H3 Podcast #21 – Was Joey Salads at the Rally? & Elon vs. Zuckerberg (Top Of The Week)

H3 Podcast #21 – Was Joey Salads at the Rally? & Elon vs. Zuckerberg (Top Of The Week)

[Ethan] Welcome back everybody to the H3 podcast live on twitch.tv/H3H3productions Today we have a very special impromptu episode. I’ll tell you what, we’ve been thinking about doing the show twice per week We’re thinking about bringing a Tuesday episode to you guys, where we have a top of the week where we’ve discussed What’s going on in the world, have some laughs, have some goofs, just me and Hila hanging out Maybe sometimes some some people come and hang with us but on Friday. We have the Interviews and our traditional stuff there, but I think it would be bring a good balance to have like our us time and You know that all of us time [Hila]: It’s like the top of the month But Top of the Week. [Ethan]: Yeah, Top of the Month we cram everything into one episode ends up being like three-hour marathon We could do that every week be more current have some laughs along the way, every week So here’s basically our pilot Attempt to do that, and I’m thinking about cutting it down making about like an hour-long each episode something about that about that length So yeah, that’s what we’re thinking so let’s give it a shot and A quick, quick, thank you We have no sponsors today, so our real and only sponsors, as it has always been, is the wonderful people… on Twitch prime and our subscribers on Twitch, you guys are my heart and soul, okay? And when I lay in bed at night with Hila. I’m not thinking about her. I’m thinking about you guys. I’m saying she’s cool I like her but my twitch prime subs. That’s who I’m freaking. [Hila]: I disapprove of that message. [Ethan]: Hila too she act like she’s – I know you think about our twitch prime subs, don’t act like that’s not your (…) [Hila] Yeah I’m dreaming of those emoticons, when I go to sleep. [Ethan] More emoticons… So anyway, thank you, everybody who supports the show let’s get into it… (cough?) A couple things on my chest, I want to get off first and foremost before we get into the memes. [Hila]: Mm-Hmm [Ethan]: I’m back on Fupa Loss. [Hila]: Right You know I did was do it really good. I was up to 205… [Hila]: When you started…[Ethan] When I was at my fattest. [Hila]: Yeah. [Ethan]:I was a Monster… [Hila]: You did really good you got sick…lost the progress. [Ethan]: Yeah, that’s the killer hopefully I got to stay healthy But I was so fat at the onset like I don’t know if I talked about this But I was so.. I was such a monster man like I would lean over to tie my shoes and I would couldn’t breathe Like that’s not a joke like it was a large It was big shh, you know I stopped wearing tennis shoes only sneakers only Vans [Hila]: Stop wearing tenn.. what? [Ethan]: I couldn’t tie, I couldn’t tie the lace I was like this is not How animals are meant to live on this Earth? [Hila]: Especially not in their thirties [Ethan]: Well… [Hila]: That’s like someone in their 70s. [Ethan]: Yeah. Man, they’re in deep trouble. Nobody nobody. [Hila]: Nobody. [Ethan]: Age, age aside You shouldn’t suffocate to lean down to your foot And I actually felt my ribs being pushed out of my body I’m like this fat this fuckin disgusting food I’m eating every day is terraforming my body The ribs are being displaced by the fat, so I had this moment of realization I’m like all right dude time to time to get on that fupa loss, so I lost 10 pounds I don’t know maybe I lost like 15 pounds. [Hila]: Yeah, maybe 15. [Ethan]: *Coughing out his lungs* and uh and Then I got sick like Hila said, and I was like eh fuck it and I was like I fuck my life [Hila]: Well when you’re sick, you can’t exercise, and then you start also eating whatever because you don’t feel well [Ethan]: Yeah, you need comfort. [Hila]: Yeah you need that comfort food. [Ethan] You’re vulnerable. [Hila] And then it’s so hard to get back to it so… [Ethan] Right, and then eventually you lose your rhythm And you’re like eh fuck, fuck my life. This cheeseburger is more important than being me living over the age of 50 is that strange. I’m fully a food addict Like it’s straight. You people are like. Oh, you’re addicted the hair when you’re addicted to meth alcohol these problems I’m a food addict and I’m kicking that addiction. [Hila]: Yeah. [Ethan] When I could when I… When my ribs are being pushed out of my body, and I’m feel it and I’ll still go eat a cheeseburger and French fries That’s an addiction. That’s sick [Hila] When you start to get uncomfortable in your own body…[Ethan]: Right. [Hila]: It’s like maybe do something about that? [Ethan]: Yeah, take it take your fate into your own hands. It’s uncomfortable. It’s disgusting and it’s unhealthy. [Hila]: But it’s hard to make that change. I mean I see when you’re really trying, and I see how hard it is To do that way, it’s like the most annoying thing but on one hand it’s like It’s good to acknowledge it as an addiction It should give you some more sympathy for people who suffer from being like a you know a fat fucking monster Right to put it sensitively It’s effective or not more. I will have that much like oh fucking eejit whale difference and fighting to get back to the ocean But it’s good to think about it as an addiction right you don’t say yeah, dammit Stop just stop doing heroin you’re you know. I mean you got to think about complicated and complication Yeah complicated So anyway, I’ve been doing good. I’ve been exercising hard man. I’ve been hitting that that elliptical Mm-Hmm. I’ve been dieting I go to bed starving I Don’t know if that’s record, but that’s how you do it But I I don’t know I need to see results quick otherwise I get discouraged So I’ll starve myself. I called the concentration Camp diet Just like it is the start of my son to write a book. I don’t know just carve my book will be banned in America Fat so the fat cow monsters of America. Maybe what a concentration camp diet That’ll be the title everyone’s Gonna love it Anyway, I woke up this morning super hungry because I hit the gym last night by that I mean the elliptical machine And I was starving because I went to bed hungry, and we’ve got a Starbucks And I’m always looking for like a healthy alternative for the food and they have this one item called the I Always fucking crack up when I say I can’t take people seriously It’s called the feta cheese egg white white sliced tortilla wrap like a whole run-on sentence then egg white spinach fettuccine We trapped and it’s like you have to say like whimsically and they’re like all right sir And if you if you try to like not say the full thing they always like what yeah, what say it, so? This is really shame you Say it Like with the coffee sighs I refuse to say their names So every time like I want a small coffee, so they’re like. Oh, you wonder The recipe it is socially needed that’s what that Okay, I know this is like this has been running to the ground about Starbucks, but seriously what the fuck small a large Medium and I don’t I don’t play by the rules. I’m a rebel okay. I? might get the feta egg white spinach Tortellini But I refuse to say fucking tall or grande. I want a medium coffee. You know what I mean don’t make me say Anyway, I get this diet food Back it’s just such a con this health food Didn’t they give you this egg white and it’s like oozing with like butter and cheese, and they’re like. Oh, there’s spinach in it That’s healthy, and it’s like little flakes of spinach. That was sauteed in butter You know and I’m eating this more eating this on the way over and I’m like She’s the one I want him You ever eat a meal, and you’re like. I would be better off not having put this in my body Yes, a lot. I think that a lot. I would my body would be healthier I would be healthier in life if I just straight-up didn’t eat this meal So I felt about it a little bit All right, and pretty good I’m I’m a fan of eating at home. So for me almost every time I get out it’s how I feel Say that again. I just I like eating at home like you just can’t compare that to food you get outside Yeah, I know what’s in there? You got fresh fresh vegetables. You know what yo you know when you eat out? It’s like I don’t know what? How I got this food And what happened in the product and some chef who was back there who doing wiped his fucking hands if ya shit his finger broke Through the baby wipe and he’s like that or like when you’re at home you have this thing You have like this mix of lettuce and stuff and it’s got a date on it And if it’s one day pass, we like to throw it out. I freak out throw it I don’t know if they do it in the restaurant. Yeah, you may be eating like a Two-week-old yeah, well probably are when you get a head of lettuce And you washing the little bugs and grime out do they do that. They’re busy people probably not So yeah, I don’t like eating out either And so that you know that’s my rant for the morning pretty much cover everything on the Agenda. They’re Moving on to the next story here Top story you guys probably saw this it was a really special mean This was circulating on Twitter Everywhere the Joey salads is a fucking nazi memes. Oh good Thank God, okay So on Twitter somebody originally tweeted out something like to those of you who say trump supporters aren’t nazis look at this picture I’m in fucking erase windows. I hate windows so much bill gates. You make it cure Malaria, but you’ll never make me not want to flip and Kick a wall anyway So somebody tweets