H3 Podcast #14 – Soflo Antonio

H3 Podcast #14 – Soflo Antonio

Welcome everybody to the H3 podcast here with living meme… is that… how do you feel about that? Soflo: I don’t know you tell me, you gave me life! Ethan: Meme-dom… well, whatever, he’s a fascinating guy, a mogul? I mean really an interesting guy, I have to say. How old are you? Soflo: Uh, 22.
Ethan: 22 years old, has achieved quite a bit in terms of business. Soflo Antonio, you guys know him Ethan: You guys definitely know him, he’s a legend! Ethan: And I really appreciate, honestly, you coming here and joining us and of course with Hila Kleiner. Hila: What up?
Ethan: Represent, and we have one sponsor today. Thank you to… Ethan: Vincero! More about that later. God bless. Ethan: Thanks for joining us dude. I think it’s… I think it’s great that you’re willing to come and talk. Obviously we have a colorful history Soflo: Yeah, you know what though it’s like I don’t like have any like, personal issue towards like, someone y’know talking about someone else I think it’s really fun and like, it’s interesting, it brings out more value out of like what we do, y’know that’s the whole point of making content for a true reason behind it. Ethan: I agree completely! Ethan: And I fucking love that about like, um, like Joey Salads is a perfect example like from the very beginning Ethan: we are shitting on this guy… He’s like a salad head, but he embraced it from the very beginning and like really represented that attitude of what you’re saying It’s like, it brings more color, more texture to the whole thing. Soflo: Yeah, it’s a weird ’cause have you met Joey in person? Ethan: Yeah, yeah. Soflo: A smart guy he’s not…
Ethan: No, he definitely is. Soflo: He is really, really motivated Soflo: Y’know, so. Ethan: Y’know you got to respect the, the hustle y’know. Ethan: I respect the hustle and you… all you pranksters, like you, the Bradberry’s, Joey Salads… Ethan: You’re all like hustlers in your own way Soflo: That one video *laughs*
Ethan: Which one? Soflo: By the way, for the record he… they never claim that… like they always Soflo: They claim all of their stuff is real to me too, so it’s really funny. Ethan: Oh the pranks?
Soflo: And also that they don’t do the the toy stuff
Hila: The Spider-Man and Elsa? Soflo: And so I laugh so much Soflo: They keep saying no, but they kind of laugh too because they can’t hold it in Ethan: That’s what Joey was telling us I find it so weird
Soflo: So funny Ethan: That like Joey told… tells me that he called them when we made our first Spider-Man-Elsa-Bradberry video. Ethan: And he’s like “Yo, guys, are you doing this?”
Soflo: That was so good Ethan: So you watch our videos?
Soflo: Yeah, yeah of course. Yeah, yeah, I watch, uh, they’re funny, so. Soflo: They’re really funny, cause, I, you know, especially to creators they’re funny because creators know these creators, and so Ethan: Yeah Ethan: Right but at first, like, we had some beef, because at first we made this video And you guys… it seemed that weren’t happy with it.
Soflo: Right, and I can I can definitely talk to that Soflo: I’m not one to care about my reputation Soflo: It was just my partner, which I don’t even like to talk about because he really likes to be private. Ethan: That’s totally fine, I won’t mention his name out of respect for him ’cause I know Ethan: That was an issue back then Ethan: But when we first made our Soflo Facebook page that probably was almost two years ago now, which is crazy Ethan: Or maybe a year and a half?
Hila: Year and a half? Soflo: *mumbles* Yeah, time does fly
Ethan: Um, we got, we got a lot of flack from you guys and your… and threats of lawsuits from you and partner.
Soflo: And again, like I say this isn’t from me, I don’t really care about the reputation I think… but at the moment in time we were trying to We were actually in this point where we’re trying to take this Page on Facebook which was “Soflo Antonio,” change it to “Soflo,” and then produce content, which we produced a lot of content And y’know to get it to that phase Changing it, having a good reputation around it so you can raise money was important right, but again Y’know I’m like this guy who y’know my passion is not… is not money like money is great like, it’s fun to acquire much of it, but I’m really driven with just going with the flow, being myself.
Ethan: Soflo? I’m a really grounded person. I’m not, like… it’s weird like say like, I do crazy stuff But I genuinely think it’s fun to like, just do that stuff. I don’t just… I don’t have like this fake façade I’m like a very open book Most people like… they sometimes they wouldn’t want to come in here because they don’t want to be open book I don’t care. Like to me, it’s like why not, y’know? By the way, are we allowed to curse, or no? Ethan: You can say whatever you want, yeah, of course, of course So what, what is it that you… that you’re passionate about with like the Soflo brand, like what is it that motivates you? Um, y’know like when I first started, like, it definitely was like the video creation I created like… I’d say like seven videos, and they’re pretty good, like I cut them and like… for like a kid y’know? What? 15 years old? pretty impressive to like be able to cut Especially with the software we had to use back in the day, like…
Hila: What were you using? I was using… I forgot. It was like it’s like VideoPad… like one of those like, really, like, shitty, like free ones And uh… No, I remember I like I got it all down, and I was like “Oh, this is a good video,” like showing people Because this one girl told me that this kid was famous out of it This is like back when like YouTube was like… it was big But like people didn’t know like creators was like a thing it just started happening because of the partnering system that they had That… when they first brought that in and that’s when like people started getting big having like a fan base, and so I thought it was really cool, and I needed to make money other time so that’s like, kinda like what got me into it
Ethan: So at the beginning you… well it seems like it was motivated by just wanting to get a job and make money
Soflo: That.. that and also I thought it would be like really cool, uh, making videos Uh… let me think if I can remember them. Yeah my first thing. It’s up there so like somewhere I put on my Twitter. It’s like I did when I was a little kid I did this like… I took the Nyan Cat and then I just like, took that like song and then I synced myself to singing it, obviously you can’t sing it because it’s really fast, so I had to like speed it like the right time so what I do is I put it slowly and Then I, and I sped it back up and it was perfect – so, uh.
– How’d that do? – It did pretty well you know, thousand views for like a kid
– I don’t think our first video got a thousand views, shit – I know over time though.
– Oh, okay, was that like over the course- I used to refresh it I was like, oh fuck, 50 views, 50 views! Okay. Back in the early days when we made videos like every time you go and refresh It’s just your own view you’re like “Fuck, that is sad.” You knew it has like 30 views and you know that probably all of them are yours just going there refreshing You trick yourself into thinking you’re getting views So back in the day or when we made this video and you guys were like “Oh, I’m going to sue you for defamation” I’m just curious. What was it that we got wrong? Is there something, where you watched us- Uh, you just going to- It’s always going to happen because people like if they feel like they you know their image was like negatively impacted They’re gonna see that. Me personally, I didn’t care, but- But do you think that we had, did anything wrong? Do you think that we misunderstood something you guys were doing? No, because I- I mean like, I understand like, why like, you can have empathy for people, but at the end of the day, like If you’re just, if you’re, if you do it in a way where like people Truly think that you’re not trying to make them feel negatively about themselves like, there’s a, like there’s a difference between like, bullying someone and like, just saying like funny things about somebody but like you truly like it like you can be friends of them make them know that you’re just kidding about what you’re saying and Not being a forceful in like a mean manner, I think. I don’t think your stuff is bad because It’s actually really funny and comedic and also it’s, uh Sometimes you over exaggerate which allows people understand that you’re joking around – It’s not just like straight up like shots at somebody
– Right So I think that helps in general like you know you like act stuff out and whatnot. It’s just funny Right whereas like other people I’ve seen there are some people that call out are straight up. Just like dissing people but like not even like dis I would mean like straight up like finding flaws in like people and it’s just like- Trying to hurt their feelings Exactly and that’s not- I mean that just makes you look really bad, and it probably, it can make-
Me, I have thick skin You know I was like not a kid that was like, that was like cool in like, high school, or whatever you know coming from like- Fuck, that is so responsible of you dude I like, came from like, uh, Columbia you know when I was like really young so I didn’t speak- Wait, so you came from Columbia? – Yeah
– Interesting
– So I didn’t, I didn’t speak English, so I was a little bit like slow at like that kind of thing – What age were you?
