H3 Podcast #4 – iDubbbzTV

H3 Podcast #4 – iDubbbzTV

*Intro Music* Ethan: Before we begin, I’d like to give a huge thank you to Audible for supporting the H3 Podcast. If you want a 30-day free trial go to audible.com/h3podcast and get yourself some bomb-slammin’ free entertainment, on us. Help support the show, go to audible.com/h3podcast. With that said, lets get slammin’… *Music* Welcome back to another episode of the h3 podcast. Sitting here with ya boy, iDubbbz. He is a.. very popular YouTuber who has exploded by exposing the fucking frauds on YouTube. Ian: Let’s, let’s not use exposed.
Ethan: Someone very close to my heart- Ian: Let’s not use exposed. That’s a little bit much. Ethan: He’s known as the great exposer. He’s known as ‘iDubbbz, The Great Exposer’.
Hila: He’s done more than that Ethan: He unboxes things Ethan: And he’s got a new series on YouTube-
Ian: dot dot dot Ethan: called “Comedians on Razors Eating Crunch Wrap Supremes.” I think there’ll probably be a new episode out. You guys should check out. Ian: Yeah, just, yeah The name changes, it’s not always It’s Comedians [That’s all you call it], but, the- right
Ethan: dot dot dot, fill in the blanks Well, the one we did was “Comedians on Razors Eating Crunch Wrap Supremes,” and you’re planning your second episode with Vsauce. Yeah, hopefully that goes up Hila: By the time we put this up
Ethan: It will
Ian: I would like that Ethan: Let’s time, let’s time that up I would appreciate that
Ethan: Little, cross-pollination Well, Ian is a very funny guy. his channel is iDubbbzTV. The “TV” lets you know that he’s a little more serious than the average YouTuber. Ian: Yeah, I’m a broadcast– broadcaster. Ethan: Yeah. But if you don’t know his channel, definitely go check it out. He’s one of the- he’s one of the funniest guys. He’s just- he’s killing it. Ian: That’s really kind of you to say.
Ethan: He’s a sweet fuckin’ guy- -and I like him a lot.
Ian: I’d never say it myself… Ethan: You can’t SAY it yourself but you-
Hopefully that you have friends around that will just say it for you And then you’re like “Thanks, dawg.” You know what I mean? Ian: I appreciate, I really appreciate my TV director friend Ethan Klein-
Ethan: Yeah Ian: -telling me when my shit’s good. Ethan: Yeah, I got your back, dawg. [Ian laughs] So, um, my first question for you Ian: Mhm. is, uh, do you remember there was this one YouTuber who was really big? Do you remember LeafyIsHere? [Ian sighs] Uh… [sighs] Is that the guy who looks like a lesbian? No-no-no, that’s a different one. This guy looks like a fuckin’… Oooh Now I feel like I’m going in.
[Hila laughs] Hila: Yeah Ethan: He’s got, like, a little chin. I guess that’s what he’s known for. The lesbian’s the other guy. Ian: Ah, yeah, no, I haven’t heard of him. Ethan: I don’t remember— I remember him vaguely. This feels mean. Ethan: This feels mean…
[Ian guffaws] I was planning for this to be funnier. Let’s just wrap it up. [Hila laughs] Ethan: Call it a day, Hila, just wrap it. So, Ian is known for, like, you’re known for your very, kind of, inflammatory, like, Ethan: You-you-you- you’re very anti-PC, I would describe you as. Where on YouTube is a space that very caters to, like, Disney -esque characters.
Ian: Sure, yeah. Ethan: They love them. And at a time where being PC is– it’s so hard to be un-PC. Ian’s the kind of guy who— his slogan is “nigger faggot.” And I’m not gonna get in trouble because I’m just quoting him. Ian: Right.
[Hila laughs] Ethan: But, like, how’d you—
break that down for me, like— Ian: Well, okay, just for starters
Hila: Also, he’s gay. Ian: Yeah
Ethan: Also, yeah, he’s gay, too. Ian: Okay so, nigger faggot isn’t the slogan Ethan: Oh.
Ian: the slogan is “hey, that’s pretty good.” Hila: Yeah, come on, Ethan. Ian: “Nigger faggot” is- that’s a CHARACTER. Ethan: You’ve just got so many catchphrases.
Ian: Yeah. I-*stammers* I don’t make ’em myself, I just… y’know I can get away with it ’cause someone else said it, right? Ethan: Riiight.. Uh, so… Ethan: Well, who said “nigger faggot?” Uh… An unfortunate gentleman whose Kickstarter I made fun of. Hila: Oh, really?
Ethan: Oh, I didn’t know that. Ian: Yes, so…
Hila: That’s how it started? Ethan: Oh, so it’s almost like you’re not even the racist, you’re just, like, “this guy happened to say it, and I’m just living his memory.” Right, exactly. Ethan: What was the Kickstarter? I didn’t catch that. Um It was– It was basically a game console. This young man was making a game console Ethan: Right. that… had a– He had the schematics up there and everything but the schematics were drawn in MS Paint. Ethan: Okay.
Ian: and, uh, it just– It didn’t look quite right, so I decided to talk about it, and next thing I know, he’s making a vlog directed toward me, and he opens it up with something like “You motherfuckin’, motherfuckin’ nigger faggot” Ethan: OH! Hila: No way! Hila: I had no idea! Ethan: That’s a wonderful back story because I feel like you get a lot of heat for saying that. Ian: Right! Ethan: But it’s actually a wonderful little call-back. Ian: Yeah. Believe it or not I’m not- um- I’m, I’m not that racist Ethan: Okay, a little bit though. Self-admittedly, just a little racist. Ian: Ah, yeah Ethan: But let’s be honest Ian: Little bit Hila: How did he come up with that? Ian: I- Ethan: It’s wonderfully creative. Ian: I believe, he watched the Derek comedy sketch… If you guys are familiar with that. Ethan: So, it didn’t even start from him? Ian: No I don’t think so. Ian: I think he actually stole it- Ethan: So “Nigger-faggot has just been around the block Ian: yeah, yeah.
Hila: Everyone’s just been borrowing it from each other. Ian: Yeah. “Nigger faggot whore” Ethan: It’s a wonderful- it’s just a wonderful string of words that really gets you going. Ian: Yeah. Ian: Like soliloquy. Ethan: It’s a- Ian: Feels good on your mouth. Ethan: It’s like… mouth silk. Ian: Mhm. Ian: Yeah, but the “I’m gay” thing, I mean that, I’m proud of that. Ethan: Yeah, so. Ian: I’m definitely proud of that. Ethan: Well, so Ian has this thing- was it a collaboration with, was it Filthy Frank? Or was it a MaxMoeFoe? Ian: That would be a MaxMoeFoe. Ethan: So he goes- so Ian jumps into the frame, in a Batman-esque fashion and he just says, “I’m gay.” [Ian lightly scoffs] Ethan: How’d I do? [Ian kind of laughs] Ian: There’s a little more umf- Ethan: I’M GAY! [high-pitched] Ian: That’s better, that’s better. First one was a bit effeminate.
Ethan: More messed up Ethan: Yeah, I needed- sorry. I wasn’t- Ian: You’re good- Ethan: -needed to build up my confidence levels Ian: Yeah..
Ethan: Yeah Ethan: To, to proclaim that. Ian: Yeah. Ethan: So that, the little meme, is now what you’re- you’re the “I’m gay” guy. Ian: Yeah. Ian: I don’t mind that. Ethan: It’s funny. Ian: Yeah, it’s funny… I really like it. It’s- it’s cool to like- Ethan: Are you gay? Ian: *sighs* No. I have a lovely girlfriend, who’s in the room right now. Ethan: Hmm… was he gay? I mean you would know better than anybody. Ian’s GF: He’s a little gay. Ethan: He’s a little gay. Ethan: Alright. Ian’s GF: -for Max Ethan: Oh, for just Max? Ethan: That’s an inter– I’ve had relationships like that almost where you’re like “I’m not gay, but I have a friend who I fuck.” Ian: Yeah-he he hah Ethan: Right?! Ethan: That’s where you’re staying? Hila: When did you have that relationship?
