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welcome to the self-talk radio show when I finally left I think I just
realized that it was not death that I was afraid of it was really showing up
and living how do you go on after the loss of a child
my next guest Jeannie Lynch goes through her story and her journey of losing not
only her daughter but also her daughter’s grandmother in a car crash in
January of 2005 she talks about how to untie yourself from grief and the happy
factor when we come back on self talk radio show brought to you by the world’s
wisdom scribe media.com welcome to self talk radio show my next
guest is a friend is a professional and she is all about the happy factor
Jeannie Lynch is my guest and welcome to self talk radio show Jeannie yeah thank
you Sarah I’m so excited to talk today about my favorite topic being happy yeah
we go way back cuz you were my banker who you know and you went through some
not so happy times with me as far as my banking was you’re the reason they had a
job Sarah that’s okay I like to ask my guests if there’s an incident that
changed the course of your life forever to move you toward the work that you
love doing right now what was yours yeah it’s funny you know I think so many
people that do this work probably always sound cliche you know that that moment
of awakening that terrible incident that led us to where we are I will tell you
that I think I was being prepared to do the work I’m doing since I was a child
so just a kind of a backdrop to this when I write before my incident will
call it my awakening which was my daughter’s passing in 2005 I was
actually in counseling prior to that dealing with this thing this knowing
this understanding we call it in to it today back then we called it a curse or
I called it a curse because I always had a sense of things that were happening
and in this one particular you know session with my psychiatrist and in
counseling it was my fear around my time being
short with my daughter so two weeks after that last appointment you know I
get the call my daughter’s been killed in a car accident so I go back to this
gentleman and you know looking at him and he said something to me Sara that
meant nothing to me the day he said it but means everything to me today and he
said this he says Oh Jimmy Lynch what are you gonna do and what are you gonna
realize that what you’re really here to do is to help others heal and I remember
him saying that and looking at him like heal me dude you know I was in such a
bad place and he actually that was the last appointment I had with him and he
handed me off to a woman who he said was going to help me understand and come to
terms and deal with this beautiful gift and truly the gift to me today is living
an intuitive life and what does that mean you know we’ll get into it today on
our phone call but just really not being afraid and being of service to others
and so you ask what’s the incident being prepared my whole life but more
importantly this this awakening when my daughter passed and I feel this is my
learning from going through that experience I was afraid of everything to
do with death prior to my daughter’s passing I had lost so much in my life I
had a mantra everything I love I lose so my life just kind of shaped that so when
I live finally left I think I just realized that it was not death that I
was afraid of it was really showing up and living and Wow I know and so that’s
the gift that she gave me in her passing and since then I am like full in as
awake as I can be stroke you know always trying to be more awake and more and
helping others to make this connection to so that’s that’s mine
yeah I’ve got a thing my jaws on the flora I had no idea that you had worked
with a psychiatrist around your fear of losing your daughter and then it
happened yeah that must have been such an awful
confirmation of your intuitive powers it’s did you feel like well gosh all I
see is bad stuff and I’d rather see did you see you know did did you see iowa’s
pasty or was it more of a feeling it was it was a feeling and you know of course
let’s just set this up I don’t think there’s a parent out there that you know
as their kid gets on the school bus or we watch the news that were not that
those thoughts don’t cross our mind but I think if you if you knew my backdrop
to you know many many people in my life had already past that I seem to have a
heightened awareness and dis just sphere and kept logs journals and recorded
people and you know right now I do my videos I guess I still have it but I was
obsessing or not I was living excuse me it seemed to be a little bit overly
obsessed with the thought and so it felt like a curse at the time but I don’t
have that thought today so I must have healed something so when I look past it
was can you can you set that up for me of what happened I know it was in
January in 2005 what what happened that day your your typical winter winter
storm you know bad roads she was getting
dropped off she was with her grandmother her grandma the grandmother passed –
which is my ex-husband’s mother and you know that they were going slow but then
they crossed the medium and two cars collided and it turned into a tragic
accident and I’ll it was actually alive at the scene and excuse me she had
passed at the scene but they brought her back and transport to the hospital
and then later on that day we made the decision to you know that she was brain
dead and we had to put take her off life support and you know the gift of
donation for organs and we went through that whole process oh my gosh Wow it
and your whole life changes in a nation and to set that up to Sarah kind of like
to the way all this kind of came to me I was you know post-traumatic stress
syndrome I was having out-of-body experiences because I didn’t want to be
in my body and I would be I remember once being out of heading into work and
one of my co-workers you know wrapped on my car window and was like are you
coming in and I didn’t realize it had been like two hours that I was just
sitting there and I was sitting there just trying to get this trach to go in
it felt like ten minutes to me so I was in full trauma when she first passed so
that sends that yeah and you know I think I met you a couple years after it