– I was like 5 so when I, I was in Kindergarten it was great, like I had no idea – Yeah, I don’t know how I did it
– Interesting you didn’t speak any English, went straight into kindergarten. That’s crazy I can see that would probably be really traumatic as like- Yes, like even in like third grade I was still like this, I came out like oddball such because I went to a private school and it was easier in public schools over there because there’s a lot of Hispancis in uh, South Florida But, uh, you know came back on it I mean, I feel like sometimes, that you know the negativity makes people incompetent who they are right? but sometimes You know all this negativity and whatnot can actually have make someone have really thick skin because you I would leave like high school I would leave my like my high school You know from high school and now go to like hang out with friends outside of school who weren’t influenced by other people’s like Say, I’m like oh like I would seriously like I was like me that person I’d be like oh, they told us not to hang out with you type of thing So I’ve gone through a lot in that kind of like sense, but outside of like high school like I was like cool I got a lot of friends. It was a lot of fun when I went to colleges great experience, but I think it made me Shape as a person a lot and I’d never take for granted Um A Lot of things, and I respect people that are smart all the time that are like like considered nerdy because it’s I was like friends with a lot of them, and they’re, like, it’s stupid the only reason that they are like kind of like what people might call like soft sometimes is because they They’re very grateful people who Have not been as lucky because of the way that they’ve been treated You know when people see something different or special they always point at it and they you know even as like a kid, kids always point out at Negative in a wheelchair they point cuz they’re like that’s interesting is the same like it’s just a feel like- excuse me, It’s a psychological thing so yeah, so you really like as a kid that you were you were different enough that people were Chose you I couldn’t suck my fucking mouth because dollars don’t live out you talk to my spell is your thing I? Also, probably was like a weird kid like or like when I was younger, just cuz I didn’t speak much English you know Yeah, so you got you had a rough time in school like for how long um I’d say like Probably like Middle school after like high school. It’s like it was kind of like I got like I Didn’t like it so much, but it was just like one of those things where it’s like I Was still happy outside of school? I was one of the gym I like other friends everything and like it was weird because like the first time I do like Middle school first time I went out like it’s like a party or whatever and I met people outside my school and Like girls were like laughing are like the stupidest jokes I might do like you have no idea like I see the best jokes in class But people try to not laugh to it or make her laugh at me on purpose Just because like you know, it’s like they’re trying to be cool so like I always thought was really interesting and that made me feel really like grateful really grateful like I don’t know. I think it was a good experience. I really like I look back on it I really am happy that I wasn’t like a cool kid Yeah, interesting yeah, I feel the same way in a way like I have Tourette’s syndrome but when I was a kid I had like I was at which he fucking mastered and mike it was it was a bit of a spectacle, right? But I think it builds a lot of character as a kid You can’t go through school and knock it like bullied a little bit and not Rigid it Definitely makes you a stronger person if you come out without being like with egged on or bullied a little bit right hmm I don’t know builds character. It’s important I don’t I mean it’s the same thing when it comes to like being spoiled and not being spoiled you know I’m not a fan of like spoiling your kids. I feel like people have to work for it Even if it’s like a pointless thing like I wasn’t able to play like video games on the weekend I’m feel like I was older. You know that’s a child abuse It is pretty rough, but you know what it is Though like it like it really made me yeah, I’m like a really like I was like a stubborn kid You know I always like fought for like my own grounds everything, but it really taught me like How to build that discipline and realizing what I didn’t think I never thought it was bad, and I still don’t think it’s bad But it still teaches a principle discipline. You know I don’t think like doing a little advocate. It’s just the principal discipline and being like You know like good kid I read a study where it was like um kids that can show restraint Like if you put a kid in a room with a snack, and you say don’t eat this for an hour mmM It was like a long-term Lifetime study on these kids like over 30 years and the kids who are actually able to show restraint and not eat the snacks Had way more successful Fruitful lives. Why did we see that? I don’t know I read that. Sorry I don’t the source but it was like a really intensive study and the kids who would just eat it ended up more times in prison Like on drugs. How many people I mean and statistically? I made a lot of people maybe talking about like 5% more It’s not like they are all criminals No, no, right, but I mean like they must have done this a lot of people ever became a criminal yeah, yeah Probably like a thousand there’s there’s at a certain point like a thousand people is enough to show guy after But I find I find that common really interesting. I think there’s there’s truth to that I’m wondering if it was from the vSAuce show I’m looking at How was it be sausage hell dissection no from the you thought God we’re learning shit from YouTube red Fuck me like a ted talk on that shit. You know were you ever bullied in school. I? was like Not exactly bullied, but I was always so shy that I was doing only like an odd One you know people weren’t really mean to me, but I was like I was just I had trouble like being part of it again Yeah, fitting and interesting so I definitely had this like weird awkward situation, man. Yeah That’s true. I was like watching like some like video like yesterday. I took a random video and it was like Like some call it like no some high school prank or whatever and they put like these like strings or bungee cords I don’t know from like side to side on my blockers and like I was just like okay I don’t care that you did that But the way that these guys sound like sailing sit like screaming yolo and stuff like in the most ignorant way I’m just like wow dude. I would never want to step into let’s go ahead out here Yeah, but like some people just like so obnoxious high schools a horrible place It’s amazing that anyone get that I like relatively normal like high school a fucking nightmare for anybody pretty much and the 5% Who were popular and cool in high school go on to have the like probably the most fucked up lives? Kind of right like they end up where they end up with the shittiest jobs the worst marriages this is obviously like I’m talking on my That’s what we all like to think real movie posters hippie stuff. Yeah. Yeah, you thought you told me that Welcome. This is why I like this podcast in a way this format. I feel like in This country specifically right now disc like obviously we’ve had a lot of disagreements in the past And it’s really cool to sit in front of you, and just see you as a human being and not just like this Fucking guy on the internet that I mean you know whatever No me wrong like sometimes like you’ll like see someone on YouTube, and they’ll be like. Oh that person’s a character Lee is kind of weird peppers it might actually be lat You know way, you know when they you’re out and about like you know, I really loved it Just because it I found it so interesting To meet people I’m like guy I really enjoy meeting people and getting to know them even if like and In the things that it’s more important if you can do it without Seeking anything you’re just just meeting there’s not they’re not like sound like an attractive girl It’s not like some like person that has money or whatever you just genuinely are curious What like that person thinks you know that’s interesting yeah, I think that’s good advice too. It’s sometimes hard because like I don’t know well It’s hard to engineer your brain to not always like want something as a result Oh, yeah You’re doing and just to like be with somebody and be like I just want to fucking get to know you and not like want Something from you. I’ll tell you something so I just recently and I like this story because it’s oh I was rolling at A At EdC, and I was like I was like rolling friends that really. Oh, you were like on MD. Okay? You know talk about very good okay? I’m verifier, but I thought over book No, that’s fine anyway, so I probably clarified because you’re using that Street lingo Crystal back bro. How did you not know Rolie duh? No no roll any nDMa right? So I was also some friends whatever and my friends like okay? Let’s go find some girls, but like yeah Let’s do I not so we like broke out some like a group that we were with and then You know I was just like I got tired and I was like really in the moment, and I was like dude You know what I don’t want to find like Like a like I just want to finally chill personally a joke girl whatever No need to find a girl that like that like is like super attractive, or you know like I know that’s what you want But like I’m just trying to chill out right now. No. I’m done with it you know like after so much like walking around and everything kind of just want to do it and You know he like met this like one person for like a cigarette, and then I’m like Oh this person is pretty nice like it’s like young girl smart nerdy could tell and so I okay okay? I’m gonna take her and then the guy was like like he’s like. What do you mean? You’re gonna take her with us like I might do like it’s okay like she’s chill like I don’t want like whatever it is you want and Um he’s like he would like pull me aside like do like this girl’s like really unattractive Like what you do it like you did push it but I’m like probably that’s not what I want right now like if you get it like Getting laid is one thing okay like just chilling out hanging out is a different thing and I’m doing something different now So I took this girl Backstage and everything because I actually bought two bands on purpose So I could just like cut people like it’s convenient like if someone needs to like go backstage no problem Just hand it off. I hope they’re not watch Granulation your head for life. Yeah But no, I bought two so I let her use it we went backstage showed her it’s like a trailer Then I also like took her like what she’s never seen the things that the whole time. She wasn’t ever asking for anything She was always going to flow really really respectful, and I love that I think it’s really I think you know you could tell when someone’s being really grateful because it you just know that They’re not just saying it could some people to it be like oh my God. Thank you so much blah blah blah But it’s just because they were told to say thank you They don’t actually feel grateful right so this person was amazing And I even like do I even pay for like a helicopter ride like back because I was like Oh, why not because I I thought to myself like dude. How many like terrible girls that like really hot but they’re just terrible people Have I taken and like done like spent so much money on them and I it would be terrible if I don’t Spend money on people who really deserve it because this girl probably doesn’t get nearly as much as like these like hot girls I like thing – this shit right and so I did that for it was so I can probably one of the nicest things I’ve done and I have to think my one friend ally who’s changed me so much my blast six months because I was not that type of person Cuz I never saw that But yeah, so yeah, so Like are you still in touch with her? Yeah? You guys did you stay in touch? They like randomly texture like yesterday. I figure out how she was doing because she has like Pretty like not so good pass. She has a schizophrenic mother who doesn’t remember her Oh, yeah so it’s like one of those things so it’s like dude like I don’t know like it’s a You see when you go to these music festivals you end up connecting with people And it’s like always like a like a meant to be connections. I was thinking. What’s like You know you meet good people you help them out I actually lost two phones out there someone like actually robbed that I was like damn do like you guys are clean having good time Right that’s really bad play yeah experience I’ve been to a good one helicopter ride back Really bad, so if we tried like three hours How much is the helicopter ride from you you went around? 