Headphones with Boom or Pro7 style Headsets? Ham Radio Opinions Wanted

Headphones with Boom or Pro7 style Headsets? Ham Radio Opinions Wanted

I want to talk about headsets and in fact James and I’ve
just talking about this the other day so I’ve got this here now I don’t like
these I don’t even like saying that because they look so nice I just don’t
like them I don’t know what it is did I put these little material pads on yeah I
think I did maybe it’s better without the material pads it feels like it’s the
wrong sized hat still remain it just it feels like it would just come off oh he
would it’s wrong and if it was any tighter because the axiom on the higher
heel website they say you can open the band by by doing this so I did that
otherwise it pushed the ear so hard that you know don’t get me wrong it’s nice
wearing a headset but you’re forced into using a headset all the time so when I’m
live streaming down the shack down the farm you’ll notice you’ll notice that I
wear a very light pair of headphones that’s these here so these are Bose
headphones now Bose used to be a great audio company isn’t it but I mean it’s
lost its way it’s gone super consumer Wireless noise cancelling all that
baloney you know it’s for iPhones and galaxies
and stuff like that but I I what were these called anyway I don’t know there’s
gonna be a model number in here somewhere
I can’t see you I bought the pads the spare pads see I can wear them all day
long super lightweight tiny bit of pressure
there’s a very little headband and it and they do two things you see I
can even use them from a computer order radio because on the pile site for
instance the little speakers that can come with this here it says that you
know the transducers are specially tailored for you know communication so
whereas the he’s right are full range headphones only probably from about 70
80 Hertz up and your radio how if you’re listening on SSB is probably between 300
and 300 3000 Hertz so you don’t need specially tuned headset surely if you’ve
only got between 300 and 3000 that’s coming out your radio you don’t need to
tune the speakers as well and then make them extra heavy oh no I’m not having a
go at pop all right Joey’s a nice man just feel it’s a
mistake purchase okay so let’s just move on
I’ve still got a problem there I would really like a headset with a microphone
but on the other hand I also love using a boom microphone and a headset the
reason being is you can take your headset off and you can still operate
but if you’ve only got a headset with a mic then you always need to sort of
climb into your hat hmm so with that in mind I’ll just go through a couple other
headphones that I quite like so I’ve just acquired from Sennheiser they’re HD
380 Pro from a secret insider in Sennheiser you see when I first put
these on I thought oh no I’m going to end up with a higher heel aisle
problem again because there the tension is really quite strong there’s no way of
adjusting that tension either okay but they fold into some little package
Chuck not really and goes into a tiny little box really
handy if you’re on the move and you need some very high quality closed headphones
but what I can tell you where these are on is that the isolation is immense and
they fit over the whole ear so the whole of my ear enough as you get older your
ears apparently growth goes inside this this hole so in fact it’s not like the
pro sevens it really fits snugly and I can just I can tell you the other thing
is the quality of honor like a high five you know stereo stereo for full range is
fantastic better than all the other stuff I’ve got so I’m becoming a bit of
a sennheiser free and there’s a story starting off about that
I’ll finish within a minute luxury of having this Bayer dynamic DT seven seven
zero M now the M means it doesn’t have a bass port so the these also seal
probably one two three one two three three 6 DB more isolation in these I
think but these are designed oh yeah these are designed for front-of-house
headphones drummers use them I use them so when I’m drumming the hell out of
that I can hardly hear my drunk it what I do here is the mix coming out and mix
easy but I want nice got little volume switch as well which the Sennheiser’s
don’t so cut long story short and you might
have an opinion on this and the other thing is that I’ve discovered so I’ll
just go through these here so that’s on the screen here that’s the HD 380 Pro
yeah that’s what I’ve got the pros I’ll come to that tab in a minute the bear
dynamic DT seven seven zero M is the important one if you want the real
isolation so the Sennheiser’s are not that one
how much do they look for this the pro gotta click a button here
out of stock oh I don’t know 125 pounds hundred and fifty dollars I don’t know
there’s seven seven zeros are maybe the same ish price I can’t recommend the pro
sevens I find them a huge amount of money and I don’t know what you’re
getting other than the brand very heavy I take him on holiday because they’re
the only things I’ve got I don’t know oh and it’s got the phase reversal switch
yeah it’s quite interesting does it pull a copy out no it’s got a detachable
headset sewed the Sennheiser this is detachable as well it just comes
out which is pretty cool then we’ve got I was trying to find something bose
style it’s all wireless we don’t want Wireless would be that would be a cool
purchase wouldn’t it the aviation headset
I wonder how what the spec of that is could we get that to work in amateur
radio very cool very cool but thousand plus dollars yeah and then
I was looking for really cheap and cheerful stuff for 14 pounds there’s
this little stereo multimedia headset with microphone so this comes with two three and a half mil jacks now you could
buy something like this off hile he’ll this is the Kenwood official adapter and
you get a three and a half mil mono for the microphone you get a quarter inch
well six point wherever it is so you see the buy little adapter and use a really
cheap headset and I think that’s something we ought to try so