Ethan: AH HA HA Ethan: I think it came out weird. Hila: And with who? That’s kinda gotten a little weird. But like, wha.. tha… you know that.. *sighs* nevermind. That just sounds bad now. You know that story, you know how that goes I’m not….first of all, I’ve never fucked a guy. It just came out wrong. but I was thinking say: Like sometimes you’re like- you have that male friend, you’re like a little too close with, and people are like “Oh, they’re gay..” ? That’s you and Max. Ian: Yeah, definitely. Ethan: Except– Ian: We’re close. Ian: Well I’d actually say I’m more gay with my friend from high school, Radj. Ian: He’s a good guy. Ethan: God bless you, shout out to Radj. Ian: Big-ups to Radjor. Ethan: Radj, you gay-ass fuck.. Ian: *whispers* He ain’t gay, he wouldn’t like that… Hila: Wh-What Hila: What did you guys do together? Ian: Not gay stuff- Nothing gay, no
Ethan: What are you, gay? What are you, gay, Hila? Ethan: Fuck you, nigger faggot. Ethan: *latino accent* gay-ass Hila, don’t look at him, look at me! Ian: *latino accent* I’m mad at you.. Ian: What is this? Ian: *Latino accent* This is my podcast now.
Hila: Oh shit. Ethan: Oh god. Ian: *Latino accent* Bitch. Ethan: Dog, what the fuck!? Hila: You didn’t even drink yet- Ian: It’s a character, okay? I’m done. Ethan: He’s out, he’s out.. Ethan: I love that I can just say nigger faggot though. Ian: Yeah. Ethan: Like I couldn’t really say that.. Hila: Do you feel like- Ethan: Empowered? I feel like you’re using it a little liberally… Ethan: I love saying nigger faggot!
[Ian and Hila laugh] Ethan: It’s so wonderful. Hila: Now you’re gonna get shit for it. Ethan: So your- I mean- is your kind of- your style is very anti-PC. Ethan: Is that by intention, or are you just expressing yourself? Ian: It is by intention- Ian: I really don’t like being Ian: limited. Ian: I’m a big fan of freedom of speech.. And.. Ethan: First amendment is number one..
Ian: Yeah.. it’s..it’s.. number one Ian: Right up there with second-amendment Ethan: Yeah Ian: Gotta love your guns.. Ethan: Do you have a gun on you? Hila: *laughs nervously* Ethan: He’s nodding yes, but he won’t say yes.. Ian: No I would never bring a firearm to a podcast.. Ethan: Ian’s fuckin’ packed and he’s scaring the shit out of me.
Hila: So you do have a gun.. Ian: *latino accent* I’ll Shoot you…. Ethan: Now he’s going back into character! Hila: Why are you-? Ethan: Just turn away Hila.. Ethan: yeah what is that character? Ian: Uh, It’s kind of like, I like to think of it as a cholo, but like… Ethan: Oh, I didn’t catch that. Ian: Yeah.. it’s sort of bad. It’s a bad character. It’s inaccurate. Ethan: Interesting. Have you debuted that character yet? Ian: Uhh, in private. Ethan: It’s something you’re working on? Ian: Yeah
Ethan: Ok Ian: And admittedly, I’m pretty sure I stole it from Raj, the guy we mentioned earlier.
Ethan: In private? Hila: Ohhh Ethan: Oh Raj? I’ll fuck that guy. He’s gay. Ian: It’s good to be a joke thief. However, only be a joke thief to people who aren’t in the industry. Ethan: Mm ’cause no one’s gonna complain. Ian: There you go. Ethan: Well that’s wonderful. Have– meet– get like the funniest friends ever. Ian: Funniest friends who are great comedians and their local stand-up routine.
Ethan: Get ’em drunk. Waiters. Ethan: Don’t ever bring them in. Just have them come in, be funny, and be like “See you guys next week.” And then, you have all this material. Ian: Hey
Ethan: And no one ever complains. Ian: It’s brilliant. Ethan: I love it.
Ian: Yeah Ethan: Hila, Craigslist– get friends– If you could, put a post on Craigslist. Just put “Friends.”
Ian: Get friends Hila. (Laughing) Ethan: Just put “Friends.” I would– that would be helpful for me.
Hila: Mhm Ethan: She’s working on it now. Thank you Hila. Appreciate that. Hila: “Old”– “Old guy in his thirties” “Looking for Friends.”
Ian: Hila’s kinda intimidating in this podcast. Ian: She’s got the beanie on. She looks like she’s gonna shoot someone. Ethan: No, Hila don’t fuck around. Hila: May it’s the black shirt. Ethan: Hila’s a fucking gangster as shit, dude. She scares me. We were talking about that last episode with Bert Kreischer Ian: Mhm
Ethan: and he was talking about how he’s… his wife is really like a really strong, bold, beautiful woman kind of character and I was just saying like, “Yeah, Hila scares the shit out of me.” ‘Cause we were talking about how like we’re both pussies. Like in a fight, I feel like I could maybe beat up like… 20% of all men. Ian: Mhm Ethan: And then the 80% would just fucking kick my ass. Like, kill me. Ian: Right. Ethan: And I’m not talkin’ like street fight. I’m talkin’ like, World War II “Saving Private Ryan” one-to-one deathmatch. Ian: Right
Ethan: You know what I mean? Ian: It still feels kinda good to say, like, “I can beat the shit outta 20% of guys.” Ethan: Well the thing– yeah, well, it doesn’t sound that good, though.
Ian: Including cripples? Ethan: Yeah, it includes everybody. And there’s some people in wheelchairs who will fuck me up. Ian: Probably. Ethan: But my– what we were talking about was, like, even though… I’m a weak ass man, I could beat the shit out of Hila, no problem. Hila: But Ethan: But she would psychologically destroy me. Ian: You know, you guys can put that to the test. Probably would be a pretty good video, actually. Ethan: Just a straight up bloodbath. Well it keeps coming up so it’s almost like at this point, we just need to throw down, Hila.
Hila: Yeah Yo, you better fucking– I’m gonna get into this cholo character Yo Hila, no, look at me. Hila: I’ll have to exercise for a week.
Ian: *Cholo accent* No, it sounds like this, holmes. Ethan: Yo dawg Ethan: You need to throw some “dawg” Ian: No, no “dawg” This guy doesn’t say “dawg.” Hila: You need, like, white–
Ian: He says, “You bitch. Who are you, bitch?” Hila: You need white socks.
Ian: *Cholo accent* Don’t laugh at me. Ian: White socks?
Hila: Yeah Ian: And bring them up to my kneecaps? Ethan: I actually do that. I don’t know why. Hila: ‘Cause you’re a cholo. Ethan: Hila used to make fun of me a lot ’cause I wear, like, big, white dad socks. Hila: And he will, like, pull it up all the way. Ian: You’re– you’re sometimes not aware of that sort of stuff. I recall, uh, when I was younger– in my youth, I’d wear sort of the button-up t-shirts but I’d button it all the way to the top button. Ethan: Oh, that’s cholo as hell! Ian: Yeah, and I didn’t realize. I was just like, “I don’t like showing my neck skin.” “I feel gay.”
Ethan: Yeah Ian: So I buttoned it all the way to the top and my friends were like, Ethan: “Are you gangbanging?” Ian: Yeah, exactly. And I was like, “Nooo, I…” Ethan: “I just– I’m just homophobic.”
