Hamlet (Shakespeare) – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

Hamlet (Shakespeare) – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

What’s happenin yo? This week on
Thug Notes we gettin regal with Hamlet by William Shakespeare Da shit’s gone wack up in the
kingdom of Elsinore. The old King’s brother Claudius gone and married the king’s old
breezy Gertrude, and Queen Gertrude’s son Hamlet gettin all crunk since his mama actin
like a ho. Things get straight stupid when
some guards peep the ghost of the old King Hamlet creepin up on the castle. Then them
guards holler at Hamlet and tell him he gotta check this ghost. So Hamlet step up to his ghost
daddy who tell him that his brotha Claudius was plottin on the crown and straight iced
his ass cold blooded. Ghost daddy tell Hamlet that he gotta strap up and put a toe tag on
that fool Claudius. Street justice, naw mean? Back in the castle, Hamlet’s boo
Ophelia gettin an earful from her daddy Polonius and her brotha Laertes. They say she need
to steer clear of Hamlet since he might just hit it and quit it. Ophelia says “good lookin
out” and ignores all of Hamlet’s hollerin. So when Hamet actin cray-cray at the thought
of glocking Claudius, errybody just think he love-sick. Later, Hamlet decides he gonna put
on a play that reenacts how Claudius ghosted the old King. When Claudius sees his crime
happenin on stage, he books it for the exit. Now Hamlet knows FO SHO ghost-daddy been spittin
the truth. Later, Hammy rolls up to his mama’s
crib where she aks him why he be disrespectin the king. All the while, Polonius be hiding
listening in. When Hamlet and Gertrude get all up in eachother’s grill, Polonious screams
like a bitch. Thinkin it’s that fool Claudius, Hamlet shanks that cat right through the
curtain. Now Laertes gettin crunk about
Hamlet killin his father, and Ophelia starts losing her shit. So Claudius comes up with
a plan that Laertes should dip his sword’s tip in poison and challenge Hamlet to a duel.
And if that don’t work, Claudius gonna put some poison in Hamlet’s wine. Shit gets
even more real when the Queen busts in and says Ophelia dun drowned! Damn! As Laertes and Hamlet bang out, the
queen toasts to Hamlet but accidentally slams some o dat poison joose. Then Laertes and
Hamlet both stab eachother with dat poison blade. Just then, Gertrude bites the dust
and Laertes starts snitchin to Hamlet how Claudius be trying to poison him. So Hamlet
stabs Claudius AND makes him drink from that poison cup. Mmmm. Elizabethan haterade. Gotta have it. In the end, the royal family all
layin in chalk, so the kingdom goes to some other soldier boy named Fortinbras. Now all throughout this play Hamlet
be all torn up bout the task of puttin one in Claudius’s dome, and keeps delayin’.
His procrastination is one of the most debated subjects in all of Shakespeare. Some ballas think it’s because
Hamlet be too much of a sensitive bitch to kick it in a world of gangstas playin dirty
on tha street. Others thinkin that Hamlet got mad Oedipal Complex all up in this motherfucker.
Since Hamlet wanna get freaky with his mama, he can’t bring himself to gat the man who
doin what he wanna do: kill his pop and get down with his old lady. Some cats even think
that Hamlet just trying to buck the system and bring down a crooked kingdom overflowin
with lies and treachery. And speakin of lies, you might have
spotted our bard Willy Shakes slingin images of skin disease all up in this heezy. When
Hamlet dissin his mama in Act 3, he be talkin bout the body and soul’s “ulcerous places”
and “blisters”. And, in 5.1 the clown-gravediggers be yappin about pocky corpses. All this nasty
ass sh*t showin how although these fools be frontin lookin righteous, they aint got nothing
but ruin and corruption underneath. Now you just ain’t goin hard in the
paint unless you realize how this play captures the ambiguity of modernity. Like the modern
man, Hamlet ain’t got a clear devotion to a code. In fact Hamlet be trippin up cuz of
his divided mind and will. How’s a brotha gonna keep it real on the streets with all
these ethical and metaphysical uncertainties, my man? We peepin that uncertainty in my
boy’s famous “to be or not to be” speech. Some OGs think this speech mean Hamlet can’t
decide whether he wanna live or die. But my other brothas think that he trying to chose
between the Christian ideal of denyin the self or spillin some blood to claim his throne. But Hamlet ain’t the only one who be confused.
In the play of life, the bard gone and even cast us as
characters of uncertainty. I mean, check all thee uncertainties, playa: “Can we really
trust Hamlet’s ghost daddy? Was Gertrude in on the whole thing? Can errybody see the
ghost in Act 1 but only my boy Hamlet in Act 3? Is Hamlet just pretending to be
crazy? Or has his mad fiction become fact? Looks like Ol’ Willy’s gone and made Hamlets
of us all. Yo I hope you feelin educated
today, playa. Tune in next week!