550 bucks probably worth it to some degree from Agency like the strip Yeah, I’d say otherwise if you take like regular uber probably like 100 bucks But you’re saving like your radio or a lot of our a lot of time and at the same time you’re getting Experience right now obviously like I think I took it four times so or you know DEv for it So that’s a lot of money, especially if you’re paying for people, but it’s again. It’s like one of those things it’s like if you have if you have the money to do it and You know you may be and you can help someone else why not? Yeah, but the most important thing is gratefulness Yeah, I don’t care if the girls like really hot really nice and really grateful person. I would take your – it’s fine Yeah, but you just gotta think it’s really beautiful when you don’t have anything in mind because I mean just like everyone else I’m not gonna lie to you and say that I haven’t liked taking girls like You know trips and whatnot in like like hopes I like it’s like oh, I think I’m gonna get with her so I might as well like paste up you know yeah I might yeah, I got life no. That’s why I’m open book. That’s the thing like I’m very very like honest I don’t really I feel I’m pretty happy with my decisions right, so Um we were at Edc Because we went there to make a video. I found the environment like really well, we weren’t on drugs at a time We were there to work. Which is probably was one of the reasons why we I didn’t really like it I found that that environment was like super intense Feel like people were chill or nice or nice. Don’t really feel like that. Well, this was in New York. It wasn’t the EDC Yeah, all right. We were at Edc. Las Vegas was all yeah, but it was like it felt like gnarly I felt like unsafe almost it was you saying that your phones were stolen doesn’t surprise ya the energy was like really Negative like just a cloud of like really manic weird energy. Yeah, I don’t know it I mean have you been to coachella? No coachella is like it might be like all like happy and cute and whatnot but Trust me like it’s pretty pretentious because a lot of people from From la you know how light people are yeah, very very pretentious like where’s your resume type of thing. I’m like No, if I showed you my resume You’d be impressed, and I walk away, okay. It’s like one of those things. Where is it like lily? I feel like that’s how people are they expect you to show them a reason to talk to alright Then that’s on a lie saying I think you’re from New York right now I’m from I’m from socal not la okay, but you you live in New York. I did live in New York Yeah for you people. They’re probably very pretentious as well Pride Stakeholder absolutely like just like in a hurry maybe Yes, yeah, la definitely has a dude like if you go down to Hollywood Specifically you find like some of the most pretentious douchey people in the whole fucking planet like everyone’s such a trihard yeah You’re you’re describing them yesterday oh It’s the worst too because the thing is that the ones are the worst are the ones that like they’re like wearing like You know chains or what doesn’t matter like they’re just dissuading nice stuff You know expensive stuff, but it’s likely not real and even if it is By some weird reason they do this thing where they try to like push their ego on top of you and be like oh My God like look at all the things that I’m doing right, and it’s like soda motivating because it’s like It’s like you feel kind of like family. I didn’t realize You know I everyone only shows like they’re happy pictures on Facebook, and then you get the press because everyone looks happy and successful But everyone has a shitty life, just like you. It’s just what they present. Yeah, and also when it’s like a facade It’s also like more annoying because you it gets you confused and everything like say, okay like a person that actually like has you know like a good Successful and whatever it is that they are they they tend you know? I’m not hopefully to be a little bit more humble because they know that they They they are and they want to help people rather than push it on top of them And that’s a better like way to look at it Let’s talk about your Facebook page. I want talk about your brand. So flow hmM like what like I’m intrigued by like the Facebook business by everything you do because you used to be on YouTube and You’re you but you don’t really make youtube videos anymore, you’re mostly on Facebook right? Yeah, what is this so flow brand? You know like I don’t think it is much of a bread anymore because I don’t really push it so much You know I have the license content. It’s a lot of work. You know I have to constantly be You know hitting people up and trust me. I’ve like hired licensing and it’s not easier less Just license because you have to know that people knowing that people get to the good contacts But uh you know what I want my brand to be is not as important as what I want you know might might come as a whole to go forward I don’t really care so much right now about the the solo brand because it’s Just license content doesn’t really hold much value so more focus on building brands Around like products. You know my karelian to trying to get the e-Commerce thing, but it’s very difficult. It’s a lot of money You actually have to hold inventory if you want to let me know the commerce. You’re trying to sell shit Yeah, so I make products right but no drop shipping right now. So that’s a thing few dropship You can you make money and not have so much of a lot of Raffia? What is that like you you ship directly from China? He packets it usually takes as low I mean as if you’re lucky as low as six shipping days Um but your business is whatever or it can take up to like like Maximum like 20 something to us like if you’re unlucky and then us the world it’s like 30 or so but rest of the world is used to like long shipping I don’t know if you’ve seen like how long it takes like some or something Amazon right like it there nobody What’s the business? I don’t understand so we refined products online that are like going viral like we saw like the black mass stuff We also did like the bra. This is like a while back That we were doing those specifically The bra the like that I don’t know if you’ve seen the the shop list bra that like just sticks on and I knew it Is okay so we like got some models to come in and then? Have them like try it on whatever made a video Saw a lot of other companies doing it so we thought would be interesting on like we take like kind of like some like mini Trends on Instagram put them on Facebook, and it does pretty well, you only make decent money But it’s a lot of hassle is Chargeback customer service issues So it is a grind like I would say like if that’s why like I was telling you earlier like the mineral stuff and like You know advertising on that? Well first of all you make money from Facebook Facebook pays you right well not really Facebook monetized some pages So flow used to be monetized, but then you know I don’t know they took it away This this is when I was actually licensing concept so they didn’t have to pay you for videos, right? And then it was why did they remove it? um I think just the backlash of like Rebooting yeah, yeah, because like that was like obviously like I was in a bad light But I wanted to ask you more, specifically Do you think that we meats? Represented your free bidding stuff like when we made the whole video about how you guys were stealing videos and real podium I think No, but I mean definitely were wrong about the the thing about like that one account get them you found out who that guy was Right he works in your office, right he used to a long time ago But he actually if you look at his cause that’s pretty funny If you guys okay, because I’ve noticed this whole weird like what we called it Facebook like wandering back Then yeah where it’s like one page Will won’t you’ll be like, so you have this one page, and you’re like I don’t free but I don’t steal shit but my friend here steal shit, and I’ll share his page hmM Like you, that’s a thing that happens I didn’t say and at the time when you when you brought that up though so funny because like that I don’t even remember had I shared one of their videos ism. Yes, yeah, okay? I think what it was is I had bought a piece of content from him and The deal was like I would give him a share on top of like the payment But yeah like but it was a piece of content. He didn’t make no. He made it. No he made it There’s the skies of content producer. Okay good ticket it. Yeah You had other channels with it like what the fuck how they’re not sketchy Channels I run of like a non. I claim have you heard of a channel. You should do Well if you do a call-out, you give too much attention as a thing. I don’t know what you guys catch it. Yeah later um This thing is a catch a cheater. I know oh yeah, I love Same guy, no louise know that look let’s let me go to edit wait louise Wait, that’s good ticket it. Oh my God. No fun birthday well I had we were in concept with those guys for a minute after we made the video and are you fucking kidding me? That’s cazuca, dude that guy’s got to come at me and not say that that’s him. So you guys know each other Well, I met this guy at YouTube space a long time ago He’s like hey like you’re so floating I like to me love and then I liked guys number Whatever, and then we contacted later I was like okay, you make content make content for us his stuff is like not high quality But it’s like the craziest like most stupidest stuff, so it’s funny and it works well That’s small because it looks so it is high quality Facebook content, okay, okay? can’t even download the the that might be like if I download my own videos yeah like I Reload my stuff all the time. I don’t ask you and You when you click hd, you can’t even get it like 1080p or whatever it really hits it’s weird Facebook’s intercept tell me what’s the shadiest shit you see on Facebook because I I look at Facebook And I see it to me. It looks like a total clusterfuck of what it seems like supersize Facebook You know I’m a huge Facebook’s it. Well clearly I mean well I don’t know if you are not personally, but your business has thrived there Yeah, and it seems like there’s it’s like unregulated when I scroll figure just for my personal side It looks like a total fucking skin looks like a scam It looks like an Indian newsletter that the end is like send money to my nigerian prince. I get a total mess Like what some shit you’ve seen on Facebook let that he wait like so weird is like stop. I’ve seen um I Don’t know you know I can’t like I Mean most I’ve seen a lot of like annoying us Advertisements like let’s paid for where it’s like people like making so much money on Sort of things like ty Lopez Model But for like e-Commerce because I always get that because they know like I go on shopify and all that kind of stuff But it’s just like it’s there are a lot of those like ads were like they are a little Scam ëcoz like it’s like why are you making ads about? Making ecommerce money when you can focus more on your that business when I don’t matter that kind of less on What wait you’re not a fan of ty lopez aye lopez know it’s like you talk about the money that you make but you make More money from talking about of course when he’s selling him jack Dorso virus, but I feel a lot of those on like rights Right I don’t see that many crazy things I mean I know there’s a lot of hackers are like you know living in like Asia like something like a lot of like people on Facebook from like Pakistan and Philippines and Some of those people like they are like that their stuff is like low-quality and like they somehow like they do Like some hacky and stuff, but overall. What purpose oh, no I just like they just get on peoples pages in this hack primer And I’m like like pages, and shit like what’s for what purpose You know just to get like some pages, and I love that. There’s a whole hacking operation Just think it likes you know why it means followers here yeah, I? Thought I felt like spur valuable on YouTube, but it hasn’t gotten that bad yet um oh my God back in the day when like you can actually like a video on YouTube, and it wouldn’t like Influence like the growth that was like the good times now on YouTube. It’s all about clickbait. It’s all in consistency You’re how to be consistent with like your uploads and then that way you like slowly rise to the top and like now You’re like number one suggested. No matter what you throw up Yeah, well What’s the dip because you you started on Youtube why do you think that you were success more successful and Facebook than Youtube? Well, I think I’ve made At a time, okay right when you called me on everything I was not making any money at all well a billion views a month zero dollars really so yeah No
