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  1. at around 1:50:00 does anyone know what movie shane was talking about. i can't for the life of me figure out how to spell it.

  2. Ok, so for the 9-11 conspiracy, there was a ton of gold held below the WTC… in the basement. I can't remember the details, but the story is out there online. All that gold was never recovered. Multiple black limos were seen leaving the scene before the building fell. Also, you can see the explosion(s) detonating, collapsing the tower in some of the videos. If you look You can find it. You just have to use common sense when researching, there's a lot of crazy shit out there, but some of it really is real.

  3. Does anyone know what movie Shane was talking about that made him question everything and ruined his life? I feel like watching it even though I know I’ll regret it lol

  4. I literally falled asleep watching yt and this video was playing… I'm pretty good with this so I started watching it xd

  5. Rewatching this. In Australia you can’t get a heavy weapon. Barely can get a gun. No one domestically has a gun. Literally no one. Gun violence is unheard of. If your talking about teachers having guns. That is fucked up. Funny the one country who allows guns has the highest gun violence. Wake up to yourselves.

  6. So adressing school shootings, I'm from Italy and since January 2009 we had around two school shootings, the country with the most school shootings is of course the US, in the past ten years there were more than 288 school shootings and the country with the second most shootings is Mexico with 8 shootings. Banning guns is in my opinion the best solucion. Tho I never grew up in a country where so many people can just buy guns.

  7. The creepiest things on earth are sleep hallucinations, those can be fucking terrifying, waking up just to see people standing in your room

  8. Aw i miss jess from the shane and friends podcast! Its sad that it was her only source pf income at the time Jeez!

  9. Does anyone realise youtube is a Google company and google might be calling the shots k and Google might be controlled by someone bigger ok connect the dots LoL

  10. Shane is so sweet and vulnerable. I relate to the body image issues. I just subscribed to this podcast. I really like your style. Thanks for coming on the show Shane. I think you’re great.

  11. Just wanna drop that an ar-15 isnt a military weapon. And in a confined space you should probably be much more worried about a handgun. The ar-15 is not magic. It is made for shooting farther ranges than a handgun, but a handgun delivers a bigger bullet in most cases, and some of the most common handguns (Glocks) can hold 17+ rounds, and are in my opinion, much quicker to reload than an ar. Not to mention if you’re using an AR that can be disarmed from you much easier than a handgun, plus theres muuuch less mobility with an AR. Just want to educate those who aren’t aware, because honestly a lot of false information from people who don’t know anything about guns gets passed around like gospel. No hate, love you guys.

  12. Y’all really need to have Shane back, he’s done so many successful things since this was made it would be great to see him back on the podcast

  13. Since Shane lost "shane and friends" he should just remake it as "shane and company" or something like that

  14. I have never watched this talk show before
    And this is with no hate whatsoever
    But does the talk show guy have tourette’s??

  15. So literally the thing that made Shane start believing was the same thing that made me start believing. When I was 11 I was in bed and felt fingers against my lower back, yet it felt way too “light” or “soft” to be a human… it was weird… I just knew it wasn’t a human.

  16. ugh, dont talk about guns and say this one is bad if you dont know about them.. Just bc its scary looking doesnt mean it should be banned. AR-15 is only used so much bc people TALK ABOUT IT BEING THE DEADLIEST!.. it is no worse than an AK 47.. a FN57, Glock, fucking a shotgun.. its just because its the gun that looks the scariest bc you can put attachments on it so it looks intense. the MEDIA is the reason it is used so damn much in shootings

  17. I was lying so comfy and about to sleep and when Shane started talking about seeing his grandma etc I had to bolt up and look around the room I got so scared 😭

  18. This guy Shane is baffling to me he is popular on YouTube where people want to see what you have to say.

  19. President Trump said on 9/11/01 that they must have used bombs, I build those type of buildings and they dont fall down. Alex Jones on 9/11 show he said it was an inside job.

  20. I’m not being an ass but like people like myself do use ar-15 to hunt fast moving target like squirrel when you don’t want to completely destroy the meat with a shotgun or a powerful rifle

  21. Ok I’m watching this in 2019 and the child thing was stupid and false, but the cat fucking thing is funny as hell

  22. that many shootings in a few months should tell you its more then just some nut bags. goes from barely any to a shit ton all the time. idk why or the explanation but somthings up

  23. You can see some uncertainty in Shane. Those allegations and other drama fucked his head up. Famous or not. Nobody in a right state of mind would bounce back from being accused of sexual assault of any degree. Big or small. It will fuck your head up.

  24. the reason there are so many mattress firms is because they bought out sleepy's and haven't gotten rid of excess shops yet

  25. a lot of those school shootings were after hours and were drug deals gone bad. they're reported as school shootings. as for teachers having guns, it would be any teacher who was licensed to carry . they're not just handing guns to art teachers. think.

  26. Ar 15 is not military grade lol. Also you could kill that many people with a basic shotgun in the same amount of time. Ya'll dont know shit about guns lmfao

  27. Also a handgun and the ar 15 (NOT an assult rifle by the way.. AR stands for armalite, the company) both shoot semi automatic.

  28. It’s actually not good to flush wet wipes down the toilet. Even if it says flushable it’s not true. Wet wipes tend to clog up sewer pipes and then it creates problems for the whole city and if they building up over time it will create something called a fat burg

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