H3 Podcast #6 – Philip DeFranco

H3 Podcast #6 – Philip DeFranco

Welcome to another episode of h3 podcast We are here with “YA BOY” Phili D but before we get into that I want to give a quick shoutout to our sponsor Audible for helping support our show, if you want a 30 day free trial with a free audio book go to audible.com/h3podcast Philly D holds a special place in my heart, because when we announced were being sued about a year ago He’s the guy who went to the internet and said these guys need help and we as a community should help them out And I mean we had no plans to ask for money then because we had no idea how insane it was going to be But I can say thanks to Phili D, he raised like $170,000 for us and it just I mean there’s a good chance that we would just be completely broke if it wasn’t for him pulling everyone together And I have to say that: I have a soft place in my heart for you, always. I only did it so you would never make a video about me. That’s really it. I was just like don’t… don’t do it that’s why I’m hoping that iDubbbz has some trouble soon so I can help him so he never does a Content Cop on me You’re good, you’re safe dude No, but it’s frustrating a lot of people don’t realize how expensive lawsuits can be especially if the person doing it sets up one of those deals where the lawyers get paid on a must win basis ’cause then its just the lawyer is going to be hungry for blood And then I mean two, as a fan I didn’t want to see you guys going through it but then three, as I said in an early video it ends up being bigger than you, right? It sets up the precedent and there’s already bad precedents set in place because of the … um oh my god. Jukin Media versus Ray William Johnson If it goes to jury we’re looking at like three hundred to half a million dollars. HEY! I said it in the videos and I said it to you before. Like, even if you don’t want to run it, money has to be raised, right, It ends up being a bigger than you situation, the weird thing is If you end up winning it ends up being one of the best possible things ever for you, right? Because Where were you guys at before, um, I keep trying, I treat him like Voldemort in the sense of like, trying not to say his name The guy that we can’t say his name What if Voldemort and Harry Potter just sued people But I mean before that video what were you getting? like views wise Oh aaaaaaaaaaam sheesh that’s hard to say. Probably like a million after a month (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Ethan: But I mean its been great that’s why I’m saying its “the best thing in the world” if everything goes fine I can’t even imagine the stress There’s this silver lining honestly I can say this was the most stressful I’ve been ever in the past year dealing with it It’s ugh, I hate seeing it. Hila: But I’m a lot better now I mean I’m not being sued and I’m exhausted *Ethan and Hila laugh* Just thinking about it. Ethan: It’s been bad I know, but I’m glad that you got the initial funding and if it does continue, you have to whether it be you or someone else I will promote to it, I will be a part of it, because it’s for you guys, but it’s also bigger than you guys Thank you dude, I love you man. Appreciate you. You’re such a positive force, I think in the community I saw your Draw My Life. That one’s old. Yeah, I was like, I’m just tryna think of, ok. And, um, In it there was a lot of really fascinating details where I was like: “Holy shit, I did not know about this” It sounds like you had a really interesting, “interesting”, like, rise to get where you are now Um, I was like “wait, part though?” ‘Cause there’s… Ethan: So I’m gonna, I have a lot of specific points. Like, one of the one’s that stood out to me is when you’re like The video is like 4 minutes long and you kinda like pass over sh*t real quick so on one hand you’re like My moms ex boyfriend we found him in the garage with a gas mask on filling the house with carbon monoxide And I was like what? so if I understand that correctly your moms boyfriend was trying to murder you both? I think it was mainly for her, there are situations where even now I get kinda freaked out talking about and sharing that part of my life just because, I don’t know what that guy is doing now. I mentioned this on Rhett and Link’s podcast really, like, a while ago. And when I talked to him he said: “aren’t you worried that that guy is gonna-” and I was like HOUUUUUUUUUUUUGH It wasn’t really in my head because I feel like I haven’t been genuinely fearful for my life. I’m 31 now so for like… 14 years. My childhood was 100% different than my everyday. I’m very to my small group of people now I’m nervous around big crowds of people where even strangers, to a certain degree, but yes that was a very scary situation. At the time I didn’t understand how big of a deal it was I just remember my mom going like… [Ethan: how old were you?] my mom was just about to be diagnosed with cancer, so I believe I was in middle school 13-14 years. [Ethan: Just a bag of fun for you] ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ) JUST A BAG OF FUN We didn’t know we had carbon-monoxide detector before that and because it was behind her big mirror dresser, and it went off in the middle of the night And I just remember her screaming and then we left the house that night that is honestly one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard Sorry, I’m just like, I’m trying to A lot of my childhood I just put in the back of my mind even my name changed to Philip DeFranco like I very much, that me changing my name to Philip DeFranco Is very much me kind of reclaiming myself as a human being like I’m not going to live in fear I’m my own guy. I’m never going to go back to who I was and what I’ve experienced Wow, I had forgotten about that. Ethan: Sorry dude this is like therapy hehe xd We get our guest out here on the couch – you wanna lay down and put your feet up you can get really into it Purple couches should only exist for sex, by the way.