vote on that one if you want me to try a really cheap headset live on the radio
and then we’ll do some blind tests the only thing is it might be a little
popping sound on the microphone but this one comes with a little foam pop
microphone thing I’ve got it’s basically one of these isn’t it but this is a USB
so in this here is a little sound card it in there now we don’t what little
sound card now I just want a couple of three and a half mil Jack’s headphone
stereo headphones because y’all want vfo a and VF oh baby then we want three and
a half mil jack for the mic but these I mean these are falling apart but they’re
plastic and they’re cheap as chips and I could probably wear them forever as well
to be honest actually maybe not these I don’t like thinking about it they’re my
favorites if you want to treat yourself for Christmas HD 380 pros I can honestly
recommend as a beautiful fit by the way my ears are slightly higher on my head
than most people I’m convinced because I’ve always got to go to mix maximum
comfort you know this business I like got a child’s head so the amount of
extension they give you now if I did that this thing is I mean how big a head
you want my head is on the small side but at least Sennheiser recognized that
and I’ve got a little bit of there we are about a quarter of an inch half an
inch each side to make it balanced whereas to hyal I’m on the maximum
compression if you know I mean I can’t make that any smaller and even so I’m
they hang too low on my ears I’ll measure my head if you like and if your
head from ear hole to ear holes bigger than mine you’ll know the pro sevens
will fit but you may be you’re only buying them for the look
because I think we ought to try these the H MD 300 Pro broadcast headset now
when I was I was the stage manager for big show in London once Capital Radio
Awards we had all these big stars and I was walking around with a notepad and
one of these headsets will have push-to-talk on it and you know Kalin
where are you had to go and get Joe well one of the girls from the Spice Girls ah
the little one Mariah Carey to guide her to the stage but anyway there it was a
really nice headset I wore it all day and it didn’t I can’t wear this ham
radio stuff all day we’re missing a trick somewhere this here is designed to
be worn all day by people behind cameras and everything else when you look at the
spec the spec is fine I think it’s equivalent it’s like an HD 380 pro
headset with a microphone when you look at the spec of the microphone it’s 80 to
16,000 Hertz it’s fine because your radio and they transmit the bit that it
can anyway and most of these new radio got a bit of a graphic you don’t need a
higher hang on a minute you don’t need a higher headset and that is tuned you
know with a bump at 2.5 kilohertz or whatever else you could do that on your
radio and reality is if you listen to my live stream the quality of all the
different audio that comes through from the other end is so varied I really
couldn’t give us staff so what am I currently using I’m using a studio
microphone at the moment and in fact using the narrow element on the hyal
last Saturday morning I was getting complaints it was too thin so I think
most of modern transmitters will just take a nice big fat wide regular
anything anything like for instance so that’s interesting this
is a assur sm58 to a penny hundred pounds professional reading our sound
actually so we will try that live as well because that is a you know you can
drop that from a thousand feet it would break no but you know these are these
have been in flight cases and they come out batch and they used every night so
we’re at the professional end there we’re not just making a load of money
for somebody who’s selling this staff they it looks nice but it doesn’t quite
work if you know what I mean yeah we did some of this didn’t we their microphones
about get over a year ago now so it’s about time we did we did more you know
every microphone we can find and and have some fun on the radio I think it’s
the it’s the point now we need to actually drive them all through a radio
you don’t need a concept to condense some I mean that’s a dynamic microphone
this one here we could drive that one straight into a rig all this stuff we
can drive straight into a rig and I think you find most people on the other
end wouldn’t have a bloomin clue the difference between a thousand dollar
microphone and a ten dollar microphone promise you three hundred to three
thousand Hertz SSP is basically not quite as good as a telephone come on
anyway I’m interested in your thoughts what you use are using a boom microphone
or using a headset were you just using a push-to-talk and by the way a lot of
people so what boon do you use yes this is a NORTHCOM boom but I got sent this
you remember for free by North come to review it and I wouldn’t do that again
you know if you can’t move it around it’s very nice then we rock fantastic
but I use a bass drum microphone stand it’s very heavy on its base and I can
sit it next to the monitor I can extend it quite far
and I can just move it out the way you don’t need all a contraption with the
Springs and everything okay might look nice but it’s a waste of
plumbing time promise you in my opinion $20 you can get yourself 20 pounds while
having a really nice heavy bass bass drum microphone stand it is and it will
just come along because I’ve used all the ones with the sprees the higher side
sound one I used to honor them once and it’s just bashed metal chaps
it really is bashed metal thing fell apart the screw thing that she broke
threw it away this Bob Hale seizes he could send me another one to test it but
there we go that’s it oh they’ll come back we’ll revisit this when we get
these HMT 300 pros then I think we should tease test some super cheap stuff
let’s get a few microphones on the radio let’s see what it sounds like so we do
that next and your experiences in this department be great in the comments ok
so my name’s Callum all the rest a great week a very good day!

