100 thoughts on “H3 Podcast #14 – Soflo Antonio

  1. Sorry for the boring first half guys, definitely the result of my shortcomings as a host/interviewer, I still have a lot of room for improvement there. (The second half is incredible though, stick around for that!) I also want to thank everyone SO much for all the love and support the podcast has been receiving, I know we still have a lot of room for improvement, but seeing so many of you along with us for the ride is extremely encouraging and feels amazing. Thank you guys. #papablessed

  2. I don't even know how to feel about SoFlo anymore. Do I respect him for at least coming on the the podcast? Do I think he's full of shit (this seems to be the general consensus of the comments)? Do I embrace the fucking memes?

    My brain hurts.

  3. I'm nearly halfway through this and basically to sum it up "I gave this ugly AF chick a helicopter ride and it was all chill which makes me a really nice guy. I'm not making a lot of money but I travel all over the world, please feel sorry for me"

  4. SoFlo acts like he's on adderal and perc's lmao, but im guessing thats his true character which is impressive to be honest. because i dont think he's being fake or anything…feels weird tbh watching this lmao.

  5. SoFlo seems like he's a decent guy. He's just young, and sure he's kind of douchey but he's not awful.
    Coming on the podcast is a pretty stand-up thing to do as well.

  6. Can someone send me a time stamp for when Ethan calls him out for being trash or did that not happen? Sorry I don’t think I can rly watch this

  7. Eating on mic like come on bro…he did that intentionally to fuck the audio up..he knew it would do that too..you rly couldnt wait lil over an hour to snack…ur garbage

  8. I needed my protective gear listening to SoFlo talk about making unattractive girls dreams come true.

  9. I hate him, he looks and acts like my old step brother he was 2 years older than me and a beat him up every day until he moved in with his mom he's annoying steals and nobody really cares about him its like there the same person

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