Purple is way too sexy of a colour What happened to him was he arrested? [Yes] He went to prison? Yeah, he was like… I feel like… [For attempted murder?] No How specific do I get without… *Moaning: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OUGHHHAAA”* It’s a very weird place So he was, I know he was arrested for drugs. Right? ‘Cause that was the big thing ‘Cause I forgot if it was in that video or in another one He was in the garage – I remember hearing this… It’s this whole situation that spirals out of control I’m a kid, I hear him in the garage. And I’m like what is that sound? Is he hiding a present for me in the ceiling? He leaves and I’m like, “okay I’m gonna get my present.” And I push the panels very much like this the square ones I push them aside and theres this giant mustard jar. And I’m like “what the?… the fuck” Yeah, weird present. and I’m like well maybe it’s hidden in the mustard jar. Maybe its like that awesome of a present. I bring it down, I unscrew it, and *laughs* It is a giant bag of pills. And it turns out later it’s speed Ethan: That’s a great one – that’s my drug of choice So then I told my mom about it. I think then he found out that she knew about it. And I think thats why the carbon monoxide stuff happened Whoa! Wait… Philip: But its also this weird conflicting thing because that guy also paid for my mom I saw that in the Draw My Life you were saying he took care of you guys, he was a nice guy I had a step dad that beat the fuck out of me and then here is this guy And theres the carbon monoxide situation that completely derails the story but he had been nothing but nice and sweet to me He was becoming my second dad. Right… How long was he living with you or how long had you known him for? I think she moved in with him was the place, but I think that relationship had to be 3 years And he, all the sudden, your mom found out that he was dealing drugs and he decided I’m just gonna kill them both I don’t want to say thats specifically it, but that is the way I remember the situation, ’cause when I say my mom ends up having cancer I ended up living with my dad for a little while, while she got treatment and then she was also dealing with that stressful situation She sent me away partly because of the cancer, but also because she didn’t know what was going to happen I can only imagine, as a kid, you have this guy in your life you like and he’s taking care of you and then all the sudden hes trying to fuck*ng kill you and your mom Do you feel like this has affected relationships you have where you were like: I like you but also are you gonna kill me some day? I think in general I’ve never really trusted people that much. The people I trust in my life are my wife and my two good friends. They have my back in every situation and I would be there for them. But outside of that? Not really. There’s no incentive for most human beings to back up one another When it really gets down to it Like are you going to run back into a building to save someone kinda situation? Or even to a more relatable degree is Someone going to try to f*ck someone over so they can personally advance But that was already ingrained in me My dad from the get go was like, “don’t trust people.” Granted, top tier was like, “don’t trust women they’re gonna try and.. take your… make you have a baby with them and they’re gonna try and take half!” He was mainly kinda spurned by my mom That’s most of life, though. People, I think, make it really hard for you to trust them whether they are trying to kill you as a child or they try to use you for advancement in entertainment or business Ethan: That’s tough, man. Just so that everyone knows, I am a cynic. Yeah, that’s fair. I mean, I think you’re entitled to that, at this point. Thank you! *laughs* Ethan: I think you’re entitled to your cynicism. So, there’s a couple of other things that came up like, something I didn’t know, that really surprised me- You have this thing called PKD, which is some kind of kidney disease. Yeah, polycystic kidney disease. It’s hereditary, so my dad had it. We think maybe my grandfather had it but he died really really early on. But yes, my dad has it, I have it. Shouldn’t affect me for a few more years hopefully. I really do need to go to the doctor and see how far its advanced But a part of me is like: “If I don’t address it, theeeeeen”. But it is a very… it’s a real thing It’s also a thing that I’m worried about now for my kids, right, so I have one kid now, and my wife is pregnant. It’s a 50/50 shot with each kid. I mean, it’s a stressful thing. You