Seriously all my money was coming from from YouTube the only paycheck I got from Facebook at a time when I was by the tide was 16 k which was for like a billion views a month They’re like 800 million views a month and so because they kicked me out of the program. Whatever. I don’t know So in reality. I wasn’t making much money at all on Facebook All my money was still coming from Youtube for a while the only reason I decided to retire from that was because I started trying To do brand deals with my Facebook, and I was making some good money But we’re talking like I mean like even with like the big size that I had with all my stuff you know I was grinding hard to make 50 k that month and our expenses got to like near 40 50 k a month on production on employment all the other stuff you know so it got to a point where we actually lost a lot of money just because it a Media business has obviously take on a huge risk in terms of like how much money is spent Versus how much margins you make you know they make a high top-line revenue, but a very low Margin on profits so that being said like I I Really like it was not easy and Facebook wasn’t exactly They didn’t become my thing because of the money it became I think is I just enjoyed the fact that you can Reach so many more people I was doing on YouTube And I was grinding my ass off and again like we were talking about earlier YouTube is really difficult with the odds, and it always has been right? So what was it that? You saw in the long-term potential cuz you’re grinding you’re getting all these views on Facebook, but you’re not making any money But clearly you’re doing well now right you’re flying helicopters you going to eat. Not really I would say I’m just a I’m a I’m a I’m Terrible fighters right I I would say that mean you spent a lot of money Are you been I defended a lot of money a lot more than I should what do you spend money on? Flights, I mean, I took two two months off traveled all of ASia Went to dubai. I like dubai still like Asia better because like the people are like so chill But yeah went to uk that’s I’ve been spending a lot of money on the travel adventure stuff I don’t know. I just like I feel like that you play poker – right yeah, yeah, Gonna Take me that you like poker. I play I yeah, I used to play a lot of poker Back in the day I but I took some fucking heavy losses boy, and I was like I can’t do this anymore like man And that was when I was in college like I was living on like student loans at the time so my colors because I do Crazy stuff on Poker it’s crazy did it? well, there’s something like only one or two percent of players are actually profitable over the course of their their like time playing poker I Was definitely one of the losers man. It’s a brutal game you have to play for so long Yeah, you have to believe I will the true successful poker players are like Mathematicians dude they’re like patient, and it’s a grind for them, right? It’s not like this is like trying to do there’s straight-up crying Just like it’s annoying when you sit down another table, and they’re all grinders because you’re like Okay, great at the way for my perfect spot to get this person by a hair yeah exactly and that’s what they do That’s how people are successful playing or you don’t have to beat the other people you have to beat the house rake because when you think that the house is taking Five to ten percent off the top of every box every fairy want to type well like over the over the course of the other Game, maybe because if you’re shaving off like five dollars every land I mean like the way, so the way the way that they do. It is usually like at a casino. It’ll be like Like $8 7 based on dollars it depends on how many people are sitting down maybe it’s 8 And then you know the higher the the bigger the game you play the better the odds are for you because the houses are going To take the work is is less by 4 yeah, no, it’s not less, but yet by proportionate like how much money you’re playing yeah But that being said you know you can play big games at a home game, and they can be like oh, yeah The Rake is five seven percent And it’s it’s stupid like a person actually you know grinds you can’t grind you you would lose to the house You can’t beat that high percent. It’s actually yeah over time It’s not does it make sense you are you losing player or you a winning player probable really? – what well I mean, you get understand like I did a pat Is it like a do look at it as a profession or like? It’s just for fun. No for fun for fun I would I mean I’d love to do it But it’s like it’s wet with anything in life that you like You know that you do for like work and whatnot You have to have like some sort of end goal that you’re looking up to and as much as I like to win like World series and Whatnot great, right? It’s still not like one of those things where it’s like I wouldn’t feel so fulfilled like if I just like once I’d done that like I feel like I need more I need something else, so I still like the business to uh you know work that. I do a lot But I you know it’s hard. It’s hard to stay focused considering like I can just go travel right now And it’d be fun. You know do you think that you have a shot of winning will surge poker. I mean playing I really that will shot but do I have a better shot than like phil ivey Definitely, no phil ivey though that you’re comparing yourself to one great tournament players. Well, no I’m just saying like a good a good player in general Has like you know that he could have a hundred times better chance then like even though chance is a huge factor in Tournaments like them you can’t just say well It’s a good player no like you need help when you go all-in you need love yeah So like phil ivey who’s like the best tournament player of all time? Let’s just say if Compared to like someone who’s just an amateur player? Maybe he has like 100 times chance better of winning But still probably like half a percent chance of winning the tournament or something like that I would say like someone that’s like an amateur would have like Very very close to zero a chance and look if you look at the odds so if you want like your phone And just go pocket aces every single time and you take your starting stock and you go to like the the winning stock? first of all your chance of winning like with pocket aces against like a like Whatever hands like 80% let’s say or 70 something that’s depending on hand You’re not going to you add those like if you multiply itself right that’s how you find the probability you multiply 0.8 one like 10 times however many times you need to double up to get to the top you’re looking at a very low chance of winning even if you have the best starting hand just when it all in recently right, so It there is a very Interesting thing but play for players can do it and it’s just picking their spots really Wisely and taking risks where the where they should you mean picking spies and which hand to play spots us in like? Not just hands because a hand like yeah sure like when you’re preflop that can can be considered a spot but I mean like if someone calls you like I mean, they’re a someone let’s say some bets into you and You’re you think about it. You’re like. I could call. I feel like I could hit my flush or something You can choose to call there. You know thinking that you know this first I’m sorry hand Or you can choose to back away thinking that the first time is another hand You know you you choose where to do certain things very wisely as in like even though like it’s a 50/50 for you for like A 45 655 you end up going and taking like though the right route right a more conservative thing because you think that over time That’s the right or the statistically correct thing to do right other think what there’s a lot to it, too They know like good poker players look at the pot, and they’re crunching numbers like a rain man Yeah, forces like so much enjoyment out with your stock sizes, right? I mean like you’re not going to be like oh like that person blinked. Uh went when he was hard not stupid you know what a lot of the things are random, but yeah, there’s a lot to it, and I think it’s interesting because you learn to analyze risk without actually having numbers in your mind like clean cut all the time you just kind of have like a Center like a sixth sense to like Knowing whether you’re good or not based on the range of hands you think the person would be playing in this spot Yeah, it’s complicated. It’s got to tell me like We should don’t do the spot of the spot before I move on I something a fun my next poker losses there we go, but I do have one question like well How much money are you in on poker? Would you say are you even are you close to even I don’t know I don’t think I’m down that much. I’d say like over like Funny because I obviously pay under age if I say I play this long Unless I was playing in Florida, but I think over like was it in three years I’m probably down 50 down 50. This is not bad But I’ve done a lot from up your income bracket. I was like we good But for a regular gambling I’m probably down the same Gambling what are the gambling do you play regular like you know like? Baccarat blackjack, but you know I’ve come up to I don’t know at the idea I’m not like – like mad about it because it’s like one of those entertaining. It’s like I yeah, I mean is not worth that much, but still like we’re also going to get the same exact entertainment for cheaper. Yeah, yeah Gambling is a bitch did fuck median Well when I was in college, I used to I I won one tournament with 500 people took me 12 hours Played online. There’s a lot. We did I won like $5,000 very good and then immediately afterwards I Fell fuck like a million bucks same night. I took that money to a cash table the byun was like Like five ten but it was no limits, and it was like it was alright It was a good game, and I was like cool. I got five thousand. I’m feeling gravy sit down at this table I fly I died I had like pocket jacks flop three of three of a kind no, ezra And I it was a flop like the other tough work. Do you remember just roughly what you know yeah? I know I was I was in the lead for the nuts Yeah, I had the nuts and then this guy calls me with like pockets hands. He’s got nothing on the board I think catches a 10 on the river and I lost all my Fucking money and like 30 minutes of winning that tournament which was like the peak of my poker career I I hit all in and whenever Ethan will play and I will watch and sit with him whenever he goes all-in and like I’m dying That one day well I heard I know you because like I see there’s some people I do take like the girlfriends and wise and like they’re just like they’re just watching old