out, you know To people who say not all trump supporters are not to look at this picture, and it’s Joey salad corn anachronism Oh for fuck sake Joey of course And then everybody starts retweeting this and it starts picking it up this makes your choice colleges at the Nazi What does that guy should say obama called me Klinger Hillary calls me up horrible Terrorist call me infidel trump calls me American That’s a little dramatic dude, but regardless you have joey cells standing next to the swats gonna sleeve. You seem very reasonable So this is from a prank from like months ago And the media picks it up, and everyone’s like oh shit. That’s joey south we don’t really look into it obviously Who looks at anything these days except me? So people thought he was that They’re at their island Charlotte’s right last week So you guys probably follow this whole thing in Charlottesville where there was like a white supremacist who freaking ran over people I? mean if you’re if you have to be living under a rock not to have heard about that I Really nothing to add to that. It hasn’t even said bye everybody, but everybody thought Joey salads was there And I’m not see Swasey and everyone’s like what the fuck Joey – territory De NasI and so obviously you know he’s not a nazi. He’s just a salad head I know that Looks you guys know that my no And it’s from a prank for a months ago Let me watch it. I got it here. Yeah. What was the prank about? Yes? So he prank was about not see a trump Rally social experiment our trump supporters nazis Here’s a here’s a brief excerpt from that video Reaching out to we’re enough to welcome to be Romeo over there on that side Where we don’t see it right it was a dilemma. Oh shit I’m getting used to this group Format. I don’t say There you go We should get you a mouse. Yeah, mouse would be helpful. So here it is people over there on that side. They’ve been telling us Reaching out to we renounced you you’re welcome to be here We can’t stop you, but I don’t know why you’re doing this but it’s not a cosplayer We do not agree with bridge out there. I thought I thought we were nazis said that people are their class not the sword Truck let’s work. Let’s do see that you have ready. I don’t think your exact, but the left a name there I thought we were the Nanshan says that they all said no. We’re literally killing Mr.. Butcher, but they say all Right well that was a good job you get I got a whole new context after the eyes wake of it What do you mean? Well, I just if you went like that to the Raleigh. Oh that would be a really bad timing to do that experiment Yeah, there a chance. They’d be like let’s go do it come on. Here’s your shield Here’s your shield is ours. I think here’s your ticket George do it can you imagine Joey like fish out of water like? Anyway, it turns out. It actually had like a relatively Nice message. Yeah, he went out there, and he’s a he’s an idiot guys was he real about it You know we love him to death to tell that he goes out there, and he’s like hey We’re nazis right heil hitler and they’re like no dude. What the fuck’s wrong with you Wrong event wrong in here at the wrong event good Okay, so actually a relatively heartwarming show of rebuking him and the Nazis, they’re Not that I think that Trump supporters are Nazis was just it was a nice see But on the other hand you kind of have to accept that when you go out into the world just as a nazi Joey Kinda hard to explain. I should ask Pewdiepie It’s tough to get away with those jokes all right But now there’s just been a huge media blitz about how joey cells is the nazi units everywhere yeah is Kind of like shouldn’t joke around with this stuff. I guess especially after all these things happening lately This was before I know but now it’s really not always loved it. Yeah, so when we shout out to our Favorites a little not want appreciate you Dead Air next up Jake Paul Drops the Mic literally Jay Paul hosted and performed at the teen choice award. That’s kind of shocking to me It’s hard to imagine a world where Jake Paul is actually Below I mean I know he is but the disconnect that big teen choice awards on Nickelodeon Would I Know he won two awards. He was nominated for he hosted the dang thing he performed. I mean I was just those pins I Don’t know a teen choice award what how far up the teen are we going because I feel like there it got about 15 Yeah, I think our fans are like 12 should be the adolescence awards I guess it all falls under the same thing probably Should be the dependents awards Sherwood should be the mom bring me a juice box or worse Anyway, Jake Paul drops the mic literally? Hey guys, let it go, but I am forgetting let me drag this over actually you guys can see it. It’s every day, bro Oh, thank you. Dan. It’s everyday go it’s everyday So that’s it this motorbike I like that jump that is good a little leap really went for it. Also. I like that he word everyone He made it everyone else wear red, and he’s in blue. I guess it’s his home. He’s the star the star Users it. He is the ceo of 10 team 10 Just slick don’t get it twisted. Don’t get it twisted I love that when he dropped the mic the sound didn’t change at all How’s that work some kind of Black Magic? By the way, I guess I can announce this now because it’s pretty official at this point, but this Friday guess who’s our guest every day my dogs We’ve got a white a fucking episode planned for this Friday. You will not want to miss Jake Paul is coming in And are you sure you want to miss tell them the surprise? Huh? Yeah, why not okay? And a KtLa reporter? That you know broke this story about Jake Paul is coming in as well It’s going to be a blockbuster my friends. I’m excited and I think it’s gonna be I think it’s going to be a fascinating. I think we need up there. Yeah your load We found one or more settings on your battery That will help improve your life. I plugged it. I don’t care about the battery. I don’t care about update I don’t care but one on it off a windows everyday by the way every day tomorrow, right? Fuck I didn’t know bill Gates would love Jake Multiband updates Getting killed out there. I’m getting fucking hammered vin diesel Yeah, a fucking dead and that voice is Something on her alright, so ben. This is kind of a old clip, but I haven’t seen before it’s becoming my favorite clip get ready Where’s my mouth Vin diesel? Professes love for a brazilian Youtuber during an interview get a load of this shit man to the first one That can’t be his real voice. That’s the first one me. Thank you to blame that is it up? Guy so beautiful my right eye wrong look How am I supposed to do is and if you look at this woman? Tell me she’s so beautiful go mad And sing the better price. How’s that in real life? There’s no way? Hey, not even speak in English. He’s just like low rumbling. Why have you never seen a woman? He’s never seen a woman before it Think you play it just got here from Mars, but never seen a scene on the farm I’m too black Talk to me, baby so this book values within God, what God? on account of you Thank you, you probably just motorboats them. He does probably as a micropenis and it gets women off. He goes down on them goes Hey guys good. God and he Kind of told me was Gonna be like And the last thing I wanted I saw a new speaking I am groot in so many languages, but I don’t know if you ever send it in portuguese So I brought you What you think about help? They’re so good who’s what do you think about a Delta? I’m a fan of the sleeveless shirts in all kinds. I know you’re a big fan. Well, you’re the fashion police healer You’re the guru what do you let me give them a critique your joan rivers on the red carpet What do you say to the guy? It’s just so it’s so Madhouse Wow It’s just wow It’s such a parkour guy cut off plaid aviator glasses But can you keep playing it sounds like I? Can’t get another fitted to go so gooch Can you believe that? Tiffany was David guys I Don’t know what this thing is look at her. What do you want? It’s so crazy? Do you think you smashed it is like? What’s wrong. I don’t know. What is wrong You’re doing everybody jumping over the couches and drop the cameras to come try to fucking put their dick on this girl It’s crazy. I’ve never seen anything like yeah, I’ve never seen anything like it I Don’t think he has to try that hard either He’s a movie star, and I mean his clothing is on point, his voice is on point I’m getting Rock-hard just from the vibrations of the bass in the room is making my dick grow She’s so fucking beautiful. It’s like you can’t even do it Get away Very wrong oh my God someone save you with the beautiful world beautiful world when this turn the beautiful world Open your eyes yes looking at us and we just join in a beautiful world I Think she’s our girl. Oh yeah as soon as he got out of a shooter and As soon as he got up, it’s like. Oh shit stay where you are moving Do you think he fucked her? She ran. She look creep out of my hand and I wait. Here’s part 2 There’s a sequel to this ohs it’s just ot Mp Harris Backstage She does seem weirded out by it yeah We got drugs. I mean it. I mean we almost changed. I don’t know I love what he’s having I want to enter beautiful world. Are you sure who is big no? I don’t know actually I’m not sure why it’s a beautiful world. He put on a camera Nice, little changes what what was that? Their intro now show to give a she’s a fuckin So anyway, I identified that was an interesting one. This is crazy I’ve seen vin diesel in interviews, and