Ian: “I don’t know, dude.” Hila: Just don’t want to show this area. (Laughing) “I’m shy.” Ethan: That’s funny. Hila: So, in Israel, Ethan would wear his socks like that and no one does that in Israel. Ian: Mhm Ethan: Look, I’m just being me. (Hila Laughing) Ethan: I used to get made fun of a lot ’cause where I came from–
(Ian burping loudly) Ian: I’ll just have you know, I’ve held that for like five minutes. Ethan: Quiet on set Ian: Sorry. Ethan: Umm, when I was a kid… you know, I would rock the high dad socks. They’re comfortable. They’re cozy. They’re white. Roll ’em up and it’s great. And then, all of a sudden, when I go to Israel, people are fucking goofing on me. Like, I was in the elevator with my boss one time. He goes, “Nice socks, faggot.” He said that to me. Hila: No he didn’t. Ethan: Well, John said that to me in a nicer way. He didn’t call me a faggot but he’s like, He– he made me feel bad. He belittled me as a person for my taste in fashion. (Hila Laughing) Ian: You could use an upgrade. In a lot of ways. (Hila Laughing) Ethan: Now I’m… what do you think about that?
Ian: Yeah Ian: Yeah The whole thing’s just shit. Ethan: Well you’re– you fucking wear sweatpants. Ian: I can get away with it. I’m young. Ian: I’m a young–
Ethan: You’re not that young! Ian: I’m a young buck. I can wear dirt. Ethan: For Youtube, you’re old as fuck, dawg. You’re old as me, dude. Ethan: That’s why I like you.
Ian: Yeah Ian: We can relate? Ethan: Yeah. You’re more– ’cause everyone on Youtube’s so young. I’m 31. You’re 27, right? Ian: 37 Ethan: How old are you? Ian: I’m 26. Ethan: Fuck
Ian: Yeah Ethan: I thought you were older. I don’t know if this is gonna work. (Laughing) Ian: Come on. Quiz me, dude. Ask me about old shit. Golden Girls? You like Golden Girls? I love Golden Girls. Ethan: What was the name of Tommy’s Ian: I guess I’m too old for you guys. Ethan: What was the last name of Tommy from Rugrats? Ian: Pickles. Ethan: Yeah, everybody knows that. Ian: That’s… 90’s kids.
Ethan: 90’s kids only! Ethan: But like, so when you– going back to the pc thing. Ian: Mhm Ethan: You just b– I mean, like it’s– you just– Ian: I just really don’t– like, I always… I envy comics who are able to get away with saying fucking anything. Ethan: Yes Ian: ‘Cause like, I don’t really care about umm I just think it’s– it’s kind of– in a way it’s kind of a skill. It’s like, to be able to frame your shit Ian: to where–
Ethan: It’s a tight rope to walk. Ian: Yeah, and I feel like it’s more interesting. Uhh So I always just wanted to be able to do it. So, kind of early on, when I saw the opportunity to say something, I’d be like, Alright. If I happen to get bigger at some point, I can always point back and say, “This isn’t offensive. What I did then was offensive.” Ethan: That’s funny. Ian: “Soooo get off my ass,” sort of thing. Hila: So you set the expectations at, like– Ian: Right. Exactly Hila: You already said that so this is not offensive. Ethan: So if President Obama tweets at you, he’s like, “Yo idubbbz, you’re fucking offensive.” And then what do you point to when you’re like, “Yo, Obama, chill out. Look at this from my earlier career.” Ian: I mean, obviously the “Niggerfaggot” thing, right? Ethan: Oh but that wasn’t even that long ago. Ian: No, it wasn’t. I mean, has my career been that, uh..
Ethan: I guess. Hila: Yeah, by the way, when did you start Youtube? Ian: Ok, so I started Youtube I would say around about five years ago Ethan: Same time as us. Ian: And ideally, my initial thought was, “Hey I’mma be a gamer.” “I can play games and earn money? That’s cool.” Ethan: Which is so funny because you’re– like, the gamer persona is one that’s so played out on Youtube and you’re such a counter-culture person, that thinking back to you then, it seems so different than who you are now. Ian: I was playing Minecraft when I was twenty years old. Ethan: Damn
Ian: You know? I– it’s really embarrassing to look back at it and say, “Jesus, not long ago, I was one of these?” Ethan: To be fair, I don’t think many Youtubers could look five years back and be like, “I’m not embarrassed,” Ian: Right. No, it’s true. Ethan: I think it’s just part of the experience. Hila: It’s so embarrassing. Ian: Yeah, so it’s kind of cool to see how quickly you can evolve and how things can change in a matter of a year. I mean, we’re both pretty good examples of that. Hila: God. On Youtube, a week feels like a month. So a year is like– Ian: Yeah Ethan: So you went from playing Minecraft and then what was the next evolution? Ian: Uhh… Indie games. I mean, in general, I played a lot of indie games. That’s sort of where I kind of found a niche. I get– a lot of people were asking me about that. Playing games like Overgrowth, which is like a– Ethan: I remember that. Ian: Yeah, it’s a really cool game. They haven’t gone anywhere with it, just because production’s mega slow on a indie game. Especially when you hire, like, two people to work on it. Ethan: Shots fired at Overgrowth. Ian: Yeah, exactly. Shots fired at all indie titles. They all fucking suck. Games suck. Ethan: So once you were– what was the transition from gaming to the next thing you did? Ian: Ok, so I did sort of a brief new show sort of thing. I wanted to show my face in front of the camera, so I called it “Gaming News Crap” and I would just talk about like, the games that are scheduled to come out or any random thing like that. Ethan: Woooooow
Ian: Yeah, those are privatized, I believe. Those will be released from the vault eventually.
Hila: It’s that bad? Ethan: Are the Minecraft ones still up? Ian: I don’t believe they are, no. That was on a separate channel, even. ‘Cause I had that channel monetization-disabled. So, we’ve moved past that at this point. Ethan: Fucking iDubbbz Minecraft news gaming updates. I think people would kill for that show now. That’d be entertaining.
Ian: They would, actually. Ian: Or when the channel starts plummeting, I’ll slowly release those and they’ll be like– Hila: Return to your roots.
Ian: Yeah “This guy’s desperate.”
Ethan: They’ll be like, “Holy shit, he’s a natural at this gaming news thing.” Ian: So I did that and I ended up having a segment at the end of this gaming news crap thing called “Kickstarter Crap.” And I would look at a random Kickstarter project and be like, “Man this is pretty shitty.” Um– most of them are gaming focused still though, right– So then, eventually I started just doing Kickstarter Crap on it’s own. Did a bunch of those videos. I strayed away from gaming. That’s when Max sort of like– kind of– He left a comment on one of my videos and… Hila: That is Maxmoefoe.
Ian: Maxmoefoe, yes. And I had no idea who he was. One of my friends just mentioned, “Oh this dude’s verified. He’s writing you comments.” And then I was sort of trying to be the cool guy. When he’d tweet at me on Twitter, I would respond, like– Ethan: Cool.
Ian: “Haha, yeah dude.” One word replies and stuff. But you know, He had millions of subs so I was like, yeah. Hila: It was a big deal. Ian: It was a big deal, yeah But a year went by after that and then we started talking more, and then kind of the rest is history, I’d say. Ethan: So the Kickstarter crap, actually looking back, a lot of those have a lot of views now. Since your channel exploded. That series was so perfectly timed. Because when you first started doing that, Kickstarter was just such a large fucking shit-show. There were so many people trying to grab money with the most asinine, dumb shit.
Ian: Yeah, absolutely. Ethan: And I think the timing of that series was wonderful. Ian: It worked out well. There were a lot of other people doing a similar thing. Red Supre and… a few others, I think. They did the same thing, but… I don’t know. It was all– it was sort of up for grabs at that time. It was sort of a weird niche. Not too many people– Ethan: Well, it’s like a goldmine. Because it’s like, you’re always looking for that wonderful, perfect Youtube video to, like, talk about, that’s, like, so right for satire. Like the one we did together about the “curing my colorblindness.” But you go on Kickstarter back then, and it’s like a fucking goldmine. Ian: Yeah Hila: I guess it’s kind of like when we started doing reactions to pranks.