time And I don’t know how much they know about the game. They probably know enough. Yeah, it’s still like what they go hole in GC. So it’s like look you guys like quick Yeah, yeah, well yeah but like That crushed me that crushed me to tourism and like that was at a time when I had no money I Was on a loan dude. I was grinding. I was like waiting tables I was broke and that put me on a tilt And I remember I deposited like a thousand dollars after that to like catch back up you know this Gambler Gamblers Fallacy, and I fucking went to a cash game and the same thing happened And I lost like a thousand dollars and and I had like I was super I didn’t play poker since then I’m lucky that had the presence of mind to be like this is fucked up what I just did Thousand dollars for me was like the world for me back then no. I mean, that’s a lot of money Yeah my husband and 1080 kid. Yeah, that’s a lot when I go play poker like My losses don’t usually get that high right like only like when I play big games But even then like it it stings even if it’s like 1,000 that’s still life fuck of her. We had hurts also like I don’t you’re doing it like for fun like you like it Right yeah, you’re not one of those what’s been grinding forever and so like you don’t care because it’s a short-term loss Yeah, you know for you. It’s a really long time. Yes. That was a life long So I remember being at like this realization like man, I Can’t play poker anymore, but like I think some people wouldn’t confess faced with that yeah, that’s when gambling addiction stars in a Path to do no horrible things one of the good ways of like Standing up and this is it like people will tell you no you do stand-up earlier But the way, I do it to like really like get me like to stand up from any table is when you’ve lost Enough and the things that you want to buy in and in a way that you’re not You don’t you don’t bite you don’t get into this position when like you’re like broke, but let’s say like you have like $10,000 and that you’re Willing to spend then maybe you want to join at a table for like Four thousand four thousand two thousand like is the case you lose them all and because you’re okay with spending like ten let’s say That’s okay like sizing I would say because then you get to you lose all that you’re going to get to this point Where you realize in if you keep sitting down you’re very very unlikely that you’re going to make that ten back Yeah, so that’s like one thing that helps you like stand away It’s like when you get to that point where it’s like You know what even if I can see you’re playing no matter how tool did I am about the fact I want my money back It’s just not going to come back. Yeah, so that always helps and that’s why it’s important the size how much? How many bytes you’d be willing to lose right? Yeah? All right listed this spot. Yeah, so we’ll take a quick break We’ll do a fucking sponsored shh me Marino here if you want to use the bathroom or something Go, enjoy it. Okay. You know say no, so we have let me see we got here We can just play chess not only for the next hour I don’t know we don’t have a lot more time because okay so flow at 5:30, so Thank you to our Sponsor today Vince Arrow Vince arrow is this really great watch company That sells like high-class watches for just over a hundred bucks This is actually a really nice watch usually these kind of watches like this is fucking beautiful good These kind of watches is just how bad is this for you right now? No, no I? Just it’s over 100 bucks is a good deal. Look at this watch dude. That’s actually beautiful Like other brands. 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I don’t know where those reviews are But I believe it because this is a nice a swatch all right. I’m going to I’m going to take a quick break I’m going to the bathroom get a cup of coffee. We will be back in eight short Two minutes don’t go anywhere. Thanks for sticking around. We are back and ready to slam here with so flo antonio I’m intrigued. I’m really chilly by the Facebook shift How does your business small work now like you you don’t steal videos anymore um right now? Like how do you select videos? How do you put shit on your Facebook page? Do you take shit from people still? How many people work for you? Yeah, honey? It’s employees you have that’s a lot of questions that I won’t ever know Mom we have about 1000 Yeah, but we got rid of like two recently because I came back for my trip. Yeah and like things were like Not good because your laptop is when you go away for so long like you start to realize who’s actually doing this shit We got people being lazy Exactly um what is the okay dude? There’s a little theorises boozer. Yeah, I love it Anyways, so top secret shit though if you a cure the guy said to see that no, this is definitely everybody like probably special, but I think it was a Austin fox my thing was post for long you carol, okay? So yeah, no. I mean more or less right now We’re moving towards the the mid role like model, or just like you know monetizing through Facebook I I look like I said, I just love Facebook. They’ve been great to like Creators I feel but I’d only it only got better over time and then they’ll that Facebook’s been bit great to creators Yes because Compared to YouTube in the early days you But it’s completely different like Facebook is just they have no like Moral conscious They have like they don’t care about freebooting. They don’t care about copyright. I think they’re taking a lot more seriously now There’s a lot of third party claiming and everything even like music that like is on our own videos from a long time before that We created that was supposed to be royalty-free somehow randomly gets claimed violate companies now. They have rights manager and stuff Well, they better now that they’re introducing mid-roll share money and like Facebook me See if there should do this if you don’t know the money that’s going to be in the licensing business So they should have been sued a long-ass time ago Facebook I hope somebody sue’s them and I hate Facebook whenever we get our video ripped off you have nothing to do about it I fucking tried to send no, but they’re hired like recently they hire like 3,000 or so Employees and they all work with up, they said always to protect protect people who are being like Bullied or whatever, but no trust me most of them work on like on copyright. They would they like stop the shit I don’t know but they beat up the shit out of like their their copyright seem like they so seriously when I we someone Reuploaded one of our warm it up video and extent the fucks and cease and desist a DMCA and it never got removed Yeah, except keep giving me a dead end like on the DMCa process It was really unintuitive horrible, and I just got impatient. I never took it down So there’s people making money out there hand over fist by stealing content and shit right and it’s fucked up And I shouldn’t go on for years and I think though on the face when Facebook again like Copyrights been getting really crazy, and yes, if you want to talk about selling content just go on Instagram Instagram Nobody make more money on Instagram, but it was the same thing on Facebook for the longest time Ever since they brought on the the monetization stuff that’s when people start asking questions, obviously And that’s when like Facebook start taking it easy I think they take it pretty seriously and they Like done a lot of things and you can’t just get away with it on Facebook You will get strikes and taken down and now if you use a video every time you get licensed for it, so Right now I’ve been recycling my content for like the longest period of time and recycling like um does that work? Yeah, it works Can you enjoy solid video prologue colony? Or can you imagine on you to be uploading videos like that like that’s why I think Facebook is a shit. That’s right But don’t like no quality control their Horizon if we recycled our videos That’s what I’m saying. Just reposting for months our old shit like this of neither That’s not like that’s not like indicative of a place for quality. I just one video. I got like 40 million views and then I took it down because we Filmed it and the lady didn’t like the fact that we didn’t blow her face when she signed and said that it was okay interesting And then we blurred her face and then alligator got even more What’s up fucked? Oh my God? Such a trash website. I hate Facebook well okay. So now you guys are making money now You have the mid-roll shit, and you just showed me a screenshot. Oh I’m not gonna say who it was no, but I can tell how much I don’t okay I want no I have to say I have to say it’s carly. It’s like $1 CPI was user setup Almost okay, I use your imagination I’m not gonna say who it was what does it matter? Sorry at $1 cpM. You pretty much saying that you have to like do some basic basic arithmetic mmM a little bit less the one dog but by oh really show me a screenshot of 50 million views which you get all the time on Facebook you see that shit like Joey salads Camera it’s shit coming out asshole. Gets 50 million because there’s no quality color it looks like a breast feeding yeah, it’s just you know sucking ass – It’ll look really cool. I feel like why don’t you think of Brevity like like channel? All it is is like best meeting versus homeless guy best see here it is it’s a suit, but it’s probably selling and that’s Ignore you that’s the kind of shit that does well on Facebook So anyway, antonio’s show me a screenshot of someone who had 48 million views approximately and made like $45,000 $45,000 from some shitty fucking Facebook on it down because the Facebook reviews are like 25 cent watched A 25 Second average watch time. I thought you just crawl in this concert of you right. Yeah, that’s crazy but uh well Yes, yeah, overall like how’s youtube though isn’t like the how naughty my yams are you – it’s okay? How much of the CPI Monday’s magnetized? Well before the ad pocalypse like I bet a really range per channel right and for a video at best We would get like $3 cPM But there’s no go it was great for us at the time. That was like in December of last year Yeah, we don’t yeah, those December I had the best yeah, I know back in the day though some people are like no, no it still happened yeah, I was going to say their channel to get 10 the Disney Channel Super brand Friendly a Great brand friendly bloggers vloggers, no, I think the jake brawlers is it all come on seriously yeah yeah, they make is like making like Totally and it all come on ten thousand dollars. There’s no more like a hundred thousand dollars per video Well, I don’t know hMM Yeah, maybe you mean a fast ten million views yeah, maybe boom you guys thought goes well. Do you think did well? I’d say out of it. There’s like a lot already. I already made fun of them. Well look they’re not doing anything well