had happened and I remember bringing my son into your office and I saw in your
face something when you were looking at him because he was about the same age as
ila yeah at that time and I just saw something and I didn’t know what had
happened but you had a connection with it with children you know people that
came in and I noticed it immediately and I think that’s what made us gel and what
made us resonate and some some of your expertise is working with grieving
parents who have lost their children because you you’ve walked it you’ve
walked that walk and it was there ever how did you pull yourself out of that I
I just might hats off to you because I don’t know if I would have that strength
yeah I think you know when when I left the hospital that day still breathing I
think you’re just everything after that is just to figure out how to go on and
here’s what I do know and this is what I coach to when I’m working with people in
grief that they want us to be happy and I think we get tied to our grief
sometimes and we think that if we’re not grieving we’re not honoring them and it
we’re so far apart from that really what we need to be doing is living our lives
loving our life living others helping others you know really showing up and
being fully present because let’s face it if if the wheels had turned and it
was the other way around what I my daughter you know going through life
marked carrying grief sad you know disconnected no I would want her to be
happy and joyful and honoring life so yeah we’re speaking with Jeannie Lynch
with the happy factor on the self talk radio show and women come back we’re
gonna ask Jeannie more about how she discovered the law of attraction and how
that was a catalyst into moving her forward into more happiness when we come
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websites for big picture people web help us calm I remember coming into your
office again at the bank and you said Sarah I found the most amazing book and
amazing is one of your favorite words didn’t matter if you had a crappy day
I’d say how you doing Jeannie I’m amazing I’m amazing
my favorite thing about you and you pulled off this book off your bookshelf
and you said oh you have to read the law of attraction and it’s a story of
Abraham you know Abraham Hicks tells the story so but you had how did you find
law of attraction for you this is probably one of my best favorite stories
to tell because I fought the law of attraction tooth and nail so my first
time was reading something in a beautiful grief book around you know how
we choose our lives and everything in our life is a absolute direct
relationship to energy we’re putting and I remember reading that Sarah in a
book and I threw that book across the living room and it ended up behind the
couch and I just let it stay there okay so a couple months later again I am in
the thick of my grief okay and I’m out in the car trying to get that enough
energy to go into work and put on my awesome face cuz trust me that’s what
you do right you know you smile through it because I was in sales right you know
that oh yeah I’m in my car and I’m praying and I am dear God give me the
strength to get through another day dear God let me know my daughter’s okay dear
God give me the knowledge and the information I need to know and you know
just find the truth what I am praying for information okay so or grace right
so I get to work that day excuse me two customers in this gentleman shows up and
he I think he just saw grief in my face he said he said he said this word I had
no idea what it was he said he was an empath I didn’t know what that meant he
said he was picking up and feeling so much grief around me well of course the
minute he said it I opened up and you know told him yes he was he was feeling
great well he said to me I’m gonna come back
later today I think I have something that will help you well of course you
know what my first thought is my prayers are being answered okay so the day goes
on five o’clock that night I find a CD on my desk and it’s the sample CD to
Esther and Jerry Hicks work the law of attraction so imagine how excited I am
to get in my car put this CD you know into the player I put it in and I start
listening to Esther talk about how she channels the guides from the other side
Abraham and none of it made sense and I thought oh my god that guy was a wack so
I took the CD out of the CD player and I threw it to the back of the car me and
throwing things right two months later I am vacuuming up my car and the vacuum
sucks the CD a two-sample CD into the vacuum and I go maybe it’s time to
listen to this again I put the CD in started to listen to it and for the
first time now remember it was handed to me three months earlier it was the first
time that I really heard it and I was just a complete opening and the truth is
and I and this is what I know in working with people in the law of attraction and
I can’t wait to tell you about this whole process that I have a little later
on in our talking but because it led me to this work I know that when you’re in
the the worst aspect of your life the last thing you want to hear is that it
lines up with you that you asked for it that you know I really just that is like
the worst thing that you could possibly deal with or under you know and so I get
that but what I have come to understand is that the information when I was ready
to hear it was there and it was I could hear it I was in the frequency or the
sanity of it so that’s just a huge shift for me and in my whole work I would is
absolutely based on the energy and the understanding of the law of attraction
and I love it because I think it’s so empowering to know that you are
absolutely in control that you can create the life that you truly want and
we know this because it’s all based on how we’re feeling
and we own that you know so so I’ve got a question for you because some people
have a hard time like you know well everything happens for a reason and and
and that that question drove me nuts especially when it comes to something as
sensitive as losing your child there is no reason behind that how do
you is there a way that you pivot that or how does that work in your life yeah
