camera. – Not on camera.
– It’s camera day. – When the camera’s cut, you can. – Okay, well I know the camera cut ‘cuz it smells wonderful in here. – Oh yeah.
– Oh, that’s probably us as people.
– Yeah. – Everybody, from Blues Traveler and more notably, ZRock where he played the character of John Popper, (laughing) here’s my buddy John Popper, everyone! (applauding) – Yeah, welcome to The
Bonfire, John Popper. – Good to be here at The Bonfire. – Yeah.
– Just getting warm. – Just warm on up, dude.
– Ah. – You’re on the radio tour today, huh? – Yes, yes, doing the whole, you know– – Is it like you’re running for Senate? – It’s a little like a gang bang. (laughing) – Like a Houston one? – Sort of. – The old school one where
they like put ice packs on her and stuff? – Yeah, will no lube at all, just dry. – A guy in a fucking gas station shirt coming in pantsless. – Somebody who looks a little like guilty but also like gleefully, like dazed. – Yeah, I think that’s who we are in this radio gang bang, ‘cuz we’re the guy that comes in
with his t-shirt still on. We’re like, oh, big fan of your work. – Smell of skin and friction and salt. – Oh yeah, my t-shirt’s on and my dick’s just coming through the pee hole. – Yeah.
– I’m not gonna show you a gunt at a gang bang
with all those abs there. – Oh, let your gunt fly free, come on. (laughing) – I’m gonna old.
– It could be a new sex organ. – I’m starting therapy on Friday, so we’re gonna see if I
can get there actually. – I like that.
– Wait a minute. You’re starting therapy on Friday? – Can you believe it, I know. Yeah, about 15 years late. (laughing) – I would say.
– Most definitely. – Easily 15 years. – Easily 15 years late, absolutely. Dan’s been pushing me for awhile. – I’ve been pushing a lot.
– Finally. – Yeah, I always tell
him go talk to someone. – Yeah.
– He had to take me to see Florence and the Machine last night ’til I realized it was necessary. – I got, you got a lot of stuff there. I got, what’s floating around in you, Jay? He goes, “anger.” – Florence and the Machine will do that to people, though.
– Boy, it sure will. – Yeah.
– I walked out of there, went home and immediately shaved a Hitler mustache into my pubes. It was such a, it was such a celebration of woman in that place. – And her band of therapists, actually. – Yes, at about the seventh song in, there was a, just a procession of dudes just running out of the general admission and it was like seven to one, guys leaving and like a girl behind going,
“but I just wanna watch “one more song.” (laughing) – Ah, there you go. – I hung in there the whole time while Christine danced like a gypsy queen. – Nice! (laughing) – By the way, Jay called something– – That’s why you hung in there. – Jay called something
on the show yesterday. He said whenever Christine
gets into a song– – I didn’t say that. I said how long do you think, what’s the over or under before you look over and
see Christine like this? Hands clasps, not clasped,
like in a praying motion in front of her, just with her mouth open, like half mimicking the songs. – And he just, he nudged, like song two, he just nudges me.
– Like doing a faux Indian dance? Is that what it is? – No.
– I don’t know what to do with my hands, so I hold them there. – Just like the I Dream of Jeanie thing? – Yeah.
– No, it’s more of a pointing you forward
just like she’s trying to shoot her heart beams to the stage. – Ah.
– I’m just trying to accept love.
– Yes. – I was a wiccan ceremony. – When you look out,
when you’re performing and you look out, do you
ever see people dancing in the audience, like
what the fuck is that? – Yes and that’s why I
try never to look out. (laughing) – You have to look over their heads? – Yes.
– That’s what I do when I’m on stage.
– Keep ’em shut. Just keep ’em shut. Just wish ’em into the corn field. (laughs) – Oh yeah, Blue Traveler’s show. I bet you get a nice, weird, just a ginger girl, just rippin’ loose in the middle of a
circle that no one, she’s not really dancin’ to the song itself. – It’s all off rhythm.
– My favorite is from a long time ago, back when people would play, you’d dance at our level. – Yeah.