kind of end up hoping, and I hate it because people used to say it to me as a kid- “You know, medicine is advancing, you’ll be probably taken care of” and so its like a HOPE, but there’s no definite thing. But, I actually think that for me, it’s kind of like having a fire under my ass, because I know that PKD started affecting my dad at 35, and as it started he wasn’t able to do as much and then the pain came in and he had to get on medications and it slowly advanced to a point where his kidneys were failing. I am so glad that I have YouTube as a career, but, I am so glad that I somehow came down this path for YouTube, because my dad needed a kidney. I explained that in a video, and I was like, I don’t know what to do, we’re at, like, there’s no way that he’s going to get one, unless someone offers, and so, if you I was like, you’re not [stumbling] t-there’s no exchange, because that’s- One: it’s a rule, Two: morally, it would be weird, ah, to be like [shady voice] GIVE ME THAT KIDNEY FOR MONEY Free market, dude! What happened to capitalism? Come on, man! Why we- Why we gotta do that? Well, because certain areas would just turn into, uuuuh, to organ farms Ethan: Kidney trades? Yeah. Exactly, yeah. [laughs] [sighs] It’s so funny how many people don’t know that stuff like that is a thing. So, he- your dad- was he able to get a kidney transplant? Yeah. Um, so, three people had to go through to see if they were, like, full-on matches ahm, so, a lot of people submitted, then a lot of people did, um, I believe it was bloodwork and there were five people that might be a match, and the first three were not, uh, I think it was something with the physical match didn’t work, um, the fourth one there was something else, uh, I think- I don’t wanna say that it was a [to self] not, uh, personality, uuhhm It was kind of a mental thing? And the last person was a perfect match. James. [Ethan: Wow.] And he was just amazing. He was this, ahm, he was this vet uh, like, YOUNG guy, and he said to me that the reason he was donating wasn’t because of, like, my show, or anything like that- He lost his father at a very young age. And he didn’t want to see someone else do that, and he felt like he had to, to offer, when he was witnessing this thing. [Ethan: What a hero.] [Hila: Wow.] And, amazing, AMAZING- the most selfless- like, I WANT to end up being that selfless. [Ethan: That’s amazing.] [Hila: That’s really amazing.] But, like, I don’t even go out of my way to donate blood! Like, and this guy! It’s not even just He’s inconveniencing himself for the rest of his life, right? What, yeah, what does it mean for him? Well, so, for the most part, most people can live regular, everyday life with one kidney Which is why kidney donations are so great, because it’s like, living donors are key. If you get a cadaver kidney from someone that’s dead, it’s less likely to actually, ahm, survive Or, not be rejected I mean, for me, that’s like my biggest takeaway from this whole weird YouTube experiment. That’s crazy… So in your show you basically, if I’m understanding it, you asked your fans if anyone would donate? Yeah, it was like… I don’t… This is the most awkward thing and it’s like… You let your dad die or you just say, “hey, does anyone out there…” ? ‘cuz it’s like… they’re both bad options. But it’s like, “what can you do?” Yeah. If someone’s gonna hate on me because of that and they think it’s exploitation of my position I totally understand that argument. But if I didn’t? And he died and he had to live through that pain and that misery That would kill me emotionally. Ethan: You have to ask. You have to ask… I feel like it, yeah. But the truth is, it’s like, you don’t force anyone. People, for their own reasons Like this guy found… he found purpose in his life and comfort and, you know by giving that kidney to your dad. Yeah. [Ethan: So how’s the guy doing? Who donated?] So I haven’t actually… I don’t think I’ve talked to him in… Two years? Um… I know my dad – I think my dad’s still is in contact with him But I’d have to – I’d have to ask. Has your dad experienced anythings like new traits? He’s like – *laughs* I don’t think that’s real. Is that real? I don’t think that’s real. [Ethan: I doubt it.] Phili D: It’s like “I CAN JUMP HIGHER!” Ethan: Well I don’t know if a kidney- Hila: He’s gonna have super abilities now Ethan: I think that’s just a Twilight Zone thing. Phil: Yeah, that’s like the horror movie where it’s like, “HE GOT A MURDERERS HANDS!!!” Like what? What are you talking about? *laughs* Man, that is fascinating Damn it. You just gotta do it. So I suppose you’re probably afraid that you’re gonna have to come to something like that yourself. In the future. Um, yeah. I also… I normally don’t care about myself in that capacity. I care about myself a little bit more now that I’m responsible for kids. [Hila: Yeah] ‘Cuz I’m just like… no now it’s like I’m not being I’m not just being selfish, and like, if I go down then I go down… It’s like the whole ship potentially goes down. [Ethan: Right] I am worried to a degree. But I just keep myself busy with work and new projects and… [Ethan: You can’t dwell on it.] Yeah! I mean, when I was like eighteen and twenty? And maybe it was because I came from that messed up childhood or maybe I just did have shit to do because I was broke I would constantly think about how I was gonna die. I talk about it every now and then. But I used to have like a legit fear of roaming black holes that like one night – “Roaming black holes?!?!” You have a kidney disease and you’re worried about falling into a black hole! [Hila: laughs] I could get in a car crash every day, I could be stabbed by a robber who might wanna take some of my shit But I’m at the age of eighteen to twenty… I’d wake up in the middle of the night And… just sweats on my f*ckin’ janky little air mattress and I’m just like *GASP!