100 thoughts on “Hamlet (Shakespeare) – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

  1. Hey Wisecrack. Another one of the uncertainties for you: How did the queen know such specific details of Ophelia's demise? Was her accident an 'accident'?

  2. There's also the mystery of whether Ophelia actually killed herself, fell into the water by accident, or was PUSHED by Gertrude – since in Ophelia's last scene she's calling everyone out on their behaviour, going so far as to call the queen a whore to her face.

  3. My English teacher should really use this video. I just sat in class and all it was complaints by the others but we did proceed the story.

  4. I thought Hamlet was great story about a boy having to step up and be a man, avenging his father… until I learn Hamlet was being a sensitive lil bitch for 30 years

  5. thanks for helping on my essay bro i have to have a thousand words written im now at 883 words! this is the funnest video on hamlet so far

  6. "How's a brother gonna keep it real on the street with all these ethical and metaphysical uncertainties, my man!"

  7. "Elizabethan Haterade" I have gone out of my way since first hearing this years ago, to find opportunity to use this somewhere in the real world. My chance finally came when talking with a friend about the Purple Wedding scene from Game of Thrones, LOL. It got a good laugh so I sent him here to check out your vids.

  8. “How a brother gonna keep it real in the streets when he’s got all these ethical and metaphysical uncertainties, my man” is quite possibly one of the best lines I’ve ever heard.

  9. Oh my gosh. Tell me how I learned all of this in 4 minutes, but it took my class weeks to get through scenes 1-3. Lol

  10. also important is "to be or not to be" . sick of life but scared of death like all of us are . that had a lot to Hamlet's procrastination .

  11. "Now you just ain't going hard in the paint unless you realize how this play captures the ambiguity of modernity".. this is one of the most beautifully constructed sentences I have ever heard.

  12. Fact is, you can’t just watch a video like this and have it being a replacement for the book. However, watching this after having read the book is incredible. You get to the point, you explain why it’s a great piece of literature, and how the emotions here work. I love thug notes. It’s educational and frickin hilarious

  13. All of those characters are abomination. Son should get a younger women. Not his own mother. His father's DNA is already in his mother immediate from organic sex procreation. Forbes Snopes forgot to say…

  14. It is the latter, "to be or not to be," deciding if he could kill Claudius or not; the religious verbiage is Hamlet's cop out for not killing Claudius while confessing to the murder of his father. And his mommy was not in on it, but acted dumb not wanting to know the truth to survive in a wicked world and preserve stability and continuity for the sake of her son.

  15. Anybody notice how similar The Lion King is with this play? Brother gets murdered and his kingdom get usurped…ghost of father appears to son and urges him to "take his rightful place.."

  16. Things may have gotten a little erotic between hamlet and Gertrude, but i wouldn't go as far as to say that he wants anything sexual to do with her. It's more like he wants her to feel guilty about marrying Claudius.

  17. "Elizabethan hater-aid". LOL! I love Thug Notes interpretation of the classics. Keep up the good work guys.

  18. I recommend people to watch this bollywood movie called Haider . I think it's the best Hamlet adaption on screen .

  19. This left out so much important detail lool was fun to watch still but my exams tomorrow and there are much more informative ones out there.

  20. Yeah yeah yeah, but can we acknowledge that HAMLET, as a play, does not work without the Fortinbras subplot, and that if a production company decides to cut it for the sake of trimming the show's run time, then they are basically shooting themselves in the proverbial foot.

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