H3 Podcast #16 – Net Neutrality

H3 Podcast #16 – Net Neutrality

(Ethan:) Welcome everybody to the H3 podcast liiiiiiiiiiiiive Today our episode is sponsored by quip and dollar shave club more about that later I’m here with Hila Klein. (Hila:) What up pimps? (Ethan:) What up big pimps? and incidentally this episode is also sponsored by a (Hila:) Hila Kleiner (Ethan:) check out this shit Check this shit out boy Are you a Hila Kleiner for life? let the world know this is what like, the company would write about it Are you a Hila Kleiner for life? let the world know by heading on out to represent.com/ H3h3 let them know that you’re creative, funky, wild and free-spirited like Hila Klein oh (Hila:) thank you (Ethan:) I was just talking like off off the uh Off the podcast here before we went live how I feel like I’m becoming like a meme. I’m becoming a victim to Poe’s law (Hila:) Do you want to explain what poe’s law is? (Ethan:) so poe’s law is this like? theory that when you’re making fun of something and you get to the point where you’re Indistinguishable from what you’re making fun of then you’re then there’s no difference Then you’re just that thing and I think that’s happening to us because of, at first it was like, what up Jake Paulers let’s make fun of that by calling it Hila Kleiners But now we’re all saying Hila Kleiners not ironic at all and now we’re actually selling merch that says what up Hila Kleiners. Hila Kleiner for life. (Hila:) It’s still ironic, but not- (Ethan:) it’s getting, it’s getting closer to not being ironic like I’m a legit, Hila Kleiner, and you can pick up the merch today at represent .com/h3h3, but you see what I’m saying? (Hila:) I see what you’re saying. I like the law (Ethan:) you like the law? (Hila:) I like the, I like the name and therefore, I’m in (Ethan:) and for all those reasons above I’m in um I Feel like that happens a lot on the internet where you become victim of your own meme (Hila:) yeah, my first Understanding of it was with keemstar Because of his intro and we’re like we were actually wondering like what happened, that made him do this intro every time (Ethan:) it sounds like he’s having a stroke every night on camera (hila:) So I my the only explanation was it must have started as a joke But then it actually became the thing right and now we affirm that with them now. We are like that. We Like I used to say in the comments on YouTube God bless and I just thought that was such a funny way to sign off a comic. God bless It’s like what so then I started written writing that and all my comments on YouTube It’s responding people, and then I started seeing people being like “is Ethan religious?”. Yeah, so that’s the point It’s like the parody is not that obvious, so I’m just a religious guy saying God bless Ya like I feel like I’m becoming the meme everyday more and more But you know what you have to embrace the meme and that’s the point I think that’s what poe’s law was all about embrace the meme become the meme what up Hila Kleiner’s today we have a jam-packed episode for you guys in Honor of the net neutrality day of awareness that was I think yesterday Anyone are they now I’m Wednesday. We put together a really great. I hope comprehensive episode about net neutrality What is it? What’s at stake? Windows 10 I don’t want to update I’m about to go on a tangent on Windows 10 but I’m controlling myself. Stay focused yeah stay focused What is it? What’s at stake?
Who are the people who stand to gain from it and you know is there any arguments against net neutrality? I Hope to answer all those questions as best as I can as interesting as possible but first we have the news speaking of which We’re trying to step up a little bit the format my dream for the show is to turn it into a whole Mishmash Multimedia nightmare and by nightmare, I mean something pleasure But for example today. We have a full segment of news stories Awesome real some offbeat and I want to try doing this every week if you guys enjoy it where we go over some some current events and then we get into the either the interview or the segment the main segment and Take it from there, so if that if that sounds good or not, you don’t really have a choice this isn’t that interactive guys I’m gonna do it regardless But highest I set my coffee It’s an experimental show right now. This is very experimental this coffee is really strong. I feel like I’m drinking acid The main Oxygen I’ve been oh far Is sake all right? Let’s get started now recently on our most recent video about the new humungous footage revealed I Had encountered something I have never seen before on YouTube And I think anyone who saw that video or visited the comments must have seen it as well. It was absolute fucking Bananas let me pull the shit up If you spend even one seconds time in there, you would have seen this I’m gonna need some help we can network Here look at this yeah this is 15 top comments are All Spam bots all of them. I’ve never seen anything like this. How do I move this? What is this okay? Here you go. Can you show it Dan? Can you see it all right Dan? Go, we have reached our goal of subscribers Here’s a special gift for you and a link one two three and all the responses are spam Bots 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 The 16 top fucking comments are all spam bots hurry up your goodies are waiting Gift for my subscribers, so what I was wondering is like. How is this even effective at this point? I have no idea It’s so insane do you think that they would learn a little subtlety at this point? This thing has been going on for at least a year Maybe two years yeah, it’s always been there But I’ve never it’s always like 1 or 2 but all of a sudden these spammers just turned into trolls and like This isn’t effective. I’m just going to ruin the Youtube comments But my favorite part about it is when we made a video about it Ethan was trying to become one of the spam bots Right and you spend a bunch of links on everyone’s Channel Jeff Dunham’s website? Yeah, not like weird short urls It was literally Jeff Dunham calm and in response to that youtube actually And they actually banned us, and we couldn’t access our channel for a day you so fucking ban I Love that this can happen for two years, but when you make a parody of it We get there you get banned like sorry. We got to drop the ax on you ethan in Ela These fucking guys this top comment right now two minutes ago. It has 1500 up votes how is it possible for Youtube of all the big chat big companies in the world Owned by Google Ai Machine-learning top comment two minutes second one three minutes these are all posted very recently and have over thousands of points It’s so unnatural, and they’re all named a tradition productions. How is it possible that you’re not catching this shit look at this? The crazy part is that there must be like a couple people actually believe it well I think that it sighs that’s definitely true, but they’ve stepped up their game. They have fake verified badges Yeah, because that was that was youtube’s way of being like hey. This is the legit channel so look at these fucking guys with their fake I Think the real ones blue so they found a green but still it and also the real one will be next to your name So they did it like right right right you know, but it’s about it But at first look for someone who doesn’t know it looks real absolutely Look at the stuff. They write is so dumb surprises for you fans. Take away their take it I have a small surprise go to but here. So we’re always like Who just I haven’t seen one person who buys into this stuff But I did see one and I had to I had to save it This guy says please stop posting all these fucking comments on your own video The guy goes someone under he isn’t it spots hey. I love that in this guy’s mind somehow I’m just spamming 15 times yeah, I Would get banned if I did that Anyway, if you guys stay tuned, I have a gift for all my subscribers I don’t have a small surprise for you guys check the link in the description for that condor you tick what is this? Oh, yeah, this is a video. I took have a Journey into God. I don’t know what’s what desktop software, but it is so bad like I’m not very qualified pixel that yeah Anyway, enjoy this Journey 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 18 I count and that is kind of it, so hopefully what I did is I banned Del use the same link here, and it’s like dot T– o– or some shit So I banned dot t– o– so I’m going to see if these guys are learning. I’m Gonna I’m gonna play a little game with them. Whatever they’re watching right now, and now they know let’s go the game is on YouTube can’t Handle it. So now. It’s time to dance and make these spammers on Dot t– o– but something I’ve seen that they do is they’ll say like hey. Have a gift for you Type into Google x y z eleven twelve thirteen gibberish that only goes to their spam site Yeah, so they have they have warfare these spam bothers are so advanced It’s crazy yeah that I’m afraid for the cyber security of the world I’m telling you these guys are inside nuclear submarines right now. It’s true. Like if they got this share. What else are they war town? they’re Brilliant and And then sometimes they’ll even impersonate the channel they’ll throw them like oh yeah. Yeah, I used to happen cuz yeah They’re crazy man, so that’s our top story watch out for the spam box guys. I mean clear I don’t think I need to tell anyone here that that’s not me That any time you see someone talking like a 4.1 person Just to that one guy out there the next time you see what seems to be an Illiterate Chinese person With a very spAmmy link. It’s not me okay Next up you want to take the lead on this one yella. What is it Ep? Dudes leader? Viruses click the lead you okay this guy is a youtuber everyone loves them on YouTube leafyishere exam so He got his phone hacked or whatever Mike biggs. I’m sort of hacking happened. It was snapchat. Oh Snapchat yeah and so They got his nudes and it’s all over Twitter now So close your eyes when you’re on twitter or not or not or open a lot, but watch out watch out, so leafy his snapchat got hacked and for some reason I mean this seems a little bit silly to me to keep nudes on a snapchat when you know that you’re like a high Target 400 unless he wants his dick out there. Which is you know God bless you? Maybe he faked the hacking and you just wanted to show people as dick. I’m also a I was I’d probably say this time you have a new son for his dick this channel down on the rope slightly everybody knows that What better way to bring it back? But like I was thinking I’ve never heard of a youtubers nudes being leaked yeah, and not once and You never hear almost even if guys Nudes beam like it’s always like females who are targeted? Yeah, can we talk about that? Yeah? Let’s talk about it. What’s up with that all right? We talked about I Don’t know I feel bad for him on one hand. I do I definitely do I Wouldn’t you know it’s it’s a horrible feeling? We you know we have been Attempt though have been attempt to hack into our stuff, and it was really scary yeah I’m not not a fun experience at all. No, it’s horrible So you feel so vulnerable yeah, and well, there’s nothing more vulnerable than severe dick out on the internet But again, it’s like dude. I mean I heat I feel like he has to take half the blame there he had a dick pic saved on his snapchat That is pretty strange. It’s kind of a strange thing Mike, I don’t use snapchat. Oh, so I’m not sure how Weird is that they’ll have will use. It’s okay you you’re like. What was on his phone? What man was it honest what it means if somebody logs in your snapchat they get access to your dick yeah straight access like me if I’m if I’m a celebrity Here’s my here’s the good thing about being me nobody wants to see me naked All right, my big pics are completely clear, but if anybody did want to see me naked and I was concerned about that I Wouldn’t keep any nudes man if you ever saw if you want to snap a picture of