H3 Podcast Eats Spiciest Sauce In the World

H3 Podcast Eats Spiciest Sauce In the World

Ethan & Sean: Let’s eat some spice. Hila: Let me check on it. Ethan: Alright, so we’ve got here the Pepper X. Sean: Pepper X Last Dab. Ethan: And we’ve got here the Reaper. Are we got them We’ve got milk. The crew wanted to get in on this so they’re coming in. I love it. We’ve got Alex. We’ve got Dan We’ve got.. uh.. who else we got. Hila: Oh, we’re gonna show Ian? Ethan: Ian is comin He has to stand.. h-.. the meme with Ian, our intern, is that His face is always obscured. Sean: Ian was in the parking lot. He uh.. he waved down the Yukon Ethan: Yeah, well, we usually don’t let him in the office He just usually stands there, and we summon him when we need something. Today, we’re giving him a special treat letting him be in our presence All right, so how do we.. are we just gonna dab it? All right. Sadly, Sarah, our switcher, is unable to join us because somebody’s got to fucking run the show. Oh these look gooooooood- This don’t look good. Those don’t look good. Sean: see wings, wings… It’s complicated logistically Ethan. Ethan: Yeah I’m getting appreciation for it right now. Sean: Yeah, exactly. You know what, 60 episodes into the podcast, if you just keep bringing these wings out, eventually We’ll get it right. Ethan: Unsauced. Hila: Shredder is like, “What are we eating?” Ethan: You definitely don’t want this. Hila: You’re not eating. Ethan: Unsauced wings have got to be One of the most un- Appetizing sights. Sean: Right. Ethan: I mean, that’s just really not that appetizing Ethan: Alright, so your version.. Hila: How should we do this? Ethan: So let’s just take, well, Let’s go with the, uh, everyone grab a wing. Hila: Or a.. or a chip. Ethan: Dan’s a vegetarian. So I want to go pretty hard Hila: Do you need plates, Sean? Sean: You know what, here’s because like, usually the wings would be sauced with the sauce and then you’d have an extra dab So maybe we should just be like a little bit healthier.. Ethan: A big boy dab. Sean: A big boy dab. Hila: Oh my god. Ethan: I’m gonna shake this up Alright I’m doing a big boy dab. This first one looks like.. Hila: Can you prepare mine too? Ethan: Yeah, I gotcha Ethan: Oh man, oh god. Sean: A real dance with the devil. Ethan: Is that, so, Sean, you.. Sean: that’s, thats.. Ethan: that’s a big boy dab? Sean: That’s a big boy dab. Ethan: Okay, alright Ethan: Hila? Everyone gets a big boy dab. I don’t want to have anyone regret not taking a big boy dab. This thing is THICC man, Thicc, Boi Make sure Shredder doesn’t get a bite of this cause I don’t wanna kill the poor guy Maybe take him out Hila: Is this a… Ethan: It’s a big boy dab, Hila. Hila: You.. you approve? Ethan: Yeah he approves, Sean approves. Sean: It’s a thicc boi dab. Ethan: Here, Why don’t you, uh.. you can dab, do your.. I don’t want to– I don’t want to dab– over dab you, and then be like, “Oh Ethan, fucking– I’m suing Ethan” Your, yeah, shit. Hila: I think this is yours. Ethan: Just say, look into the camera and say “I relieve you guys of all liability.” Dan: All– all liability, I will not sue Ethan: Come on. take your turn. Alex: I relieve you of all liability. Ethan: Ian? Ian: I relieve you of all liability. Hila: Is that how you guys do stuff at Complex? Ethan: That’s legal, right? Sean, I trust you. Sean: Yeah, you guys are good. Okay, so we’re gonna do two, and then let’s continue this conversation. Um, so you’re gonna do the X Sean: Yeah, I’ll get in that X. Dan: Yeah this is the.. Sean: the OG. Dan: This is the real one right? Yeah, that’s the X. And that, I’m actually really honored to have that cuz it’s quite rare There’s not a lot of bottles of that X. Sean: Yeah, it’s crazy, they’re going for like 90 bucks on eBay Ethan: Are you serious? Yeah, I saw,uh, I was watching the video about it, and I was like wait, man, We probably don’t actually have the X in the stash you sent us Sean: But.. Ethan & Hila: But you diiid. Sean: I’m always looking out. Ethan: but you did, and I was so stoked. Sean: Hila, love you, Ethan love you.. Ethan: I love you, bud. Hila: Thank you Ethan: You’re the greatest. Alex: Is this good? Ethan: That’s a big boy dab. Alex: Okay, cool. Ethan: Okay, everyone’s goo- oh, not you, sorry Ethan: Left this poor guy out. Hila, laughing: He’s the most important one Sean: What kind of host are you? Ethan: Oh, that’s a big boy dab. Sean: Yeah, that’s a regret, yeah. yeah. Ethan: No, I’ll take more. should I take more? Sean: You can if you’re being generous. Hila: Oh my goooooood. Ethan: Oh, my god. Ethan: All right, you know it’s bad when Sean’s like, (face), that’s too much, take this Alright I feel like we’re all gonna regret this. Dan: Oh, yeah. Ethan: Alright guys. Let’s do this. Don’t eat into the mic I’ve made that mistake too many times All: Cheers Ethan: I can already tell it’s really hot. Very tangy, citrusy. Dan: Flavor’s good. Hila: Oh, shit. Ethan: Look at Sean. Let’s get a close-up of Sean. Sean: Typically- Ethan: The heroics are gone. Sean: Typically, I can inch it up. Ethan: Really good flavor actually. Dan: I mean it was delicious for the first few seconds, It was great Ethan: I was making fun of that, but the flavor is real good Hila: I don’t know if I can eat another bite because I only took half of the dab. Ethan: You didn’t take the whole dab!? Ethan: It’s fine. Sean: But, you know, it
