H3 Podcast #13 – Boogie 2988 (Steven Williams)

H3 Podcast #13 – Boogie 2988 (Steven Williams)

English Subtitles by Precious Torres & Alen Alic

Ethan: Welcome, everybody, to the H3 Podcast with a very, very special guest. In town for Vidcon is your boy: Boogie. Boogie: Well, to be honest with you, I’m actually here for this podcast. VidCon’s this oth- Ethan: Haha, yeah! Boogie: I’ll be honest with you, when we were planning Vidcon this year, you mentioned the podcast to me like six months ago and said, “Do you want to be on it?” and I’m like, “The next time I’m in LA.” But that’s the entire thing I thought the whole time. And I was afraid to approach you. I was like, “I’m gonna DM him and just demand to be on it!” But I’m like, “I know he’s busy, I know it’s like-”
Ethan: No! Boogie: You’ve got SoFlo this Friday, isn’t it? Hila: Steve-O.
Ethan: Steve-O this Friday, SoFlo next Friday. Boogie: Right, so you’ve got a packed schedule anyway… Ethan: We can fit you in! Any time! Boogie: Well not a lot of people can. I’m a big guy. Ethan & Hila: (laughing)
I don’t know if your listeners know that. But I happen to be a little extra wide. Ethan: We got all the space you need, buddy.
Hila: Yep. Ethan: Well, for me, it’s like, I know you don’t – you don’t get the opportunity to come out to LA frequently. Although you have been traveling more lately.
Boogie: Well, we’ve been trying to. Ethan: Yeah.
Boogie: But this body does not like it very much anymore. Boogie: Its started to – you know.. (sigh) It’s been a downhill battle. I’d like to say uphill battle. But it’s been a downhill battle over the last couple of years. Uh, with diabetes getting worse, blood pressure, and everything else, so – Uh, it’s difficult to even really leave the house anymore. This busted out back, these busted knees, and stuff like that.
Hila: Wow. Boogie: Um, but, we push it to its absolute limits and we try to come out to LA at least twice a year. Ethan: Mm.
Boogie: At least for the game awards and at least for VidCon. Boogie: I think – I don’t know if your listeners know this, but I’m scheduled for a gastric bypass on July 25th.
Ethan: Yes! Ethan: Yeah, I –
Boogie: And it was a three year process to qualify. Ethan: Holy shit!
Hila: Wow. Boogie: Yeah, so we had to lose a ton of weight, Hila: Wow.
Boogie: uh, to get down to an ideal weight. Ethan: So, when you decided that you wanted the gastric bypass surgery –
Boogie: Yeah? Ethan: How much weight did you need to lose since then? Boogie: Well, okay – well, the very – when I knew I was going – When I finally came to terms with the fact that I would need gastric bypass, that was thirteen years ago. Hila: Wow.
Ethan: Oh, shit. Boogie: But then, financially, I couldn’t afford it to begin with. Ethan: How much is it? Boogie: Um, well, thirteen years ago, you’re talking $50, $60,000, you know? Ethan: Pffft! / Hila: Oh my god.
Boogie: Right? And that’s just, like, absurd, and I couldn’t get insurance. The only work I could get was part-time, and generally that’s through nepotism, through friends and stuff. Ethan: Yeah.
Boogie: Because people don’t want to put me on their health insurance. Boogie: That’s crazy, right?
Ethan: Right.
Hila: Mhm. Boogie: And so I knew that was the first step: to finally get enough money in the bank to pay for it. So, uh, the doctor I’m working with – if you’re living in the Northwest Arkansas region, Dr. Purner is an amazing doctor.
Ethan: Shout out! Boogie: Um, he managed to cut me a really nice deal. Boogie: It’s right under $20,000. And it’s out of pocket, you know but –
Ethan: Do you have health insurance? Boogie: I do. We bought the best possible package Arkansas offers. But they don’t want to pay for that surgery. Ethan: Interesting.
Boogie: They consider it to be a cosmetic surgery. Hila: Really?
Boogie: Which sounds like lunacy to me because it will save them millions. Boogie: You know, if they were doing that surgery – pay $18,000 to keep me from having a stroke or a heart attack. Hila: Yeah.
Boogie: How much is that going to cost you? But, you know, politics aside… Uh, then I

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  1. This was so much fun! It was a pleasure to talk with you two and I think we really had some fun. I am glad your audience loved it and i'm glad you invited me. I hope we do it again soon! <3

  2. The host is such an unlikable idiot, STFU and stop constantly interrupting Boogie. Also why don't you pull that stupid ass beanie down over your stupid ass ugly face and cover that stupid ass looking patchy beard you goofball.

  3. I just realized boogie lives close to me😂. Arkansas isn’t the best state but he seems to like it more than me.

  4. oi ethan, i watched your new boogie2988 video yesterday and his lost weight and you've put weight on since this video.. not truing to be a dick but look out for ya foopa

  5. was Everquest anything like vanilla WoW? cuz I want to know how addicting Everquest was to where it could turn extroverted people into incredibly introverted people in a few years

  6. From February to July I have lost 70 lbs with Intermittent Fasting and a Ketogenic Diet, give it a try! I weighed 245 and I'm down to 175, its not over yet, see it as a lifestyle not as a diet that you can quit at any time and you will be happy even if in a month you only went down 2-5 pounds, eating healthy has changed me a lot, I was compelled to write this since you mentioned insulin resistance, if you consume sugars and carbohydrates you will be running your body on glucose, when you stop consuming them your body will start running on your own body fat, there has been days when I lose anywhere from half a pound to 2 pounds in one day, without exercise, keep it up, you can do it!