100 thoughts on “Headphones with Boom or Pro7 style Headsets? Ham Radio Opinions Wanted

  1. I'm usually using AKG HSC-171 heasdet on the base station, condencer mic works great with icom trancievers, highly recomended.

  2. my favorite headset for listening to music for sound quality, lightness, etc is the akg q701 reference headphone. This is an open headset so I get feedback trying to use it with a mic on ham radio. But wow the comfort of wearing you forget that they are on. At a radio station I used to work out all the djs used cheap Sony headphones https://www.ebay.com/p/Sony-MDR-7506-Headband-Headphones-Black/114493459 they were comfortable, cheap, and took a beating being thrown into a radio van for live remotes. This one looks to be more expensive than I paid was around 39.99 if I remember correctly. Maybe not his exact model but it looks similar. Kenwood makes a nice looking headset im leaning toward for ham radio but would like to try before I buy. Might have to make a rip to ham radio outlet to put on my head and see. 75.00 https://www.hamradio.com/detail.cfm?pid=H0-000270

  3. Cheap and cheerful = Yamaha CM500 headset with boom mic. $59 on Amazon. Has two leads terminated in 3.5mm jacks. I use a splitter that separates the ring from the tip, then plug in either a hand switch or foot switch for keying the radio.

    They are lightweight and tough. I've beat mine around in a backpack doing portable operations for over a year without issue.

    Also get quite a few unsolicited "great sounding audio" reports. I think it has an electret mic element and comes with a foam cover (pop filter).

    They fit nicely and are comfortable enough to wear for long hours and do a decent job of noise isolation. Although not nearly as good as Sennheiser"s isolation…. but good enough at a fraction of the cost. de WØFW

  4. Great topic. I find its a question of patience matching the right gear together. I have tested a "Pound land" PC headset and found they gave clear audio. I currently run a modified handset using an electret Mic insert from China costing 10p.. I regularly get comments of very nice audio. It shocks them when I say it's built using a 10p insert LOL. We all know quality audio is as important as a good antenna.. shame some Italian stations don't know that.. LOL 73 2e0vov

  5. Greetings Cal,
    I would like to recommed you have a peek at the "New Model" Aphex Aural Exciter on the web. In an A/B comparison I could hear a significant improvement in speech intelligibility even on my Android phone speaker (YouTube Demo). This is a 2-ch unit where the radio Mic. in & receive out signals could both be optimized for clarity for whatever mic/recieve transducer used. Maybe you can leverage your reviewer's magic & one would appear at your worshop for evaluation. It's quite an interesting piece of gear for about $345.
    Jim J
    S.W. Fl

  6. Cal, please try the cheap and brilliantly performing Koss SB 40 and SB 45 headsets, you won't be disappointed, I won't use anything else. The 40s are dynamic and the 45s electret. 30 quidish online and ebay or so, comfortable even in long contest hours, bright and punchy communication audio from a cheap comfortable pc headset, audio technica do well also, but more bulky and more expensive for very little gain if any, every heil headset ive had have been very uncomfortable and/or fallen to pieces! cheers mate, M0MJA

  7. A set of Kenwood HS5 headphones and a kenwood MC60 mic would be cheaper than the headset and more comfortable to use. Heil gear is way overpriced for what it is, to be honest.

  8. Hi Cal – interesting topic – its amazing how much hard earnt is spent getting that extra mile when as other have said getting the basics right is forgotten all too quickly.15" from ear to ear but my radars are slightly smaller !!!! I do have a set of Pro7 but they came from a well known auction site as busted spares or repair – cut the naff jack plugs off and put some quality on and away we go. Ideal for a couple of hours with the house QRM but no longer, just too heavy and bulky but not worth the £220 retail – why do we favour the aviation heavy duty style headsets or is it just me?My go to favourite is a Heil 781 on a heavy desk stand with HH ptt and a loyal set of Kenwood HS5's.I do agree with others that gaming headsets need a serious case of looking at – No1 son has a set surgically attached and they get more hammer than I would ever treat my ham gear, sorry, amateur gear. A set of Hyperx Cloud stingers – specs look ideal and they are on 3.5mm jacks so he could be loosing them one day……Keep up the good work sirDavyG1LVH

  9. I use a cheap and cheerful Digitus headset with boom mike although I don't connect that but use my fist mike. It is fairly comfortable for cheep.