your dick send it Here erase it To the end other photo minute yeah, I mean yeah if you want to be dangerous Then but then there’s a chance that this would happen – yeah interesting I haven’t seen him comment about it, but just the fact that leafy of all the lectures day hey guys my dicks out there But it’s actually it’s everywhere like anytime. I’m on Twitter. I’m seeing leafy’s dick. I Learned on that same day like I was just looking at completely unrelated to it and it popped up It popped up literally Well, we’d be next door and ears I tell you something more to be said about that, but how much can you talk about leafies dick? I’m going to talk about in a while, so it’s kind of a good way to come in right? Oh man Yeah, that’s embarrassing If you like the older I get the smaller my dick gets alright, I get fatter my dick gets smaller so fucked up You know what? I mean like yeah You don’t have to call me. I’m just talking like you know proverbial. I was hoping that this would be like a segment of news Is this not a current event? I’m trying. You know what I’m saying. It’s like You lose hair on your head your dick gets sucked into your fat your don. You’ve ever heard well, you know Proverbial in the proverbial sense and you grow hair on your ass I don’t understand that you lose hair where you want it You grow hair where you don’t on your ears and your ass your ass crap fuck is that? It’s like it’s already hard enough to get a date past 20. Why are you doing this to me life? biologically It doesn’t even make sense. I’m evolved to fuck right. That’s why you exist Why you putting here on my ears in my ass and shrinking my dick? That’s all I’m saying can I get away oh? Luckily I’m Gonna get an egg news story for you. Let’s move it on Next stories a little bit serious a little bit interesting I’ve been I’ve been following this The trump Russian story because I found it really fascinating Try to be bipartisan as much as possible because I know we have a lot of fans who support trump a lot of people who? Don’t I personally just for transparency did not vote for trump, but I try to give everyone a fair shake on things This trump Russia thing is kept as fascinating to me because it’s if it all is proven true to me It’s just so crazy that like one side of the political system was colluding with with a With pretty much an amine. I don’t enemy who stays maybe a little harsh, but definitely an adversary you know a competiting country competing country And so you guys probably followed this story? With a beef support trump just hear me out. Just listen. I’m gonna lay it out. It’s fascinating You should want to hear this more than anybody Okay let’s start from here, so The story had come out that trump Jr.. Had been talking to – a russian some kind of Russian ambassador about getting information about Clinton And and it just so happened that trump Jr.. And an attempt to defend himself or I guess be transparent posted on Twitter a picture of his email correspondence with these russian dudes and Any he pretty much admits to some really crazy shit And he just tweeted it out. Which is fascinating let me read some of this stuff So this guy he says hi, don. That’s Donald Jr. But when you’re free to talk with Mn. By phone about this hillary info Mn. I presume is some kind of Russian diplomat you Had mentioned earlier this week so wanted to try to reschedule a time and day best to you and your family Thanks, Rob. I appreciate that. I’m on the phone at the moment, but perhaps. I just speak to Eman first seems We have some time and it’s what you say. I love it. Especially later in the summer What could we do if we do a call first thing next week when I am back? Good morning Emma just called and asked me to contact you about something very interesting the crown Prosecutor of Russia met with his father aris this morning and in their meeting offered to provide the trump campaign with some official documents And information that would incriminate hillary and our dealings with Russia and would be very useful to your father This is very obviously very high-level and sensitive information, but is part of russia, and it’s government support for Mr.. Trump What do you think is the best way to handle this information would you be able to speak with Emma about it just directly I? Can also send this info to your father, but it’s ultra sensitive. So wanted to keep send it to you first So you told me that you should tell that point about Al gore so okay? This this to me is is kind of mind-bending I have a hard time even as like a staunch trump supporter that this wouldn’t bend your mind a little bit They you as a white this time. I trump a trump supporter I don’t know what I said sorry. I’m defensive ugh. You look like did you just say English? That this wouldn’t bend your mind a little bit you have a Russian Ambassador sending you incriminating evidence stolen from Hillary’s email account Trying to influence the campaign on your behalf I’m not sure. What are the counter points to defending that because I know as supporters do defend it. They say well Who’s troubled not to accept help if somebody wants to help them even if it happens to be an adversary? Someone who it’s best interests aren’t the United States so people would say well hillary’s a a Criminal and she deserves to be outed or whatever it’s like an issue of morals right? It’s a conflict of interest is what it is Yeah now to put it lightly lightly but but the biggest problem here is that trump and his campaign? And his son and everyone involved has come as always said with a Absolute definitive way we haven’t had contact with the russians about any of this stuff Yeah, that is crazy. So on one hand all these counter points of defense is like okay We could talk about that, but the thing that I’m worried about is why have they denied this relationship for so long? And pretty aware it if it was going to come out eventually why? Why lie about it all the time? I don’t know that they thought it was going to come out eventually but but you can see here even in this in this Short Correspondence, he says they sent it to your father And he says in the best interests of your family which would imply that they all knew about this from all of them right, so that the lines and the kind of that what seems to be an attempt to covering up this story a Lot of people saying why did he tweet this out because it’s like obviously incriminating people laughing saying he’s just dumb He’s dumb he would dump their idiots. I don’t I don’t think that’s the case Probably most likely is that because the New York times was digging into this and they probably Figured that it was going to come out And I think this was his if I had to guess I would say he’s trying to get ahead of the story Because it was going to come out anyone you got you want to you want to control the information as much as possible you don’t Want to give the control the New York times? to me, this is pretty much I Don’t know it whether it would I don’t know the whole thing is just so Crazy it’s it’s spooky. Yeah. I don’t trust the russians to be meddling in our and our governance and You should tell about that point that you told me about al gore. Oh yeah, and so okay again Look, I’m not trying to trigger. Anyone. I’m jen. I know this is very contentious to talk about this stuff But this is pretty this is like the most smoking gun on this issue. This is pretty serious stuff here Now people are saying You know here let me let me compare this to something okay back Let me find this How do I not have been info yeah, but it’s funny how it’s all about the emails I know this got a fucking ironic. Isn’t it after all this shit. There’s this email. That’s coming back to haunt trump, Jr.. Oh Man, you can’t write it better than this house of cards has nothing on this shit it’s like he had youtube with Twitter DMS and Fucking opposed to their damn they raised forever so Just for comparison Now al gore when he was running against bush It was back in 2008 if I recall correctly Had received information about Bush’s debate questions So he found out what? Questions bush was going to be asked during the debate that gave him a hugely unfair advantage because you could compare he could prepare counter points They could prepare zingers it gave him an absolutely unfair advantage and the first thing al gore did When receiving those documents is he handed it over to the FBI? because It’s the right thing to do he says Someone’s trying to Meddle in our democracy. There’s an external force at play here Who’s trying to control the outcome of our democratic process? This belongs in the hands of the FBI the Cia Because I think when you have external forces trying to manipulate the outcome of American democracy They need to be challenged You know and and the thing that’s most disturbing to me about what’s happening with trump and supporters is their seemingly? willingness to Be okay with the fact that russia aided Campaign and he he accepted the help and he does and they don’t see any problem with that Mm-hmm The sway of Public opinion, and everything I don’t know about like voter fraud I don’t I don’t I don’t personally believe or haven’t seen evidence that Russia like was hacking voting booths or anything like that There was there’s as far as I could tell was clearly a war on the hearts and minds of of the voters But doesn’t it I? Don’t know it’s it’s strange The fact that russia had a preference on candidate because Clinton was notoriously very hard on Russia and putin in general she was a hard-ass and Trump seems pretty fucking soft he talks shit on everybody Everybody he’s talk shit on every world leader Even people in his own party know Marco Rubio Low-energy. He shits on everybody somehow Putin is this glorious horse riding fuck who has never done anything wrong who has never assassinated? Political opponents who didn’t just make a war mongering land-grab in ukraine He’s the fucking great like I’m just saying it’s it’s concerning I Think that everyone. I think that people should be concerned about this That’s my part. I don’t know People saying next what do you guys know? well, this is not a political show so I don’t want to get too much into detail about things like that because I did just Give you anyway, whatever that’s my thought. I thought I find the whole thing fucking interesting Let’s move it on let’s get light now Next story is a great one that you guys are going to love Anheuser-busch Ex-Ceo Augustus isle Duffus busch the fourth subscribe natural named Augustus Al dolphus bush the fourth was arrested for flying his helicopter while drunk His story is a crack-up. Do them everything in this story. You gotta like read twice to make sure you heard it, right? It’s such a great headline the former ceo of ana Hazzard bush. His name alone is Unbeliev, Augustus, El Dothis bush The fourth was arrested after he landed his helicopter and Illinois’ business parking lot Monday He landed his healthop there in a parking lot. I’m going to show you the video Swansea Police said in a Facebook post officers were dispatched to report a helicopter landing for unknown reasons around 1 o’clock in the afternoon, and we’re concerned about the aircraft taking off again due to closed obstacles and buildings After 7 hours police said they received a call saying the pilot identified as bush appeared to intoxicated to take off The helicopters rotors were spinning and the engine was revving up when officer arrived on the scene That is terrifying listen to this shit Bush’s wife Dewanna wood was with him at the time in addition to their eight dogs There was eight dogs in the helicopter. That’s a fucking party dude But how do you forget about drunk driving? Let’s drunk fly drunk not even for helicopters. You’re more complicated flying an airplane Let’s drunk ass by a helicopter into eight Public partners in a neighborhood you got to see the video ever it is so funny after a second officer arrived on the scene the police administered eyes field sobriety tests