I like that video by those pretty but it’s things like that wait the audio jungle pick Audio jungle the part where it’s like the little insert like you’re making fun of like the music But wasn’t at you. You said that sounds it sounds a lot of jungle shit. Yeah. Yeah, I know jungle Yeah, I don’t know jungle exactly I’m in the music video. There’s like a part which sounds like it was ripped in Everyday, bro. You’re talking for jungle. I don’t think that I was actually but that’s so many I don’t know. I watched so many videos It was funny, but you know what the other day like they are killing it Yeah, if you get hate for it known I would let anyone in the spot like at their age. You know no, it’s insane I’m not hating that for a cigarette their success. It’s just it’s funny and I like the opportunity to like punch up You know because these days that I mean, there’s not many people like super successful. Who are deserving of getting shit on Usually it’s like you find weird shit, and you make fun of them, and that’s not as fun or like It’s not good sport So if I can find like Jake and logan Paul who are getting like 300 million views a month and I can Take a shit on them I get punch up. I don’t have to feel bad about it So are you friends with any of the pranksters or not really? I’m Mike by the way all the words yeah, I still talk to the bad days Joey salad and even to you They wouldn’t say that it’s real then oh well. Let’s see Joey’s like this hair is really honest about things and funny it’s like comedic to me but no, you know they don’t they don’t like they like to keep on a house even but like The ones that can feel it the most is about a granny they’ll never talk about it I don’t carry would they kill me no. They’re really good people they scare me Did you you all went on like a boat, Ohio is always a great man. I love seeing you on a boat I was like what the fuck But you’re sorts what? They are addicted to gambling There is soda really the Bradbury’s what are they playing a little bit worried? Where would they loved it? They just something that just on that phone wait wait I remember a scene when you were on that fucking boat, and you’re like. I just lost 3,000 I’m pretty sure you like my book, and I was like saw flow of a gambling problem, okay, really I think maybe it’s possible. I went up like 2k, and I went down like – that’s all I remember wasn’t too much It’s like small It was my first time ever ever gambling like gambling gambling that not poker just saying yeah I’ve never done like real and something I thought I thought was so low Joey told me they cook if you gave money. I liked extreme It’s like getting really yeah, you wouldn’t do it the most and then he got lucky Joey told me like because I was talking abut that you were going to come on stuff, and he was saying like that You’ve used his content and not giving him credit or paid him She texted me today Joey was like throwing some some bomb he said no But he does it He was immediately a bad bad way no I’m sure you guys are cool cuz he likes ice of yesterday knows that ever IV that’s why I was on the phone them He texted me today. He’s like dude. Why did you try cutting me in a video? I just came out of ten minutes ago. I don’t do the posting I don’t do it I saw you credit him yeah, and then like that post, so Then we fixed it, but that does happen means my editor My publisher messes it up sometimes like I’m uploader. I like shares people I share right, you know like get ship or shares with like shake page. It’s like no been phillips. I don’t know if you’re like Facebook Okay, well anyway. We do share for shares And then we have like people that do the video uploads so that’s an actual job The Shares to google it was the only thing we share for sure so I know that Joe is waiting for some money Right you know and I’m not even that much. I wish it was a lot You know how much it is not yet, because I’ve got it. Yes, baby. I joey told me thousands of dollars I wish That just miss between you guys. Bye lovely. I love this whole like oh Hold on Video my radiation hold up from video my ization The last month and a half we well last month for sure I leave me like five thousand under my job really Really? Yeah, so ideally he covers some selling products and everything a job shit But even the mid roller thing enjoy was like Joey was like he license my shit, and he doesn’t pay me And he owes me thousands of dollars Let’s go over it up Because I definitely a little a bit sad that much because we got paid we get screwed over so much we were talking about it today we got like That they just took away the monetization existed before the suggested video today today was the day they removed it So no one can make money from suggestive videos anymore. What does that mean suggest? Yeah, what is that man on Facebook? There’s suggestive videos in the carousel and like the little thing where you can swipe up into more videos The third one or second ones a suggestive video you get that’s a page placement, so you get paid? however they stopped the Sharing of revenue for that one is that like after you finish the video Yeah, yeah, yeah if you finish the video usually Scroll past it based on how much time they watched your video that that becomes the ratio Of how much you get paid based on like how much and watch it. Yeah, okay? We got jelly on the phone Good too much, chili. Are you there? Oh? Yeah, I’m not on the show yeah, you’re on with self-love I’m on the show it’s live. Yeah, it’s live Everyone go hallo me and Joey sally alright at a meeting you idiot it. You’re muted Listen I mean, I’m here with so flo And I was saying and I was saying I was passing it on for you that he owed you a couple thousand dollars Several thousand Dollars, but he laughed he laughed He laughed over several joy. You’re dead. We got screwed on my citation. You know it’s not that good, so So he laughed when I said thousands, and he’s like maybe hundreds Talk about like I’d say like telling it Tell him this remember a while ago when we had our deal he had a similar deal with Op TV. The moni G brothers They got paid out a few thousand dollars, and I was like where’s my money You’re supposed to pay me out as well, and so froze right yeah, I got any money wouldn’t pay you anything. You’re right You’re right. You’re right good old feeling. I’m gonna go back and look at how every time Joyce hold on Hold on Hold on, so it’s our old yield stacked on the new deal. That’s fine. You’ll get paid no way. How long’s right is right We a long time ago. We did this deal where two years ago I’ll do years ago in my home hold on hold on hold on hold hold I know that let me explain. What happened on there easily Let’s hear joey today, so let’s get to the bottom of this we know we were paying people out like 20 What was it 25 percent of the revenue? It was like 25, right? Yeah, so the licensing deal was I would tag them to us. I would give them 25 percent or I don’t know whatever right, but What happens to us is that? We didn’t get the website because they took it away or something I don’t know. We didn’t actually make money that joey sells, so we’d have to pay out of pocket We didn’t actually make money, but we thought that because they obviously Wanted to make money. Why why did everyone else get paid out? But me I’m talking about two years ago Yeah I know that you were the last one to come on board and we are less or less the least views I think at the Time I forgot my videos will get we’re going up same exact time There’s work, and I remember they got a payout because I was talking them about it And I hit you up and you kept on telling me Buyouts kuhlman payouts coming as in last minute we tell me all the sign of money, and I never got to pay out and Over the years I let it go, and I moved on and then I worked out this other deal with you, which would probably be Hundreds of dollars oh yeah much, but I still want to get paid up they know that I just know back then you owe me a lot of money When I what happened pull out it, I’m confused you were playing people out even though you didn’t make money Big howdy right anywhere he promised How did you calculate what you pay them because based on cPM percent right so I paid him always see less than what Than what was expected like I calculated the numbers, and I was like oh, they were supposed to make this much But we didn’t get paid a single dollar like it was terrible at the time You know I was still you know is like a year or so ago I was still working my partner and everything. I was like okay Well, what do we do with these people because I want to keep their videos up, and I want to delete them And so we decided to do is like still family. I think like Joey I think we pay like Kobe like do you believe this story I? Don’t know go in and now they make great points They make let’s say 100 to 300 dollars every million views so I’ll go throughout calculate I’m sure I don’t know how many of you I got on the so flow pages but I mean I could go and check and see how much about Estimate how much I would get but I’m just going to run message it down Anything at all this stuff joey. Why do you years ago? Why do you keep agreeing for him to use your videos I? Have faith in him, and that’s so hard. I just hope one day. I will get a doubt Video from two years ago. We posted three million news hold on Joey Joey. You know I’m going to pay you out, right? So much, I’ll pay you out You’re won’t calculate the couple hundred won Right if that one’s easy to do and then we’ll figure out the old one by the way I didn’t make any money on it. So on contract. I owe you zero, but it’s a good-faith We did that good way to get us Koji you can add denis I don’t know if I paid Kobe or debt whichever one does Dennison like octavia some of that ask them I paid them out of pocket. I’m not legally liable. That’s opposed to you Why didn’t you pay me out of pocket use my cell I think no out with ten plus billion followers with my videos and you Made money off of that exposure on your channel, okay, right? But that’s what I’m saying It didn’t make any money at the time But I still paid people because I felt bad Because I structured a deal that I promised people that they would make a certain amount of money I’ll be like oh look. It’s gonna make you about this much, and if I show someone I think omega much and then it turns out that we make zero not gonna be happy nonetheless I think the reason I never got around to yours was because you’re the last person and the money that was supposed to come in would have come in later and So we were hoping that we were going to get the monetization right, but it never came through So that being said you can look back on it. We’re at the end of the year You’re on calculated outlet at the end of the year I calculated how many views My video has got on your pages. I remember I was counting because I wanted to see how many views I got for the entire year But I don’t remember that by the time that you texted me when the heel turned a million views came for your age 100 million Well over a hundred million views so what do you what? Do you think that he owes you then for those views? Again, I guess if you had to guess I’m going through honestly dude I don’t know because it all depends on if he was monetize at the time and Even if he wasn’t may still think I surely do remember, and you know you know many followers you gain from that How many closing I’m games going through because I’m not sure I? Mean you can’t really check that but know well that you can check that Joey enjoy you go I know you can hold on well you got to remember. I never get report a full screen hold on No, you know they don’t give rip they don’t give reports on like per video business But I can calculate it out in this and I give it on they give it our monthly basis And we can judge by how many views you got that one this is give a payment But listen, I hate to see what you guys couldn’t talk. I hate to see you guys fight. How can we resolve this? Take care of it time. I think it’s not even that much money because not that much money Julia and Even then even then on top of it if you make any of it joey didn’t make any money They don’t owe you anything there. I always don’t worry else. I can take care of you I don’t like people to be unhappy So like like even if I shot it was even a thought you were in the wrong But like you really meant that you really wanted something sometimes I go out of my way to give something that I don’t feel like Iii Agree with just because I want to make them happy it’s okay It doesn’t think they look at the end of the day at the end of the day you got understanding confuse off of my videos gained probably hundreds of thousands of like Jedi work and get paid out money said the videos were making money and last minute I don’t get paid That’s all I know that’s all. I know what happened I don’t know what happened behind the scenes whether you’re being honest or not I let it go at the time And I’m just hoping to get the money for now it all set and in the future would get better All I know is I’ve actually multiple times that have your good Fortune I never did Yeah, no dude. Joy. Like we We started like the deal or whatever. I think like way. I wasn’t remember right you suppose your videos without any like Monetization deal like the longest time and then you said that hey look weez we have to change it up Are you guys are gonna? You guys are take care of this well? Well how much