  10. There are a few mics that are good and cheap for podcasts bm800 here https://m.gearbest.com/speakers/pp_193557.html?wid=1433363&currency=GBP&vip=16688800&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIp9zUru3y3gIVhpPtCh11IgrkEAQYASABEgINW_D_BwE wonder how that would be? It is dirt cheap. Headphones are bit of a pain I have same problem small head and ears squished or they fall off like you. And agree stop bloody wireless stuff. I got one set that are ok still to find a set that fit nice and don’t hurt after 30mins. Great video cool idea to review mics and headsets

  11. I use Sennheisser exclusively, great comfort and excellent sound reproduction. Microphones here are homebrew electret condenser types, They are not pretty but get great reports. (Check my QRZ page) I wonder if you have considered gaming headsets, apparently they are worth looking at. You are absolutely bang on, we are only using 3kHz audio bandwidth, so any mic/speaker combo with around the right impedance will work. As an aside I highly recommend a footswitch for trample to talk!!

  12. Hi Cal just setting up my shack at my QTH and would love to see a review on budget mics, stands for same plus how to set up a foot peddle and head set combo so I can make up my mind what is best for me. plus a review of budget head set and mic combos as with most hams I have to go lo cost with everything and a review would let me know the best budget buys, cheers Cal keep up the great work mate love watching your vids as you don't take yourself to serious when on air. plus have you a date when you are going to show the 2019 speck DX Commander all bander yet

  13. I bought recently a ftdx 1200 and then I decided to get a MD200 and an YH77. So I didn’t want to “test” or buy third parties products, but something developed by the manufacturer thinking (at least, I hope to) to work as best as possible with his radio. Headset has been a surprise: comfortable, light and pretty loud. Something that can be used all day long (I personally don’t like headsets in general, because of my 👨‍🦲 and pain due to the rod). But it costed money. So, for me, yes, first some tests of cheaper products: there might be some interesting things.

  14. Hi Cal, I have a Pro7 and use it with my IC7300. After about a year of heavy use, I can say that they are a bit better than just OK, but not great. Received audio is so and so, especially on CW which is it’s weak point. I find the phase reversal switch a load of BS, it has never helped me copy anything better. I think Bob goes a bit overboard with the midrange articulation freq bump argument and the bell labs research from the 30s as I find that cheaper full range headsets sound better. As far as the mic, after trying every configuration there is, I was not able to produce better, cleaner audio than the stock icom hand mic, which is absolutely excellent, but the Pro7 still sounds pretty good on air. However I do find that the Pro7 is very comfortable to wear for hours on end and encapsulates my ears fully (with absolutely excellent isolation). I have been able to achieve this only by using the GEL ear cuffs not the fabric ones. So I recommend that you swap out the fabric with the GEL ones and try again, perhaps they will fit better.

  15. Hi Cal, I'v got a suggestion for a pair of headphones, the Sony 7506.. They are used in the Broadcast industry and they are not very expensive. Around $99 USD.. Have a look https://www.bswusa.com/Headphones-Sony-7506-P5392.aspx thank you for your excelent videos.. 🙂 cheers from KK4MMM

  16. Gday Mate, The Bose Aviator headset is just fantastic and are used by airline pilots and Military fixed wing And rotary wing aircraft. These Bose are ball breakers and will last your Ham career! 73z Richard vk2ual

  17. I used to use a headset from Maplin and replaced the dynamic mic with an electret insert … worked brill cost me a tenner 😂😂 as amateurs we are constantly ripped off as its a niche market … the Beeb used to use senheiser headphone and i loved mine but as ive got older my ears aren’t that good so i fnd £30 sets just as good now 😎

  18. Cal, I am using the Sure SM 58 with an adapter cable into my Icom 7300. I get nothing but good reports on my audio. I had the Sure on hand from other projects and gave it a try with the Icom. Like you, I prefer a separate boom mike and headphones. I'll be interested in your headphone recommendation. 73

  19. I use a RadioSport headset without a boom. I did have to remove the ear pad cloth like you have on yours. It was very uncomfortable. Much better with them off. My microphone is a Heil iCM on a boom. Like you mentioned, I did not want the mic tied to the headset because I don't always want to use the headset but it sure does help pull out the weaker stations and the RadioSport has great noise isolation. It is heavier like the Heil Pro 7 though.

  20. The Hiel Pro 7 is based off David Clark Headsets which you will find at every airport both commercial and military. Lots of fire and EMS will also use them.
    They are built last and are supported in parts and customer service. You can literally build a David Clark headset from the parts available on their web site.
    They also sell microphones to swap out of the headset for different needs. I bought a new old stock H4230 on ebay for about $120us and I love them for what they are. My favorite headphones for the shack are JVC Gummy ear buds. You don't know you have them on and they sound great! The XL doesn't even know you bought them! At just about a couple hundred pennies they fly under the radar or you can just clean out the sofa and car to cover the cost. Best part about ear buds is they don't make your head/ears hot. FYI PC headphone have high impedance and need a DC bias I believe. You can hook them to a PC and pass through via USB to your rig if equipped. I use a Behringer Ultravoice Xm8500 mic on a cheap amazon boom and love it.

  21. Heil Pr-781 Boom with Heil PSE3 headsets in the shack and Heil Pse6 Headsets in the field. Happy with the heil product, but I have a large head… although I have had the opportunity to use some radiosport stuff and it is really good as well. Looking forward to the experiments.