* because I either thought I was about to die from a “roaming black hole” or if the light caught me… If it comes through the blinds just right and a sound would, like a garbage truck, went off, I’d think a nuke was going off These are like ridiculous, stupid fears. And now I don’t really have ’em I just… Don’t mess up anything in my new show, don’t damage my kid *laughs*, try to let down as few people as possible. That’s a good – those are the three tenants really. Once we have kids I’ll stop obsessing about being sucked into black holes- [A la commenter] “When you guys gonna have kids?!” Sorry, that’s what everyone has to say. I mean, it could be happening pretty soon. We’re starting to think about it- – we’re thinking about it! It’s a glimmer in our eye 😉 *laughs* You know? Yeah! You wanna put someone in the world that’s not ridiculous! You like to think your kids will be great, but there’s plenty of people out there who thought that and they end up with sh*tty kids. Yeah, and there’s also just… there’s so many different factors My main point is: Try to limit the damage. Try to promote as many opportunities that I didn’t have as possible. And then if you mess it up, you mess it up. You know parents they have these kids and they just kill ’em both- [Phili D: Wait, what?!] What what what what what????!!!! [Ethan: Kids, they just, I had the best life… I’m just gonna wake up someday and murder both of my parents-] No I didn’t know that. That happens. [Phili D: OH THE KIDS!] Yeah the kid does that I thought you were saying that you have kids and you, just one day, decide to MURDER them! I was like “whaaaaaat?!” *laughs* That’s the clip they’re going to play when you do that! Don’t – Cut this part… No, I’m saying you just never know – it’s kinda scary. You roll the dice. I’m gonna have kids. They might, you know, have a screw loose and kill the whole family No, those kids had a terrible life. [Ethan: You think so?] Yes. I’m sure there’s some kid out there who’s like, lil screw, and he’s just like “I’m gonna kill my whole family today” *laughs* [Ethan: I’m saying! You roll the dice!] I mean, there could be a mental issue. There could be anything! BUT! I do agree. I think probably, most of the time… *laughs* It’s probably off of some sort of abuse or something. [Hila: Yeah…] Alright well let’s take a quick little break. And then we’ll come back with YOUR BOI! Philip DeFranco Before we get back into the show with Phili D, I just wanna give a thank you to our sponsor: AUDIBLE! Who has graciously supported our show. Now, Audible is a platform for listening to audio books and they have an UNMATCHED selection. I love listening to Audible when I’m playing video games, jogging -*scoff*, which you know I do a lot-, and just hanging out! Anytime you’re hanging out, driving, put on an audio book. It makes it INSTANTLY way better and way more entertaining. The book that I’m listening to right now is based on the hit Netflix documentary called “Making a Murderer”. Which I know a lot of people saw, about this guy who was wrongly convicted of murder. TWICE! And now there’s new books come out called “Indefensible” the missing truth about Steven Avery. And it’s written from the opposite side: the prosecutor! And they’re talking about how the documentary omitted all these really interesting facts about how he actually did the crime. This was a fascinating look into the other side of the argument. And I highly recommend this book. Especially if you’re a fan of the series. For our audience, Audible is offering a thirty day free trial and a free audio book if you use our link: Support the show. Support our wonderful sponsor. Get a great book. It’s a win/win guys! Let’s get back into the show: So the other one, I mean, classic story. Which just fascinates me. [Phili D: Oh the catfish-] The catfish! You met a girl, you talked a lot with her, [Phili D: Yes.] you… were in love? [Phili D: I really liked her.] There was ~like~ [Hila: laughs] – there was heavy liking going on? You moved from, where? Florida? Yeah so, wait… No! North Carolina to New York. So, North Carolina to New York, and when you got there – she gave you an address and everything? [Phili D: Yes.] So you got there… she wasn’t there. She wasn’t there, yeah. The whole story is that she faked being this dancer that was going to a… Juilliard? It was – [Ethan: WOW!] – yeah, it was like “OH! that’s very cool!” [Ethan: Very nice! Yeah!] And she made up that she had this little sister and she, um, had this ex boyfriend and this whole friend group and she ended up – it ended up turning out that she faked being every single one of those people. [Hila: Oh my god…] [Ethan: Whoa…] When I got to New York she *laughs* when I got to