Ethan: That’s true. Ian: It’s a similar– yeah, it’s a very similar thing. You guys and I both feel the same way about… There’s a lot of stuff to look at and there’s a lot of suggestions that fans put out there and you really have to weed them out. ‘Cause I recall getting a lot of suggestions that were like, “Look at this Kickstarter project.” And I would look at it and I’d be like, “Well clearly, this is just a child that can’t do anything.” Can’t operate a webpage. So I don’t know what you were expecting. You want me to just go off on a tangent? Calling a child out? Ethan: Well that– One of my favorite emails that we get all the time is like, “Hey, I got a perfect reaction video for you.” And then you click the link and it’s got, like, two views and it’s like some fucking eight year old that they go to high school with that they just want to humiliate. Somehow, in their mind they’re like, “Ethan’s gonna– He’s gonna fucking make a whole video about this guy and slam him.” Ian: I was thinking that it might be fun at one point to do it.
Ethan: Just do it? Just to surprise everybody? Ian: Yeah. Ethan: But this one kid who’s just– He’s just like, “What the fuck?” Ian: “What is this?” Ian: It could– Yeah, I feel like it could end up being a positive thing if you frame it the right way. Ethan: “So I got this email…” You start with the email. Ian: What if– Well you could actually flip on the guy that sent the email.
Ethan/Hila: Oooohh Ethan: Be like, “–sent their video.”
Ian: And you know their username. A lot of them are very… They’ll sign off on their email, “xbluedragon49,” so you look it up– Hila: “Also, check out my channel.”
Ian: “Check out my channel” “My channel is much better than this gay channel.” Ethan: Yo, y’all fucking heard it here. Y’all better back off iDubbbz. Ian: Yeah
Ethan: He’s coming down hard on all you fucking haters. That’s actually a brilliant idea. That’s a wonderful story if you found someone really worthy of getting blasted. Ian: I mean, I don’t wanna give out too many good ideas, but you could send out a… maybe a message on Twitter, “Hey you guys want– anyone want someone for me to roast?” “Anyone at your high school?”
Ethan/Ian: Email me. Ethan: That a fucking brilliant–
Ian: Forty minute roast video. Just calling out– Ethan: (Laughing) All these people. Hila: It’s a YoutubeRed special. Ethan: Yeah, we’ll have YoutubeRed.
Ian: Finally, something good on YoutubeRed. Fuck YoutubeRed. (Ethan sighing) I have suck a troubled relationship with Youtube. I feel like I’ve spent so much of my career bitching about Youtube that I almost, like, I’m out of breath, dude. Hila: Just over it.
Ethan: I’m out of breath. I, like, lost. I feel like I’ve just been beat down. You know? I’ve been shamed. I’m naked in a dungeon. They’re like, passing me bread under the door. I’m just like, “I can’t.” Just take me. Just fuck me in the ass. I love you. Ian: I can’t say I feel the same about Youtube. Ethan: It’s just like, I don’t know. I feel like you don’t care.
Ian: (Laughing) “Fuck me in the ass, Youtube.” Ethan: I feel like– It’s just like that famous Mike Tyson line where he goes– He was talking to a guy pre-fight and he goes– This is one of my favorite lines ever– Ian: I think I remember this. “Fuck me–” “I’ll fuck you till you love me, faggot.” Ian: Yeah Ethan: It’s like, I love that domination play. That’s a good line for your character, by the way. Ian: Yeah Ethan: Put that in the thought. Ethan: You wanna test it? Ian: I’ll fuck– Yo faggot I’ll fuck you till you love me faggot Ethan: There’s so much in that sentence. ‘Cause, like, he’s fucking a guy but somehow, he’s not gay. He’s turning the other guy gay ’cause he fucks him so good. I love it. So I feel like Youtube’s fucked me till I loved them… Faggot. Ethan: I don’t know if that made sense. Ian: Yeah, that makes sense to me. Ethan: Yeah, so I’ve just been beat into submission. I’m their gimp. Ethan: I love Youtube. Ian: Yeah, Youtube’s alright. Ethan: We’re gonna take a quick break. Guys, stay tuned. It’s gonna get juicy. It’s gonna get fresh. It’s gonna stay spicy. Stay tuned. Ethan: Once again, I’d like to thank Audible for supporting our podcast. Audible has an unmatched selection of audiobooks. Original shows, news, comedy and more. I personally love using Audible when I’m playing Overwatch or hitting the gym, losing that fupa. But if you’re just goofing around and need something to listen to, Audible is as good as it gets. The book that I’ve been reading is “Alexander Hamilton” by Ron Chernow. It’s the book that actually inspired the Emmy Award-winning Broadway play, “Hamilton.” It’s a really fascinating book about one of the most influential and underappreciated figure in American history. For our audience, Audible’s offering a free audiobook with a 30 day free trial. If you wanna listen to it, Audible has it. Go to audible.com/h3podcast and browse their unmatched selection of audio content. Download a title for free and start listening. It is that easy. Let’s continue on with iDubbbzTV. Ethan: What would you say is the worst thing on Youtube right now? What is it that’s going on there that drives you crazy every time? Ian: It’s interesting how quickly it changes. Ethan: Mhm Ian: Right now, one of the things that really grinds my gears… are these channels that have a very specific… I mean, you could almost identify them via their thumbnails Umm “$332 water vs $1 water.” Ethan: Buzzfeed. That’s the Buzzfeed phenomenon.
Ian: Yeah Ethan: That shit is just blowing up.
Ian: That sort of stuff– Hila: Yeah Ethan: It’s crazy. Ian: It’s– it’s frustrating. Ethan: What do you hate about it? Uh You… There’s almost nothing to the video. A lot of the– the “personalities” that are in the videos they actually don’t have much of a personality. They are just there to… I don’t know, it’s eye-candy a lot of the time. Hila: Mhm
Ian: You know? “The Most Sour Drink in the World.” It’s like– it’s very interesting of a video. Yes, I’m calling out WolfieRaps. Ethan: Yeah, that was a straight up call out to Wolfie. Ian: No, I mean, I think he’s a great personality. That’s– that’s a good example. I think he’s a good personality. There are other people who, umm… Who they’re sort of substituting building their personality with just more shit. They’re just gonna buy more shit, make the biggest gummy thing you can imagine, Fill– fill my bathtub with tampons, fill my bedroom with… wrenches. Ethan: I guess when you say that, it’s kind of like a TechRax, almost. Ian: Yeah Ethan: But like, TechRax– the guy is sweet. I like the guy. But he’s– he has the “personiria” I think I just had an aneurysm. He has the personality of, like, a paper towel. Ian: Yeah Ethan: And he’s like, “Guys, I just filled up this pool of coke. It’s crazy. I’m gonna fly a drone in it.” “Ok, I flew the drone in it. Wasn’t that crazy?” “Thanks for watching.” And then it’s like, 50 million views. Hila: Your impersonation of him was so good. Ian: Oh, thank you. Hila: It actually sounded like him. Ethan: Was mine not good? I feel like I kinda zoned in a little bit. Hila: You just reminded me how– it was pretty good.
Ethan: (Sarcastically) Thank you so much. Ethan: Yeah, thank you Hila. Thank you for not– I like– thank you Ian: You get The best part– or the easiest way to impersonate someone or do an impression is to just have like a very specific phrase, and you don’t bring it any further. “What’s up guys? TechRax here.” Ethan: HAHAHA that’s fucking killer!
Ian: That’s what you do. You don’t say any more. Ian: If I say any more, I’ll screw it up.
Ethan: No! I want more! I want more!