Bush appeared unable to keep a single train of thought and his speech appeared mumbling and slurred, but he blew a zero Because because he was fucked up on pain gas Korea tells ishe say it wasn’t drunk. But you exact. Which is probably even worse He’s like knocking imagine nodding off in a helicopter like nodding off in a car You crash, and you’re probably fine you get out yeah, you’re not often a health on there. It’s your last news It’s different levels of adventure. Is that you can crash into a house and I don’t even know don’t be like hell. Yeah. They’re like little family people so I hate flying like By percentage flying is much safer than driving, but when you crash an airplane Your your brad buried can we get a soundboard sound for that dent when you crash an airplane. You’re I? Would sound oh you are just waiting to see what he chooses I Didn’t hear it. Oh, we didn’t hear it Did people oh? Thank you, Dan these into use real fast That’s a great story. Let’s see here a further search of the helicopter turned up several loaded weapons weapons still and Several bottles of prescription drugs so this motherfucking gun is a helicopter with eight dogs and much lighter weapons his wife and and tons of pain pills Watch this for you I? Can’t let’s point out no charges have been filed in this case But here’s a look at where this chopper landed and give you a sense of what’s around here This is just a parking lot in the middle of an office park You’ve got a dumpster a few feet away from where that helicopter landed and you can see just some of the other businesses I wonder what he was doing there I wonder if he’s just picking up a Papa John’s of some shit like what the fuck Did you need to land your helicopter there no? I think he landed there because he felt unsafe, but he was about to get back and take off Yeah, okay, so that was an emergency landing yeah Oh, maybe I’m too fucked up But I I don’t know I’m not sure maybe I hate called the cops right or not a driver Ya know one of the store merchants called the police Oh my and they’re like yo this drunk idiots about to take off in his helicopter and feels mankind I think he dropped he stopped off for Papa John’s I Need to talk to his wife She didn’t shoot a bear She’s chilling with the dogs and back there having a great time. It’s probably their favorite, Hobby My passions include getting fucked up on Oxycontin and fly my helicopter He wants a lift just say quality time with our dogs Dogs are all freaking out of business Here again, this is ian. Swansea a big office Park here witnesses tell us They wondered what the world was happening when the helicopter landed in the middle of this office park now Swansea police say the pilot told them he was visiting a business here now according to My sources august push the forwarding to my sources for the passage on or large Some crazy sticks could you say them? It’s just laughing at is there I mean here and say no no no, Fontana Sources august bush the fourth was the pilot in that chopper when it landed now police investigate it because they had concerns about How safe it was to land in the area that rich people will be doing whatever the fuck they want I’m gonna park in this parking lot by the way. No charges were filed what that’s what? He said, no charges have been filed Really all you gotta be is rich and you can park your helicopter in some broke people’s house for all they care Wow, just we have the commissioner a couple hundred thousand That’s a lot of my God bush. That’s with the bush family That’s for me this guy’s old money. He’s bush the fourth several hours later witnesses anyone called algar that Justice you know next person you mean named Augustus. You know his ass got money he’s got helicopter money thanked it appeared the pilot was intoxicated and trying to get back into the helicopter and fly it out of here sources say bush the fourth was mumbling and had trouble walking a court order was sought for a blood and Urine sample he was taken to a hospital where those samples were taken now The swampy Police Chief says because no charges are filed as of right now He’s not confirming the pilot was in fact august bush the fourth We’re not confirming it was august bush the fourth, but I’ve been one of the dogs We don’t know if it was one of the dog driving We can’t confirm his identity no charges have been brought He he was he appeared in the parking lot fucked up with a gun on him and pills on him. We can’t confirm it He was him flying though, and so we’re gonna let him off the hook get real All right next story. That’s a pretty spicy one though, I Love his name so much August’s alphys bush the fourth It’s actually just august it’s got to be a gusta s’ yeah, I’m gonna rewrite this one August is not Not fascinating for me man tries to murder a friend over argument of Star Wars for Star. Trek. I Love this. This is the kind of articles that live for police Fight over star wars and star trek led to assault look at this fucking guy Do you think this guy was onto the side of Star Wars or star trek? Jerome white 23 was arrested july 1st in Oklahoma city on a complaint of assault and battery serious business y’all Police say a fight over star trek and star wars led to an assault Jerome Wyatt 23 was arrested july 1st on a complaint of assault and battery Oklahoma City Police Department reports show that weiss had it thought like what if they were arguing about something Else and then the police came, and then they’re like trolling the police and it’s like oh, we were just arguing about Star Trek rule They’re gonna cover it up. How do you confirm what they were arguing about well, okay? So my that’s a really good point my thought is these are probably not the brightest people I? Don’t know how oh Yeah, well if you were arguing about drugs or something illegal. You would say we had an argument yeah, but if let’s say if you were trying to like Stick it to someone or whatever the phrase is by saying like something really dumb That’s what that’s the kind of thing you would say that’s a fucking Brilliant point Kind of just ruined this whole story Well anyway, the story is wyatt literally followed a man. He says here. This is this is the from the police report Oklahoma City Police Department reports that white and another man were in the living room apartment They shared when they began arguing if star wars as star trek was better The Victim Told police he became frustrated and stated You’re just a trick before walking To his room White allegedly followed the man and shoved into the ground the victim got back up and told police he stated you want to replay that And once again shoved to the ground police say wyatt then wrapped his arm around The Victim’s neck and began choking him the Victim was near unconscious when he pulled out a pocketknife Wyatt let go and reached for the knife cutting himself then left the room So dan pointed out and I think it’s a good it’s a really good point They don’t know they don’t say who supported star wars and who supported star trek Yeah, that’s kind of fucking important to resolving this and my hunch on this is that The guy who choked him had to be the star wars fan because Jean-Luc picard would neither advocate in this kind of behavior It’s true. You have to live by the code of Star trek So anyway, I think you killed that story from so if I’m being honest, I think these guys are probably The greatest troll I think they’re trying to please But if you’re getting stabbed and choking each other out are you in the state of mind to be like can’t control the please? What I just I don’t know. I think you’re on this make sense in my mind. Yeah the police come and they’re like What was this argument about and then the doors were star trek? Yeah? Yoda you know yoda young All right This is a short one, but gave me a giggle for sure white house misspells inaccurately in video accusing the Cbo of inaccuracy Look at this shit The fuck is this guy okay? Here’s the screenshot. So they made this really dramatic kind of like Where’s that videos? I have the source video just the screenshot. I guess I don’t they made this really dramatic I didn’t I don’t know what this is about. I didn’t know what the cbo is it’s not about that It was really dramatic kind of Propaganda video about the cbo, and then I said in accurately estimated 25 million would be covered under obamacare, but they misspelled and accurately a Little bit of A meme a little bit of a story it’s a bit of a scoop was a bit of a spoof a bit of a spaz as It were moving on That one didn’t hit too hard a story didn’t hit too hard This is our first time wearing how this goes So you guys may have seen this picture which is become a meme on the internet of itself this picture of Marco Rubio in Nasa Let me see here Hello is anybody home this would Well it will fucking internet. You know at times you’re out What is this shit and? This brings me to the point of this video about net neutrality throttling our interviewed So here you can see you guys probably seen this picture of Mike Pence the vice president Touching a thing on that and Nasa that says please do not touch and he stared cuz with his hand on it and So he tweeted out a week after everyone was meeting on him. He said sorry, Nasa Marco Rubio dared me to do it This is his actual This is his actual Twitter account vice president Pets. Sorry, Nasa Marco Rubio dared me to do it Somebody’s I This for campaign this is this insane to you guys that mark pants and mark Mike pence and Marco Rubio walk around, Nasa Touching shit like a candy store some shit It’s a picture is amazing The fact that it says right there not the types here it is. This is like a historic picture I like this and a hundred years from now. This will be in history books critical space flight hardware do not touch and sold red letters And here’s Mike pence without cracking a smile his hand for no reason no purpose on this beautiful and critical spaceflight hardware Mike sorry Mark Mark. It’s Marcos fault he told he dared me to I’m not sure like how old is Mike pence. He’s like 60 I’m not sure even at the age of fifteen. I would be done here Look at his face. He’s so sincere. Oh Man, so that’s fucking good right, okay living at home. Oh This is when itoh found this morning. This is from Israel. Oh Look at this video. Yeah, so you guys should enjoy this woman destroys $200,000 worth of art in pursuit of taking a selfie oh My God excuse me. Oh Jesus How do I need to read the article because the video speaks for itself watch this shit? It’s so brilliant this footage is incredible Watch the top right yeah The top right you can see this lady. She’s about to kneel down in front of it And they’re the dominoes oh Okay, so those were sculptures. I guess rare ancient Expensive sculptures, and they toppled over like a fucking row of dominoes Yeah, time of your thousand dollars. Yeah, and three of them were like permanently damaged or something You stupid idiot. Why would you leave first of all? But also the gallery yeah, there’s a pretty shitty job here I take half the curator and half her fault he’ll glass no Rope I mean in this day and age you got to expect that somebody’s going to want to Domino your selfie Domino to your ship okay, how are we doing so Dan did you end up making that Shark tank season four intro? Fuck yeah, okay moving on Moving on to our next topic. I’ve been been watching binge watching Shark tank. I’m obsessed with That show we’re both obsessed. I can’t stop watching I don’t know how many you guys watch Shark tank But it’s like you expect it to be really bad because it’s just it’s a reality show and you know All reality shows are pretty shitty. It’s like Force drama But this shows real as a heart attack If you guys don’t know the premise they have like all the super wealthy billionaire cap investors And they have people with real ideas come on the show And they spend their real money investing in these people and it’s fascinating It’s riveting and dan can you play the soundbite and for those