  22. Thanks for making this video, I really could use some headphones with a mic so I can operate when the good lady is asleep. I have been rather shocked by the price of radio related headsets though (is that not the same for a lot of radio related gear?) which is why I haven't bought a set like the Heil, and youre right they look gorgeous. I also have a relatively large bonce so I'm always reluctant to buy anything without trying them first and that's easier said than done. Ill just find a way to use my PC gaming headset I think for now.

  23. Great points. YOu are on the spot. No one unable to diffrentiate cheap and expensive microphone, at listener side.

    But, it will make significant differences if we add audio gears or sound processing in the chain. That's what ESSB for. 🙂

    I am a 'IEMs' person, and have several IEMs with price range within USB 5 – 500. Previously I have 'vintage' supra aural headphones, the Sony MDr-CD3000 which I use to monitor/listening to audio/music.

    For microphones, I only have the IcoM IC-7300 stock handheld PTTmicrophone and USB dynamic microphone Audio TEchnica AT2005USB. THe stock PPThandheld microphone is good and has 'mid high' sound characteristic, and AT2005USB has 'low mid' sound characteristic.

    Here, around South East Asia, there are several hams like to TX on ESSB with 5kHz bandwitdh. and with some sound characteristics. Most of them are base havy, and some with very heavy bass, with no mid and high, just like listening to sub woofer only.

    I use PSB E4MU hybrid IEMs for monitoring, I did tried my son's USB gaming headsets, but, not my cup of tea

    My AT2005USB microphone is on desk stand, and the position is perfect for me. Just like sound isolation of IEMs, the dynamic microphone also provides sound 'isolations' too, because it is less sensitive to surroundings sound/noise.

    Finally, IMHO, if we want to 'make' better sound, just do the sound processing. Modern rig already have basic sound processing such as, compressor and EQ So, by tweaking it, we can have diffrent sound characteristic to play with.

    Thank you for sharing your thought.

    Bahathir, 9W2GNU, 73..
    . :). 🙂

  24. Hi Cal! Great video. I am using a cheap pair of Headphones that kids use at school and they work great. Hamilton Buhl SC-7V $10.99 on Amazon, they work fine with my little radio and Yaesu MH-31 hand mike.
    Thank you.
    a a

  25. Hey Callum. I'd like to see the cheap headsets shoot out. I bought a headset at a hamfest for 40 dollars that sells around 80. The guy that sold it to me said it was a good headset ( and it is) but it hurt his head when he used it for more than two hours. He runs a special station for Route 66 Contest. It runs for eight days. Two hours just won't cutie. He got something from Heil and he loves it. The cost on those headsets is $160.00. I know That's not a lot when talking radio but that some cash to me. I could have a great weekend with that. Anyway, love your videos. Keep them coming. You can count on a thumbs up from me.

  26. Not a big fan of headsets period. I do have a Logitech headset if needed. I prefer my EV studio monitors ( which is why I've been banished to the shop)and my mxl 990 studio mic on a home made swing arm going through a Euroback equalizer. (musicians friend). I get good reviews and didn't spend a fortune. It boils down to "communications quality" YUK! or audio quality. I prefer the later. cheers and 73

  27. I've tried Bose equipment from headphones to live PA in a rock band setting. I just can't understand why they are so hyped. They remove much of the warmth from sound and tend to make music sound artificial. My favorite headphones are Sennheiser because they are balanced across the sound spectrum and I can hear my Bass very distinctly in the mix. Same for voice. I also like their microphones for the same reason. For ham use where the spectrum is narrow, they still manage to produce a warmer signal. JMHO.

  28. Callum, if you have a chance, try the pro7 without that cloth covering on the ears. I find that they squish my ears with it on. But without them, my ears fit right in and the soft shiny pads mold right around my glasses. I've tried to so many headset but settled on the pro7. 73!

  29. I have been waiting for someone to do this. I do not think heil products are worth the money. I saw a review on the construction of one of the heil microphones. It made up my mind never to buy one.
    I would like to see what could be done on a budget. I feel there are better choices. Callum i like vintage also.. with the emphasis on inexpensive (Cheap)…

  30. I have 3 or 4 telex 750s from my aviation career. I am going to our clubs kit building and troubleshooting session and try to convert one for my Icom 7300 . I also found a PTT and an 8 pin female plug. It is a lightweight headset and was preferred in business jets and a set was included along with hand mikes with new aircraft. Your Heil looks like a replication of the David Clark aviation headset I have used in turboprop and piston twins ,they felt like a clamp on your head when new. It's a fine headset but that came to mind when I noticed it in your shack the first time. The Heil would be fine in my opinion if you allowed someone to practice on your drums while you were QSOing on 40 meters. But I would prefer the lighter version like my Telex.