so you know the whole idea that everything happens for a reason you know
there are accidents that take place okay I don’t think we wrote in you know I
don’t think that people plan to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and
that God has a bigger plan for us but I do believe that how we you know what how
we get through that and that’s where we have choices so with
grace are you going to be angry are you gonna be in service to others you know
that’s that’s just a way I chose to deal with my pain and and to say you’re not
alone and and teach the skills of processing grief and I will tell you
none of this ever was a walk away from my grief in fact I knew because I have
teacher energy I knew that I wasn’t just going to experience grief that I was
going to touch every aspect of it so that I could be of service to others so
hopefully that makes it yes yeah it does it makes a lot of sense and you know I
think what’s so powerful about you is when something adverse like that happens
you can either just check out of life more you embrace life it’s one or the
other there’s no in-between it in and you chose to embrace I’m you know you
can’t choose like you said it you can’t choose what happens to you but you can
choose how you react and I think you know you’ve taken this and moved it and
move that energy in your life so that you’re helping others and I think that’s
amazing what are some of your favorite spiritual youtubers that are out there I
know you know Esther and Jerry Hicks are top of the list but is there somebody
else that you’re really enjoying yeah right now I asked her and Jerry Hicks
I’m seeing them in Orlando in a month I’m so excited about that nice dr. Joe
Dispenza I love him oh yes I get him on the show Oh dr. Joe Heda mystifies the
law of attraction and he literally is all about science and I just love that
when because I believe you know even being intuitive is really just math it’s
the side of probability that you’re actually on another amazing channel that
I just partnered up with was your universe and they’re on YouTube also
they have a mazing website called the science of deliberate creation Jessica
she has 500,000 subscribers on YouTube and she is
doctorate in quantum physics and a law of attraction and has become a personal
friend of mine so she’s great oh wow that’s fantastic
now you had an exercise on your YouTube channel you sent it to me I’m gonna put
it on on your page for self talk radio show I really enjoyed playing with it
it’s talking about getting to your setpoint and can’t talk a little bit
about that I would love to so the it’s called the emotional setpoint process
and if you go on my youtube channel it is called
you know how to be happy and I actually have a whole playlist designated just to
the setpoint process so the backdrop to this is all tie it’s a it’s a law of
attraction test so you’ve probably seen the conscious scale you know that starts
somewhere at the bottom with grief and goes all the way up to the top to joy
and what Esther and Jerry Hicks did really well if you think about our
emotions there’s thousands of emotions out there and Esther and Jerry Hicks
work they established the 40 feelings that you have out there and I took the
40 feelings and I gave them an absolute factor so let’s give an example like
grief has a factor of 10 a very heavy heavy value where joy has a one and so
through this small process of elimination we basically go through and
you say I always feel these I often feel these sometimes feel these never feel
these and you go through each of these feelings and you just do a process of
elimination at the end of the whole process it truly can uncover blocks it
can it can show you those things that are getting in your way it can score you
in a sense show you where you fall on this happiness scale and what I love
about it when I’m working with my clients is sometimes they’re coming in
and I can do this set point process I can figure out engage where they fall on
the scale and guess what if they’re down by grief despair and anger I’m not going
to talk about joy and happiness it would be ridiculous okay so it gives
me a sense of kind of how to come in and start assisting somebody if I can get
someone who’s in a complete despair place if I can get them in the vicinity
of hope my job is done I mean that’s the beginning you know like hope is that
middle way to to being on the other side of it and it’s interesting Sarah I
started this process because well I’ve been doing this work for 15 years here’s
my awareness to it that the people who understand the law of attraction who
have a daily practice of it who are responsible for their actions and get up
every day and create and are deliberate about what they’re creating they have a
higher level of consciousness it’s it’s in the math okay I have proof if you
want to go against me here right and then the people who come who have no
concept of the law of attraction who have you know they’re the victims and
they just they can’t get out of their own way and they’re miserable in their
relationship as well as their job and they’re just not happy and they’re
depressed or what any of that they have never heard of the law of attraction so
I was interested in assessing or doing some you know data to kind of say hey
look here’s the two different aspects of what’s going on out there whether you’re
happy or not and there’s literally a process that can assist somebody and
what is the process getting in touch with your feelings so your feelings
truly I say your feelings are the Queen but your imagination is king so that’s a
whole other aspect of the law of attraction so people walk out after
working with me with this process and you can do this online I did half the
process there for people on YouTube they can also walk away with let’s say
six words that are apps feelings that are absolutely blocking them and what
the block does and here’s an antidote for you might be talking too fast today
I’m so excited about this work they say you find the blocks so let’s
say it’s grief and the opposite of grief is love the opposite of
grief is happiness the opposite of grief is connection so here’s what we know you
cannot experience the opposite emotion at the same time so the antidote truly
