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  1. My problem is that i think im too afraid to fail. I always was an A student in subjects i liked. I loved learning so much, i made a small business in high school by getting paid for doing essays, assignments and homework for my fellow students. But i always had a bad habit of procrastinating. Since high school level wasnt that difficult, i got away with writing my essay at 3 in the night and still getting a great grade. But now im in university and an assignment takes weeks of research and more weeks to finish. I do the research soon enough, but for whatever reason i cant get myself to write.
    Exams arent that problematic; i still start too late, but my grades are good enough. Why do i self sabotage?

  2. Love your video! Super motivated and I can tell you are living a healthy peaceful life by seeing your shiny smile and skin!🌟

  3. Hi Sadia, I frankly didn't know your name till this video as I watched many of them in past couple of days. My name is Sadiya and I am glad to find your channel. I am going through a change, a good change and your videos motivate me in the process. I usually don't write comments, but you're amazing. 😊❤️

  4. 1. Setting the #1 priority
    2. Listening to audiobooks
    3. Creating a ritual
    4. Using the matrix
    5. Starting strong
    6. Creating a system
    7. Taking breaks
    8. Honouring accomplishments
    9. Defining your why

  5. You are such a beautiful person from the outside as well as from the inside <3 Thank you for your channel. It is my favourite.

  6. Just discovered your chanel! I don't easily get motivated, but this inspired & got me on the go ao fast! Thank you Sadia 🍓

  7. Could you make your PDF fillable for all of us nomads who don't have printers or whiteboards? <3
    PS: there is a spelling mistake on your PDF: Honoring not Honouring 🙂

  8. Watching this for the first time and you now have 1 million more subscribers than you were talking about at the beginning 😍💕

  9. You are purest soul so beautiful person from heart i cant stop myself appreciating you! You are wonderful awesome supb cool love u

  10. something wrong with the audiobook link you have provided…iv tried 10000 times to get in but always shows some fault..

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  12. I would love for you to have your own podcasts! I love all your contents and would love to hear your views while doing something else💛

  13. There is something about your voice, your appearance, the background music and how your videos are made – it is incredibly soothing. A minute into the video and I feel so calm. And I am a productivity junkie, and I watch a lot of videos, but there is something about your videos that others don't have 🙂 Keep up the great work! I see you were finding it hard to believe you had 500k subscribers and now you have 1.6M. You deserve it!

  14. Thank you for you work. Love every single video that you've made, they have added so much value to my life! Lots of love and hugs

  15. The pictures speak of what directs the mood. Like a warm touch in a voice that drives the curious in you. Beautiful presentation of plates in with food.

  16. 0:33 I love procrastinating to watching yt video
    Me: thats definitely what am I doing rn
    8:00 Another words, Get out of YT
    Me: 😂😂

  17. because of u, i've literally started having a more productive and valueable life … keep on uploading for us:)😊

  18. Hey Sadia ,
    Your YouTube channel is amazing and highly motivating, most of all, it is my positivity magnet – helps me stay positive at all times! I'm just trying to vegan, and your recipes are my go-to. I know your channel is not for hauls, but can you post a video of your clothes shopping or post a link to where you buy clothes ?
    Thanks and love from India ❤️

  19. When i watch your videos it makes me full of peace and love
    It makes me ready to meditate, eat healthy food because of you i start to have a healthy routine
    Sadia you deserve all the respect and support ♥️♥️
    Watching u from Kuwait 💜

  20. Lovely content, but fits to a small amount of ppl, who have no kids or someone to talk care of …basically it is a neoliberal discourse

  21. Love your motivational videos so much! I always watch it if I wanna switch on my productive mode after a long break 😊🤗 thank you 💕

  22. Was Watching you video while drinking water
    And when you said, imagine you have chemistry test after 2 days.
    Damn i split the water..cz shitt u rememberd me that i actually have an chemistry exam after 2days

  23. Yeah I used that time table format of high urgency and importance . I really get lot of positive vibes from you.:)love from India .

  24. I how to be more Charming so much that you can instantly make friends with anyone, read your post about Robin that post makes me feel like he must be a charming person who can easily be friends with anyone he wants to and can bond very well.

  25. The advice that you give are so wise to learn that it makes me feel good watching video after a video from you

  26. Hello sadia❤️
    What are you? Seriously you are incredibly inspiring, warm, generous and a fairy of my life🤩❤️ I feel so blessed to come across your videos! After few weeks of depressed lifestyle your videos helped me to knw the worth of real me❤️ I have started following your ways of leading a simple life by owning my mornings ❤️ started feeling thankful for who I am and started to focus on core reason y am I here? Serving gives happiness! Hence started to find ways where I can contribute several small stuffs to our community where we live. Switched to listening podcast and audio books instead of old repeated songs. Suddenly I have started viewing things in different perspectives in a positive view. Thanks for being you! And thanks for born in my generation😌😉🤗 keep going!! Keep rocking😘💃 lots and lots of love frm india❤️

  27. Watching this on 2019, almost 2 years after, i see your hapiness on getting to 500k so cute, seeing that now you are over 1.8M subs. Consistent work right there. KUDOS!

  28. The quality of your videos are indescribable. Hope you becoming more famous won’t affect this quality. Please keep it up

  29. Woow this helped a lot! BTW can anyone help me out with this one problem? I have to share my desk with an annoying little sister in basically the busiest room. Its very distracting, and no can't move my table. ..

  30. Wow, I came here for some recipes and a minute later this video blew my mind!!! Instant like, subscribe, bell icon – please keep up this wonderful series of high quality content! Thanks

  31. I watched your video yesterday and downloaded the productivity guide and I have started using it and OMG it has made such a huge difference and I am blasting through list like never before.So thank you and I have subbed to your channel and look forward to learning much more from you Thank you again.

  32. Tbh I’ve become much more optimistic about life after watching your videos. I’ve also learned a lot about nutrition and I’m thinking about going vegan. And it only happened in a week (forgive me I’m a new follower:p). I’ve been eating two meals out of three vegan for a week now, and all my snacks are vegan🌱I’m planning to stay like this for another week, and then try to go all vegan for a week, just to see how my progress would be and make adjustments if necessary.

  33. I love your video’s, and have just now had a niece show me how to give you a thumbs up, and how to print the guide. I have been watching you for at least 2 years if not longer. I find your material so positive, and practical. Thank you so much for everything. 🙂

  34. I want to be productive so I have more time for myself.
    I use to push tasks away I really need to do: laundry, wash the dishes and so on.
    That's why I am stressed out often.
    I know if I take at least 30 Minutes a days to do some of these things I would have more time on my own.
    I also have to prepare my desk, breakfast and things like that since I have less time throughout the day.

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