I liked him really I haven’t that’s my first clue He plays like dungeons & Dragons and shit. He’s like a nerd So it’s just hiring something here, maybe Something is wrong. Well. I mean are I mean did you not see her? Love is a drug. They say you Sometimes I go to her in my office. I’m patent owner all right. Thank you for that down What else we got on Deck here my friends Mike tyson in an interview? This is an interesting one because it Curious what your your take us on this one having seen this yeah this one’s good. This is a good video So Mike yeah, it’s called Mike tyson swears on TV, but that’s really not even the point of the video Welcome back many of you probably know that Mike tyson come I do which happiness in a pound he met up with Mayor Rob Ford He joins us right now with this promoter Alex Henry joining us both of you And I’ll go with yourself many are wondering how does that happen this meeting was in there. I’m going to inside clothing again. I Know the end of the day is Mayor of the city Mike tyson is here to promote the first ever performance in Canada and When I had sugar Ray leonard come to montreal the Mantra when the mayor’s office, we’re here to have it. We both Community in the history of Ronald with a man and bigger Denotes those city you can select a name but in the city of Amman conceived again and in our Community and Dynamic character arrested you he read up on any server call nigeria one my watched on television but in m using a big big instinct And what some of your critics would say yelled is a race for Mayor? We know you’re a convicted rapist this can hurt it campaign how would you respond to that? Hey? how does it the United you know means and How animal commandeer you know because we can tell? That off you call. What happen Mike Tyson’s if a convicted rapist right and That happened a long time ago, and it was crowded in controversy. It was his girlfriend Who accused him of right? And you know it’s he went to prison for it ended his career Mm-Hmm, you know nobody want it’s very controversial t So anyway this guy’s like your convicted rapist. What do you say to the people who say it? So it doesn’t it’s not a good look for him For the mayor to be hanging out with you Mmm-hmm that mike fucking loses it and I think understandably It’s kind of a fuckin like curveball right begs would come in Toronto having a good time So you’re a convicted rapist, and this is after you spend time Oh, this is for never like fifteen years. Yeah, okay. Nobody nobody You know please that shit doesn’t come up really but anyway It’s on live television and he’s out here trying to promote his live show. They’re on tour there I don’t know. It’s kind of I don’t know Here’s I’ll continue. Thank you. This ue- Stop and I Found Mittman I’m missing here Nothing to do about it Time we talked about Georges seurat. Oh it is remoter tease my great happiness my life and going to the time yes, but it like napkins my Emotion we should be open to make that was really a piece of shit you Are doing too much TV on can’t you what are you there? – only you are like we are. I think we are We’re gonna draw it’s the real paralyzed easier to see your show the tells it about you know It’s people kind of hard to pressure my dad today our pre-production one can be friends like I’m calm be calm I and we’re really really from yeah It’s like is a human being what you brought it up And now you want him to just move on and go back to like all smiley mode it’s yeah, a little hard no That’s not that question It’s not the right set It’s not the right type of player, but I love I mean look. I don’t know for my crate. I don’t know you know I have no patience for Rapist obviously, but the mic one was pretty controversial. It’s a time is a time. I mean like someone. I don’t know It’s kind of tricky you hear, but anyway Mike is such character. Yeah Yes, we’re looking at me on the gorillas over it’s over tonight We’re going to be looking for our last right it is nerve-racking beauty some like this. There’s a more nervous for you box It’s not no rhymes medias talking to a reputation. Oh Look at it. French sling are you? I love it. Mike is a words in it good for him. I Love Mike tyson for the firm. We’re all people like if you’re gonna ask him a mensch it still with the query I think it’s better to not be like oh well My shooting tonight is going to be great. I’m more nervous boxing than performing and you just called me a rapist If anything it’s more humanizing of Mike because it shows that wasn’t just something I didn’t already forgot about it Doesn’t matter if he did it or not, but obviously it was the dark thing in his life Yeah, and you don’t just bring it up playback me Mike tyson is one of the most interesting People really jude has been through so much he had such a rough upbringing was the champion by like 19 went to prison for rape controversy surrounded in controversy Came out his career was over and then his daughter Fucking had a freak death Did you know that until you told his daughter like fell out of a window or so or at some freak? No, it wasn’t even that. It was like totally outside of his control Dan can you look that? I’ll tell you Anyway, and here she died in a tragic accidents on a treadmill mom, that’s why a Hanging accident involving a treadmill like something that never foresee her prevent her daughter dies like and that fucks like I don’t know man He’s an interesting guy dude. I love the way he talks. Yes faster. It is fascinating and I like One of my favorite quotes of all time He’s talking shit to this boxer on live on Live TV. And he says to the guy I’m gonna fuck you till you love me fag Yeah, I Mean that’s just so beautifully stated as an insult I can’t think of anything better just at the top of your head. I mean, it’s just It’s beautiful. So anyway this was a good one dude scares the wrong lady This one’s a little old triggering these people kind of pissed me off Let’s have a look Alright, so you know. Thanks this guy looks like a class act already He’ll at Miller high life hat with that ain’t it so bent The Deeper the bend the more the inbred is what they say Looks like he’s missing a couple teeth This lady is dying. She’s horrified His girlfriend is taking the ship way too lightly you gonna show her face again Can you throw? my God Look okay. She’s hyperventilating Hello. He’s like oh my God. I’m so sorry Let me go put this on YouTube And not blur your face. I’m so sorry Great. There’s a world out there my friends with people with bent hats hats bent way more than is reasonable scaring people in Batten Hallways Filming them I’m telling you me on the world that there’s crazy. It’s crazy Back me up on that you Yep, thanks When you got support like that let me tell ya the world is my oyster this show is on tappable What else we got here? Got some other stories Disney is pulling out all of its content from Netflix Hulu Amazon every streaming platform Disney’s pulling out you know just like My Dad wishes he did bad jokes Kind of it’s still a little too sexual for a joke, but I see your point is kind of they’re in the same thing Yeah, early bad. Yeah, early dad Joke free Fatherhood So they’re pulling out and my first thought was like whoa Good luck idiots you know But Disney Owns But wait, they’re pulling out because the other starting their own streaming platform, right? Yeah, they’re starting their own streaming platform and give me a fucking break How many of these companies are so entitled to our ten dollars per month? I’m not I can you break I can’t even count all them Memberships we have four stop playing like a thousand dollars a month and like random ten ten member dollar membership fees yeah every time And it’s getting to the point where it’s kind of defeating the whole purpose so you have these streaming flat platforms to combat piracy and cable cable television which nobody our age has super expenses like $120 a month for like Got church Sports at home shopping and like three channels you actually watch You’re actually watching commercials with sports commercials with yeah Cable doesn’t make sense to me as a product anymore you paid way more money $120 a month And then they it’s half of it is like super intense commercials yeah, so then you have these streaming platforms. They’re blowing up They’re competing with cable. I’m paying Netflix hulu Amazon between those three. I’m paying like 30 dollars a month, but it just starts they’re paying like show time To watch yeah, you know there’s there’s all kinds until I can ollie okay show time. I play Playstation yeah and your crunchyroll I hey everybody Way, I shouldn’t take much role. I don’t I’m not a weeaboo I’m kidding. I love country don’t be ashamed. I’m kidding Anyway, so now it’s coming to the point where all these companies think that. They’re worth fucking that all of our money It’s becoming so fragmented to bread to youtube right like we have so many. I’m just trying to check right now Yeah, you pay itunes right. I know it’s crazy. It’s getting to the point where we might as well. Just get cable Although a different way yeah, but it’s becoming so fragmented all these companies being like oh my shits fucking worth every Fuck the consumer. I’m Disney We make it we make skids content, but we’re run by sociopaths. I’m Disney It’s becoming so fragmented that it’s like it’s defeating the purpose Yeah Anyway, so I’m like. Oh fuck off Disney. I’m not buying your crap I’m still not buying the crap button just to give