reasons? I’m out. Oh And for those reasons and for those reasons you’re out Also, what happened to the accurate? My sound is a creative play that you have the accurate my sours accurate. It’s like 15 minutes late We’re going to play that when they misspelled accurate But now you guys know we have it Do you have anything like yeah blew it hmm? Can you okay? Anyway, Shark tanks and fucking been fascinating me and They always do this thing well We’re supposed to have the soundboard though. Is that thing where they go? when they turn people down Which is like 90% of the time people come in and they have like no business plan they have no reason being there They’ve just been a business that off any income and they go for those reasons I’m out and now I’ve been saying that about everything in my life I’m like dealer does that sandwich come with lettuce no and for that reason. I’m out And we’re supposed to have the sound bite But here’s what I was thinking because I’m so obsessed with Shark tank. Can you put on that clip by the way damn? I’m gonna see it on twitch. How do I watch it? Oh? It’s on the TV I’ll just watch I have to watch it on my own stream. How can I react to it? Well because if you want to see it on the TV. He has to switch to the hMI cable yet Oh, I’m watching my own stream to react Alright look at these fuckers look at these Goofballs, man Damien they get the black guy in the middle He walked so funny his hands they’ll move I just am fascinated by the day. I’ll kind of walk funny if you’re focused on They’re so great like watch mark on the left He’s got like a waddle Walks like a turkey or some shit, but damien move your hands swing your arms dog. Oh here. Yeah, Kevin o’leary, Mr. Wonderful this guy calls himself Mr.. Wonderful, but he’s such a character I love him he always he comes out with the most beautiful analogies to disc people thinking. I’ll never forget he goes This one about like the leopard seals who jump in first indeed This person came in without a business planning he goes He goes every summer in Alaska There’s a group of leopard seals that jump in the shark-infested waters. There’s always one Who’s the hungries who has to jump in first and most likely he’s going to get eaten? But he saves all the other seals should all the other seals in this story That’s you you came into us unprepared and we ate you a lot let this be a lesson to all the other Sea lions gone like damned this guy’s like Shakespeare And then also when he’s like not into someone he says and you’re dead to me, and you’re dead to me Oh, you got to get that dan we need that okay, you’re dead to me he goes and Someone doesn’t take one of his deals You’re dead to me get out feel like we all need to like watch an episode together Just straight-up watch it anyway, so this is what I was thinking I Love the show so much Tell me why think about this what someone says you ran for office in Canada Kevin o’leary. Yeah, oh my God I’m not sure I would vote for him because he’s like. How is he gonna be as a public service This is very well be terrible all about the money all I care about is money I’m not sure. I want that guy in public service. Yeah They’re like someone will come be like I invented a new drug that cures aids It cures aids, but what about the money? We don’t operate at our profit. All right. We’re all purely humanitarian. What about the money. I’m out to me You’re dead to me. I know no thing. I want to vote. I love the guy not bogos anyway Trying to step the show up add some more texture some more layers more segments. So here’s what I’m thinking I Want to make my own version of the shark tank. I’m going to call it the Fishbowl We’re all you guys out there with business plans or existing businesses, or ideas can pitch your shit to us We’ll set up an email. You send us the details about your business your business plan your revenue all this shit And we’ll evaluate it and we’re going to pick like the top ten to come on the show, and it’s repeating segments called the Goldfish Bowl yep, and the Winner gets fifty thousand Dollar Investment from Us For I don’t know what equity we’ll decide on the equity Well it depends on the page That’s yet all the hedge about the deal the thing is I can’t really afford more money than that. I don’t have companies I’m not a billionaire. I can I can afford fifty thousand investment I think I’m hoping I’m planning on making my money back from this genius Whoever it is So I’m just maxing out fifty because I assume if I’m like I have fifty that everyone’s going to ask for fifty so the prize Is Fifty Mm-Hmm? Here’s the great thing guys you get all the power all of the support of the H3 nation We’re going to go slanting for you, because we’re going to be business partners. I’m talking social Media. I’m talking YouTube channels Whatever you got we’re in let’s make a lot of money together and for that reason. I’m in What do you guys think what do you think that’d be a fucking great segment, right? I think it could be like over a whole season of this podcast or something yeah It would have to be like ten a few months like a reality show of like We get the pitches we go over them. We narrow it down to like ten and then we’ve kind of narrowed Down to the top one that won’t end up in assyrians people watching live can also help folks yeah, we can even have votes right So we’re not set up yet, but I want to throw the idea to you guys sounds fun start thinking about your pitches start Yeah, I mean, I’m looking for people with existing businesses. I’m not looking for some guy Who’s like my idea is to make an app that will show you where the closest bathroom is That’s I’m sorry phil. It sounded a really good idea to be honest So I think next episode will start. I’m going to set up an email, and I start getting your guys’s Applications and then the next episode after that we can start the segment called Fishbowl Fishbowl $50,000 online that’s a lot of money. Let’s make a lot of money together That’s exciting okay moving on So here’s another new segment. We’re working on called. What’s trending on YouTube and I mean I don’t know if you guys ever when you’re on youTube pop on over to the trending tab but I’ve seen some of the most godless Unholy I don’t want going through religious theme. You’ve arrived Obscene garbage ever and it’s always this interesting thing of like why of all the things to YouTube trend is because when YouTube trends A video it’s very intentional it’s neither. It’s never accidental even though they want admit it It’s got a very tensional it’s a it’s not even debatable. It’s 100% a channel and so I want to go every week and go on the Youtube trending tab and see what’s there and I’ve got one let’s go there and see what’s on trending today. I have one video from over the week I want to watch to go because it’s just it was so fucking ridiculous My God, let’s see let’s see This week on what’s trending on YouTube? And you have the link I do but let’s see if there’s anything interesting training today Selfie Domino, we just talked about that It’s all about the boxing But tell me there’s not something weird. It’s all talk shows it’s all promotional shit the daily show it’s all about this fight Music videos I refuse to believe that this music video French Montana’s famous, but the studio the computer then Is you know I think it’s showing you french, Montana ally has 300,000 views in seven hours There’s thousands of channels to do that. Let’s trend that why okay? Jimmy Kimmel 18 hours 300,000 views you’re telling me that there’s not a little foul. Play there I Don’t know kid Rock new music video 150,000 views in 19 hours. That’s never been done before But usually there’s some really words the vlogbrothers 70,000 views and the thing is like there’s always the same channels like Natalie as a people every time despite anything amount of views Time Mathias has been on there every fucking day the vlogbrothers are there every day There’s no way that he’s legitimately training with 70,000 Casey and I said It’s pretty much every week pretty much every single video Kasyapa. Lows goes to trending Liza Is there every time all of a sudden there’s only five channels on YouTube? But where is that warning video? We want to talk about yeah, very rarely where there’s actually like a legitimate like worthy video here like here’s one Jenna marbles She’s on. She has 2.2 million views I believe that I believe that our ending and that’s probably something someone would want to watch But here let me show you one video that caught my eye Over the past week that was on training and this is probably one of the most obscene examples of Fuckin second one sec. I got open this document. Are you feeling you tell me about yourself wait. Are you going to be? Tell me about yourself eula um I Think I had the news segment is pretty cool. You like it Yeah, how do you guys like the new segment so far as again? I’m just opening this document, but after this we’ll Take a break and then get into the net neutrality stuff just in case people are wondering I can open this fucking folder Hold on one sec fuckin shared with me Okay, here. It is alright So this one is called this video was called Parents explained masturbating to their kids. I think that was the exact oh parents explained masturbation. This was on the top Trend I think it topped out at number three on the trending you can see here was number six at a time of the screenshot It’s called parents explained masturbation. Yeah, and it doesn’t have that many views 300,000 Views I Checked YouTube says trending is based on full blog posts Yeah, like how much it’s been shared on other websites horseshit, I Source the links on this video. It’s not posted anywhere. It’s the same for any any video on that trending page They’re not being shared anywhere on the internet now. It’s ridiculous to claim that So this video was on number two trending at its highest point didn’t have that many of you has nothing remarkable by any means But even Beyond it The video itself is pretty one of the top Columns was H2 issue should react to this Even Beyond the fact that this video is really kind of disturbing and and not not that great is The fact that Youtube made the conscious decision to trend this and keep it up despite Everyone on YouTube losing their fuckin mind like let me look at the comments here They also say that trending is for the purpose of discovery they think that videos on trending are a good show. Oh I got age-restricted well, it’s a little fucking late for that. God, okay They finally age-restricted it was up there for like five days. It was everyone who reported it So they finally I just care like That’s pretty fine though because those kids in the video That’s that is that’s youtube doesn’t make any sense you a little bit of a conflict there This is shit this video featuring five year old is not you have to be at least eighteen to watch it Even though it’s about educating five-Year-Olds Wow, that is pretty I can see that the moral conflict they had I think that they didn’t necessarily need to age-restricted But the fact that they consciously put this on trending and kept that there is what disturbed me um Let’s watch it. I Can’t I can’t hear it then oh? There you go, or I guess I should preface this by saying that I don’t I think that sex education is important And I think that in the united states is way too much shame and embarrassment surrounding sex Yeah, I agree with that, but those kids are pretty young. I don’t know like they just shine them like sex toys, and I Mean you should watch it. I don’t know it’s a weird It’s a weird visual thing that disturbed me is the fact that they like filmed it for entertainment Because this is an educational. This is entertainment Mm-Hmm, right? This is not what educational looks like this is content for like adults to be entertained by like oh kids It’s just really I don’t know it’s really embarrassing it just feels wrong and I chose Voyeuristic to me in a really gross way snake today We are going to