you gonna pay here all right? What do you think he’s a couple hundred bucks? I guess you know I can look it up on do bucks Can you get some photo couple hundred bucks for sure? How much is it share? We’ll keep trying I don’t know. I tell them I’ll I’ll do with no money if I get a few share a couple chairs money I’ll juicers with no money I wonder what do you happy forever peace between you guys so weird so like there was no money involved But if we can get a couple of shares out of this, maybe we want to share one of ours for doing this No mines that is overbroad. Yeah Okay, all right Joey I’ll even find the conversation can I even as I have to think with some chairs if I wasn’t getting money? He’s always like oh, I’ll show you if you share this video. I don’t do shit for Shares not Coming up emily. I mean like some other kids. Yes, I actually know to be honest though Joey I had no like I I completely completely complete, and I’m not in a bad way, but I completely Forgot like I’m not like well, if I if I remember if I was outstanding that with you I would have come back to you and touched about it, but I completely True, so I apologize about so Joey. Are you happy? Do you feel like you got it off your chest are you happy with the resolution here? I’m happy. I wrote my trust. That’s good you he was holding on to this Did you have any told me this over the phone you got to do it in front of all the cameras? That are gonna be like dude this guy to the baby would shit. It was like you had a great talk this was not planned by now I Want to get to the call him? Yeah everyone it’s a calling. I mean I was like. That’s a great I know same book I told you like I don’t have anything to hide like okay my Pod doesn’t like you know has to do something to do so How many shares for to get this right for you Joey? Is it shares to make up for the deal, but I never saw phase four yes, no stairs No, no, no for the old one I told anyone. I there’s to be square with everything Okay, well in my of that. Well how many calls you got? no Twelve Nellie Well hold on hold on although. I have I have a Has like 80 something million on my phone back on your phone? Yeah? I manage a lot of people and I still pay like monthly fee and They all don’t want to fight people you have access to 80 million. He has access to 80 million Joe. We’re gonna do a full pages they have like a million and they got no activity somehow they Do come we want it just from straight, so floor do you not want the whole Social network Okay, Jeff little bro Salad fans they just don’t know it’s not your page anymore. So flow you say there’s a lot still my date All right, so you okay? So yes he has 12 million followers on So flow the page so how many how many shares on so flow to make this right? I think five more a week wow so is that a lot of actually I’d like to read my beautiful paper be fair though, but I Be fair the new and repost your own shit Like people don’t give a frank talk. I’m trying to I’m working for you joey. I’m working for you Well as well Antonio’s like five is a lot But I’m saying nobody gives a shit because he’s saying he reposts his own videos and the people they don’t even notice Right they even notice so five shares Over the course of a week may not be a huge loss for you So you said want Lisa one a week one away one per week one per week yeah once a week How about we do will do for that way? We do one month one per week one per week? They’re not doing is that good for you joey. That’s fine. I? Rule it Jake boom oh Good. Yo, do. It here. This was like. This was really special. That’s just some really special Joey are you feel good you feel better? Yeah good. I’m happy that was okay. I really salad tomorrow Dr. Jose will pay the sears is I’m going to be soon again, okay? You guys go to succulent world back together you you see my image. You’re helping so flow out. What is neck? neck auto Yeah, the president said Brad brains are still min behind I know by the Girls becoming I’ve been trying to get ahold of the grabbers for so long they just ignore the other numbered act like I don’t exist no, ok give you the On the line. Oh yeah, well I didn’t see why I should say no to that Are you sure they’re not going to fucking kill you were live on air right now? I mean, I I want this to happen listen um if you want to make mistakes did I endorse it Get him on the phone Yeah, like you like people you take the girl home excited tsunami did Well, what are they gonna? Do I mean hopefully because he’s forever scares me. If he goes on a rampage was always an expose We yeah, I love small your net Yeah Are you up to? I’m driving Are you what you drove it. You know what oh well ethan wants to talk to you guys and so flo Hey, moe this Ethan All of that hey dude. How are you mad and trying to get ahold of you guys for a while, but I like You guys are real hard to get ahold of I I can understand you don’t want to talk to me though I Think ethan’s bringing the world back together no, I love I just I I admire your guys. Talk to one girl on Earth. What up dawg. I’m nice It’s really nice to finally get to chat with you like I I appreciate you guys hustle I know like we’ve had our gifts and gasps and laughs But I think you guys are super I don’t you guys are hustled. You’re super fascinating people I love to get the opportunity to talk with you guys and meet you sometime Definitely better though oh yeah. Yeah, yeah on En La no yeah, we’re in La we have this podcast we’ve been doing now We have so flow on and we had joey on and it’s always like a ton of fun Let’s get a roulette wheel in here. Yo Chad I want that the prankster cruise Reenacted live in our Podcast studio now Yeah, we’re in La, but like I don’t know we just like having people in here and just kind of like Seeing them as real people and not like internet The gifts that we do so I think it’d be cool to get to know you guys That’s another rebecca what I meant. Oh, yeah, dude bring. It spider-man suit. Oh, yeah Yeah, we have a podcast. It’s called. It’s called H2 pocket Joey was on it A Couple weeks ago. You can check it out if you want to get some idea of what goes on here You guys people love me. I have girls in the bag dude. We had girls in the back Yeah, people like Joey south now if we can make Joey sobs likeable. I mean come on you guys Yeah Yeah, yeah We good to go Well, maybe the new you, maybe people watch our videos. I maybe they don’t dislike you but they’re probably like at best impartial I don’t know why people look just like a it’s probably it’s probably like the Sip ranks the fake pranks and maybe the well, maybe not disliking for the Spider-Man, Elsa ship more just intriguing Because you guys kind of pioneered that whole Genre? right Not just the pranks, but the spider man else’s stuff Thanks, let’s fuck no matter what? How does resin Elsa do if it comes like he doesn’t know what it wears out when we love oh Love I do of indonesia every time that she comes up You want to call me later. You wait six flags. Are you in La right now? No, I’m in England. Oh yeah. There’s there’s no that world exists here in La Mo mo where do you come in too late? You guys got to do trip too late? It’s been like a long time Alright, that’s so cool. Antonio you probably but go by until now Yo mo come to uh come to La let’s do what a good cruise again Yeah passionately you Don’t sink into it Mellie things really talked about it in my group session, so it’s just like it never happens But one day mo how could you guys act like the Spider-Man Elsa thing didn’t happen? I mean like I saw the play button on the wall and your guys’s cars in the garage and like the driveway Which body man also everybody talks about? Why do you do that? It’s like, you should have braised it. It’s a beautiful thing. Yes we are equal living in the house like Pasta liang don’t oh, I don’t know other people who did it hmm so spider-man just runs in real quick Goes to say the dangers happy to live there guys in your place. I don’t want to get it cricket I don’t okay sure all right. That’s fair anyway. I’d love to get the chance Hey mo I’d love the chance to hang out and get to know you guys I appreciate everything you do and I wish you the best Thanks very much, La panel it. Oh fuck. Yeah, man. I’d love fun you guys poop Okay, all right dude drive Safe drive safe You know as you gone nice is he gone Joey You just repaid your debt to me. I brokered the place between you and antonio and now you pay me back immediately That’s why I left yeah Those were your buddies Why do they deny it it’s so weird they should own that and so funny I should totally own that But it’s me Hold on We enjoy to say like it is so funny like we’re like fixing the world one step at a time with our fake videos Did you guys used to say that looks like we’re helping so many people out. We’re doing these social experiments they’re making people realize so many big Lie kind of Interesting so what you guys have this like good boy Joey. I’m gonna hang up on your ass, okay Yeah, okay, all right. Thanks, man. Appreciate it. God bless the jokes all right So that’s the interesting thing so like you guys used to do these fake social experiments but in your running like we’re doing a good thing for La I was even doing the social experiments that were like you know like oh like Raise awareness He was but I was posting them and like other other people you fell enjoy a positive impact on the world Well, we’re joking about it because it looks like it’s kind of like a shitty Positive impact. It’s like sure like you can be a lesson But whoever the hell listen and not realize that this is like the fakest shit ever I don’t know how they fall it looks, so fake maybe baby. You know that what so that’s one of the reasons I hate Facebook is I feel and you have to agree the people on Facebook who consume media are the most gold elbow? Let me because you don’t like that for example. I visit the philippines just a Month ago now I love this beautiful beautiful beautiful place they though Really look up to western culture and western Media. They think it’s amazing. They love Facebook really good people I had fucking love that place, but it’s like it’s fucking like nice Mecca like nice people but That being said because you know they all speak English out up there What not like they really they find it really intriguing they seem like the you know the United States and everything like they You know they just they never actually seen it, but they see it on there on a Facebook And it’s like so intriguing to them because a different American culture is Facebook Media That’s not for a while. So everyone’s running around doing social experiments or like Any, and it’s all you guys you guys are nice sometimes. I’ll see my family members in Israel Share your sharing soul flow and I’m like God what the hell you guys say the problem I have with like the social experiments in shit Is that you like and don’t usually have like a uplifting message? But the setup is something really fucked up like people stealing change of a homeless persons cup and then the comments are like man I can’t believe I can’t believe people and you know it’s a little thing it’s like so like the model is usually to create something that’s so outrageously like Stupid and like I’m they are likely to happen the way that happens is still also communicable because the way happens It doesn’t make sense like is that just being a bad person So people are like you know like if you see like the one with a cheater one that the that a Genocide or whatever for example the that the dentist TV one with like the pikachu whatever What happened in the one one were like the ones wearing like a pikachu costume or something, but what happens in it? I don’t know like they catch like someone cheating and like they’re doing like some cosplay like weird stuff like they’d make it as goofy as Unreal is it and you know some you think that it should be obvious that it’s fake. I don’t think I Obviously, they’re trying to portray it that it’s not they they’re not making a parody they’re making it seem like it’s real but I think it should be obvious especially with so many people saying it’s fake like you