  31. As a ham, pilot and audio engineer, I recommend an aviation headset. They too are designed to be worn for long periods, though there are some that will squeeze your head to death. I prefer them because they have noise cancelling microphones, which are really nice for those running EQ and compression. I also like to have some noise isolation, for which the type I use provides both passive and active noise reduction. http://www.marvgolden.com/flightcom-venture-v50-anr-stereo-headset.html the average price range is $250-$300. No matter what headset you use, I always recommend a good windscreen on the mic. I can’t stand popping P’s and breath noise (blowing sounds). Not all mic windscreens are functional, so some cut up hosiery or the like may need to be added to get it functional.

    Heil (Hi-el) has various elements with different enhancements. If you’re getting complaints on thinness, you may have a DX’ing element. This link may help get your rigs TX audio tuned… https://heilsound.com/heil-amateur-radio/support/dsp-settings/all-things-icom/

    When I’m operating remote from my iPhone, I use the JBL Reflect Contour2 Bluetooth headset. The mic pics up everything, but everyone I have asked says the audio sounds just fine.

  32. I've been quite happy with my Heil HM-12, which is pretty much their cheapest mic along with their low priced boom and shock mount. I can usually cut through a pileup with relative ease. I use some old headphones from the 1970's which I had from my stereo. I might shell out for some newer and lighter ones, but I agree that the bandwidth used is quite narrow. Thanks a lot for another great video, Callum! 73 from Nova Scotia, Canada!

  33. I’ve been using a Heil Pro-7 Headset for a couple of years now, and I absolutely Love them!
    All other Sound is Totally Blocked-out so the Only thing you Hear are the Stations that you’re trying to Pull Out of the Radio!
    I Wouldn’t Trade them for Anything!
    I’ve heard that “Some” People find them “Restrictive”, which, I agree, they seemed to be when I first purchased mine…
    However, Once you “Catch” that “Faint” Signal that you just could NOT Hear when using a Speaker, be it the Radio’s, or an External Speaker, I found that they were Well Worth the Adjustment period!

  34. I’d Really like an Opportunity to Talk with you! If you’d be so kind and send me Your Phone Number via my email, I’d like to be able to Call You! My email is: [email protected] I’ll look forward to receiving an email from you!
    I DO Enjoy your UTUBE Presentations and would like to Invite you to give our Local Radio Club a Presentation via SKYPE Perhaps in May of 2019!

  35. I use a David Clarke H10 13.4 gel aviation headset. Nothing beats them for comfort and quality sound. They are world class and a true piece of kit. You can wear them for hours.

    Here's the problem : You can't adapt them for use with an amateur radio. The impedance is wrong and they need power from the radio or bus behind the dash to drive them.

    I've contacted DC and they don't have an adaptor or retro-kit to help either.

    If DC got off their behind and adapted the H10 13.4 Gel headset for amateur use they would kill off all the competitors.

    The best of British luck with your search good Sir. I just hope the CEO of DC reads this comment….

  36. Another vote for the Yamaha CM-500 headset. Not as much isolation as the Pro 7, but infinitely more comfortable on my head and lots of unsolicited compliments on my audio. We bought three sets for the rigs at our club for less than a single Pro 7. 73 from W5CMM.

  37. Theres a set a bit like the heil ones but it's £50 that gets good reviews, the only problem is it's the Kenwood 2 pin plug, I might look into making an adapter so I can use it with my yaesu

  38. I use 2 paper cups, much cheaper, lightweight and you can have the piece of string as long as you like…., I sell sets for £39.88p…

  39. I presently use a boom mic and footswitch ptt because I prefer having both hands free. I have been investigating the whole headset thing, and agree with most of your observations.
    The best results so far have come from a cheapie supermarket set for computer use (I bought originally for Skype).
    However I'm thinking now that the best avenue should be an aviation headset, designed for use in a noisy environment and worn for long periods and if you believe that it matters they have a response tailored to clear communication.
    Price is (for me) an issue but they frequently appear on ebay for around £50 – £80.

    That's my four penny worth!

    Tim M6TYH

  40. I tried the Heil headsets at Dayton many times but they felt cheap (like plastic) compared to my Bose Quiet Comfort sets and the spring tension on the Heil was too tight. Otherwise I would have bought a pair. I now wear hearing aids and the Bose fit over the whole hearing aid and quite quietly (no feed back). The newer Bose noise cancelling headphones can be used as a plain set of ear phones or with the noise cancelling on or off (switchable). My old set had to have the noise cancelling on all the time.

    Dave K8WPE

  41. I'm interested in setting up a boom mic on my old rig but don't really know how to go about it. It's got no bells and whistles, just a standard CB microphone plug on the front. (its a yaesu FT 707)

  42. unless Bob Heil see's this he can send me another one to test it hahahahaha comedy gold that Cal, nearly chocked on my cup of tea it's all com out my nose hahaha, great video though Cal you just tell it like it is, a spades a spade, you can sell any shite for a premium when you just put Ham Radio on it, 73's Cal M3WUN

  43. I have the Heil ProSet Elite for my IC 7300. The cups are adjusted out about 1 1/4" out each side and I had to stretch the top band as it really squeezed my head (which is on the large size) I usually use the mic on it when out portable, but have a BM800 on a boom at home in the shack. The cups fit right around my ears to cut out outside sound.