Ian: Yeah You have to watch the extended version Ethan: “What’s up guys? TechRex here.” Hila: “And today–”
Ethan: “Today–” He’s got like a– You have to lower your IQ, like, by fifty points and then you sound like TechRex. Ian: Yeah, a little bit. Ethan: “What’s up guys?” Ethan: But then, like– I have to say, to Wolfie’s credit… When I made a video goofing on him a little bit, about the, like, begging, and he immediately DM’ed me and was, like, “Yo, I love your video. It was only a matter of time before someone called me out. God bless ya,” and I was like, that’s a class act. Ian: I watched a lot of his videos and I… It was… It was very funny, like, uhh- I made fun of the… The sort of the “dick-sucking” face in all of his thumbnails. Like, looking at an object like– ‘Cause it makes for a good thumbnail and I always knew that. Max like– Ethan: You kind of did that a little bit in the slingshot one. Ian: Well, that was the purpose. That was the– Ethan: But that’s almost, like, too meta. Ethan: I feel like the people actually clicked because they liked the face. Ian: Yeah But I feel like you have to be inside to get the joke. Ian: Oh, a hundred percent. Yeah. But– Ethan: I need some mouth open gape thumbnails. Ian: Yes you do. You do. I guarantee you’ll actually get more clicks. Ethan: I’m gonna put that to the test. Ian: I’ll guarantee. Ethan: Well, we’re about to do a video together where we made fun of this knife burning sensation. Ethan: Mr. Gears or whatever.
Ian: If it’s appropriate we’ll make it happen. Ethan: So maybe we could do a mouth gape double. Ethan: Double thumb? Ian: That might be a little too much. You don’t want to overdo it. Ethan: And Hila will be in the back with her mouth open. Ethan: Edit out our mouths and put it everywhere. Ian: But to get back on track, Wolfie, in one of his videos, he just drilled it. Every two seconds in the video, he was like, I’m gonna do dick-sucking face. Like, in his normal video. It was hysterical. And then, I think PewDiePie mentioned something about him. So he made a whole ‘nother video about PewDiePie and the whole thing was a riot. So he takes it really well. Ethan: He takes it well. That’s all you could ask for. Ian: Yeah, which I appreciate. Hila: Well actually, TechRex also did. Ethan: TechRex took it like a champ. We were even like– We even spoke about doing a collab together. He’s a really nice guy. Well, at first he’s like, “Who the fuck is this asshole?” Which is fair enough. And then I was like, “Yo.” I don’t remember how we started talking. But anyway, he ended up being a really sweet guy. Ethan: Shout out. I loved him. There’s nothing worse than making fun of someone and then they take it so personally and then they sue you, for example. Ethan: That’s the worst.
Ian: That’s a bit unfortunate when that happens. I haven’t experienced that. Ethan: Yeah, I hope you don’t go through it. Hila: Hopefully– Hopefully soon enough we’ll talk more about it. It’s just, we can’t really talk about it. Ethan: The lawsuit– By the way, I know everyone’s waiting for updates on that. Well people are like, “Oh well, I guess the lawsuit’s gone.” No, it’s not gone. It’s still here and it’s fucking crazy. It’s getting– We’re about to go through deposition now. Like, in two days. Hila: Mhmm Ethan: It’s stressful. But umm.. I’m hoping… We switched attorneys. So I’m hoping for– to turn a new leaf on that and hopefully wrap it up. Ian: Yeah. It’s good that you’re talking to people about– or at least keeping people updated because I know a lot of people either, you know… were following it, or whatever, you know, don’t realize how long of a process a lawsuit is and it could be much longer from here. It’s not really something you could give weekly updates about. Ethan: Exactly.
Ian: What are you gonna do? Hila: I mean, the whole thing started around, like, April. Look, soon it’s gonna be a year already. Ethan: I’ve been wanting to do an update video but it’s like, there’s almost nothing to say. It’s moved so slow. And now, stuff’s finally starting to happen. Ian: And it’s out of your hands. It’s bureaucracy, your attorneys, their attorneys.. Hila: Bunch of lawyer shit. Ethan: I mean, look, we– We fired our previous attorneys. I’ll say more about that… Hila: In the future.
Ethan: –In the future when this is all behing us but there has just some absolute– it’s been an absolute shit-show. It’s been a shitty show all around, man. It’s been one of the most stressful things in our life. So when people react badly, that sucks. (Laughing) Hila: Yeah, back to that. Ethan: Also, when people take your DMs and post it to fucking– that sucks too. Hila: Can we talk about that? I gotta say, whenever someone does that, you’re dead–
Ian: Posting DMs? Hila: You’re so dead to me and probably to a lot of people. Ethan: Who did it recently? Hila: I’ve seen some people do it recently. Ian: Yeah Ethan: RiceGum. Oh yeah Yeah, when you’re just, like, beefing with someone and you’re like, “Oh well here’s a DM where he said something nice to me.” Ethan: It’s like, fuck off dawg.
Ian: Yeah It’s a little too much. I’m guilty of showing DMs. Hila: When did you show DMs?
Ian: But I… There are two occasions where I’ve showed DMs. The first one was with Jinx. I screenshotted me umm asking him if he wears a new bucket hat each day. Ian: And it was just like a question mark after it. Ethan: That’s not too invasive. Ian: It’s not too invasive but in hindsight, I wouldn’t have done it. Ethan: It’s not bad because you’re not like… Hila: I think, though, the worst is when someone– Two people are actually having a conversation.
Ethan: Right. Hila: You’re actually having a conversation and then someone just takes it and shows it. And it doesn’t matter if you look bad or good. Like, why do you even do that? I don’t know. Ethan: But the bucket hat meme is ok. I’ll give you a pass on that one. What was the other one? Ian: The other one was Keemstar. In the DMs with Keemstar video. Hila: That was also justified. Ethan: I’ll give you a pass. Keemstar. Ian: I tried to justify it in my head. I was like, well he shows people’s DMs and I’ve seen him tweet out DMs before so I said if he’s fine with it, I’m fine with it. But in hindsight, I wouldn’t. Ethan: What was it he sent you? Ian: It was basically a threat with “lol” at the end of it. “I’ll ruin your career” or something like that and “lol” afterward. Ethan: I feel like when someone threatens you to that point and it’s Keemstar, you get the warrant to. Ian: At the time he was sort of, like– He had that mentality as well. Ethan: He was the evil axis back then. The axis of evil, so to speak. Ethan: Boy, Youtube has changed a lot in the past fucking three months, hasn’t it? Ian: It goes up and down every two seconds. Ethan: Well, I’m also, like, after all that shit, I’m just, like, over the beef. I mean, we goof on people. But, like, the way I handled the Leafy thing was stupid. Ian: Yeah Ethan: It was bad. But obviously, it was all bad then. Ian: Yeah, it’s weird. I don’t know I sort of, like, try to stay out of it until it’s, like… Ethan: You got your end? The killshot? Ian: Sort of built up. Sort of like emotionally built up and then let it all out in a single video. And then never mention it again until it’s on a podcast with someone. Ethan: Yeah, tell me all about it. So what was it like leading up to the Leafy rant? Because you— The Leafy rant. The Leafy video. He fucking stole– He ruined “rant” by the way. Can I just say that? Like, making a rant used to be cool on Youtube and then every fucking video he made was– Hila: “The FouseyTube Rant Number Five.” Ethan: “Keemstar rant number twenty-seven.”
