100 thoughts on “H3 Podcast #7 – Post Malone & Joji

  1. this is something you should watch when your high so you can laugh and nod with agreement at everything post says like george

  2. 2:05:23 Nobody loves sleep. They love how rested they feel when they wake up
    You cant appreciate sleep while asleep
    you cant appreciate life/death when dead

  3. Wow Hila had to leave a party because she ate 25/1000th of a gram of THC.

    She spoke to the walls? That's all psychosomatic. crazy

  4. "Being high feels like being autistic" For you, Ethan sure. but your brain chemistry is way different than a normal healthy adult.

  5. Look I’m on Prozac and I swear I’m not a pedophile, I wish I could convince the ten year old boy with a fat ass that I got candy

  6. Calling him Austin…. I know it’s his name. I get that. But like chill on saying it every 2 seconds hahaha. Drop.

  7. Nobody truly has free will. If we had true freedom of choice, we would have to think that we're going to think of our next action before we do it. Our brain already decides we're going to do something seconds before we act. The time that it takes for us to react to catch a ball thrown at us is significantly faster than the time that it takes for our brain to send a signal to our arm. I think there's something bigger there that we're not accounting for. Besides using it as a means of control, religion lets humans feel purpose. I believe there's a higher power out there, but it is objectively ignorant to think that your "god" is more correct than someone else's. Established religion in society is as corrupt as big pharmaceutical or any other large world super power. Society wants us to believe in the systems that they've already established as fact and if you think anywhere against the grain from that, you're told you're not normal. Normalcy is an idea that's taught to us from the moment we come out of the womb; whether that's in school, media, or whatever. Humans obviously have something that other creatures don't. Whether or not that means something in the grand scheme of things, we can't let our "strange" ideas and thoughts be suppressed by those looking down at us from the top.

  8. The taking of the apple was their choice in the end so thet always had free will. Also the whole prospect of eternal torture is wrong because the bible says everyone can be redeemed. Just trying to stop some misunderstandings. Papa bless you

  9. I would’ve never guessed MinecraftUniverse would be associated with one of the biggest artist of the 2010’s

  10. Im not sure ethan knows what dyslexia means considering he keeps saying he has dyslexia anytime he SAYS something weird or wrong…. but… dyslexia means that when READING, you process things backwards, words, letters, or numbers… it really has nothing to do with how u say things… I've heard him do this numerous times now and its starting to irritate me lmao

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