  44. Different strokes for different folks everyone is a little different that why so many is on the market love your videos 73s kn4kbn

  45. I use a boom mike with a cheap electret mike and a footswitch. I also use cheap GHP04BT blueteeth headphones, I use those because I always forget to unplug myself when I move away from the wireless. No more rig on the floor.

  46. Hi Callum… I use Beyer DT100 studio cans. I wore them for years as a sound engineer and I'm just used to them. 73 de Malc.

  47. Another great vid Callum. I have a couple of SM58's I use on stage (super stage mikes) I would be very interested to see how they work as a radio mike…also a review of cheap headsets would be interesting. I use a cheap (ebay) headset on my PC for skype conference calls and it's light and comfy and fine for voice… There's a world of difference from voice only to hi-fi … keep up the good work.

  48. Hi Cal, another professional alternative to the Senny's are the AUDIO TECHNICA BPHS1 HEADSET. The dynamic mic element is 560 ohms and your rig will love the impedance match. Not cheap at £150 but cheaper than the Heils. https://www.digibroadcast.com/sound-c63/headphones-speakers-c210/audio-technica-bphs1-broadcast-stereo-headset-with-dynamic-boom-microphone-p5796/s5801?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=audio-technica-bphs1-broadcast-stereo-headset-with-dynamic-boom-microp-bphs1&utm_campaign=product%2Blisting%2Bads&gclid=Cj0KCQiA8_PfBRC3ARIsAOzJ2uqQKvwOZmOJKCGDE-wRbnj0U0O8S4RnK51QSfAA6YV7JVx6HzmChlMaAqLCEALw_wcB

  49. Nothing worse than ill-fitting headphones/sets after 2 hours operating especially when wearing glasses! Sometimes a main priority over cost n brand. I found some cheap ‘on-ear’ Koss computer gamers suited me better than ‘over-ear’. Even earbuds can relieve pain…. nice show again. Thanks Cal

  50. I recently bought a Flex-6400 and I also have an IC-7300. I used to have an ELAD FDM-DUO. On the ELAD and IC-7300, I was using Heil mics. When I bought the Flex, on a whim, I used my $20 Behringer XM8500 dynamic mic (on a boom) and once I set the TX equalizer, my buddies on the air couldn't tell the difference. I share the opinion that you don't need a fancy mic for SSB (or even AM). As for portable use, I use a Yamaha CM-500 headset with my IC-7300. I sold my Heil mics and won't buy any more unless I suddenly get into pro audio recording 🙂

  51. Since I don't see many folks added to your head-measuring-survey, I took a tailors tape just now and measured mine haha. 15-3/4" (40cm) ear-to-ear for me. Let's create a scatter plot. Curious people wanna know! 😉

  52. I still use a cheap Watson headset I bought years ago and I,ve used them on Icom 706 , FT857 , 847, does the job well and I get good audio reports . I wouldn't buy Heil too expensive for what they are and do .

  53. The Heil headset (Proset 6) is a bit tight on my head too. and a bit bothersome pushing my eyeglass earhooks into my skull. I have spread the head band enough to make it more comfortable, but not enough to make it "all day wear". I am not a fan of the cloth pad covers, but the holes in the headset pads are not large enough for my growing ears, and without it puts some pressure on my ear lobes that adds to the discomfort. But it is a balancing act….I would rather use a headphone and headset than deal with background noise while trying to make contact with a 1-1 signal. When playing with my radio outdoors it also keeps the flies out of my ears. HAHA. Heil makes a good product, but it doesn't fit my head well either.

  54. Hey Calum, do you own a Rode VideoMicro? Do you think that'd work for hamradio? I'm a little confused as to impedance match and things like these :/

  55. Seems to be a lot of Hams using the Yamaha CM-500 or the Koss SB-40. Both pretty inexpensive. I'd like to know if these would stand up to contesting use.

  56. I've got the Bose quietcomfort 35 series headphones and absolutely do love them for music and youtube videos
    I'm watching the video with that one on right now 😉
    The plus side is that if you don't need the BT for a specific purpose or sometimes you don't need BT for a device that does not have BT for example, you can just attach the cable and have a 3.5" headphones jack.
    I haven't tried them with my radio yet, maybe I'll do that this weekend.
    I use them mostly at work when the noise from ppl on the phone is just working on my nerves and then put one some nice music while doing my work.
    Noise cancelling is not worthless imho, but it is quit expensive..