was probably a more sensible decision Ethan: Cool. We did it. Sean: We made it. Dan: I’m going back for seconds, man. Alex: My stomach is pound- like, is throbbing Dan: Maybe having an allergic reaction Sean: Yeah, I get that too, like.. it’s one of those things where.. Ethan: Do you want milk, would that help you? Alex: No Ethan: Should I be concerned: Are you– are you scared? Alex: No, no. Alex: I’m just going to drive to the local [?] Dan: Urgent care. Hila: My mouth is on fire. Ethan: Alright Ethan: I’m fine actually. I feel like I’m fine. Dan: It was kind of good. I’m going back for seconds. Sean: there you go. Sean: You know, that’s– cuz that’s the thing, we, like, you want to make it good, and then that’s too, like even when I go to– Dan, laughing: Ian tho Alex: Whaddya doing? Are you ok? Ethan: Are you– you’re shaking. Alex: He can’t handle spice. Dan: He warned us that he has a very low spice tolerance. Sean: But not anymore. It’s a– it’s a baptism by fire.. like now, at this point.. You’ll be inching it up. Like when I was at Howl and Rays over there in Chinatown, this guy Chef Johnny’s own there, He does this amazing Nashville-style hot chicken, And it’s so hot, but it’s so good, so I find myself just in this, like, torturous Eating experience, but I kind of can’t stop because the chicken’s so good Ethan: I had that problem when I was in Thailand. The food there’s so spicy, but it’s so good. And you’re just– yeah– you’re torturing– The tongue. It’s just the tongue specifically is very painful Dan: Yeah. I’m there right now. Ethan: You had to go in for a second bite. Hila: It’s specifically on the right side of my mouth. Like, why is it on the right side? Sean: You probably just had some contact, yeah Hila: I really want to finish it, because all you guys did it.. Ethan: Hila, you don’t have to. Hila: I gotta do it cuz everyone did it. Ethan: I feel like if I do another bite, it would make everything worse Dan: The second- the second I’m regretting. The first, I was like, “oh that wasn’t so bad, I’ll go back for seconds” Ethan: But it really takes a couple minutes to creep on you Sean: You know what though, I find it does kind of, it’s like you get sort of a head buzz off it. Hila: Yeah, I just got a buzz. Ethan: Hila’s fuckin’ high! Ethan: No, but, I mean, that’s what they say, spice is a beautiful thing because it gives you the adrenaline rush of being in danger Without actually being dangerous Sean: I’m committed. That’s why it, like, maybe I’m just an addict trying to trying to chase the [?] Ethan: You’re killin’ it. Sean: That’s why I don’t give it up. Sean: It has nothing to do with wanting to perfect it Or, you know, get on top of my craft, like, it’s all just straight-up need that hit Dan: I think some of it is stuck in my tooth.. I keep getting, like, re[?] Ethan: I feel like, um, generally I’m fine, but my tongue is on fire. I think it’s just wherever it touches. Hila: Yeah, now it’s the back of my throat, cuz I tried to cheat it, I was like, “If I swallow it fast, maybe.. ” Sean: That was a mistake. Ethan: You can’t cheat it. Because then it hurts later. Ethan: There’s no cheating, but It’ll get you one way or the other Ethan: How’s everyone, you guys are alright? Dan: I’m.. surviving. Alex: It tastes really good, surprisingly. Dan: Yeah, it’s, like, the flavor’s great. Sean: Thank you. Thank you, I appreciate that. Ethan: So, if you guys want to buy this… Do you benefit at all from people buying this, personally? Sean: No, but it does help us make videos You know, I don’t get a penny off of it, but, uh.. Ethan: You enjoy seeing that, them fly off the belt(?). Sean: Yeah. Ethan: Guys, pay Sean more, I mean.. Ethan: Can we do a Patreon for you personally? Would they be down with that? Sean: No.. Ethan: Support Sean Evans Sean: I’m gonna keep my mouth shut cuz this is always a minefield for me. But uh.. But I appreciate.. I appreciate that.. I… Wish that you were… Ethan: I’m gonna pay you. I’m gonna pay you Ethan: I’m just gonna start sending a check every month. You keep doing what you do. Sean: I need it. Hila: I’m not good at expressing it, but my mouth is burning right now Ethan: Actually, Hila seems, like, in really bad shape. You went in for the second bite, and I think– Hila: I had to do it, cuz everyone did it. Sean: It’s about the art. Suffering for the art.