– We didn’t have a stage yet and there’s
this hip hop guy poppin’ and lockin’ and then (laughing) there’s this hippy chick doin’ her weird ever expanding angles thing and they’d bump into each other. They’ve got their eyes closed and they’re all into their thing and they bump into each
other, oh excuse me, and they’re like so polite. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Pardon me, no pardon me. – Exactly, it was awesome. – Oh, let me forgive you as I robot. – They both broke
character, it was wonderful. (laughing) It was a beautiful moment. – Have you ever seen someone dance and be like, that guy’s in trouble. We need to stop, like he’s fucked up. We need to–
– yeah, I think once or twice I said stop, and
said wait, dude, stop it. Dude, just stop that. (laughing) (claps) – Do you have a spritz bottle, like a cat? – Stop it, stop it! – Do you have ear buds in? What the fuck are you listening to? – The worst is throwin’ harmonicas in the crowd because you
always invariably throw to the tiny little girl–
– Yeah. – The little hippy chick
who already created this idea that she’s like, oh, she’s a little, beautiful hippy chick and two frat guys– (laughing drowns out speaking) her head on each side
with an elbow to get it and you see her go blank
and there’s nothing in that brain going on anymore and she goes down and
dissolves into the crowd and here’s the scary part,
you never see her again. – Oh no.
– Not even a stain on the floor, like where did she go. What happened to her? – That bitch got fuckin’ blood on my co-ed naked LaCrosse shirt. – Ah, dude, that sucks. – Dude, my Jordans are ruined.
– Oh, bro. Dude, I love hooks, so
I fuckin’ elbowed her. I smashed her for the harmonica. – That harmonica, it’s gonna be on the mantle of Phi Beta Kappa. – Right.
– Dude, I killed a woman to get that. (laughing) – It’s from the he-man himself. – Dude man, Whopper threw
it out there, I fuckin’ went elbows to head, run our test. – He goes, you can see that’s
her teeth marks still in it from when I jarred her
when I started playing it. – I swear to God, I’ve had people with a bloody impression of a
harmonica on their forehead and go, dude, I totally
caught one of your harps. – Yeah.
– What a fun instrument that can turn so violent
when you’re just trying to give it away.
– Yes, it’s the throwing star of the performing world. Yeah, it’s The Bonfire,
Comedy Central radio series. XM95, Big Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder. Big John Popper’s gonna
join us back again. – Dan says rippin’ a butt. – He’s rippin’ a butt. He left us, he left the
harmonica in his place though, which is really bad ass. – It’s weird listening to this song and looking at the
harmonica and you’re like, is it gonna wake up? (laughing) Is this thing haunted? – Also joining us in the
studio, his new film Eight Grade is out now that he directed. So cool to watch all these
things happening for him. It’s Bo Burnam joins us in the studio. – Oh.
– Thanks for having me, guys. – We’ve been wanting to
have you on for awhile. – Yeah.
– So, it’s awesome. I’m glad to be here. – Yeah, dude, thanks for coming on, man. You’ve known Jay a long time. – Yeah, since I was seven, 17, right? – 16 or 17.
– ‘Cuz it was before Just For Laughs that year. So many June or May or April. I was there with my, we went to London. – Yeah, we went to London, did the World Stands Up.
– World Stands Up. It was at a festival, what was it? – No, it was a weird, like–
– TV show. – Like a British premium
blend or something. – Okay.
– We get everyone from the world and
they’re mostly Americans. – It was one of those cool things where they send like a camp
out of American comics. – Oh, cool.
– It was weird mishmash. – Yeah.
– Super strange. (laughing) – Did they give you Olympic track suits? ‘Cuz that would have been awesome. – Yeah, just like best of the best. – Yeah, yeah, like the Rider
Cup or something like that. – That would have been awesome. You guys got announced as the team. – But it was us, it
was me, you, Tom Wilson who plays Biff in Back To The Future and actually–
– Hell yeah. – was on a show that I
made a few years later. Jamie Kilstein, Joe Koy who
was just like destruction at that point, probably
still is, but like, – Oh yeah.