Ian: Yeah I really like just the phrase, “rant,” because it sort of… exemplifies, like, a lot of what we all do on Youtube. You know? A lot of the times it’s just, you know.. It’s really sort of like why you guys use reactions. It’s like your reaction for a video. Oftentimes, I’ll just get in front of the camera and say a bunch of shit. So yeah, it’s a bit disappointing. But yeah, leading up to the Leafy video, I was like… I don’t know. I was… I wanted to be smart about it. And I… You know, it was very much like the Keemstar thing. It’s like– A lot of people didn’t realize– ’cause everyone decided to jump on the bandwagon after the fact. But, like, leading up to it I was very nervous because obviously, like, it was a big deal. He had many more subscribers than me. Many people told me, like, “This is a bad idea.” Shit tons of people said, “I don’t know if you should do that.” Ethan: Yeah, no well– I mean, he made my life fucking hell when I tried to– Well I did it so stupidly and badly. You’re much smarter than me. But, like, umm.. Yeah, it must have been scary and no one had really taken, like, major shots at him since then and, like, we got pretty fucked up from that. Ian: Yeah, it’s– the whole thing was really bizarre. I was afraid, like.. At that point, like, Keem’s avid supporters would, you know, dox me or do whatever. This or that. Send in a SWAT team. But… So that was the thing. It’s like, the day before I released the Keemstar video, I called my local police and I was like, “Put me on the white-list.” Ethan: Are you fucking serious? Ian: Yeah, I said “gimme a call if anything happens.” I did the same thing for the Leafy one as well. Ethan: Wow. It is that fucked up though. Ian: It is, seriously. Some people are really just out of their fucking minds. Ethan: Those of you listening who don’t, like, follow Youtube, it’s that fucked up.
Ian: Yeah Yeah, it’s serious. A lot of people don’t realize it’s that serious. Or in Ethan’s words, that’s “fucked up.” Ethan: That’s fucked up dawg. So uh… You were just waiting in line. You were collecting. You were thinking about it for a long time. Ian: Yeah, ’cause I– Above all, I want to make the videos entertaining. Ethan: Yeah, that’s where I fucked up. I think my approach, it was rushed. It was hurried. Ian: A lot of people want to do it out of passion. For me it’s really, like, I want to get the entertainment aspect of it out there. The Leafy one was– The Leafy and the Keemstar one I really– There’s previous ones that I did, like the FineBros. If I had to take any Content Cop video back, it would be the FineBros one. Because… For me, I felt like I was very much jumping on the trend of, like, “shit on these two Jews and make fun of their fucking faces and how much money they want and how greedy they are,” and that sort of shit. I mean, I parodied that mentality in my video. So I felt like I separated myself. But I didn’t feel like it was super reflective of their content in general. So I was like, eh, I’ll take a pass on that. But the Keemstar one and the Leafy one, I felt good because it was fun to be creative. It was fun to do the gnome thing in the sewer. Hila: I mean, we can tell we were… We… You… Like, you were in touch with us when you were collecting information about those videos, I remember, and you worked on them for a while. Ethan: Yeah, no, you were in there. Ian: Yeah, it’s an actual project. Ethan: Well that’s what made them so good and I remember, every time. You were kind of there. You’re like the meme, “he was there when no one else was.” Kind of meme. Where you got a face in every panel, you know? ‘Cause, like, when I was hanging out with PewDiePie, and Jacksepticeye, and Markiplier, and JonTron in New York, when you dropped the Keemstar video. And that was when he was at his most obnoxious. Like, he was sitting on the deathstar and he thought he was like fucking Palpatine. Hila: He was just pure evil. Ethan: Just dropping laser bombs. Calling everyone pedophiles. He was, like, fucking reign of terror. And you– I mean, and it was, like, at the perfect time and you dropped this twenty minute– Just roast of this gnome, popcorn-eating fuck. And we all watched. Like, they had already watched at their hotel room and I think we were busy all day so we didn’t have a chance. They’re like, “No. I will watch this twenty minute long video again.” And we all gathered around Jon’s house and we were like– We were watching. We were clapping. It was like watching Star Wars. Hila: It was a great night. Ethan: You were Luke Skywalker that night. Ian: It feels good because it’s, like, such a project. You know what I mean? I like the idea of having… Shit you can churn out on, like, a daily basis but, like, some slow-building stuff is kind of fun. Hila: Yeah, something in the background you can work on. Ethan: Slow cook’s always the best. Ian: Some slow cooking. Ethan: Like that soft, moist meat.
Ian: Mhmm Hila: But Keemstar has changed so much since then. Ethan: Well that’s my point too. Why your videos are so great is ’cause it has impact. Ian: Yeah Ethan: I swear to you that that Keemstar one and the Leafy one has such an impact. I mean, you fucked– You destroyed them. I feel like you ushered us into the new age of, like, the new age of peace, dawg. You’re Luke Skywalker. You fucking took down the Republic, dawg. Goddamn. Hila: (Laughing) I think Jesus is here. Ethan: Yeah, but no, for real. Right, Hila? Hila: No, yeah I agree. Ethan: But at the same time you’re also just in it for the memes, which makes it even better. You’re not there to like… Ian: I just– It was really fun to do that gnome stuff, to be honest. It was– I spent so much time in my room painting up that gnome. Because it obviously didn’t look that way in the start. I spent a whole night painting up this gnome and I was, like, so– I had such a good time. I took so many pictures of this gnome after it had the G Fuel logo on it. I was like, “this will be the best video ever” after just doing that. Ethan: Oh, that’s wonderful. Ethan: Well you definitely– The thing Ian– If you guys don’t know, You basically went from like three hundred thousand subscribers to, like now, you have three million. In about a year. Ethan: About a year’s time?
Ian: Yeah, it’s crazy. Ethan: Which was madness. Ian: And I really didn’t expect any of it. It was– Each video that I would put out, I thought was like the biggest, like, risk ever. You know, I expected after the Leafy one, like… “There’s a good chunk of my Leafy”– or my– sort of the subscribers that are subscribed to both of us could bounce out. Ethan: You know what I found though? When- It’s– When I get that feeling like, “this is a risky upload.” That’s when you make your best videos. Like, I remember the last time I really felt that was the… The CS:GO Lotto one. Hila: Oh yeah Ethan: When I posted that, I was like, “fuck.” Like, ’cause I knew that was gonna fuck people up. Hila: We were actually scared, yeah. Ethan: I was like, (sighs) “we’re making a huge mistake doing this” ’cause this is like… Hila: There’s actually money involved. Ethan: This a lot– Billions of dollars and actual, like, legal– Ethan: Actual legal–
Ian: Legal ramifications. Ethan: So when I– That was, like, a huge, like, shit-yourself kind of moment. Ian: That’s crazy. That was– I feel like you could feel proud about a video like that, though. Because it does actually have kind of an impact. Ethan: I can say that’s definitely our most impactful video. Well the thing was, after we made that video, Valve shut all of them down.
Ian: Yup Ethan: That was like a five billion dollar industry. And it just all came crashing down ’cause these two fucking numb-skulls. ProSyndicate and TmarTn. And I haven’t told this story, but this shit freaks me out. Right after we posted that video, we went down to Florida to meet DJ Khaled, and we went to Universal. In Florida. This was, like, two day after we dropped that video. And I fucking shit you not, when we were leaving Universal that night, I saw TmarTn. He was there with his girlfriend and I saw him and– He was playing Pokemon Go ’cause it had just come out at the time, and I was like, “Hila, that’s fucking TmarTn.” He’s huge. He’s like a big guy. Hila: And I didn’t even know how you even recognized him. I was like– I was like, “I don’t know if that’s him.” Ethan: But then–
Hila: But then I looked on his Twitter and that was him. He was like, “I’m at Universal.” Ethan: I was like, ten feet away from him. And I was like, “Hila”– We like, ran out of there. ‘Cause I was like, I can only beat up twenty percent of men and he’s definitely– He’s not in that twenty percent. Ian: I don’t know, dude. He might have a screw loose. Ethan: That’s what I’m worried about! Hila: I mean, there’s a good chance that he would’ve been like, “Hey, nice to meet you.” But I don’t know. Ethan: That was fresh. Hila: Yeah, that was a week after. Ethan: That would’ve been an awkward encounter. I’m not interested in fucking confronting him. But isn’t that crazy? Two days after we ran into him at fucking Universal Studios. Ian: That’s interesting. That actually is– That reminds me of VidCon. If you ever go to VidCon, you’re gonna meet some familiar faces at that event. Ethan: I know. I’m scared.
