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  1. All-Star game is a joke anyway seriously who the hell cares about it should just not do it anymore and hold an outdoor exhibition game come to think of it all outdoor games should be exhibition games like as in not for points think it's stupid that you should giveb points for it when there's so many variables for an outdoor game at least inside you can control those variables

  2. Brad Marchand, bad as he is, has nothing on Claude Lemieux in the evil villain of all time in the NHL demographic. Not even arguable.

  3. Milan Lucic has been statistically better than Nylander since Nylander started playing despite making less money. Like wtf.

  4. STEVE WATCHED "Jessica Kellgren-Fozard"'s VIDEOS??? I LOVE HER! She's the only other youtuber (other than SDP) that I have alerts for their videos!

  5. I would absolutely be down to CC the podcast vids. My girlfriend is HoH and she loves podcasts, so she has to find transcripts of her favourites. A lot of really awesome podcasts do have transcripts, but most don’t. It’s not malicious or anything, but it does suck that some things literally aren’t accessible at all. Before she started to lose her hearing she would always listen to podcasts, and it’s really heartbreaking that it’s been taken from her. If you’re worried that the humour and spark of the pods would be lost in translation, don’t be. A lot of Deaf and HoH people would just love to get the content, and they would understand that somethings won’t make it.

  6. hutchison was terrible in 2 games, did nothing in a shutout and nearly blew a 3-0 lead with 2 rough goals. supposedly freddy is back vs boston and hopefully he isn't rusty.

  7. Man, I can't even explain how cool it is that accessibility is something you guys take seriously. I might not be HOH, but as a disabled hockey fan I've def been annoyed at how inaccessible some spaces can be. I love Jessica's channel and it's great to see that she and Rikki are finally getting some success since they've been advocating for accurate captions for quite some time.

  8. Point, Marner, Rielly> Skinner, Yandle, Howard, Chabot "actual all-stars" .. WeEeEeEeEe 🤡🙃🤣 silly non-sense

  9. I'm sorry guys but for a canadian team how are the flames not getting talked about more? Would like to hear you guys talk about them

  10. Jon Jay was a good utility guy on the cubs a couple years ago. He can hit for a good average. Might actually not be a bad signing. If it brings machado its gotta be worth it

  11. You forgot those of us that work late and this helps us unwind after finishing a shift at 2-3-4-5-6 whatever it is that fucking night. 😀 #Nosleepsquad

  12. You;re gutless Dangle — I want to hear you do that material (27:05) to Cherry's face when he drops in on your radio show. My last SDP

  13. Two things boys.

    1. Don Cherry is a schmuck.
    2. Brad Marchand is a great pest, yet is the dumbest pest, cause he ALWAYS gets suspended.

  14. Craplander can score 50 Goals and I'll still call him trash. He fought hard and sat out a long time to fight for the right to be called GARBAGE. I'll give him his dues for the rest of his contract.

  15. Weber is literally having 4x a better season than PK this year in all statistics seemingly. That trade is not the reason Montreal fell off the map

  16. What kind of animal is running by the window? Is it a cat? Is it a rat? Is it a possum? Is it a bunny?


  17. You mentioned that were one to replace Jake Gardiner with someone who was 15 points less on offense but better defensively, they would have to prevent 15 goals Gardiner otherwise would not have just to break even. Off the top of my head without looking at highlights I can think of 4 in the last 8 games: Two Panagos vs Detroit, the Ways malfunction vs New Jersey, and the Wagner Catch and Release in tonight's game vs Boston.

    For the sake of argument let's say "Yeah but he's not always that bad." (even though he is). Let's chop what I remember off the top of my head without looking at highlight in half (in other words, there are probably more I've missed). Let's say he averages 2 of these brain cramps every 8 games. Over a full season, that 20 goals that any defenseman worth their salt would prevent. There is your 15 and 5 for a bonus without even breaking a sweat, and as mentioned, I'm cutting Gardiner a lot of slack here, a lot of it.

    Gardiner has amazing offensive instincts, but that is what they are, instincts. There is no thought involved, but that is ok if all you want out of him is offense. But he is a defenseman and to be an effective one of those you need to be intelligent. I've been watching since he came over from Anaheim, this is not based on one bad game in Boston. Dude is as dumb as a brick hockeywise. He's got nothing.

    The only reason, I repeat ONLY reason he is playing top four minutes is because Babcock doesn't want to wreck Dermott by giving him too much too early. As long as he is on the Leafs blueline and in their top four the Leafs will not get out of the 1st round because he is a freebie over a seven game series.

  18. Lars Eller – "There's no integrity in his game". All Eller has to point out is that the Caps have beaten Boston 14 STRAIGHT times.

  19. Bob is the only active goalie with two Vezinas? Are you telling me that none out of the stellar quartett from the past decade, Rinne-Rask-Price-Fleury managed to get two Vezinas? I think they've been dominant, a class above the rest and it surprises me Bobrovsky who couldn't win them a PO-round is beeing awarded twice. But also PO's aside the other four mentioned are legitimate allstars who could lead any team (ok, Price never had a team in front of him), hard to believe none of them won two Vezinas yet.

  20. Hey really love the videos. I’m a new podcast type thing but obviously I like mixing the video with putting my points across rather than just audio recording. So I call it a Vidcast, longshot, it’s about British ice hockey. Mainly the Sheffield Steelers. If any people reading this get any spare time, I’d love people to watch my videos. I try to make them interesting and I want to progress as much as possible. Cheers!

  21. Welcome to the "participation medal" era of the all-star game. Everyone needs to be represented, hugs all around, you're all winners! Barf ….

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