– 2007’s show, Koy was just lighting the shit–
– Just murdering. – He was murdering–
– He was knocking all those gross teeth out of
their face with laughter. – One of the funniest moments, Tom Wilson who plays Biff–
– Yeah. – most of his set’s about being Biff and then back in the green room of the show, Joe Koy goes, I’ve
got a pretty fair question. – Oh, incredibly, yeah. – He goes, what’s your
favorite incarnation of Biff that you played? He goes, the west one or
whatever, great question. – Great question.
– And man, he just went ah, come on, man. He closed his thing and
he huffed out of the room. It was like, what did I say? I go, I guess he doesn’t like talking about being Biff offstage. (laughing) – I remember the British tour guy that brought us around, going, “you know “who you look like?” He goes, “you look like a combination “of Biff and like an older actor.” (groans) He was like so, like– (laughing) and I think that came
out on the heels of that. – The dash of desperation. – You look like if you
were another incarnation of Biff but if he was worn down and sad. And he’s like, oh, I was
Biff and he’s like, whoa. – So, I think Joe was coming
off the heels of that. – Yeah.
– Tom’s a good man. – Do you recall, no, he’s a great guy. We got along very well. Did you– – Did you call him butt head at all? – Do you recall my father? – I do recall your father, yeah. – So, you’re 17 when you’re over there. – Yeah, you had to be 17
– He had to be to, yes, he was escorted.
– and I had to have my dad. – So, your dad, what’s that like when you’re getting into the car when you’re going to
tape a show in England and you’re like, dad has to come with you. ‘Cuz I remember like getting
dropped off at school. You’re like, mom, fucking leave me alone. – Yeah, yeah, it’s pretty rough and like, that was the
third or fourth time I’d ever performed live.
– Yeah. – ‘Cuz I’d come from the internet, so there’s some awful, like, it literally, my third or fourth set ever is tapped and on it. It’s like horrifying.
– Yeah. – And you’re 17, fuck, dude. – The way that everyone was pulling for each other, though, it really became like a weird team.
– Yeah. – I remember the songs
that, the Tater Tot. Little Hitler.
– Yeah, yeah. Aged Beautifully.
– And it was– (laughing) – Aged perfectly. – Really, really coincides
with the cultural moment. – Very smart, I thought,
but we, it was like so cheering for everyone. – Yeah, yeah.
– I guess Mitchell did a fuckin’ Prince impression and I stood up like I was
fuckin’ at the Apollo. – Right, yes. – Yeah! – See, that’s what we need more. We need more international
comedic competition. – Yeah, yeah.
– You did really well, though. Do you remember, you completely riffed on the night, it was like beautiful. – Oh, thank you. That was–
– You were like last, I felt, from all of us.
– Yeah. – So you went of final for the Americans? – Yeah.
– Final from the Americans. Big Jay Oakerson. – Do you recall the warmup show? – Yeah.
– This is one of my favorite stories.
– Yes. – The warmup show we
did at the country club? – Yes.
– I told the story on this show before. – I don’t think you have. – But as, I don’t wanna say her name, but there’s a comedian,
we haven’t said her yet so I’m okay with that. This brings up, there’s a female comic – Yeah.
– who in her jokes, she just does a lot of, “what, hmm.” “I said it, who said, what.” I know you know. I go, she, with this warmup
set, like a country club. It was a decent show, though. I remember I wound up
having a pretty good time. She was on, but she didn’t catch ’em. Happens, you know what I mean.
– Yeah. – She didn’t catch the crowd. – Yeah, it happens when you’re in Milton Keynes. (laughing) – Apparently, she doesn’t do a– (laughter drowns out speaker) Welcome to the country club. – It was just a funniest
heckle I’ve ever done with all that, I think when she started getting nervous, there’s
was a bunch of like, it was just an over the top amount of the “huh, what, who said it, I said it.” A guy in the audience, there’s like a hubbub in the audience and one guy gets up, with like,
starts like a quarterback. He’s calming everybody. He’s like, “I’ll say, I got it.” He goes, “excuse me, miss,
who are you talking to?” (laughing) And it was just the most
deflating thing I’ve ever seen, like yaoch. – I mean, the British just cut bone deep. – It’s a long tube ride home rubbing the back of a person, going,
“hey, fuck these, fuck him. “Stupid England.” They don’t even get comedy. – That’s why we revolted.