you an idea of how much property they actually oh, they own pixar everything Pixar’s ever made lucasfilm Star Wars Marvel everything Marvel, Abc What you know all those and all those late night shows you watch even those might be owned by Disney Oh shit, because they own ABc they own an A&E Network history channel lifetime blaze crime And I’m all into the crime and investigation Network Espn a lot of people care about that touchstone pictures There’s way more than that. Oh and aaa. They had that good scientology serious I Just don’t see it though cuz it’s like it’s mostly kids content Disney I feel like but then you have a lot of other serious films, and it’s just it’s weird who’s it for yeah It’s Gonna be a weird collection of stuff. Just fuck off Don’t they have enough money. Yes in short yes, but they do have enough money Star Wars made like 10 Trillion dollars in it in its first day No, but it did make like a billion dollars in its opening weekend like you’re fine Disney did the Disney executives are sociopaths? I’m not kidding herbalife you guys know about this company. It’s like this giant like a pyramid Scheme Scheme company, and so covered in the disguise of being with the name of that documentary And I’ll remember but They say they have products for like betting on 0 yeah They have this health product apparently they sell like shakes and that kind of stuff, but it’s all just a skin well, it’s Well, it’s a pyramid scheme So essentially it’s this veil and but it’s not even about selling the products right that’s what makes a good pyramid scheme Yeah, the product isn’t actually the product the product is the affiliation where you have to go recruit people to sell under you You know sue pyramid Scheme and so basically this company herbalife was like You know a little bit of an underground pyramid scheme and then like ten years ago this guy who? Rose to the ranks of one of the head directors of Disney got hired by herbalife to take over and this guy turns it into like this worldwide scheme and I seen this guy in this documentary betting 2-0 is really interesting I recommended a liar and I’m looking at this guy dude and Man ie could just ease as a sociopath that guy would put poison and baby food and go to bed at night and sleep like an angel it probably does It’s wild this is the kind of guy who would give your fucking nana tumble down the stairs and say goodnight to his children because some gimmick is I mean I’m telling anyway that’s neither here nor there to be honest, but The point is I don’t like Disney. I don’t trust them and if you guys are looking for your next spokesman. I’m available You can contact me. I love her making content and set us up anytime Disney Actually everyone. I know who’s worked for Disney. Which I have some friends who have they all hire right now not fired But they all unanimously hate it. They’re like. They’re their slave drivers just I’ve you got to love the irony of this daisy Disney work for us work your work, your bones to the dust anyway Streaming services man not there’s nothing we can’t we don’t deserve anything. Good is Everything good in this world Gets destroyed eventually the internet is being fucked over by Comcast Search Comcast on Google a Nazi, Swastika comes up Streaming services by Disney give me a fuck your bright leave something for me The distribution of wealth in this country is already fucked your truck if you want to not see your head on a freaking Guillotine like the French revolution leave our streaming platforms alone, it’s all we have I’m to foster the people. Can you making are you starting a revolution yeah? I? Might be Disney listen to my call This is not a threat for violence. It’s just a joke and if you are like a first spokesman, I’ma go anyway What’s up, next oh? Man this story is awesome Thank you Elon Musk Elon musk. I love this guy man Elon musk I would probably if he was like yo doug. Here’s my dick. I need you I knew it I said we going before you said I wasn’t you thought I was gonna say so He wants me to shine it and manicure it Look, I need you to Manscape my genitals. I’m not doing Joe I don’t require Payment I Love the guy some people hate him. I don’t know why He’s like the real-life Tony stark all right. It really is I mean come on the guy’s incredible He’s he’s pioneered commercial space travel Opens the doors for so many things that guy has made driving electric vehicles cool Clicking point where he made a profit and now he’s making them Consumable the Model 3 mark my words in 2 or 3 years when that shit is goes into mass production You’re going to see that all across the country People say people always say oh, oh well electric vehicles are just as wasteful as gas oh I’ve got a fucking stick in my ass, and I have to complain and be sour and contraband contrary about everything not true solarcity Lungs even got that I’m getting to the righthand accomplishments if you have a if you have a car without an exhaust But let’s get it. Let’s just put aside The question of is the you know production and making new cars. Whatever yeah people always make new cars, okay? Forget about that Even if producing the electricity now from a freaking coal plant is Just as polluting as putting gasoline in your car first of all gas you can as solar and wind And all these renewable energies that don’t give off any pollutants become more you know cost-effective as they do every year You have the option to plug that shit into your car. Yeah, you plug that in from the outlet to your car Okay, coal gasoline You can’t do that dude And if you think that in a hundred years risk of me doing gas if you think that’s just an option forever get fucking real tears Ten year give it ten. I give it ten years too, but people like oh It’s just as polluting to make a lecture card, and I was always talking about oh It’s inevitable electric cars nobody’s done. It. Nobody stepped up to the fucking plate and risk their ass to do it until he did he’s the guy who did it and Seriously when electric cars are fucking everywhere. He’s going to be the guy who did it I mean, I know you really took a huge risk. What is all his money right? Yeah? I’m just locally invested in it, and it didn’t go well in the beginning. Everybody said was going to fail the Regulators were against him that they still don’t let him have dealerships he sells Direct that model doesn’t exist almost in car manufacturing You have to go the website and buy it you have to wait like six months to get in a car That’s how good of a product and how good people want You know it’s insane that the odds were stacked against the guy and Beyond that And also just for the record the electric vehicle has an effective 100 miles per gallon right now So fuck off haters Don’t ever say that to me again. Don’t ever talk to me or my hair again Mm-Hmm. It’s don’t talk to me on my elan don’t ever talk to deer might you on again and And then furthermore he has his company solarcity which just got absorbed into Tesla It’s one company now, but the guy let me show you this shit. I mean, Tesla. We’re we’re in both company He’s our Company’s his so yeah But they I don’t know why they absorbed it own to tell I think what happened was his cousin or someone had Ok was a co-founder of of Solar City, and he just absorbed it Ok look at this look at this house you want to know what the fuck’s going on with the future Look at this house look ordinary deal these shingles here art oh my God Click here if it’s a doctor’s gotta know these these roofing that you see here is solar panels you guys that’s solar out that’s Powering the house charging the car completely off the grid Hmm ok and his goal with this is to make it better looking more adorable Durable and cheaper and she and eventually cheaper so that it’s like people don’t even have the choice and It looks amazing Do you see this guy? He’s fucking changing the world like people always talk about it like it’s inevitable this guy’s How does one guy do all this it’s crazy. He’s amazing. He’s he’s he’s like. Uh he they do Yeah, this is where he’s these once and a hundred When a thousand year a guy who caught the rolls around and just you know beats and fucking beat the shit out of the earth You know I? Have so much every. I don’t know I man I have a friend. Who’s like. I don’t like him. I don’t trust him I’m like a baby And one of our best friends I get so triggered fun, and you got no function There’s no basis to the head it. Just don’t you just hate him so even put so here’s his beef with him He’s working on this other project Called um the boring company. He says again. This is Elon. He sees a huge problem traffic in Los Angeles Traffic as you know if you don’t live in Los Angeles Traffic is impossible if you have never been here. It’s hard to believe How bad it is yeah? I thought coming from tel Aviv. I thought we’ve had Like horrible traffic, it’s a joy oh my God It’s nothing compared to here. Give me an idea to write to drive like 20 miles. It takes like an hour during the Day do We sometimes just consider not going places because of traffic like it’s one of the it’s how you make decisions here Yeah, exactly, and it’s funny because if you go somewhere like past eleven when the traffic is gone It’ll take you 15 minutes to get somewhere where it will actually take you an hour or more during at it? So he’s like, okay traffic. What’s up with traffic, right? So the dude is drilling fucking tunnels under the freeway to Transport like a superhighway for cars, so