be talking about masturbation Masturbation like this is a private conversation you have with your kids Yeah, you don’t you should have filmed this and show it to millions of people humiliate Very strange, and you know the producers are like mobile mobile more Vulgar Mm-Hmm more detailed Talk about tricking up. Yeah Fuck it. Oh Gracious masturbation, you kind of do it a lot really but you know it Masturbating is when you touch your private in Different ways watch us get age-restricted know you by talking about it Make yourself feel good Is that right? Yeah? That’s a good point. We probably should not watch should we just not that’s how fucked up is Kel We really can get a district if we’re talking about this yeah We would I Want to watch it. This is such a shame, but I think you’re right And smell so it’s what I was getting aids inflicted on the whole episode is all conflicted about this right now Yeah, right. I think you’re right. It’s such a shame All right, fuck it. Let’s move on I’m so retarded YouTube Everyone is like. It’s too late not too late too late. We did show thing. We didn’t even show anything yet, baby Jess and II like dildos to 5y feels like big-ass black cocks. Yeah turns into like an episode of black What is that? I took a four that were likes women wouldn’t little white girls, but like black dudes I? Anyway, I’m on the internet. You know anyways anyways good observe black this video was great Definitely check it out on your own check it out Where were we so that’s pretty much wraps it up for our segments and news clips hope you guys enjoyed that let me know what you think because if I My plan is to continue this at the beginning of every episode say we had a guess they would walk in at this point Mm-Hmm, and then we’d do that guest segment But this week our main segment is about net neutrality, and we will get started on that but first before that We have a flippin heck in Ad Scott I was reading the chat again I’m looking at the chester last hello, hi Jen I cannot look at the child so it’s like so this should you can’t you just can’t look at it? I won’t screaming like cut it. I hate it, but I don’t know if they’re talking about the video. Oh They were saying that before and but the video Cut the whole thing so that we don’t get a trick to cut that part. Hope you guys enjoyed that segment I Also, want to talk about something almost forgot this game. I’m obsessed with this game Player unknown you’re reading the chat you’ll you guys well here. I talking to you, and she’s like a wall She’s not even acknowledging that here. We’re doing that live show you didn’t even fucking listen He’s the only person in this room alright loves it letting everyone know I’m not what kind of a chat your guys’s fault all right? We’ll look at it and during the breaks and after yeah good I’m obsessed with this game player unknown battleground yep, last night This game no, it’s it’s captivating. It’s one of the most interesting of fun games. I’ve played in a long long time I’ve been playing overwatch a lot and it’s got so boring for me, and this was exactly what I was looking for It’s like you come in on an airplane with a hundred people you parachute into this big open space world And it’s a battle royale to see who’s the last one standing and you loot all these houses. It’s super intense It’s really hard actually because you got to be like it’s real Oh, I need this gun with this piece that goes with that gun And then you need those bullets takes a little bit of a rain man. I’m not playing by the way I’m just watching him. He love watches. She’s my military advisor my last night We made it to numbers to number two of a hundred and like I suck So this was a huge thing for me like I played beautifully and it came down that I was in a little hut and the Thing is the really really cool thing about this game Is that every let two minutes or so the space and the map? Decreases and there’s this huge blue dome that squeezes in on you And if you’re caught outside the dome as it squeezes in you lose health I didn’t realize at the end that you lose help faster Mm-hmm So it’s down I’m in a little hut and The Blue dome is close to almost like a pea size on the on the sides of the map just me and this other fucking Guy and I shotgun at bitch, so I was blasting people in the face of my shotty bite Was insane Eva was like fully turned on And so I’m in this room and a little high and the other dudes outside And the mini-map is getting under the spheres getting so small that I’m right on the cusp. I thought I was inside and I didn’t realize it’s gonna die so fast, but the blue orb closes in and I just fucking died in this room Yeah, that’s like. This is not how this game is supposed to end. It’s high Octane its high intensity I just dropped dead in a room and the other guy won. I got second place is so disappointing I think I would want if I want to want to out there guns blazing, but it was cool do I Recommend that game a lot if you guys ever want to catch us playing head on over to twitch where you are now Where you are now, but on youtube you’re not there push that TV slash a straighter production We can watch the podcast live every Friday, and you can catch us playing that game and doing other stuff Okay, so before we go on a break. I want to thank our sponsors They’re the ones who make this possible. I love our sponsors man This whole thing this whole studio this whole office dan out there with the switchboard can I get a sound dan? Let me sunbright batteries. I want to be possible without the gracious support of our sponsors So I’d like to say thank you to first of all quit Quit is actually amazing product. Yeah, they make an electric. 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I’m not shirt I’m gonna how much we sold ready so it’s interesting on represent you can see how many people bought 27 Pouch doing planner is it where the heel decline is it? Alright Alright, I’m going to take a quick break to run to the bathroom guys Hold on one sec didn’t close to it. Oh yeah. I closed it in defiance of y’all So we’re going to just run to the bathroom really quick, and I’ll be back in a short Minute to begin our discussion about net neutrality if you go away I just have a bad feeling I Just have bad feeling about it. So please don’t leave welcome back everybody to the H3 podcast live So here we are to our main story about net neutrality Which has been a hotly debated subject recently and on Wednesday was net neutrality day of awareness now My objective for doing this piece. I want to explain to the best of my ability based on our research. What is it? What’s at stake? Who are the people that benefit from it are there counter arguments against it so let’s let’s start from the top here What is net neutrality? Which is essentially the principle that internet service providers should? enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source and without favoring or blocking particular Products or websites and To break that down that essentially just means a free and open internet one where The internet companies have one job to give us the juice They don’t say what sites you can visit. They don’t say what sites you can visit how fast? They just give you the juice and we and we do what we want it’s free and it’s open Here’s here’s what people have said the internet would look like without net neutrality this is kind of like A dystopian future of what it may look like It’s a lot like cable television where I’ll have to pay for hBO Hmm. Yep, right for and the internet that that’s exactly right These big companies Comcast Verizon, AT&t T-Mobile They are trying to own the internet they want to own and control the internet, and this is what it’s going to look like eventually You know it’s like You have to include Google yahoo, flickr this is old you know but YouTube Google yahoo, whatever You have to pay $5 extra for this access to the search engines Or you have to pay $5 extra so that they are quick enough that you can use Yeah, then here’s another one Hollywood, whatever entertainment YouTube hulu Netflix Espn ETC $10 extra like yeah sky Paypal Amazon Right now this shit is illegal under FCC’s rules But without the principle of net neutrality which is what everyone’s fighting for this is something that’s very real and very possible and some things That are already happening today. Which is something? I want to get I want to get at here so from the beginning the FCC regulated the internet with their general rules known as net neutrality principle and They started getting challenged from companies like Verizon back in the 90s when the internet was first created the FCC, which is the What does that stand for I? see Federal communications commission they control all the utilities and shit and they regulate it and they say what you can’t can’t do essentially It’s there to protect consumers Americans who consume these products so the very beginning of the internet wouldn’t be started becoming widely used they had this rule called neutrality principles Which in which the thing was that it was a free and open internet that shouldn’t be grabbed and controlled by big companies like Verizon and incidentally they started getting challenged by companies like Verizon and 2014 a court ruled that FCC had no authority to an uP until 2014 FCC had some control over this in 2014 Verizon sued the FCC and a court ruled that they had no authority to enforce Network neutrality rules because the internet was not considered a title 2 utility like telephones buses taxis Etc which is like a Service that exists for the public good yeah And so there’s a lot more restrictions or regulations on what big companies can do with that service? so what is a title 2 so this whole debate about net neutrality is essentially trying to get the internet classified as a Title 2 utility right now or Previously it was a title one utility which I think is like you said cable Mm-hmm. It’s not a public utility really It’s just entertainment, but the internet is clearly much more than that Yeah At this point. It’s like just life Yeah Like it’s like the blood of our economy of our society it’s it’s more of a public utility that anything that’s ever existed You compare it to telephone lines or sewage or anything? It’s as much as that as as anything That’s ever existed and way more. It feels like pointless to even try to explain why like Like when I hate when someone asks you to explain the meaning of an piece of art, right? What you know no, you know you know the internet is like It’s everything at this point, and it’s so stupid to even have to try to explain I agree, it’s it’s the lifeblood are as of our society and the world as we know it It’s even beyond it so let me define for you guys what a title 2 is, and that’s what this battle is about ok So it shall be unlawful for any common carrier to make unjust or unreasonable discrimination and charges practices classification regulations facilities or services for or in connection with like communication services directly or indirectly by any means or device or to make or give any undue or unreasonable preference or Advantage to any particular person class of persons or locality or To subject any particular person class of persons or locality to any due or unreasonable prejudice or disadvantage. That’s What being a title 2 is? They’re saying you can’t manipulate it. You can’t favor anyone any service. It’s a public. Good it is what it is. It’s free and open Another part of being a title – that’s part a part B is changes or services whenever transferred – and this act include charges for or Services in Connection with the use of common carrier lines of communications whether derived from wire or radio facilities enchain? Broadcasting or incidental to radio communications see any carrier who knowingly violates the provisions of this section Shall forfeit to the United States the sum of $6,000 for each such offence and 300 for each and every day of the continuance of such offence So the FCC’s