Hila: We’ve never been to any of those. Ian: You might want to. (Ethan Laughing) Ian: It’s a humbling experience. Ethan: What do you mean? Ian: Well, meeting the FineBros was a lovely experience. After roasting them.
Ethan: You know, what was your impression of them? Hila: Yeah, how was that?
Ian: They’re great dudes. Ian: They’re very kind.
Ethan: They seem like nice fucking guys. They just came off wrong. I don’t feel bad for the video I made, but like… I think they’re nice guys and I appreciate them. Ian: It’s criticism and it’s– I’d say it’s deserved criticism. Ethan: Well, like, we made fun of the way they look, which is kind of… whatever. A little bit fucking low but it’s–
Ian: yeah Well it feels weird because you wouldn’t feel bad about, you know, making fun of they way certain channels– certain people on channels look. But since they’re so, like, disconnected– Ethan: They’re not shit-talkers. They just fucked up and had, like– I feel like their intentions maybe weren’t malicious to begin with. And then the worst part was their little, like, spin video afterwards. Ian: Yeah, they’re just not v–
Ethan: Where they’re like, “Guys, we did”– Ethan: I think they just have really bad PR. Ian: Yeah, they’re not very charismatic. I don’t think they had– I guess good PR is a good way to put it. Hila: So you ran into them. How was that? Hila: Like, after making a video about them.
Ian: I ran into Rafi. Not Benny. Benny wasn’t there, I don’t think. Ethan: Rafi is the one that wears the beanie all the time.
Ian: The beanie, yeah. He was really nice. I sort of was… Ethan: Are you gonna be in an episode of “Youtubers React” anytime soon? Ian: No, I’m not. But I don’t feel too bad about that. Ethan: I’d love to see you react to some Gangnam style. Ian: I approached him and I said, “Hey man, can I get a pic?” Ian: And you could tell he was–
Ethan: You approached him? So you were doing a bit of a meme on him. Yeah. Well I wasn’t doing a meme. Ethan: Well you were. You were like, “Hey I fucking roasted your ass. Can I get a picture with you?” Ian: Yes Ethan: It’s a bit of a meme. Ian: But you could tell he was hesitant so I said, “I’m not posting it anywhere.” Or “I’m not posting with a caption” is what I said. It’s just me. Picture with the legend, Rafi. So I just took a picture.,. It was friendly enough interaction and he said– I was like, “Listen man. No hard feelings. It was just a little trend.” Ian: Or something like that
Ethan: Yeah, yeah. Well that’s a good way to put it. Ian: And he was like, “Well, I think it would be really nice to have a dialogue, or discussion about it,” or something like that. So a very friendly way of putting it. And umm And later during the event, me and Max and a few others we were all in a group setting and we talked about YoutubeRed and a few other things, so… The whole thing was a very positive experience and I’m glad I– And the reason I– Before, I said it was humbling. And it really was. It was, like, I felt very uncomfortable because I had made this video about him and I was like, “I’m deserving” It’s one of the reasons I kind of dislike some of the commentary channels out there. When they go in really hard, I’m like… “You need to interact with these people that you make fun of in real life just to be reminded of what you’re actually doing,” kind of thing. So interacting with Rafi– Ethan: When you see his face and you’re like– And then you recall all the terrible things you said about him and you’re like “fuck.” Like– Ian: Exactly This is real life. He felt this shit. The internet wall is no longer there. I’m five feet away from him. It becomes real. Ethan: That’s an interesting– Hila: I feel like also it happens when your channel becomes big. because then most of the times, the videos you make, they’re definitely gonna see it. Like, when you’re a small channel, you don’t know who’s gonna watch your videos. Ian: I was much more loose with my lips on Twitter and everywhere else when I was smaller. And now I have to kind of… If I say– Like, when I was smaller I would’ve, without a heartbeat, said some mean shit about PewDiePie. But now I would be like– Ethan: “He’s my friend.” Ian: “He’s my friend.” Ethan: “I like him.” Ian: I– He’s wonderful, sweet. Ethan: “He’s a sweet”… well Ian: (Laughing) He’s a sweet. Ethan: I a hundred percent relate to that too. I mean, there was a point when we’ve started making reaction videos and we were like– We would actually ask ourselves, “I wonder if they are gonna see this.” Like, we’d make a video about Vitaly, or DJ Khaled, or whoever the fuck we were making fun of– PrankInvasion We were like, “Wow, I wonder if they see this. I wonder what they think about it.” But then you get to the point where you’re like, “I’m sure they saw this and I hope they don’t sue me.” (Laughing) Ian: Well that’s not in everyone’s head. Oh god Incorporate. Incorporate fast. Ethan: Incorporate. Hila: Not that that’s gonna save you from anything. Ethan: Incorporate. Ah, Youtube’s crazy. Ian: Yeah, it is. Ethan: So you think that going to VidCon was a overall postive experience? Ian: It was a very positive experience. I think uh… Hila: Did you meet a lot of fans? Ian: Uhh, not that many fans. I mean, there was a fair group of people. The more Youtubers or celebrities, or whatever, that are in close proximity with each other, the more people are like, “It’s ok to approach them,” sort of thing. Where as, like, if someone passes by and it’s just that one person, it’s like, “I’m not sure.” You guys as a pair, Ethan and Hila, it’s like, “That’s definitely them.” Ethan: I got you. Yeah, I think that’s a good point. Hila: Yeah Ethan:That’s actually a good point. When they see Hila next to me– Ian: It’s a confirmation. Ethan: That they’re like, “Oh, boom. Got him.” “Got ‘im.” Ian: I get approached more when I’m with the boys. Ethan: Max, George–
Hila: The gang. Ian: Exactly. Ethan: When you’re with the whole gang, HowToBasic’s there with you guys. Ian: Uhh Ethan: Does he just hang out?
Hila: That’s confidential information. Ian: No, not typically. (Hila Laughing) Ian: No, not typically. Ethan: He like– But he just kind of like satellites out of there? Ian: That’s all confidential. Hila: That’s confidential information~ Ethan: HowToBasic is Ian I’m dropping the bomb right now. HowToBasic is Ian. Ian: There are some theories. That’s one of many theories. Ethan: I heard– There’s a theory that I’m HowToBasic as well. Hila: Yeah, I saw that. Ethan: I wish. I wish I was. Ian: Yeah, it’s sort of like that Anonymous thing. We’re all HowToBasic.
Ethan: Yeah No I’m not. I confirm I’m not but I wish I was. Fuck, I love that guy. Umm What’s it like working with Max and George and HowToBasic? Ian: I love ’em all. Ethan: ‘Cause you fly out to Australia. You go there for like a month? Ian: Mhm Ethan: And you work with– Ian: Well, a little less than a month, but yeah.
Ethan: Couple weeks. Ian: Feels like a month. Ethan: And you work with these insane– There’s FilthyFrank, Maxmoefoe, and HowToBasic, which are like, three nuttiest channels on Youtube. And I think your big exposure, before the Leafy and Keemstar thing, was from working with these guys. Ian: Correct. Ethan: Where your channel just went crazy. So yeah, what’s it like? Ian: Oh, it’s awesome. They’re all very different. HowToBasic is like the funniest person on the planet. Ethan: He’s got an– I want more from him. Ian: Yeah, sorry. Ethan: Well the fact that he can just like– He’s been doing this for like five years, where he just breaks eggs on shit and even somehow, he’s managed to keep that fresh and entertaining. Hila: Yeah
Ethan: That is just a testament to his genius. Hila: Yeah, he’s a genius. Ethan: It’s insane.