it took your car drops under and a highway And it goes on like a conveyor belt, and it blasts you at higher you yeah? There’s really everybody you can get Michelle interesting to see boring companies Video and it blasts you at high speed here at watch this video. This is great Those tunnel tunnels look pretty wild yeah, it’s pretty loud. It’s actually not what I expected. Yeah, it works So there’s basically platforms you drive on to and it lowers you underground and It just blunt and then here you go. There’s like Super highways underground that bypass the traffic and the roads and It launches you out like 100-plus miles per hour And then it lets you up So the car is not even note. Yeah the car doesn’t run It’s on a plug you’re not even putting mileage on your car, right? Oh, it goes 200 km/h. They aren’t as fast It’s funny the future is so not what people imagine in some ways in some flying cars because when you look at like the future Yeah, you imagine stuff in the air. Yeah, don’t actually imagine digging under an earth. Yeah So my favorite part about all of this is that he called it the boring company. Yeah, and so Jeannie is so good um Anyway, it’s just an idea obviously he did start drilling He look people are saying oh, it’s not happening lowell people always said that to elon you think you oughta listen you haters Googas Ition boring company drill, you already built a fucking one-of-a-kind well Even if it doesn’t happen at least the guys trying. Tell me it’s not happening look at these pictures Try to tell me this shit’s not happening Look at this fucking drill thing that I miss epic here This is how it works. It’s like this crazy stated our drill wow, it’s not happening look at them lowering the drill into a pan and Look at this It’s not happening. They says it’s not happening. They says get real if Elon Wills it Let it happen. Why anyway our friend was like. Oh, I don’t like this because it’s like class warfare all the rich people get a Superhighway and All the poor people have to be on the freeway. I’m like dude stop That still means less people on the freeway first of all less traffic on the freeway And oh my God toll roads already fucking exist dude. Yeah stop anyway I’m going to be honest we got a tesla recently-released Thing I said was I’m not into having nice cars. I never was we had a prius that was all I ever wanted but It’s more about just like fucking supporting this this movement that I love about going Eco-friendly, it’s sick. I mean I like the car the cars dope I really like it, but it’s like there’s no exhaust pipes on the car You plug it in in your garage you wake up every morning with a full tank of gas It’s cool, man, I Like it. Why do you like to tesla? I actually really like it. It’s funny I thought that it was like so unnecessary because we had the prius and right like my doing in this and I thought it. It’s just going to be another car, but it’s actually really cool, and I’m not obviously this is not like I paid Anything I’ll say, I’m sorry Okay But it is really cool They make some new stuff that I never thought of before like the gas and brake and we’ll add on it so much I don’t know if you want to explain it so they have what’s called um One Pedal Driving this is actually one of my favorite features yeah mine, too, so unexpected that I would love it That first it’s really awkward and weird, so the gas pedal when you take your foot off the gas it breaks Yeah, actually it breaks. You still have the brake too So yeah sometimes you need to like slow down fast, and you know whatever you have a brake But it’s pretty intense when you take your foot off the gas so 90% of the time I don’t even need the brake yeah, and it’s used to regenerate energy for the battery too, and also I’ve just notice that It’s so much more immediate when you’re braking or slowing down that it feels a lot safer I think so when I’m when I drive our prius now, and I take my foot off the gas And it’s almost like it you go Yeah gliding at the same speed on my foot because if you need to react immediately there’s a few sec’s yes. Yeah It’s crazy And then you know you know yvonne’s not satisfied just to make an electric car The self-driving is like let’s Sprinkle that shit in there too, and it works amazingly all right this morning I was having a little breakfast in the car you put on auto drive in the traffic and like I’m good, dude. I eat my my breakfast my coffee I’ve got an auto drive It’s sick it feels safe because the car so responsive. I like it a lot, but more than that I just like supporting the the movement It’s obviously an expensive car. I think when the model 3 comes out which is the it’s like More than half the price of that one Then I’m good. I can’t wait for the solar roofs to become like the mainstream They’re available But now, it’s probably expensive. Yeah, it’s expensive as fuck but You know he’s out there. He’s shaking his dick, but it needs welding Almost everyone had well not everyone, but a lot of them the majority of the houses have Solar heater for the water So when you shower, and you take a hot water You know a hot shower you turn on the I mean if it’s if it’s in the summer You don’t need to turn it on because it’s always on the sun, and I’ve always loved it like it’s just such a simple Great thing it’s so weird. I mean you have hot water It’s after being in israel for five years. It’s crazy to think that that’s not everything in America Yeah And it’s always been in I don’t know why it’s such a thing like you if you ever get a shot from above you’ll see That every roof has a solar panel around the old one and I read a report that it cuts down on like Six or eight percent of energy consumption from the country’s power grid that’s significant Yeah an la that would work me anyway. We’re getting there. It’s inevitable I see more more solar power every day when I’m coming to la so he lon I Got your back dude. I got your dick I Don’t know if he wants that, but he does scare me and this gets into the point I wanted to talk about neal I’m starting to freak me the fuck out because he’s talking about Ai He’s been in the news a lot talking about the dangers of artificial intelligence saying that it poses a greater threat than North Korea Is the greatest existential crisis? We’ve ever faced as a species that we need to start regulating it like Drugs and weapons and stuff like that. He said something like if you’re not worried about Ai you should be right? It’s like oh shit. I wasn’t worried about it until you said it I know I mean But it’s like here’s a guy who I trust and mayer talked about it like that kind of does spook me a little bit so just to give you a little background that he owns a company called open AI and they’re basically just testing the limits of how far can they take AI and So the international is a dota tournament that took place recently the best dota players in the world So dota is like a competitive game where? two teams of players fight each other on an Arena of some sort and it’s a very high level skill based game with a lot of Chaos a lot is happening a lot of data to Understand and crunch kind of like starcraft right yeah like starcraft. It’s like chess real-time chess and So they are like well, this is a good This is a good platform to to test this bots to test this AI because if it can excel at this and be humans then That’s a good place to start right. It’s like a Real-time chess game I’ve seen people say it’s more difficult than chess Well, it’s more complex. I Think from a from a computer standpoint definitely because there’s way more unknown. Just moving partners up. Yeah, you know So basically they made this bot that could play they could play dota 1V1 and they brought it to the biggest to turn right in the world called the international and here’s one of the best players in the world his name’s dandy, and he’s playing one verse one verse this bar and This bot went like 10 enou against everybody, but this is one of the best players in the world And he’s getting fucking cream like he doesn’t have a single chance against this bod Russia’s He’s on the right the bots on the left Excited its infancy I Can really not intervene at all I give up giving up yeah, I can steer like Recognizable team I’ve seen it quite a lot this week and okay Value away, this was at the end of a long one we won battle that was the second round against him and he getting creamed is he a the bot is on another level and this is one of the best players in the world and obviously the bot has the ability to make decisions immediately doesn’t have to think about anything doesn’t have to think about taking a Healing or doing an attack or calculating range, but that’s why it’s so terrifying yeah, all immediate it’s yeah The bot doesn’t need time to think when you give my humans tasks, and it learns to do it it there They’re so vastly like if you have a true Ai they’re going to look at us like Frigate then we have the intellect of a mouse you know everything immediately makes sense to them they calculate and Rationalize any problem immediately and it’s and our brains are just pathetic. I mean ultimately so the danger is there I? Can see that for sure if it if a machine somehow gets past a moral barrier that’s coded into itself Who knows what decisions? It’s going to optimize if if humanity or life on Earth becomes part of its optimization code Yeah for whatever purpose. It sees who fucking knows you know Elin says he’s afraid that humans will become second-class