like but not the Facebook like Ecosystem is different like on YouTube I feel like every time it’s obvious and pranks have kind of died down on YouTube as a result But you there’s no way to like reach our audience on Facebook and be like hey this shit’s fake It’s kind of interesting to hear you say that because you’re sharing it you’re promoting this content But at the same time you feel like if people found out that it was fake. They’re almost were killed your home market um Not really you don’t think so. I don’t know. It’s just it’s still freaking funny as fuck like to me it is yeah But for that kind of stem a day I run a comedy value They watch it because we’re the top you can actually do the shit bars where it’s like this shit will change your life Right you think you invent invented? Uh was the first one to like start actually capitalizing on that it killed it and then it bars I also invented the thing everyone was doing it like their own way like with black made black background and white text I was doing it always white background black text when I only did bold right and yeah I had the moses when I first started But then I only then I decide I wanted a punchline word always on the bottom Because I felt like it was it would grab people and it works However, I still seen a lot of better ones where they write out their own thing, but that was my signature I feel like it it was Did you invent it? I would I was in the first one ever cuz in Twitter on Twitter There’s still people like putting like they did it But I was the first we’re not actually capitalize on it right and back in the day a lot of people that used to do like black on black background white Now you never see that almost ever you see black background and white text. It’s almost always a white background you have that signature Black text on white back that white text on black background. Yeah, that’s like a white background I’m like to reverse it does it matter so you in a way? Facebook have to leave soon by the way Or you live. Do you have a ghost story a ghost yeah? That’s a tough one. I don’t know have you ever lyrical you don’t believe you down. So it was something paranormal a paranormal Otherworldly wait there was this one time any but it wasn’t to me okay, it was it wasn’t to me um my my friend I used to live next to a friend next-door neighbor and They like texted me, and they’re like dude ian to come over here volvo, and I wasn’t there when this happened, but you know all of a Sudden apparently like there was just like sleeping and there Passed out, and this the the screen door that were like the sliding like glass door just cracked And it wasn’t it didn’t sound like something hit it it or I don’t even know what it was but they looked around there was No rock or anything. I hit it there was nothing I was like freaked out cause I my dude like what does someone come in like hit your glass Like signing door or something or I don’t think those things just break, but I was finally the weirdest thing I mean, I don’t you weren’t there? I feel like there’s always explanation something. Yeah, that’s a guy so for me for me I’m just kind of like a wave it off with like probably with that, but the weirdest thing was that about you guys. Yeah So not really no, I don’t like that just kind of I it’s interesting because we bring guests on here And they sometimes have really incredible spirit ghost stories, and I’m weird like non-believers Yeah, I’m the same way. I’m the same way like people have told me like crazy stories. I’m like dude There’s no need a filled fell down like you you miss something or or like if it’s real quinces, I don’t like I forgot what it was I’ve heard some really weird ones, so it’s like. Oh yeah like this happened to like my grandmother or whatever and like Happened to my father’s crazy stuff like that. I got come on Yeah Hop stuff even like with the Technology a technology like involves that you realize that like these ghost stories and all that stuff trying to like die out It’s like a lot of fake ghost stories. Yeah But like in general like you know Maybe that people believe it. Maybe it’s fake but so then they believe it. It’s real to them. What’s the difference? I have one last question for you. What do you think about like because you said? You think that this shit should be obviously fake but on your Facebook. It’s getting like 50 80 100 million for areas like What? What do you think about Facebook users? Dude, well, I mean if you look at all them you have to be on Facebook page right so yeah, yeah um if you look at the Messages and you read the messages of the people are coming it is like They’re so weird like people asking for like charity help all this test out and like the way they type It’s like really weird like it’s just like you man they typed Terribly like they don’t like they don’t they’re not smart a lot of a lot more dumb people and you think But they’re not you guys on dialer wait They’re not they’re not necessarily foreign like I’m not saying there for in there like there’s a lot of like Really weird like American people that like I got message or whatever if you look at the comments and everything the top ones are pretty Clever usually because the ones at the top like if you read some of the stuff like the long ones did they chose what kind? Of person they are yeah, and you read the loved one. It’s just like stupid or like weird That’s when you get to know like the kind of people water that it’s video base book is a good representation of like America of like the people who are out there? I’d say that I mean they have two billion users now I think it has a really good representation of the whole world and some people are dumb kind of right Yeah, more or less. They’re just like dumb. Yeah I don’t know. There’s a little lot There’s a lot people are a lot more Ignorant than you think but why do you think people are so willing to accept all this Facebook content like the stuff that you share? And stuff like they’re like this is real And you see the passion in a common older people that you know they don’t know that’s going on They don’t listen to you know your your videos. I don’t know a demos. I assume. It’s mostly like a 24 hour that’s right a 24 and then 13 18 the second It’s actually the other way although youtube analytics are not just for this all. That’s true That is a lie. Hid yeah yeah you have to be at least 13 our YouTube channel or some toilet you can’t we have to say you’re 18 otherwise like is restricted content with your actress, so everything is kind of Skewed towards being over 18 and all the statistic. That’s true. That’s why I like I feel like your Facebook Maybe a little bit. It’s what I laughed when like youtubers are like I don’t have kids watching me look at my demographic It’s all 18 to 24 and it’s like The real test is who’s at Vidcon waiting for you? When like when you see Jake Paulo let’s go Remember to survive again. I was like younger Self a couple videos there. I was like I can’t fucking ever go there I guess like Jacob Logan Paul there, and it’s just like hordes of kids dude Hordes of kids man well, it’s just like in general like sometimes like there’s some Having like all these like influences or whatever some of them are like very very down-to-earth But some of them are not you know, and I don’t like when they like not down sir Especially cuz I don’t care I don’t care if I you have like 50 billion followers Yeah, I’m saying like you’ll have people I have less followers than you think that they’re more the shit than you right and everything like that That’s not cool. You gotta be done sir and so I don’t like going also. I feel well even though I’m 22 I’m pretty mature like I don’t I don’t like hang out with people my age I often so I don’t really enjoy like that crowd To they go out there And you know I think I said, I just do things that you know I like to do I don’t like it Well do it so you’re on a flight where you’re off to vegas play poker. I’m gonna play some poker Yeah, get in there. Shake it up. What are you playing? What’s your game? Uh? I play well. I’m Gonna try I’m going to play some tournaments to be fun But I finally the vibes usually got a 1.5 k 2 k 3 k But I’m going to try to do the main event, but I don’t want to do it by myself Well serious poker the main event yeah, which is what’s the binder that we get after it’s a 10,000 but the things that you usually Losing almost on Keeper say almost on your brother you can make your money back if you like make it into the money which is a Top 10% of the field let’s say feel doesn’t like all the people playing interesting, but I’m not going to Paul I’m probably not gonna pay for the whole thing just because It it’s very very unlikely to be so profitable, so I’d rather have somebody like You know have other people like your friends be like old you want to throw it, and they there now I have a lot of friends that will like the steak would love to you steak other people know there They stable yeah those ones that would like to not because I’m good, but because they want to like Fun, it’s like sports better. Yeah Yeah so Like I so when you play world series of poker If you last till the final round that’s like a week long of straight playing yeah, yeah But I wouldn’t mind and by the way they also know the final table out there. Which is like I? Do have to go though okay was an amazing time. I really had a class dude It was we had a lot of laughs. Yeah, that was a gags never gags We’re had class that Joey sells call was a real real momentous thing Those foot and nothing I told you like I speak highly of a guy like despite or like all like so that you brought a like the The jackass videos that you used to make was I get into them. Whatever what yeah? Yeah, yeah, but he’s a smart guy yeah Well so so Khlo. I brokered this peace between you enjoy So I need those if you don’t do those four shares is hey. Look bad of course of course all right all right Thanks for coming as we all cross. Thank you so much. All right cool

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  1. Sorry for the boring first half guys, definitely the result of my shortcomings as a host/interviewer, I still have a lot of room for improvement there. (The second half is incredible though, stick around for that!) I also want to thank everyone SO much for all the love and support the podcast has been receiving, I know we still have a lot of room for improvement, but seeing so many of you along with us for the ride is extremely encouraging and feels amazing. Thank you guys. #papablessed

  2. I don't even know how to feel about SoFlo anymore. Do I respect him for at least coming on the the podcast? Do I think he's full of shit (this seems to be the general consensus of the comments)? Do I embrace the fucking memes?

    My brain hurts.

  3. I'm nearly halfway through this and basically to sum it up "I gave this ugly AF chick a helicopter ride and it was all chill which makes me a really nice guy. I'm not making a lot of money but I travel all over the world, please feel sorry for me"

  4. SoFlo acts like he's on adderal and perc's lmao, but im guessing thats his true character which is impressive to be honest. because i dont think he's being fake or anything…feels weird tbh watching this lmao.

  5. SoFlo seems like he's a decent guy. He's just young, and sure he's kind of douchey but he's not awful.
    Coming on the podcast is a pretty stand-up thing to do as well.

  6. Can someone send me a time stamp for when Ethan calls him out for being trash or did that not happen? Sorry I don’t think I can rly watch this

  7. Eating on mic like come on bro…he did that intentionally to fuck the audio up..he knew it would do that too..you rly couldnt wait lil over an hour to snack…ur garbage

  8. I needed my protective gear listening to SoFlo talk about making unattractive girls dreams come true.

  9. I hate him, he looks and acts like my old step brother he was 2 years older than me and a beat him up every day until he moved in with his mom he's annoying steals and nobody really cares about him its like there the same person

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