  57. Hi no call .no pack drill __on 40 this morn.contact in ukraine. usual exchange and 73
    next contact 4 him asked how things are in his town
    reply was qrm but kept on asking eventually a Yes was replied!!
    dont people realies how this could put an innocent amateur in danger asking questions like this.
    just thought you might have a comment about etiquette.73

  58. Before I got my pro 6, which I really like, I used a speedlink medusa which cost about £30. I can loan them if you want to do a comparison with the high end stuff.

  59. Cal:
    I'd try the Yamaha CM500, Koss SP40 or the Audio Technica COMBH2, I think the model number is. These can be had for half the price of the Heils and cheaper. As for boom mics, I had good success with the Shure SV100, picked up brand new at my local music store for $45. Add in a table top stand for 20 a freebee foot switch and had to buy the heil cable for 78. Total cost of the setup was $143. Emailed Bob Heil on a mic recomendation for my new FTDX1200, he recommended the PR22, 250CDN just for the mic. The shore SV100 has the exact same specs. lol Don't like Heil, over priced junk. lol
    Currently using a Shure 450 model 2 Desk mic from the late 70s and get excellent audio reports with it.

    Mike DE VO1AX

    Oh when is the live stream gonna take place? Hope its next weekend so can work you on the air and be apart of it. 🙂

  60. Thanks for the review. I was struggling with the purchase of a Heil Pro 7 and I couldn't get myself to pull the trigger. I met Bob Heil at a Ham Radio convention last month and he was showing me all the reasons I should buy the Pro 7 but it just felt weird and I wasn't that impressed with them. Now to be honest I wear an aviation headset a lot and perhaps my comparison to those headsets aren't fair because of the cost. I use a pair of studio headsets and a studio boom mic for HF these days and for the same reason you explain I just don't think I would like a full boom headset. I am a big fan of Sennheiser and have had several of their headsets until the Sure rep stopped by and had me try their SRH440 headset. I'd say they are as good as the Sennheiser's and they are only $80 US compared to the $180 for Sennheiser so that is what I now use for my Ham Radio Shack. I use a standard boom mic and since I'm not buying Heil's headset I was thinking of buying his mic, but my Sure SM58 workhorse microphone is just hard to replace.

  61. I Cal, i'm curios to see your microphone test, even if i work 99,9% CW.
    As headsets, i use some of those cheap that i found in the discount… no Big difference from those more epensive…


  62. Hi Callum once again. Good point about headphones. I hate having to wear uncomfortable headphones. I have to wear glasses now and I get pain with the headband/phones pressing the arms of the specs into my ears /skull. I have broken stacks of headphones by trying to loosen the tension of the dam things enough to fit comfortably and not fall off. The only ones that do not give me pain are the plug into ear ones designed for mobile phones. i.e. "Samsung" and the like. The trouble is the frequency response. Com-paired with my favourites which are a pair of "Sony-MDR-XD100's. I picked those up while getting some electronic components at Preston. They were quite cheap for Sony ones but sound great. Probably rubbish compared to the pro ones you have. Only one problem now is that the soft artificial leather cups are starting to disintegrate, not too bad but they will not last for a long time. Ages ago I had some "Wharfedale Isodynamic" phones that were square shaped cups. They were Hi-Fi Specs and sounded pretty good from the Hi-Fi gear that I brought back from Germany to U.K. I use to like listening to Classical music as well as Rock-n-Roll at a fair volume without distortion. They still could not beat the 15 inch woofers though for Bass from the Wharfedale Kingsdales and the Glensdales at the rear. Quadraphonic ?. What's that ?. Hi Hi. Enough to drive neighbours crazy unless you were lucky enough to live next door to a couple who were deaf. They were smashing neighbours. Boom mics are the most convenient for operating. Probably don't sound the best but good for mobility. Thinking on that I had a set of aviation headphones and boom mic that I had modified to work with a standard Army 6 point plug to operate in the back of the Land Rover. Using a foot switch or a push to lock-unlock for PPT. They were OK while driving also. Very comfortable, padded ear cups. The mic was a double dynamic, back to back thing for noise cancelling. Right OK that's enough from me for now. Carry on the good work at "DX Commander International Group". 73 de John – G0WXU.

  63. Lol. I Do love your self chats with the totally interested then a bit of doubt creeps in then a big nonono I think this is the way to go lol great always keeps me amused as you probably guessed I suffer from knockturnalobia?!#%??? Yeah I can't sleep haha. I have a pair of F16 flight crew head set for talking to the pilot while the engines are running so they council the 160+ Db's great kit but not cheap I also have somewhere another aviation head set but I have always on CB and ham just used a std mic and a std speaker 👍 a pleasure as always Callum cheers Phil

  64. I use Spectra lab, software, to test all my goodies…. am mf and ssb, record back to tha icom 7800 then patches to eurorack system and then to pc, Playing with sound can be very expensive or very cheap and yes most wont hear what you transmit, but not 300 to 3000 , damn my ears hurt, maybe 80 to 3000 on ssb

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