citizens to robots It’s essentially like a dystopian Matrix more stored Susan – yeah It sector exactly was world Susan so here’s the engineer of that bot basically explaining What happened comprehend this these are prone planes? He’s a human brain Someone is telling me this variable has failed so many times It’s actually better than professional dota player it’s putting four really lifetimes of experience and It’s quite so many games of dota as exploring many different strategies learn to be learn to exploit other people debate and it’s just played far more into the strategy as any human as So turns out worried about star deeply How they just played dota 24 hours a day Don’t need us if you can do in the second time so I find that explanation was actually really interesting or fascinating should I say? fascinating because It’s like this bot can just play dota lifetimes in The Span of like a year even that’s right How long I think they were doing it for for well a year or less? Okay in a year they can play a hundred lifetimes of straight dota You know and as an amount of experience that no human could ever achieve no amount of date. You know It’s it’s pretty interesting stuff They say is that next year during the next international They’re going to try to make a full five-man team to compete against the best team in the world That’s going to be something to watch. Yeah, you know they’re going to win the bottom to win, right? else so then Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg my favorite person who represents my favorite company cancer book started talking shit on my boy Elon and I’m like what does Zuckerberg, I don’t like zuckerberg. I don’t like his company. I don’t like a stupid smarmy face, and I don’t like other things about him He says about Elon Basically our main reason is freebooting on Facebook Right among their among many others is our own device. That’s just like the It’s the best example of how they do business on Facebook. I think so the fact they let that Go, and they reward people who do it and pay them is Really representative, but they’re one of the most unscrupulous Disgusting companies. I think the way they farm data They don’t they’ve done experiments on people trying to manipulate their mood Try to sell them products they’ll show them post that they know will make them sad so they can sell them Kleenex or whatever for prozac or Ice cream or ice cream? So then mark Zuckerberg starts getting butthurt at Elon and he says He says that elon is being irresponsible and ridiculous. He said this publicly in a live stream about elon he called it fear-mongering and Elon later Responds I’ve spoken to Zuckerberg about it and his Understand me understanding on the topic is limited. Oh, it’s fucking that’s like that. I’m gonna be over That’s like an aI you talking about us right. This is uh not static That’s a bottle And unlimited ending is limited and to be fair you run Facebook dude. What the fuck do you do except mine my data. I? put a dick pic on Facebook so zuckerberg can mine it and so Apparently and also ironically zuckerberg the one is like. Oh this guy’s fear-mongering fuck this guy We spoke about a couple weeks ago Facebook is the one who created these chat bots right and they vented their own language Yeah to start communicating with each other and broke the protocol that was designed for them and had to be shut off Yeah, and he’s the one being like oh you fear-mongering he’s the one developing Skynet in his basement and So there’s he actually the beef goes even deeper, and I love this whole story. It’s great It’s a it’s a classic story of good versus Evil in my mind So space x forget about YouTube john oh my God This is on a whole nother level Spacex was Elon Space Company, well it was responsible for launching one of their internet beaming satellites on the Falcon 9 rocket that blew up upon launch was one of their failed launches And that was Facebook’s satellite that was going to go fly over Africa and give everybody free access to the internet known as Facebook’s free basics and so that satellite got blown up when the Falcon 9 failed to launch and exploded um Marx said about that as I’m here in Africa and My ivory tower in my palace in Africa and I have an African beautiful woman fanning me with a palm leaf and Feeding me grapes like Jabba the alright again on I’m easily disappointed to hear that Spacex launch failure destroyed our satellite They would have provided connectivity to so many entrepreneurs and everyone else across the continent Is that him so I’ll true a sick and amazing that Facebook was going to launch a satellite over Africa to give them free internet Yeah but wait It was actually just some fucking scheme Yeah, those are the scheme This is what a Scheme was it sounds like this can Would you seriously trust Facebook the altruistic company to be an internet free internet to engine? It’s so shady that India when they launched it over India banned it They banned anyone from accessing it because they called it essentially digital Colonialism it was a data mining scheme disguised as humanitarian aid with bloated for targeted companies apps and get this it was like you just Connect to it and then you can use the internet you have to use it using only a Facebook app of course and then the the data in India was that apparently Almost nobody was connecting to it for the first time with the internet 90% of people are using we’re just out of data and use it as access Facebook Fucking asshole. I’m going to save the world. I’m here in Africa. I was going to save this this flea-Ridden country Thank you. I will take another creep shit Fuckin Whatever they caught you know I love that Indian bandit They banned his ass they know what’s up and he has been doing good lately actually I’m proud of India lately They also passed a bunch of legislation legislation Committing to going solar and yeah, they’re very tough they’re very They speak a lot about the global warming. It’s good. Well. They’re one of the biggest you know Effects telling by it you know not affect that yeah, but they’re burning a lot of coal But they’re developing country It’s hard anyway that’s yeah, that’s a whole different thing, but anyway I just love that that Marx trying to make it seem like this guy Just kill all the internet for Africa so yeah, that’s about it and yesterday you had a little heart attack right when when your phone beeped and You got a Twitter notification. Oh, God? This was so fun So I’m on my phone last night preparing for this podcast today and on Twitter It says Elon musk followed you back and This wasn’t no fake shit like it’s it was verified Elon musk at Elon musk follow you back And I was like either way, she was nothing like yo stop open Twitter and Man, I don’t know if I got goofed if it was a bug if he had like accidentally followed me then unfollowed me broke my heart man He didn’t follow basically, so you think that you know. I’m just saying for the people listening no He’s not so currently follow me Yeah, what do you think happened because I’m a hundred percent sure I saw Hila I must follow you back but if you’re sure that it said They followed you back it said that so I think maybe he follow you by mistake And then unfollowed because you didn’t know like it clicks on a stake somehow oh Man is person well He’s pretty much my probably my number one Most is our guest The guy is deep into everything I care about he’s at the heart of it and let me tell you this about you on keys fascinating fascinating Thank you, Dim Anyway, that’s pretty much what I have for today I hope you guys enjoyed that now it is time to bring in the news with Dan Let’s take a short break and then we’ll just hop on to the news with dan to wrap up the show So we’d be back in a quick two minutes my friends Stay tuned Welcome back everybody to the H3 podcast weekly top of the week our New episode I hope you guys are enjoying it We’re back with the news with Dan dan. Why don’t you take us off? People who probably heard but over the last 10 years or so there’s been a lot of research into using Magic mushrooms in Therapy you know it apparently has been proven that it can be effective at treating people with PTSd and Depression and a multitude of other conditions and everything and researchers have just Discovered this breakthrough where they can essentially synthesize the enzyme that makes you trip the fuck out when you’re taking mushrooms So now it can be kind of put into medicine and done And you know a more clinical way than eating nasty dirt mushrooms So you don’t you don’t need to eat cow pies anymore cow pies yeah, right? But it will trip you out the same if you take the medicine That’s what they’re saying Essentially, this is the this is the active ingredient So to speak in those cow pies or mushrooms that grow on cow pies that uh? that you know completely makes you trip the fuck out and so Yeah, basically you know a lot of very reputable Research institutes have said that this legitimately is one of the best methods that they’ve ever seen When used in a clinical environment, they’re not saying everybody should take mushrooms behind You know if somebody you know suffering depression or has severe pTSd In the right environment with the therapists there with you kind of babysitting your trip you can kind of Talk through it and by the time you come out of the experience. You’re actually feeling much better and they they say in the article, I think they said They found