like you have to pay up if you fuck around with this shit now there’s a debate of People who say the internet shouldn’t be regulated because they believe that the free market Should be the controlling factor and that company shouldn’t be regulated and they should be free to do what they want. That’s a separate argument I’m arguing but even before that the internet is a title to utility If you’re going to say that the internet shouldn’t be regulated and Verizon and Comcast Should be able to do whatever they want then let’s hand the sewage and the taxis and the buses and the telephone lines Because they don’t even come close in my opinion that the internet doesn’t in terms of public good that Argument is is comes after the fact that it is a public utility? Mmm-Hmm, I don’t see any reasonable way to debate that it’s not I really don’t So fucking internet, Pro It’s like yes, it offers entertainment such as cable, but there’s so much more not the lifeblood of our society So that’s kind of what a title to us And that’s what this whole thing is about trying to get the internet under a title to utility now incidentally in 2015 other than president Obama and his head of the sec net neutrality was actually granted to the internet It was a huge victory for I remember when it happened on Reddit that they actually Finally after all debate and everything they gave title to classification and dema protected as utility they received 3.7 million comments and requests to change the classification. I remember when that happened. It was a huge victory and everyone was excited now The FCC’s new order established a standard that required internet providers to take no action that Unreasonably interfere or disadvantage consumers or the companies who sites and apps they’re trying to access? this was deemed in 2015 when it became a title to at most internet providers may slow down services only for the purpose of unreasonable or For the purpose of reasonable network management. I was the only reason they could throttle internet services not a business purpose So now this year trump’s appointed Chairman Pi pay Wants to ditch the title 2 and return to the FCC’s light touch title 1 approach? And so title 1 is like What we we’re talking about that’s just a business. Yeah, the thing is no, so the translation there is that? That current chair of the FCC wants to give the control of the internet back to the companies and the thing is like people say well, you know if you go back before it was fine and I think that counter-argument to that is that before 2004 When verizon sued the FCC and the Court said well You can’t actually regulate this because its title 1 which is a fair ruling considering. That is true the FCC had more control over over the internet But there was this legal precedent that took control away from them And so the need for it to stay a title 2 became greater So now they want to go back to how it was Except with this legal precedent the companies can run amok essentially gives them free rein to do whatever they want with the internet The thing that blows my mind about I just understand like why what is it? This Chairman what is his reason and to give them that control dan what were you saying previously? Can you come in here does that Mic work? Tom I could work we would have to just plug it in So this this chairman dan what were you saying about this guy? this whole whole deal is he he He was like the dissenting voice in the previous administration, so like when Obama was doing the whole thing and he was trying to What he call it Reclassified as title – yeah this guy the current Chairman he was on the council and He was against it vehemently because he I think it one. I wanted to write something right, so he was that one He was yes exactly and so as soon as the new administration came in boom I gets promoted. He’s now the commissioner and Of course immediately he does what he said he always want to do which is keep it the way it used to be correct So they can just deregulate it right. Thank you. Yep. Thanks, Dan This is brought to you by your dan on visual update So to try to answer your question eula the only thing I can think of is like the conditions kind of conservative Economic vision of America is like free market unregulated you let the market figure itself And it’s kind of this this beautiful vision. They have of the free market yeah, and I think it’s some cases that works but in the case of Companies like Verizon Comcast AT&t, I don’t trust these fucking people. I’m gonna get into that a lot later You know so they’re they already have so much control like they’ve already made it to the top. What else is there to give them? What what do we what are they in abling them to do? What else is in yeah? They’re they’re already at the top That’s a good point And we’ve already given them our trust And they fucked over the whole country which is something an adding to a story that I want to share later a reason Why we shouldn’t trust these companies? So the thing that blows my mind about this is the FCC. Is there it’s a regulatory board. It’s there to protect consumers a Rolling back the changes to net neutrality would probably benefit 20 people to a thousand people I’m talking about the ceos of these telecom companies and the shareholders Literally everybody else in the con tree 300 million people stand to get fucked Everybody else from the word right yeah this stuff trickle down to the the rest of the world these kind of policies I Just don’t understand though. I mean, it’s like the impact of this will be so negative to so many 99.9999% of the people it just says the word that anything that we even have to have this conversation. It’s insane Well, there’s this great quote that out that I read in context of this the price of freedom is an eternal vigilance It’s like you never get to give up this fights been going on For years. It’s like every month every year I see the same headline net neutrality is under attack Yeah, and it’s like fuck like not this shit again You know us here in America in this American Democracy that we all take for granted You forget that the price of freedom is eternal? Vigilance Mmm-hmm, we’re all so fucking lazy. We’re all so take the ship for granted that when you get lazy And you don’t remember that you have to fight for it every year forever Then all these fucking these people They they’ll take it for you, and you know and you’ll be happy about it It’s like Mike tyson famously said I’m going to fuck you till you love me faggot That’s what Comcast is essentially doing to us and we love it, and we love it They fucked us in the ass and now we love it So and wonder what would happen to people like us. Oh basically our whole living and Livelihood is related to the internet all right well the really like dystopian nightmare vision and something that’s completely possible they can go so far as Throttling or disabling service or access to a site to a channel to a competitor And the thing is you don’t even have multiple Carrier options if you’re in certain parts of the country you only have access to 18 to you or you only have access to comm Cat so if comcast says all of a sudden. I don’t like H3H3 productions I don’t want our users to be able to visit them and you don’t even have an option you don’t have an altar then you don’t get to watch HD reproductions and There’s no regulation right? It’s totally totally in their power now I Want to say to the people who are sick who do say the counter-argument that net neutrality should be eliminated because it’s just another government regulation that an unnecessary Unnecessarily hinders business and free market I want to give you guys a glimpse into the future without net neutrality By giving you example of violations that have already happened here’s a list starting in 2005 of telecom companies violating net neutrality and This is during a time when it wasn’t acceptable in the FCC was able to sue them and take and challenge them imagine How crazy it’s going to get when they have full rein so let me let me start here 2005 Madison River, North Carolina ISp, Madison River Communications, blocked the voice over internet Protocol service Vonage Bondage is like Skype for your telephone, okay? My parents lived in Mexico. They got a local California number from Vonage so you could call them without incurring international fees yeah Bondage file to complete with the FCC after receiving a slew of customer complaints the FCC stepped and distinction Madison River and prevent further blockage, but it lacks the authority to stop this kind of abuse today so This is p Was like this vantage of stealing business from us so without saying anything to anyone We’re just going to block access so all the sudden anyone with them can’t fucking call. They can’t use this service Consists doesn’t work doesn’t work film I Mean this is some like North Korea shit. Yeah in my opinion. This is not American Comcast in 2005 the Nation’s largest ISp Comcast began secretly blocking peer-to-peer Technologies that its customers were using over its network use users of services like Bittorrent gee Nutella work I don’t know that one is theirs anyway like bittorrent were unable to contact connect to these services 2007 investigations from the associated press and the e ff and others confirmed that conk Comcast was indeed blocking or slowing file sharing Applications without disclosing this fact to its users is such a nightmare. So here you are Maybe ok maybe you’re using peer-to-Peer technology for something that’s not illegal It’s a pretty wonderful thing. It’s amazing Peer-to-Peer technology Comcast without saying word Blocks nobody or it just slows it down Slows it down to unusable speeds. Which is almost more nefarious. Yeah Working, but you don’t know what’s wrong. You’re going to the settings trying to figure it out, and you’re like. Oh, man This is America Comcast won’t do that. No in 2005 telus Canada’s second largest Telecommunication company began blocking access to a server that hosted a website supporting a labor strike against the company How about that? Researchers at Harvard and the University of Toronto found that this action resulted in Talia’s blocking an additional 766 unrelated sites So here you have a company directly suppressing a Political movement that wasn’t alive of their interests created AT&T from 2007 to 2009 AT&T Force apple to Block Skype and other competing videophone services on the iPhone the Wireless provider wanted to prevent iphone users from using any application that would allow them to make calls on such over-the-top voice services the Google voice app receives similar treatment from carriers like AT&t when it came on the scene in 2009 so imagine you’re on you’re at home. You’re on your wireless, and you can’t use facetime Because att forced apple to block it because it competes with their own service It’s just going backwards in life like I Just don’t know why it’s such this romantic free-market ideal to just lay and let me fuck you in that yeah It’s just not romantic to me. I’m sorry Windstream in 2010 Windstream communications a deal DSL provided with more than 1 million customers at a time copped to Hijacking user search queries made using the Google Toolbar Within Firefox Users who believe they had set the browser to the search engine of their choice were Redirected to win streams own search portal and results Yes, it’s crazy so if you’re using the Google search engine This is p windstream hijacked it to redirect that traffic and inquiries to their own search engine I Can’t believe that the this company did this stuff when it was illegal, too? These are the guys who got caught yeah? Soon these rules won’t even apply and they can do all this shit that they want Metro PC, and 2001-2011 Metro PC at the time One of the top 5 us carry Wireless carriers announced plans to block streaming video over its 4G. Network from all sources except YouTube Metro PC Then threw its weight behind Verizon’s court challenge against the FCC