100 thoughts on “H3 Podcast #43 – Vsauce

  1. The waterboarden is such a simple thing that anyone can really do that if I were in Micheal's place I'd only do it with AT LEAST one family member around that cares about you and that family member also is the one doing the torturing.

  2. I'm a year late, but I cannot let this stand Micheal.

    To say someone was electrocuted doesn't mean they had to die, they could just sustain injury!!!

  3. Holy shit. What if we are the beginning of life in the universe and it’s through us, that all other life will come from in space BRUUUUUUUH

  4. Damn, Ethan, c'mon dawg. You can't be makin a sponsored sales attempt while trashing Australians for being dumb. He's gonna lose sponsors.

  5. podcast episode with Vsauce
    In thousands of years will people all be incredibly corporate. Also I tried to water board myself.
    all of the the episodes
    Hahaha! Oh my god that’s hilarious 🤣

  6. This made me more open minded about drugs, especially for medical reasons. I feel I need to do more research now cause I’ve been negatively influenced by the media regarding them. I also have a phobia about brain damage. I think a lot of things sociology teaches us should be questioned.

  7. Australians do not pronounce fillet Mignon like that…. or atleast they shouldn’t he’s just uncultured 😉

  8. Unibomber was a prodigy genius that because bad childhood and no care he turned to hate society and thought it wasn't right. Therefore bombed society. Many people with these traits tend to get unnoticed unless they do something remarkable for society, or in this case, something horrible. Which on the other hand Eisenstein had a hand in the atom bomb but didn't know what it was for. Intent has alot of play in humanity.

  9. anyone notice vsauces distractingly wrinkley forhead. I can help but wonder what he would look like with botox

  10. Rumor is that Ethan's eyebrows moved normally until he did drugs. This is proof that drugs ruin your brain

  11. Frosted tips was lit
    btw, you should send a letter to the Unabomber and ask what he thinks about the meme economy

  12. It shows how little you guys know about drugs and addiction. For you to say drugs should just be legal? Its insanely illogical. If you could even understand why drugs were even created? Or if you saw the damage its done to me, my family, my friends and their families? I don’t think you’d have these opinions.

  13. I would not chase ego death or look at it as a "good" thing. It's quite uncomfortable and literally you think you are dying of what you imagine dying is like. It's a very intense and emotional ride that can cause serious damage to people who try to abort the experience or someone who is in a bad mental state before the experience. I like to explain to people that Ego Loss / Ego Death is kind of like overdosing on psychedelics. You most likely took way more than you thought or you radically underestimated the effects and you get thrown into the deep end quite quickly usually faster speeds than every experienced hence the scary aspect of death and losing control. Usually someone who is experiencing true ego loss is not functional to people around them in a meaningful way could be eyes closed still or could be thrashing around eyes bouncing all over the place or running through the streets naked for example.

    I have had maybe 3 ego loss situations in many experiences. I would say 3 out of 150 ain't bad and 2 of those I kind of asked for since I was trying to push my boundaries…aww young and fearless..

  14. They go from having a conversation about consciousness and the universe, to talking about memes.

  15. 1:46:01 Exactly! That's a great point! It IS unnatural to combat against what we already did, because that was what nature made us do!

  16. Me talking to a Republican: all drugs should be legal.

    Republican: LIBTARD!

    Me talking to a Democrat: all guns should be legal.

    Democrat: FACIST!!

  17. When they started too talk about the AI, space, existent, technology and evolution that really hit me that we are insignificant too wastness of space and really made scared of the future(what might or will happen). Mind blown

  18. A friend of mine wound up in a psych ward for weeks before he was back to normal and we all watched it happen. We were all very scared that we maybe lost one of our best friends b/ he was literally a different person until he snapped out of it. I wouldn't say they're wives tales but I would say it's very rare

  19. 1:45:57 Michael was just about to start a 10 minute lecture about the topic, and it's so funny to see how Ethan just stopped him right away xD




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