Ian: He is a bit lazy though. He should upload a lot more. Ethan: Get on your shit, HowToBasic. Ian: I think, yeah, right now it’s been, like, at least two weeks since he’s uploaded something. Ethan: Well his shit’s hard to make. Ian: It’s not hard to make. It’s not hard to make. Hila: No? What about cleaning up afterwards? Ian: I mean, yeah, it takes a little while to clean up. But like… Ethan: If you guys don’t know– Hila: That’s what I always think about.
Ian: He’s always got that shit cleaned up in a day. It’s not a big deal, yeah. Ethan: His videos are short though, so it kinda sucks on Youtube, because– Ian: It’s kind of similar to animations. Ethan: He works hard. He makes a huge mess, he spends a lot of money, and he doesn’t get paid very well ’cause his videos are short. That’s how Youtube works. Ian: Correct. Ethan: Longer videos, you get paid more. Ian: Yeah, and then Max– I’ll like– Like we said earlier, I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Max. He was watching my videos before anyone else was, when I had like… When I had, like, twenty thousand subscribers, he’s watched my videos. Ethan: That’s really cool. Ian: He can– He– He– (Laughing) It’s so funny– It’s so funny to see actual, like… I’ll post memes that only people will understand if they– if they had watched a really early “Kickstarter Crap” and Max knows all those. He can quote my videos word for word. And these people who are like, “I’ve been a fan since one hundred subs,” they don’t fucking know. Ethan: Yeah, so he’s actually number one iDubbbz fan. Ian: Oh yeah. Max is a legend. I love Max. Hila: Also, he’s so up-to-date with, like, everything.
Ethan: He knows everything. This guy, Max–
Ian: He is. I swear to God, if I wanted to, like– If there was a Youtube trivia game show, he would be on my team. Hila: He would win. Ethan: If he’s ever in L.A., I need to have his ass on this podcast for a Youtube trivia TV. This guy is a wealth of knowledge. Like, if I ever have a question about an obscure Youtuber, like, “Who is this and what’s going on here?” I shoot him a DM and he’s like (Clicks tongue) After thirty seconds, you see the blue dot show up and it’s like a Wikipedia article. I’m like, “Thanks dawg.” Hila: Yeah, or whenever there’s like a interesting conversation on Twitter, Max is always involved. Ethan: He’s always involved.
Hila: Always Ian: With some snide shit. Hila: With some funny shit. Ethan: Yeah, always in there with the snide shit. Ian: Yeah. But yeah, Max is great. And of course, we don’t even need to say it, George is.. He’s just a fucking clown. Ethan: I fucking hate George. I think he sucks. FilthyFrank we’re talking about. He’s a real monster and he has a big drug problem. People don’t talk about that but he’s on drugs a lot. Meth. Hila: People are gonna believe you. Ethan: Meth. He does meth a lot. It’s a bad thing. Ian: Well they should believe it ’cause it’s true. He smokes a lot of meth. (Laughing) Ethan: He passed me the– He brings me meth every time we’re at their house. I’m like, “Dawg, I’m married. I have work. I can’t smoke meth with you.” Ian: He was just whittling on an apple. Said,
“I’m gonna make a pipe out of this, dude,” and I”m like– Ethan: That’s actually real.
Ian: Why? Ian: It’s like, why? We’re just hanging out. Like, grab a beer or water, dude. Chill. Ethan: Have a water, dawg. Have an apple cider. No, I’m kidding. George is great. Hila: Actually, I was gonna say, we have the same story with George. He was the first who found our channel–
Ethan: That’s true. Hila: Well, not the first but the really big Youtuber who found our channel. And he was watching our stuff from, like, so long ago.
All the embarrassing videos, he was watching. Ian: That’s really cool. Ethan: It’s so cool.
Ian: The embarrassing stuff is the best. Ethan: He– One of our biggest breaks was when we– We were so small. And George had, like, this– He was like a fucking god to us back then. Like FilthyFrank. And he had a huge Facebook page and he posted– We made this video with Ainsley Harriott.exe, which is what we used to do, these video edits. And he never does it but he posted that video on his Facebook page. Hila: Yeah Ethan: And I think we got, like, you know, five hundred subscribers that day or something. Hila: That was, like, our biggest day ever. Ethan: We had, like, our sub page open. We were refreshing. Ian: Oh wow Hila: We were like, “Whooooa” Ian: That’s so fun. Ethan: And he left a comment on one of our old videos. It was like a “Get Rekt.” One of our dance videos. And he was like, “Man you guys”– He said something really nice and people were like, “Collab! Collab! Collab!” And in my mind I’m like, “Yeah, fuck it. Of course I wanna collab.” And so I was like, “Yeah, you wanna do it?” and he was like, “Yeah” Hila: Eventually, when we actually moved to New York– Ethan: I think we ended up talking on Twitter DM’s or something. But… He was there– “He was there when no one else was” meme. Like, George is one of the sweetest, fucking most genuine guys. And he’s a huge boon to our– To helping us. And I’d suck his dick. I have. And I would again. Ian: I love that shit. When it’s so genuine when you’re like, uh, basically a low sub count and like… If they can quote one of your videos, it’s pretty good. Ethan: It’s so– That’s like– That’s the best thing. Ian: It’s fucking gay when they’re doing it out in public, though. But it’s pretty cool. Ethan: George does that in public? Ian: No. Max will occasionally, like, try to embarrass me by doing it. “Heeeyyy! That’s pretty good!” (Ethan Laughing) Do it really fucking loud. I’m like, “Shut the fuck up.” Ethan: Hey, he created you, dude. Ian: Yeah, pretty much. Ethan: That’s his attitude. He’s like, “fuuuuck this guy. I’m gonna humiliate him.” Ian: Yeah It’s funny though. Ethan: Who else was it? There was one other people. Hila: Sniper Ethan: Snipers? Hila: And JonTron Ethan: And JonTron. Jon’s… Jon and George were our fucking… Ian: That’s really nice. Ethan: Yeah. God bless ’em. It’s so important coming up. I feel like no Youtuber can make it to, like, a high level without some help. For the most part. Unless you’re RiceGum, or Wolfie, or Leafy, who just, like, all of a sudden Youtube’s like, “I choose you.” You know? And like the invisible Youtube hand just propels you to the top. Like, I feel like you need some help. Ian: Yeah, absolutely. Ethan: And those were our guys.
Ian: Yeah Ethan: And your guys were– You had the same guy. Fuck, George is a saint. George, Max and HowTo. Ian: HowTo. He’s not a saint. Ethan: Yeah, fuck him. Ethan: Anyway, let’s take a quick break.
Ian: I got, like, two. I got, like, two subs from being featured on a HowToBasic video. Ethan: Really? Only two?
Ian: Yeah Ethan: How’d you track those? Ian: I mean… It could’ve been less subs, actually. Ethan: I think you might have lost.
Hila: You lost (Laughing) Ethan: Alright, well… Ian: Well it was great being on the H3 podcast. Ethan: It was fun. Thank you for watching. Remember to subscribe on iTunes and, uh, Google Play Music. Leave a review. Appreciate you for doing that. That helps us a lot. Ian: Subscribe to iDubbbzTV iDubbbzTV2 and iDubbbzgames. Ethan: Ok, now you’re asking too much. Don’t push– Don’t be too pushy. Hila: You only get two channels.
Ian: Twitter.com/Idubbbz Ethan: iDubbbzgames? When’s the last time you uploaded on that fucking thing? Ian: Yeah, it’s been a minute.
Ethan: More Minecraft “Let’s Plays” coming up. Ethan: Anyway, thank you guys for watching. We love you. We appreciate you. We will be seeing you the next time. God bless. Ian: God bless. Hila: God bless. *Outro Music*

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