does come from looking at the negative energy that you’re feeling so in any of
these negative energies you can literally go to the antidote which is
the opposite of that yeah I saw that in the work and and what I really liked the
most about this work that you had on your YouTube channel was that the you
know that the antidote is what is that that you said I loved it
Larry the antidote is the polarity yet like you just said so if you because
mine and and they change every day because oh my hopefully right you know
it’s like I had done I had done this when I was feeling pretty low about
things and I had powerlessness which I usually don’t feel powerless but that
day I was like oh I’m just feeling like I’m not in control of things and you
know powerlessness too powerful impatience to patience doubt to belief
and yeah and and I really enjoyed doing the exercise so it was a really nice
breather for me because my life was moving miles an hour
fed back because people go back to this process I have a beautiful woman who
came to me and she was you know way up with like you know 2.2 what are the
highest scores I’d ever seen and she scored you know 2.25 she beautiful there
was little homework okay she came back a year later her whole life had turned
upside down so we did the same process over again and we uncovered in doing it
again different circumstances that the three top cards that are the most
important to her were in the never rarely never pile and so we just we
could identify you know from one year or she had lost all her power and you know
so it was amazing to just have a process that showed exactly what the feeling was
that was tied to her problem so it was pretty cool
and it’s really nice to have somebody you can work with through some of that
stuff too you know and and so how do how do people work with you sure so well
mostly from referral right so you’ve worked with me and someone else comes to
me for the same reason usually because I have so many things that I like to help
people to do most people come and find me because someone has worked with me
and said oh she helped me with this I was grieving please go talk to her she’s
great with grief right whatever the problem or the situation is is typically
I steer my work towards that that we’re speaking with Jeannie Lynch and when we
come back we’re gonna find out how you can work with Jeannie because we’d love
to have you experience Jeannie and the happy factor when we come back on self
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welcome back Jeannie Lynch is my guest was the happy factor and Mean Gene 63 is
the place we can find you on YouTube right 1963 1963 18 1963 and how do how
did they reach out to you as far as wanting to work do you take people
nationwide or live in Florida yeah no I’ve worked with people all over
the globe I have it set up now where I can do a Skype session and record it
so that’s brand-new for me so I’m pretty excited about that I’ve never stopped my
Vermont clients by the way so many of you out there know that they we do over
the phone help people through their processes most
people I also have like a spiritual class down here that so they physically
come to work with me most of the thing and where I’m steering to is my youtube
channel trying to build my community there once you get to a thousand
scribers you can have a community tab and I can
respond I worked with a woman last week who saw one of my videos um
sent me a message saying I’m sure you’re too busy to talk to me 15 minutes later
we were talking and solved a pretty big problem for her that day we would you
know just by talking so absolutely through YouTube that’s fantastic but
before I leave some people are a little bit cautious
and working with spirit workers because there’s their either concern about
charlatans who are definitely out there and take advantage of people or it might
not jive with their religious belief what’s your response to them yeah that
you know I saw that question you know I love that question I get asked that
question and I just want to say that you know when you’re dealing with spirit
let’s just give spirit another name let’s say it’s source higher self
how about consciousness how about wisdom connection tapped in higher self you can
call spirit I just it’s it’s energy right so you know first off everybody
has the ability to be tapped in and I hope I think the people who most people
who see me who are having difficulty I’m teaching them to connect to their own
higher self so I don’t think that that I that is the intuitive connection to self
and source so sources spirit I guess I would say and to the idea that it’s
against some religion and this is I’m brought up Catholic
I love my religion I like doing this work doesn’t take me away from my my
belief system I also do believe though that religious religion can feel so
contained for for so many and I believe we are all absolutely from one source so
where there’s no walls no bodies no churches no containment you know I pray
every day Sarah I’ve got two prayers and it’s dear God send me the people that
you me to help heal for I am here to do your
work so that’s my intention that’s my prayer every day and someone shows up
I’m assuming that that is sent straight from my prayers and if that’s if that’s
against you know God or whatever then I’m in trouble I think you attract
you’re using the law of attraction you attract the people who need to work with
you exactly when they need to work with you
exactly yeah I agree with that Jeanne Lynch has been my guess to make sure
that you find her on YouTube I’m definitely gonna put a link to her
channel on self talk radio show thank you so much for being on the show Jeanne
I’m so happy Sarah thank you and hi to everyone in Vermont and around the world
I’m Sarah Spencer for self-talk radio show if you’d like to see our guest
offerings and find this episode on iTunes Google Play and Amazon Alexa you
can join us for the conversation on Facebook and see our guest offerings and
self talk radio show calm


  1. Happiness is the Hardest choice I've ever had to make amidst my GRIEF! I have come to understand that is exactly what my Daughter would want! LOVE LIVES ON! 🙂

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