in 2010 open internet ruling hoping that rejection of the Agency’s Authority would allow the company to continue its anti consumer practices so metro PC says if you’re on our wireless carrier 4g that you pay for the blocked all streaming video except YouTube I Mean YouTube how much so essentially they’re shaking down Youtube they’re blackmailing Youtube or youtube’s compliant in this were they’re like Hey, I’ll pay you 20 million dollars, and you block everyone else There’s a huge money-making scheme for companies are already making money hand over fist packs fire 2011 the Electronic the Efs found that several small iSPs were redirecting search queries via the vendor packs fire the iSPs identified an initial electronic frontier foundation report include a caviar cognate Frontier fuse Direct PC RcN and wide open West packs fire would intercept a person’s search request at Bing and yahoo And redirected to another page by skipping over the search Services results the participating iSp would collect referral fees for delivering users to select websites 18t and Sprint and Verizon from 2011 to 2013 Att Sprint resident blocks Google Wallet A mobile payment system that competed with a similar service called Debenhams isis I’m not showing you This the competing service was called is is Which all three companies had a stake in developing well you heard it here 18 t Sprint Verizon started isis Somehow I’m not surprised In Europe 2012 reports from the body of the European regulatory. Oh for electric. That’s a mouthful Communications found the violation of net neutrality affected at least one in five users in Europe the report found that blocked Found that blocked or slow connections to services like video You know ideal apps Peer-to-Peer technologies gaming applications emails were commonplace Verizon in 2012 FCC caught Verizon Wireless blocking people from using tethering applications on their phones Verizon had asked google to remove 11 free tethering applications from the Android marketplace these applications allowed users to circumvent Verizon’s $20 tethering fee and turn their smartphones into Wi-Fi Hotspots Using their own Wi-Fi signal by the way it seems like by blocking those applications Verizon violated net neutrality pledge it made to the FCC as a condition of the 2008 Airwaves auction 18 t in 2012 18 t announced that it would disable the facetime video calling app on its Customers iphone unless they subscribe to a more text-To-Voice plan Att had one goal in mind separating customers from more of their money by blocking alternatives 18t blocked disabled facetime on all their customers phones Verizon during an oral argument in 2013 Verizon verse FCC a judge asked whether the phone giant would favor some preferred services content or sites? Over others if the court overruled the Agency’s existing open internet rules Verizon’s Lawyer had this to say I’m Authorized to state for my client today, but for these rules. We would have already been exploring these types of arrangements Walker’s Admission may have gone on notice that she had not repeated it several times during the argument so here They are basically saying if it wasn’t for the rules we would already be exploring these options and I mean they’re already doing it regardless and Again, what will the internet look like without these FCC regulations wells can look like this here that’s going to be your menu on your telephone Bill and your cable Bill your internet Bill Mm-Hmm, and The United States already has the most expensive internet almost on the planet earth. Yeah. There’s no competition if you put in Israel I was shocked by the price there. What was it? I’m sure we’re paying like I Mean if you translate it to dogs I don’t only $25 ain’t I’m like five dollars a month for like some really excellent internet, then yeah 25 a month I paying $100 now over I don’t think you can get good internet for less than hundred dollars now and also the cell phone Company $5.00 a month. We’re paying for a cell phone or Japan $10 Unbelievable I go. I was shocked by that you know So here this is my favorite part of this story now once again To counter the argument that we should not be regulating these companies. They should be free to Invest and do whatever they want as the free market dictates Here’s a little story about these telecom companies and what I think is one of the greatest scandals in American history These are the guys that we want to trust to deregulate, okay? Let me read you this shit. It’s absolutely shocking It’s it’s it’s horrifying So the broadband companies stole two hundred billion dollars from the American government Back in the 90 or back yeah back in the 90s during the Clinton, Era They had this great vision that the United States would be the first Broadband high access high internet companies They wanted to catapult the United States into the future and give it the infrastructure to be the technological Touchstone What happened because now the United States has won the slowest internet speeds of any? Developed country, we’re all last on the list almost last on the list This shit is horrifying so buckle up basically yeah in the 1990s Clinton-gore era had an aggressive plan to create the National infrastructure Initiatives to rewire all of America with fiber optic wiring replacing the hundred-year-old copper wires the bell company Verizon Bell South Quest claimed that they would step up the plate and Rewire home schools libraries government agencies businesses and hospitals if they Receive financial incentives to run the barrel to say this because it’s not showing no, okay by 2006 Eighty six million households should have been wired with fiber The wiring was going to be done in rich poor neighborhoods in Rural Urban Suburban areas equally It was open to all competition By 2006 by 2006 Seventy-five percent of the state of New Jersey was supposed to be wired Pennsylvania was supposed to have 50% of households wired, California five million, Texas claimed schools libraries hospitals virtually all of the state the government in exchange for Building the networks were given huge financial perks such as tax cuts Excessive prop not taxed on excessive profits shit like that so They estimate that on average the amount of money the government gave these telecom community companies to build the fire offices Somewhere in the range of four to seven thousand dollars per household. We’re talking about hundreds of Millions to Five Hundred billion dollars were given to Verizon Comcast AT&T to build fiber optics throughout the country, so What happened dude? Let me tell you Basically what happened? Is that they all promised the world and none of them did it? none of them did the work So the country made people pay that well it comes from taxes They make their money so on average if you’re thinking about how the government spends its taxes it Was came out to four to seven thousand dollars per household that’s a lot half a Trillion and Nothing ever happened today. They’re starting to roll out some fiber optics, but the thing is the government paid for this shit It’s supposed to be a public service yet if you want fibers You still have to pay out that ass for it so for the most part even in 2017 we still disclose internet And it doesn’t exist. No state has ever done an off and audit on the monies collected by the broadband companies No state every went back and reduced the rates or held the companies accountable No company ever outed the other companies Verizon, New Jersey never said the eighteen t Didn’t do it for example because they were all in on These are the companies we want to deregulate you you should look into that stories. It’s it’s horrifying So I seriously one of the biggest scandals in American history and I love that vision of America as like the technical center of the world Mm-hmm Technologic we were going to be number one Before anyone else was installing fiber optics. We gave them half a trillion bucks, and they all said thanks smell you later dumb-dumb so now to get kind of back into the real world situation and As we’re saying the internet prices is the highest they’ve ever been pretty much the highest of any country on Earth so the thought of Increasing those prices in demand for net neutrality is probably less likely than what you’re going to see from T-Mobile right now Can you show this picture Dan? So T-Mobile is already doing this shit called binge on why is it makings I push control plus It makes it smaller the fuck is that about okay? So you guys may have heard of this binge on they repainted as this wonderful great thing for you Video is now streaming free without using your data cap only on T-Mobile, so if you’re watching videos on YouTube Amazon hBO now? Netflix Sling Hulu ESPN Fandango. It doesn’t affect your data cap well, what is the What are they selling it is I don’t understand. It’s just a perk if you use T-Mobile MmM-hmm. These don’t affect your data cap But the money is coming from somewhere it’s a shakedown of these big companies hmM. You know It’s the that cost is being passed on to these companies instead of you and what it also does is it strangles out? It’s funny they have this vision of like deregulate the market But these companies are preventing competition by if you’re not Youtube And you’re making a new YouTube create to better Yeah You don’t have a fucking chance because to watch great new Tube your data plan which is already bullshit to begin with yeah you’re getting you you end up paying more to watch something else so all is it doing is in granting the powers that be and Strangle holding any new competition But it’s confusing because I thought that t-Mobile had plans like we we have it that that’s one plan not everyone has unlimited Yeah, not everyone has we’re all non limited, but a lot of people are on data you know and More companies Data thing is oh yeah The Data thing is total is total bullshit does it cost them more to bring you data is ridiculous and cut more and more companies are moving towards data caps and Internet providers who for the past what 20 years have given you unlimited internet are now moving towards data caps And that’s how this net neutrality thing is going to take form through Data caps words like YouTube Gets an exception so just watch YouTube Don’t think or watch or look at steam gets an exception. So don’t try this other gaming Service that’s coming up and better Then it gives YouTube and steam the power to monopolize and fuck you over Yeah It’s just these old crony businesses and bed together and trenching the powers-that-be and making it impossible for new competitors to come up It’s pretty horrifying and they the worst part is they disguise it as this wonderful thing binge on brother big brother They make it a sweet pill to swallow. It’s like point. You know they say they help to say poison is sweet Split it met a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down right pretty horrifying reality That this is what I’m saying this shit is is it’s tricky This net neutrality shit is tricky. It’s manipulative it’s dirty we’re talking about Comcast the Every year voted the most hated Company on Earth you search Comcast on Google images and a nazi, Swastika comes up I’m not kidding by the way let me do that. They’ve been memed on so hard Okay, my point is do you trust these companies? Where’s that Swastika at? Google is in bed! the people do this every day on you okay? Yeah, google Google’s in bed with Comcast. They removed that shit My point is do you trust these companies? Do you? me I would never. Have they given you any reason to trust them to deregulate them? Are they the ones who stole half a trillion dollars? From the government are they the ones who are already violating net neutrality who are already having this binge on brother! AT&T came out on the day of action to support net neutrality That can you believe that AT&T? We support net neutrality of course the irony not lost on us since AT&T which in 2012 blocked customer access to