it to be effective up to about six months well Right so you guys get a great one every six months or something like that, and you’re good Yep, you just go in and drip all Tri-Annual, I mean answer the doctor I’ve heard that before I’ve heard they also do medical tests with MDMa without sweating good. I’d like if it’s ready to sign up sign up for that doctor I Got a couple cow pies for you It’s really interesting you know it’s cool to see these drugs that have been previously Such strong stigma around An actual medical professional being like what there’s actually something we can do with this Especially if you live in the controlled yeah environment that by the way let me stress This this isn’t saying go out and take these drugs is going to make you feel there that is not it’s not you have to do it in a controlled environment with the professional that being said if you go out to the forest and Look for giant cow dumps you may get lucky all right cool great interesting story. What’s up next? When we have up here next we’ve got North Korea Right so you have to be living under a rock to not have heard of this But you know this this was a big deal in the last week and felt like something. We should probably touch on you know tensions with North Yeah in this kind of rhetoric of Lego We’re going to bomb you has been going on forever right like it’s at the point where everybody just kind of rolls their eyes like Sure the difference this time is apparently North Korea has miniaturized their nuclear weapon Small enough that in theory they could put this on a missile and hit the continental united States Especially relevant for us here because they you know what caught my eye is they keep mentioning. You know Los Angeles. That’s that’s in range So this feels a little different this time because of that they backed off wom to threaten so an Tensions have stabilized there. They’re no longer threatening to bomb guam dangle for guam at respect it’s easy to see that like oh nothing was ever going to happen but Again every time prior to this we could say oh nothing’s going to happen because nothing can happen now it can happen now They they have the technology to nuke us fuck it. I’m going back to Israel in there, just a identify left Israel to beautiful Los Angeles By the way when that was wrong the fuck did Wom do Good like battle we’re Gonna long long big wom Sort of like what the fuck we do Mom’s like A u.s. Territory. They can’t even vote. They’re basically just slaves to America. Yes, I’m gonna bomb Well my guys when you’re using the wall Street Journal’ prince inside Let me know someone point going like that out Hawk. Oh That’s right. You guys portal ministry there I Just quickly get off that story right away. I’m kidding. What else did you have anything else Dad? uh no just that I don’t want to get new I guess I mean that’s the fair point death by Nuke is kind of May not be the worst way to go. I mean you’ll get anywhere you won’t get over here if you’re oh My God these ads Um yeah it really depends where you are But I I’d look I mean getting vaporized quick-and-dirty, right? Anyway, what else we got? alright, and then this one I want to say made me happy because that’s kind of dark, but the game Hunter trampled to death by elephant in Nam Media no media that’s a country that I’ve heard of that’s what I decided ignorant. Good luck I shouldn’t shoot him like relish in the fact that I’ve never heard of this country This place on Earth nom nom, Nom. I know Nam Bia. Is that nomming. I’m a certain Ambiance what I thought it says but I mean now that I’m looking at it alright There’s a place out there called Nam Joo 90s. Don’t ever forget it So yeah this guy from Argentina went hunting elephants because that’s still a thing people do apparently oh Yeah, and uh you know I’m not relishing in his death necessarily, but you gotta love the irony right I mean and People that go out and do big-game hunting I’m relishing in it, and how give a guy a just film shit No looks like the elephant fucked him up look we all go out for that because usually they’re like from Far away And they’re not even doing anything it’s just they just pay someone to hunt for them, and then they take a picture with the dead anymore like they did something that Yeah, I mean that may have been the case here, but they just fucked up But it’s when you’re on this big-game hunt right the whole point is like miiverse to animal That’s the whole point and how how long side it is that game? How often does the human lose well guess what boys? today the Human Loss Human law yeah, it’s under even if you’re like It’s an underdog story Everybody loves an underdog story fuck that guy he went out there shaking his dick trying to get his his fuckin nut off Feel like a big man killing a beautiful immaculate Majestic elephant I Really don’t get these people really don’t get it. Yeah I did the whole thing is so weird they paid thousands of dollars And then the whole thing is it uptake they go they meet these people or locals and the locals tell them exactly Where the animals going to be? It’s all organized them Yeah, you you spend here the animal will be there and that you just click this thing and then you have a picture, right? $20,000 qui we tranquilized that animal he subdued He all a on the ground all you have to do is go to deliver the final blow I masturbate with his blood yes. We do love that does well Can’t even argue that It’s the thrill of you know stalking through the brush, and you know Tracking this animal for miles on end and taking it down or whatever I mean that’s so fucked up, but you can make an argument that that’s like a you know Thrilling experience or something but this is it I mean, it’s just handed to you on a silver platter just Hey like like you said you just pull the trigger just hey you get to kill this thing. I’m not gonna I’m not denouncing all hunting like some is fine I’m talking specifically about this guy So it’s this rich people who pay like twenty thousand dollars to go shoot some really exotic I have like like announcement a like auction off the rights to kill one exotic government and the money goes to conservation quote-unquote which means the local governments back pocket where you know and Elephants are essentially non-human intelligent life Elephants are one of the most intelligent creatures on Earth they recognize those Amir’s they have complex language and culture you Know it’s an argument in my opinion an elephant killing Alvin is kind of murder same with like a dolphin quote same with like a fucking gorilla I Mean it’s kind that you’re murdering a nonhuman creature. I know there’s not many non-human creatures in my opinion who are Sentient on an ear level as us, but elephants are one of them certainly absolutely But you know there’s invasive. There’s overpopulation. There’s deer and shed that’s perfectly acceptable to go hunt Yeah, but this shit is weird Anyway, you got fucking killed. What happened? Trampled so he took a shot He took a shot and he fucking missed and elephant took him out pretty much Said the hunter identified as a 48 year old Jose Mandalas was killed on Saturday afternoon in a private wildlife area 43 Miles Northwest of a small town and calc feld the dude worked for an oil company class act Wow, if I got charged well, they all died with another Argentinian and three Nam beings Working and me me wait Wait, whose work wait? What clarified the that’s how you say I guess I I don’t I don’t believe they all died was I was Wildly so the elephant was like fuck this guy in particular Yeah, and this is a this kind of things kind of to your point of how they’re near sentient elephants that are kind of in these areas that this goes on the ones that survive they They hold grudges essentially and there’s even been stories of them. You know essentially attacking Villages in what kind of activity a pSeudo organized Manner where they’ll you know they’ll mess up and charge you know in a wall of Elephants, and you know mess without event and that’s what humans would do right? and it was kind of like the same in fjords with the Shamu and the killer whales the few times the killer whales actually killed the The trainers right because it’s like fuck you lavery Stop bossing me around and free me. Yeah, yeah mmm on some level they understand I think yeah and killer whales are one of them too. Yeah, you know Well, that’s just my opinion folks and that we need like a slogan, and that’s the way It goes down Well, that’s our show. That’s our Tuesday show Hope you guys had fun. Let us know what you thought. We’d think we’re gonna keep doing it every week I like the balance here between Having us doing our thing here and having a guest on Friday It’s a good balance to beat to be truthful with you my dream although. It’s far off from now, is to do it every weekday But that’s a far. Oh that’s that’s far far far away that is a fascinating fascinating but for now. It’s a to date I like that balance for now We should call this a bit fascinating show This is the fascination hour. I found it really fascinating the fascination hour guys Anyway, I hope you all had a good time hope you had a laugh. Happy Wednesday my dudes See you on Friday for Jake Paul and the KTLA reporter looking forward to that until then my friends I shall be calling you with my thoughts and prayers and to everybody who has supported us graciously through Amazon Twitch Prime I will think of you the next time I make love. Bye my friends.