  7. Hey Boogie .i was watching your H3 Podcast where you was talking about you felt your moms hand on your shoulder. i lost my Mom back in 2010 and after about 3 yrs later i was outside and i swear i could her her say my name and felt her presence .now therapist are normally going to say that you were just going thru a process of coping with lose.because there based of Science. I truly feel that's when our loved ones make contact when your down and Lonely and you need them most. anyway great story. we loved the feeder story as well. never knew such a thing existed. Krazzy im a Amateur radio Operator / also known as ham radio. i think you would love ham radio . a lot of great folks on there. Jay

  8. A trailer for The Nun came up before I watched this, its 1.50am… YouTube needs a filter to show that shit in the day time ONLY. Scary muthafucka

  9. That was an amazing podcast. The humanity is real… the joy… the pain…. the insight… thank you for making this happen.

  10. comparing the best reasoning on yt to the best reasoning IRL is for the most part, an unfair fight. real life reasoning and critical thinking is soooo much fuckin' better and more consistent and more fucking reliable, and i feel like boogie breaks that barrier by bringing a little bit of the real world into youtube, which is something that i love.

  11. There were so many inspiring, emotional, relatable, true moments from everyone packed in this podcast. This was truly one of the great ones. I'm going to sub to boogie right now. Papa bless all yall. Much love.

  12. well i can't help but hate on some fat ppl when they act like they're really fit and in better shape than me that shit is just delusional it's like if ethan acted like he was in better shape than hila like it's funny until they get too serious and you're just like holy fuck i was never the one starting comparisons but they seem like they will be wayyyy to butt hurt if you try to argue you just have to agree and then i find myself bullied by fat ppl that must think they deserve to be skin–I MEAN "HAPPIER" than me or at least get to smash like nooooo i don't owe fat ppl shit i'm too fucking nice bitch they can keep chasing this because if they were in better shape how come they didn't catch me yet HA HA HAAA suckerssss

  13. I felt like someone was touching meeee at this guy's funeral who's death i PREEDICTEDDDDD DOWN TO THE ITTY BITTY DETAILLLL FAAACKKK

  14. I have to say it is absolutely incredible that you did not just get Boogie on the podcast, but you also got him back on a SECOND TIME, after he lost the weight. You guys are awesome <3

  15. Dude I feel the same way when I smoke weed, I lose all my confidence and get super insecure to the point I'll start breaking down sometimes, smh

  16. God I feel that sickness and weight loss thing. I had a really successful diet going, but then I got really sick and was like screw it, I just need to be as not miserable as possible right now. Getting back on the horse is tough after that.

  17. I hadn't seen this episode, but have followed Boogie for years. It's incredible to see him here compared to how he looks less than two years later. He's doing great.

  18. I normally feel like there's not enough must-see content in the podcasts for me to devote the time to watch more than the Highlights clips, but almost that whole 2+ hours was entertaining and interesting. Great ep! I'll definitely be interested to see how Boogie's second appearance in #70 compares.

  19. I wish h3h3 would've seen the videos by mcjuggernuggets where mcjuggernuggets and parker stayed at boogie's house for a few days in november of 2016, and where he would've questioned boogie about that. afterall, boogie took things too far with it, especially with parker. of course it could've all been fake, but there hasn't been any proof of that. no footage of mcjuggernuggets, boogie, and parker all talking about it at the same time, or any behind the scenes footage during mcjuggernuggets and parker's visit there.

  20. Poor Steve I’m sorry man. You’ve come a long way from a year ago as far as your weight is concerned.

  21. watching his newest podcast with boogie then coming back to this one really shows how much work this man has put in towards bettering himself damn.

  22. I had to watch this again. Boogie is a whole different person, and so much better for it. He is truly an inspiration, but some things cost a lot of money.

  23. Who else used to think nothing of Hila, but after a while she becomes STUNNING!? She has superpowers.

  24. Came back to this after watching the brand new podcast and just wow man…just wow this is awesome for boogie.

  25. Who the hell is this guy. I can't believe how far boogie has come. He is completely different now. I can't believe he used to look like this. Good job man.

  26. LOL at Boogie wanting somebody else to pick up the tab to fix him up after he ATE HIMSELF to a big, fat, obese, disgusting mess of a human being. Way to not take any responsibility.

  27. Boogie I’m from the future, don’t worry it will get better, you will lose weight to the point to where you can walk freely, and replace all of you teeth and look damn amazing.

  28. Fast forward two years and we're looking at a whooole new boogie and, hopefully, an even fitter, healthier boogie in two MORE years time! Apart from the weight, the obvious thing here is his lack of breath.

  29. I can't stand your perpetual victimhood mentality.. that plus your narcissism just makes you come off as a bad dude.

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