97 thoughts on “H3 Podcast Eats Spiciest Sauce In the World

  1. idiot in the red shirt at 2:50 trying to get the sauce out while holding the bottle nearly horizontal and barely gets any sauce out

  2. For 1- hila is the perfect look. Tooo damn pretty. 2 the sauce isn’t the hottest, he puts it at the end of the line to make people think it’s hottest. It’s all a pitch. Sales

  3. Flat out lie … this sauce is no where near the hottest sauce in the world . this "pepper x" is not spicier then the Carolina reaper . you want proof just watch people try the sauce and peppers side by side. even on his own show people have a way harder time eating da bomb then their sauce which they claim to be the hottest in order to make money off it. but in reality its no where close to the hottest sauce. they do not use any extracts in their sauce. which hey good for them . extracts are not good for you in high concentrated doses. however not using them there is no way to be as hot as a sauce that does use them. I still watch hot ones cus I think its a really good concept and sean gives really good interviews. however the commercialization of it is ruining it . now they have become one giant ad for their own products.

  4. Ill dip my dick in last dab. It was never the hottest. They pretend it is. Purists no da bomb, mad dog 357, and blaires megadeth" are all hotter.

  5. Sean – dying inside every time no one gets effected by "the hottest sauce" in this vid and saying how "tasty" it is… you could almost feel the dollars dripping out of his pocket…

  6. Sum place name lotus n they got sum called loud pack n i always choose spicy knowing i won’t be able to finish i recommend if anyone likes that feeling n seafood

  7. Why is that guy seemed sad though? As if I can see he's trying to holding it together on the inside. Am I insane?

  8. I was wondering why Sean doesn't advertise those hot ones sauces that much, and now i realize that he doesn't get a penny from them. Sean should get a percentage definitely. Or a way bigger paycheck. Who are these greedy fucks that run Complex. Maybe Sean is too agreeable.

  9. Capsaicin literally makes people high to the point of hallucinating. This is hilarious watching a group of people do this because they instantly all change demeanor and get sillier

  10. The last dab isn’t even that hot. I’ve had it, and the Bomb hot sauce, and the Bomb is wayyyy hotter.

  11. The Last Dab is not even close to the hottest sauce. There are sauces that use extracts that are stupid hot.

  12. So everyone knows Sean Evans for his show hot ones but he also has a channel that teaches an shows experiences with certain drugs

  13. I love Ethan. When people eat into microphones I want to punch myself out. He’s the only host I’ve heard say don’t eat into the mic. You’re a truly beautiful host. I love you.

  14. Motherfuckes!!!!! Without shawn… Hot ones is *nothing*!!!!!!!!!!! He deserves 60% of the revenue at least.

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