Apple’s facetime let’s say subscribe to a more excessive plan AT&T who spends Millions of dollars lobbying to reverse the FCC’s? reclassification of broadband providers as common carriers under title two The very same protests that they are participating in to prevent Fact AT&T already sued the FCC in 2015 over this and lost but of course att supports net neutrality to confuse the issue these fuckers are tricky that’s such a joke that they would say that they’re disgusting they just they pray to the almighty dollar and It’s what I’m saying. It’s tricky. It’s confusing their manipulative with this binge on think good AT&T supports net neutrality for Me it’s it’s I don’t know It’s kind of like it became like a trendy thing for the big companies to say that they support it. Yeah and to the Layman who just like it’s a buzzword net neutrality, right? To the person is just sitting at home Watching the local news watching the daily news and they hear this buzz work they don’t really understand it They’re like oh AT&T sports it binge on you know don’t regulate the internet. What do I what do I know who cares? the internet was created and funded by the governments and scientists very beginning as a Public utility was never meant to be owned by companies like Comcast AT&T T-Mobile and Verizon people will never have the the best interest of people never So to that. I just say the price of freedom is eternal, Vigilance and Just by talking about it I think we raise awareness just by educating people and sharing in this experience of saying like this is shit. I Acknowledge that this is just a huge money grab that will benefit a thousand people at the expense of 300 million Or more and it and like it This is just this whole beginning of this this whole divide of like the super wealthy and normal people This is the beginning if you hand over net if you get rid of net neutrality the internet is our is our only source of organizing communicating Participating in democracy this is the lifeblood of our modern society we forfeit that to these companies also, you’re going to leave everything in the hands of this big companies to Decide what is what like how are they even going to decide? What goes in which plan you know what I mean like does ready go and a Facebook kind of right A Branded they are going to charge this much far does it go with Wikipedia? And they’re going to charge this much for it because they’re gonna bundle it with the Christian like network just to make you pay more It’s like who is going to be making this decisions? People will probably have no idea what they’re talking about of course It’s like a real dystopian future. I mean this is the beginning of some really horrible slippery slope so I say Share the awareness let these politicians out there know who are who are you know? speaking and voting in support of getting rid of net neutrality that If they do they forfeit their jobs let them know that your you don’t agree with that If you go to a website battle for the Netcom which I’ll put in the description and here in the chat right now Then you can easily fill out a form on This page with your name email address zip code telephone number and a letter to the FCC in your government body to congress saying that you don’t support it and Have your voice be heard? So that’s pretty much it. That’s pretty much all I have to say about that now Just by understanding the issue and knowing what it means and knowing what your opinion about it Is it already helps you know because? The worst is when people vote on something they have no idea. What it actually means Like a lot of people were saying with brexit people voted and only afterwards realized what they voted for I think in this day and age when there’s Something at stake or something to the vote that Disadvantages the majority of people who would vote on it. It’s this war of information Of confusion, that’s the only way stuff like this wins because if people understood what it was it would never never pass. So they spend millions of dollars on campaigns and Influencing information why they own like why rupert murdoch of all people owns like almost every telecom company, I don’t know I’m telling you this is important guys, so if you’re if you’re in the comments I’m curious. I haven’t heard a really persuasive counter-argument And I wonder if there is one if you happen to have one or you think that you have an interesting counter-argument I’d love to hear it in the comments But anyway guys not the most funny or or fucking light-hearted one, but I thought it would suit it was suiting considering the situation we’re in We made a video about it previously on H3 H3 and I? Really think it’s important more more important important than then most people understand People are saying “Call Joey” in the chat, do you want to call him? And now to finish off this podcast, let’s call up Joey. Dude don’t give a fuck about net neutrality let me just call Joey This is the last episode I’m being serious on Nobody cares. They just want here Joey salads. No, they will care. Let’s get Joey on the phone. (Hopefully he’s taking a dump like last time) Joey you’re live. Oh damn. Yeah, how you doing? Caught me off guard. I was jerking it. Just assume every time I call you, it’s on the- It’s live. Oh. Well yeah, I was jerking it. Oh my God. I was saying I hope you’re taking a shit. Do you usually answer the phone when you’re jerking off, when your friends call you? Only when I call you. and it accidentally cause the the answer bothers. What are you watching? I’m just trying to park my car What you’re trying to fuck your phone? I’m trying to park my car. Oh you’re not wrong. That’s what scientists started, so I’m just curious ago, Canada I’m just curious if there’s any soflo updates um You shared another video, okay? Tell me how big you put me in like a group with his goon And you going to sharing me. Oh, you got the girl We asked for not the goon shares though We said four leglock shares But it was at a good time, but there was like his girl like you did pasta sharing So it wasn’t on the so flow page No, it’s is sharing people source about you like don’t want to work for them, and then they shared me on proform, okay? Good excellent. So your so just to keep the count you’re at two legit Shares and one nighttime share Yeah, so it might be any solos you one-and-a-half more shares Yeah, okay. We’re going to keep we’re going to follow this closely make sure or my name isn’t oak Francis the third All right, Jelly. Well. I hope you’re doing well Yeah, thank you keep it up on things. I wish you the very best. What do you what are your opinions on net neutrality? I’m I don’t even know anything about it. Okay. That’s right a quick left down there. I’ll tell you my opinion Um we just talked about it for like an hour and a half No, yeah, I’m not sure if people are ready to rehash that but you know what would one mistake like this I was I would want it to be the most the most free version of the internet where less government control Whatever, whatever option that would be like router situation. So that’s the complicated matter is where it’s like free and government control almost contradict each other in this case because Without the government control the big companies are making it less free Hmm All right the companies have control in the government really really Yeah, so this is Subtle trust and girl were lucky Wow, that’s it. So even if the company organic things work, so so this is what’s happening? Tell me what you think the government is saying They’re passing a law net neutrality which means nobody can regulate it. They says the company They make it illegal for the companies to control the internet. That’s the whole purpose of the regulation wow That’s what I mean like a government government Bill essentially, they’re they’re saying the internet is free is open and nobody can control it then on the other hand the Telecommunication companies are saying I don’t want you to regulate it because I want to control it So let me give me I got the research on this before. I got that’s very complicated I do research I love to I’d love to talk with you about it because you seem like someone who would who would be against net neutrality? And I think this would be a really fruitful conversation Yeah, definitely ah I’m going to research a little bit I mean, I don’t know how long you’re going to be live for if you want to talk about it. That’s not okay I’m gonna. Call you up next week. I love this this weekly Joey so update with the meld man Weekly salad yeah, the weaker dog How good all right so do some homework? I’m let’s talk about it next week All right cool all right. That sounds great. I wish you the very best my friend and I wish you a very very ranchi evening Thank you, alright. Peace did well, but but Love that guy love the salad man This is where dreams are born man You start beaming on a guy you call him a solid head and shit and now you’re best friends That’s the end of the po po law. What was it poe’s law. That’s like. It’s a Continuation of where we started this episode full circle, all right? I guess that’s about it That boring nobody cares good. We just want to laugh Sometimes I got to get serious though it is important. I think it’s important to me But that’s the way the cookie crumbles my friends so with that I Wish you all the very best. We’ll do a little after-show so don’t go away but for the purpose of the podcast I say thank you all so much for watching thanks for watching and next week We’ll be back with Jack films and Eric from common etiquette and the week after that You will not want to miss because we have rudy pantalla Jr.. Aka humongous joining us We’re flying him out from Seattle and we’re putting them up, and I’m super excited. I mean talk about vip guests, okay? That’s incredible. We’re going to meet them demand to myth the legend himself So thank you guys all for watching and we shall see you next week. Goodbye peace

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  10. So you mentioned that T-Mobile has binge on and how it is retrospectively bad, how it will exclude networks, but i just wanted to let you know that theu have an inquiry box where you can recommend sites, then they review it to make sure it isn't something not video streaming, and possibly add it to the list.

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  12. How exactly would people stand up for paying more for internet and speeds, if there was a more open and fast option there. So yes net neutrality brings the option open for companies to take over, but if there’s a local company that doesn’t charge then that’s where everyone would go to. To the cheaper, faster more open option. It’s what we’re all looking towards

  13. How can you even believe the US is a free market ?
    You guys have had the pushiest technics to establish pure economical dominance even by not respecting your own neoliberal rules which you spread accross the globe and you think somehow, they'll never backstab and abuse power at home ? How dellusional are you !

    This neoliberal doctrine is just an excuse for the richest to get richer without having to face a moral condamnation !

  14. I am Canadian, it is pronounced "tell us". They prey on people who don't know better but if you complain and threaten to switch companies they are your bitch.

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    If Obama and Biden were joking about touching Nasa things y’all would be sucking him off about how funny it was

    I’m so glad future episodes avoid politics.

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  19. Thank you for this video Ethan, it was extremely helpful in assisting me with a persuasive speech I needed to do for my public speaking class on Net Neutrality.

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    I was thinking a really bad convention about tanning a item called TanA _____ Con .

    Wad du think ?

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