100 thoughts on “H3 Podcast #21 – Was Joey Salads at the Rally? & Elon vs. Zuckerberg (Top Of The Week)

  1. I love the way Hila stands up for Mike Tyson, and I love how Ethan finds him so f a s c i n a t i n g

  2. Elon Musk, the triple threat: South African, American, Canadian. Elon Musk knows where Namibia is. You should be ashamed, Ethan. (I've been to Namibia, it's absolutely beautiful)

  3. Hey fuck you Vin Viesel is a beautiful great man who's only looking to have a good chat with a nice woman, what's wrong with that? well it's definitely all bad for you liberals ever since Obama made it illegal to be straight by threatening us with spraying our children with chemtrails that would make them transexual. Not a nazi though, I just hate jews, but I don't personally wanna kill you.
    Hope you the best guys! Keep up the good work.

  4. You guys….actually thought 'Nambia' was something heard of? So you're telling me it wasn't a Trump thing, it was an American thing? Thinking Nambia existed/hearing it before, but never hearing of Namibia? Damn…that's eye opening. Guess it wasn't Trump's fault after all.

  5. i can't stop laughing because i also never say the real name of the sizes at starbucks and sometimes you can tell they get mad

  6. A-ah. Most (STRESSING THE MOST) restaurants prep all their food for safe serving. The guests safety is always number one when it comes to Dine in services, so all the food and such is cooked fully as well as cleaned and washed before use.

  7. you aint going to see this because you don't read your notifications because there are too many….but Bill Gates is not responsible for the current Windows bullshit. He quit a long time ago. Bill Gates is not the problem. Windows is a plague, but Bill Gates is not responsible for making it that way.

  8. The USA should just nuke NK, like "If you make another threat we will possibly get hold of Russia with their Nuclear bomb which can wipe out an area the size of Italy."

  9. He literally is a rapist though, if you don't want to be called a rapist maybe like don't rape people. You know how rare it is to get a conviction in sexual crimes, the standard of proof is 'beyond a reasonable doubt'.

  10. I honestly hate Facebook. I uploaded a video onto my channel, it got 2.5 million views in a couple months before a science page much larger than my channel stole it with no credit or permission, gaining 10 million views in only 2 weeks. It took days to get them to take it down, facebook wouldn't help, and there was no punishment or compensation. This has happened to me several times, and a fellow channel in my genre has hid content stolen, gaining over 60 million views. The thieves get away with it and there's nothing you can do.

  11. Oh the Vin Diesel cringe! Trying to divert from the gay accusations? Not sure why it’s s big deal. I would be so creeped out if I was that girl. Getting harassed while probably nervous trying to interview a celebrity. Sheesh, poor woman

    PS: he’s pretty Bold Guy with that sleeveless

  12. Expiration dates on food are arbitrary, it's that food manufacture's best guess of when that food goes bad… and wouldn't they underestimate that date so that people buy more of their product??? Stop throwing away food that is 1 day passed its printed expiration date, it is a waste of food

  13. Back when fb said they were gonna give internet to Africa and India and wherever else, they made this “heartwarming” (🤮🤮🤮🤮) commercial that was on tv. See if you can find it online. (It’s shot with a drone at like the beginning.) I thought it was so odd that it was a commercial. It was like they were trying to say, “ohh! Look at Me! I’m a humanitarian!!!”

  14. ethan you should do an episode where you talk about all the neat energy saving technology that's common to countries outside the US, it would honestly be interesting to see how many of them americans have never heard of, what with oil and coal so transparently calling the shots in america

  15. Parrots and corvids are also part of those near human sentience creatures. They don't just repeat words back to you that they hear, but they can be taught what those words mean. They can learn language and solve complex puzzles. Scientists have estimated that parrots may have a similar level of intelligence to a human child.

  16. ethan you give me three months three days of each week two hours of each of those days and I could get you shredded brah no memes we're all gonna make it bro

  17. 1.23 – Namibia. Don't worry guys, you're not alone in struggling with that name, Trump also mispronounced it.

    I'm from Namibia … BTW.

  18. Mike Tyson seems like a really cool guy. If someone talked to me like that out of nowhere I would do the same. What he did was fucked but he did the time he paid that price.

  19. Hey! First of all, this sounds super dumb but I also relate to you about being addicted to food.. like it was all I looked forward to in a day just when I was going to eat next.. BUT dead ass I did a juice cleanse for three days and it sucked and I didn’t notice too much of a difference BUT it was really good as a restart to get you on the right track and kick the weird food habit.. just a helpful tip because it helped me

  20. we're going to have a wave of wasted batteries in 10 years, Ethan, and living in norway, we probably started with el cars before you all. My dad is a car mechician and when you fix electric cars you have to take so many more precautions and it might explode and it's a fucking mess man. We use oil for many more things like asphalt and plastic, which we will still need eventually, and throwing away the fuel isn't gonna help either lol. Just trying to make that known by people cause it's really an interestin dicussion ukno

  21. On Tyson; it certainly didn't end his career. He was significantly more famous after getting out of prison. He quickly unified the belts again… Both of the Holyfield fights were after prison.

  22. Jesus if I was that interviewer I’d be so fucking uncomfortable, Jesus! I’d be telling him to back the fuck off. He just talked about how she looked the whole time I mean talk about objectification.

  23. i've literally been talking about AI going to take over (not like in the movies right away, but slowly causing REALLY BAD conflicts that lead up to EPIC shit "worse than North Korea" i guess). robots taking over has never been a joke man. if we give them emotional intelligence and more knowledge than average humans and super human strength/etc helllll yes they will fuck us bRUH

  24. Funny how it takes a genius to create a all range functioning robot but somehow our creation can still outsmart us.

  25. Interesting part about that Dota 2 bot is that later he was beaten like a puppy by people who just used unconventional tactics. Bot didnt have 100 lifetimes worth of time to adapt and he got got.

  26. Ian is pretty retarded for saying that about the hunter. Those big game hunters pay the government money they use to protect them from poachers. Youre kind of an asshole.

  27. I know im a bit late but i have a question about the tesla; it seems a bit tiring to constantly have your foot on the pedal so is there some sort of cruise control for long trips or do you just always have to have your foot on the pedal?

  28. I work at Starbucks and I'm cackling, we just call it the "spinach feta wrap" which is still kind of a mouthful sometimes but oh well lmaoooo

  29. Last episode everyone was bitching about how you guys treated Jimmy. Oh but look here, more views and more likes. Looks like all those people who 'arent gona watch the podcast anymore' dont matter

  30. DAWG @ 12:48 F*CKIN JOEY SALADS IN VENTURA! That’s the Arby’s by the Pacific View Mall! Mind freak!! Hahah

  31. I think Hila gets told what to say some times I think they review before hand and vin diesel is a gay boy that was how closet men act before they come out lol

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