100 thoughts on “H3 Podcast #2 – PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg)

  1. party pills are legal because a vector of an illegal drug is used….so yes he took a form of mdma most likely

  2. Are you guys still friends at all? It seems like you haven't even referenced each other since this time last year when he was in the news for calling someone a n*gger and you guys ragged on him for it

  3. 2019 when Felix has gone through controversy and the t-series memes and now almost 100mil subs throwback to innocence

  4. Watching in 2019 still wishing scare pewdiepie season 2 would be released. I don't care how old and outdated it might be now. I wanna see the hila and ethan episode!! uuuurrrrghhhhh YOUTUUUUUBE

  5. How douchy is it to tell us plebs that he just throws shit away of great value which he down plays the fuck out of in another douchy way instead he could give that stuff away to people who…you know…arent absolute spoiled fucking rotten millionaires!! Come on dude!! Petty ass nigga!!

  6. This was recorded when everything was more or less peaceful on YouTube, Scare Pewdiepie season 2 was about to drop, good adrevenue, no bridges..
    Time really has changed a lot..

  7. MAshallah they should say alhamdulillah allahm make us rich and make us marry who we want Inshallah better

  8. People stopped watching Smosh because they weren't doing the same thing lol

    The inner machination of smosh's fall from the top is an inigma

  9. Pewdiepie`s like – I think tattoos connected to youtubers are funny.
    And after a week or less ya boyz Frank & co getting brofist tattooed on Views ass. Who would have thought pikachu face

  10. 24:43
    H3h3: "I.. i member"
    Pewds: "i member"
    I get the feeling that felix is a natural asshole always trying to supress his hatred for all things stupid its like it just slipped out of his mouth without him having to make a conscious effort lmao

  11. Holy fuck! H3 Podcast has been running for over 3 years!!! shit time flies! Also PewDiePie is almost at 100million!! lol

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