– Yeah. – Comedy’s an American thing, dude. Where American state of com, America. – Why do you think they
brought us all out here? ‘Cuz they don’t know
how to do it themselves. – Right and she goes, “I
was asking her a question.” – Yeah.
– That’s gotta be so, excuse me, pardon me, who in
the fuck are you talking to? And he goes (sobbing) – Who said what, miss? – I don’t really believe you’re speaking to anyone in general, are you babbling? Are you a crazy person? – I think she’s babbling, she is, she is. – Oh, she’s a crazy. How they do it like fucking Manchester. Just hardware and you’re like, oh, then she went nuts. Dude, that’s gotta be
tough because that’s, there’s some heckles, the worst heckle I ever got was at The Cellar this, it was like probably,
I wanna say, two months after I got past The Cellar. It was Friday night. I was so excited and this girl got up and she saying something to her boyfriend. I go, “oh miss, is there a problem?” She goes, “I saw you two weeks ago. “You’re doing the same jokes.” I went, (hacking) – Oh, my God.
– Fucking stuck me right in the saw blades. – Playing the record backward. – Yeah, I was so (imitates record in rewind) – People got tattoos, fuck. And then S.D. walked in with Bill Maher and they sat and I was just like doing, he was just at The Cellar for some reason. Me and you smoked a
joint right after my set in the stairwell and Bill Maher walked out and he went, “hey, great stuff,” and he walked out and you go, “oh, nothing on mine?” ‘Cuz you hadn’t gone up yet. But that was that night
and I remember that ‘cuz it was such an accurate heckle ‘cuz she was basically, no, the house, she finished it. She goes, “I heard those joke when I “was here two weeks ago,
but go ahead, do ’em.” And I was like, ugh. – You bitch.
– And in front of Bill Maher. The king of turnover. (laughing) It’s like brutal. – He’s got new rules every week. This guy is just coming up with rules. – When was the last
time you performed, Bo, for not your audience, like at all? – Oh, that’s a great question. I mean, I don’t like, – Do you do pop ins? – I do a little bit. I mean, I haven’t really done it in a few years, but I’ll do like Largo and stuff in Los Angeles
but I wouldn’t call that not my audience.
– Right. – John Popper back in the room. Got up and smoked a butt, feeling good. John, Bo Burnahm, Bo Burnahm, John Popper. – Hi, John. John, you were in my
girlfriend’s move, The Meddler. – Yes, that’s right. – The movie, she wrote and directed that. – Oh, that was so awesome. – You were wonderful in it. She really appreciated you being in it. – Thanks a lot, it was really cool. – Yeah.
– That was so fun to get to do.
– He did a set in a ferry.
– Yup, yup. We were in the boat
and it was really cool. Our dog basically intimidated
Susan Sarandon’s dog. – Yes.
– Hell, yeah. That’ll teach that bitch. – Yeah, her dog was really nice and well behaved and our dog was scruffy, little homeless dog. – Yeah and that was a
proper term, Jay, finally. (laughing) Finally, you nailed it. – Okay.
– Two female dogs fighting at each other, you go
and call her a bitch. – Challenge me, feminazis. – Bring it, isolate the audio. Take a run at us. Jay finally had it in context. – Yeah, bring it people. – Take a run at us.
– We were talking about hecklers, like ones that hurt because I was saying a woman got up during one of my sets at the Comedy Cellar and was like, “oh, I heard
these jokes two weeks “ago, but go ahead and tell ’em,” and I just froze up. – Oh, how nice, yeah. – Have you ever been heckled? – I’m starting to do like a solo show where I actually start to get
my little stand up rocks off and the cool part is if
I start to suck, I got a song I can go to, so.
– Yes. (laughing) – Ah, it’s always her.
– Andy and yeah, the thing I get run into is that it’s such a personal little
show that people feel that they can talk. “I loved you since forever.” “And there’s this time, I gotta tell you.” And like, you don’t understand. There’s a bunch of people
standing around waiting for you to tell the story and so it’s hard to shut somebody down who’s
telling you nice thing. – Yes, positive things
are difficult, yeah. – I mentioned something about how like a Quaalude, I talk about this song we do called Champipple which
is a Fred Samford’s drink of ginger ale and ripple and how we wrote a song about it and we were trying to recreate it but the ripple was banned along with Quaalude in
the fuck you act of 1978. – Oh yeah, you learn
something new every day. I learned that.