New York she faked being her ex boyfriend and another guy who kidnapped her and raped her in a park. And she ended up, according to another friend – one of her girlfriends – ended up being in a hospital and that’s why she wasn’t able to see me. [Ethan: wait you were talking to all these people?] Yeah and it was – [Ethan: and they were all her?] This was back on myspace… [Ethan: AOL chat or… myspace, yeah. Back in the day.] And I’m getting all these messages and it’s like “OHMYGOD WHAT?!” And it took me, like, thirty-six… cuz I stayed in New York… just like “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do!” cuz I put everything in my *laughs* my 1996 Geo Prizm drove to New York. By the time I got up there I had no money left. When you got there and you were like “there’s nobody here. You’re not here at your house” Yeah, it looked like it was just an abandoned house. And I was just like “what is this?” [Ethan: Right.] And so- [Ethan: and then you messaged her…?] [Hila: What do you do at that point?] She doesn’t respond for, I wanna say, it’s like thirty-six hours. She finally responds when I’m on – no.. That’s what it was!- Where did you go in that time? So I was just driving through boroughs. I don’t… I’m trying to remember if I had… a cell phone [Ethan: Did you sleep in your car?] Yes… Which I was like not too pumped about [Ethan: Yeah! Of course!] And I was trying to find any family I still had out there and I couldn’t find any numbers. And then I remember I ended up calling her from a payphone… trying to remember where I was driving. I remember the New Jersey turnpike and I drove off and I called on a payphone. And she was… acting like she was hurt and she kept the whole thing going. And the thing that hurts my brain is I then put myself into debt. I maxed out all my credit cards to get back to North Carolina. None of our mutual friends, cuz we’re like from like 90% of my friend group at this time is just all online, right? So just like a bunch of loners talking to each other in chat rooms and stuff. No one believed me! Oh my god! Everyone thought that this girl actually, like, had been hurt. And I was being a d*ck! And I bailed on her. [Ethan: Wow…] And… no one believed me! For like three months until she did it to another guy that was part of the friend group. [Hila: WHAT?!] And that, for me, that was… the just destroyed me. So what the hell – who is this girl? What’s she doing now? One of the girls that’s part of our mutual friend group, after she did it to another guy, said it was a sixteen year old girl in Kansas. [Hila scoffs] [Ethan: whoa….] Yeah I was like “WHAT?!?!?!?” I was manipulated by a sixteen year old girl in Kansas? [Ethan: Masterminded!] like just… BUT I forget if I make the point in that video, if she had not done that I wouldn’t be where I am today. Because I was very much, like, trying to go the mainstream route in New York. And tryin’, like, work my way up from like, uh internship [Ethan: Right] I think Conan was still in New York at the time. and he was just then trying to do his Late Show and I was like “I’LL FIGURE OUT A WAY!” And then that happened, completely destroyed me. Had to do the thing where I ask people for money. Went to Florida and then just HYPER focused on YouTube. I like to think that if that hadn’t happened, or any of the bad stuff during my childhood hadn’t happened, I would not be here today. That’s honestly the best way to take it. It’s not even “you’re so strong for doing it!” It’s the ONLY way for me to move past it. Because, otherwise, my pain defines me. Rather than I used it as fuel. That’s why I always say “it’s the horrible things… it’s the stuff that makes me angry and feel hate” that have always helped me with my success. Because I don’t take that and then just throw more hate onto other people. I just…. use it as fuel. [Hila: Yeah] But you have to. [Ethan: Yeah…] That’s… man. That’s some crazy shit, dude. [Hila: Yeah!] I’m surprised you trust ANYBODY anymore You have two people in your life you trust? Yeah, it takes time If you didn’t know who Phili D is somehow, go to his channel. Subscribed! God bless this guy. He’s the greatest guy, man. [Phili D scoffs] I’m okay… [Ethan: I love you dude] Okay… Ethan: Thanks for coming on. Appreciate cha. Hila: Thank you! Ethan: You have anything specific you wanna plug or is that good? No, man, I’m just trying to survive. *laughs* How about, wait, how about this one thing? If for some reason – I don’t know where you would put this! – If for some reason I am no longer on my channel… uuggghh… Three months into next year, ugh Let’s say: April of next year. If I’m not able to post on my channel and I’ve disappered from the internet, can I count on a shout out from you guys? WHAT DOES MEAN?!!?!?!? WHAT ARE YOU FOREBODING???? What the hell do you have in your back pocket? I mean… yeah the show is yours, yes, but what the hell are you planning? *laughs* Oh I’m not planning on anything, I’m just… Expect some crazy shit from Philip DeFranco. Getting his channel taken down. [Phili D: UGH!] That did already happen once to you? [Phili D: Say wha?] YouTube shutting down my channel and I don’t know what to do. Hey! I was VERY stressed out about that! *everyone laughs* How DARE you! How DARE YOU! [Ethan: Alright, alright… Thanks dude!]

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  2. When I was a child, my dad tried to kill me and then himself multiple times. He'd back off halfway through and start crying (he was an alcoholic). Eventually, he started making me hurt myself and always tried to talk me into suicide so that he wouldn't be blamed for it. He said he didn't have the energy to die, but he knew I did.
    I don't remember much of my childhood, except for things like that. My mom would spend hours telling me that she never loved me and regretted the day I was born and when I would start crying, she'd sing that song from Wizard of Oz "Ding dong the witch is dead!" I can't watch it to this day. If I even tried to resist her, she'd hurt me. She really liked hitting me in front of my friends and humiliating me in front of people. I have dissociative identity disorder from the things that have happened when I was a child, but I agree with Phil. I know I became a good person. I help people in need, I give away my things, I offer support to others, I do my best to understand where people are coming from when I talk to them. I'm afraid that if I didn't go through what I did, maybe even if I didn't develop DID, I might have ended up like my parents. I don't think what I went through makes me stronger, even though that's what people say. I think it's changed me. It's given me experiences and concepts to think about that most children never do, but that's why I'm the person I am today. And I'm proud of that person.

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    Thank you guys for the video. Papa bless, congratulations Hila with your dope line of killer Teddy Fresh threads. 🙂

  12. Considering what he has been through it is incredibly impressive Phil is doing so well in life. He has a wonderful wife, is a business owner & is a wonderful Dad. It is very rare that a person who has been through so much ends up being as stable as he is. The most impressive being how good of a Dad he is. I'm so glad he didn't continue the cycle of abuse. He is an admirable man.