– Fucking Jimmy Carter and somebody in the audience goes– – Fucking peanut farmer motherfucker. – And somebody goes off about Jimmy Carter for like five minutes, like,
“yeah, he ruined our economy.” And I’m like, Jimmy Carter’s
ex-lover is in the audience and is really upset about
this and you know, I mean, I’m sure he was busy and he would have called. He would have called you back, I’m sure and like, you start going off on that guy and it’s free material. – I do wish, we went to
see that Florence and the Machine show last night. I wish I would have seen her getting a real heckling, it would
have been hilarious. ‘Cuz she’s saying such unhecklable things. – Yeah.
– Unless you’re just an asshole, I wouldn’t
actually do the heckles. I could write them for somebody. – Well, what things was she saying? I bet I could heckle it. – Well, there was a loud technical issue. The microphones went crazy. – Be Florence and Machines
and I’ll heckle you. – This is good. So it went, mmmmmmmmm, and she goes, “does everybody hear that? “I’m always told that’s
just the sound of angels.” – You’re fat! – Yeah! (laughing) You know, it works any time. (laughing) – I’m gonna guess that’s
just a good fast ball. – Yeah.
– It’s just fucking heat down to play.
– It’s right there. – Any girl performer, watch
I’ll do a different heckle for a–
– Pick someone. Christina Aguilera. I’m a genie in a bottle.
– You’re fat. (laughing) – I mean I feel like this is just six. Are you saying it’s the
duct tape from insoles? (laughing) It’s the duct tape, is it. – You’ve aged. You’re showing your age in your face. – Your skin is loose. Loose skin.
– You caused 9/11. – Oh, that’s a tough–
– Total shift. – I guess the question. – Thinking it out.
– Nice job. – I think I gotta go. I’m going to go wash my junk because I’m gonna see you later tonight. – Hell yeah.
– Sick. – John Popper, thank you for coming on. Bringing a new album. – Thanks again.
– Don’t walk out ‘cuz I gotta tell you where to go tonight. – Yeah, Blue, yeah, you
gotta listen to him. Blues Traveler has a new album out. Hurry Up and Hang Around. It’s actually out Friday,
October 12th, so– – Absolutely, check them out.
– Download. – You on tour? – Yes, start out on Friday and keep going until Thanksgiving. – Friday where? – Montclair, New Jersey at the Wilmont. – Yeah. – What time, buddy, I might go. – Oh please, I think we hit
around eight, eight o’clock. – I don’t know if you recall. I always tell the story
of what I’ve learned now as someone who has people asking them for tickets.
– Yeah. – Poor John goes, you wanna
come to my show tonight at the Highline Ballroom? I call him like two hours later, like, yes, I’m bringing 13 people. He’s like, “I’ll do it, man, but that’s “not really a cool request.” I go, “isn’t it?” I’m like boy isn’t it. (laughing) We’ll be right back, it’s The Bonfire. (crackling) – That harmonica was right next to me. Suck my dick, Mr. Wilson. – [Jay] Take it home. (shouting) I have the power! – By the way, take it home. I promise you he’s got 40 on him. (harmonic music) – Boy.
– Man, I didn’t look at his lips. (laughing) – He goes, no, no, no,
there’s coke in it, though. (laughing) – John Popper’s fucking harmonica. What a win! – Take that home, buddy. – It’s The Bonfire, Comedy
Central Radio Series XM95. (crackling) – Give me a little harp on your plugs. (harmonica music) Turn off that, let the amp player her up and I’ll do John Popper. ♪ There Don Soder will be ♪ ♪ At the D.C. Difthouse
in Washington, D.C. ♪ ♪ October 11th through 13th ♪ ♪ Then on Sunday in Maryland ♪ ♪ After that in San Diego. ♪ ♪ American Comedy Company ♪ ♪ October 19th ♪ – Actually, this is an
instrument that you have to play. – I was nailing the John Popper part. (blows harmonica) – You just sounded beautiful. You sound like an angel. (hard rock music) (crackling) (electronic music)

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