  13. I would love to watch Phil confront his catfish… It would be sooo fucking awkward and cringe and GOOD. I'd watch with popcorn happily

  14. Im not into podcasts, not even remotely interested, but this was interesting. it could be the recent reemerging (sp?) panic atracks/depression, but man its awesome/sad when you hear the life story of others. And not even just because of who it is, just being another human is enough.

    I donated a kidney to my mom when I was younger, so a lot of this hit home. So now I feel so useless ,guilty, because now ,emotionally, Im a wreck.

  15. What Phil said about not caring about himself, I used to treat myself the same way. It made life a living hell. There's nothing selfish about caring for yourself.

  16. As a lawyer I can attest. Legal costs can ramp up exponentially within the first month. And the costs you recover from the opposition come down to a pittance of the end bill.

  17. just curious, why are some podcasts 30 min while others are well upwards of an hour? would have loved to hear more from DeFranco!

  18. For Philip Defranco-The guy that walked into your studio…Do you think he's related to the guy that tried to kill your mom and you with carbon monoxide poisoning? That video of the guy just walking into the studio and closing the door scared the life out of me.

  19. Bro… All that there's to it is. These huge YouTubers get all this fame and money and they no longer have the need to work very hard and bust ass to put out quality content yet alone content alone because they have enough money to not have to worry about working anymore. Thus Ethan has to sit there and makeup excuses as to why he's not making H3 videos anymore.

  20. LOL Ethan believes even if he raises his children well, there's still a chance they will just decide to murder him.

    That's crazy enough, but on top of that, the guy still wants to have kids!

    Hahah what a madman.

  21. Lmao, I thought the same with the nuke thing, where he said a light going off and a noise sounding, but whenever I heard a plane or a helicopter or something light that I thought stuff like "holy shit we're getting nuked aaa" and now I think "hey it's a flying hunk of metal"

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  23. We never had food in my house, my sister and I would walk uptown to have one meal a day, no matter the weather. My older sister gave up some canned food I put in my closet, and when my mom found it when trying to steal money from me, she freaked out at us. She would come home screaming at us for nothing, drunk out of her mind. Childhood was so weird and unlike any of my friends at the time. Now my sisters and I all suffer from anxiety disorders, and my brother and I suffer from severe depression. I was maybe 11 when my brother tried to kill himself in our home, thankfully he did not succeed. Getting out of that home at 18 was such a transition. My mom has almost died twice from alcoholism, and has finally tried to get some help. The effects of my childhood have really messed with me, but I think I am a more empathetic person because of it all.

  24. I used to watch this guy religiously as an eighth grader in 2007… This is the first time I've heard his voice in over a decade

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