58 thoughts on “Guess The Person From Their Ultrasound (GAME)

  1. When I was born my dad said it was shaped like a football for a few seconds. That might be why I am a big eagles fan 🤣

  2. This episode made me realize how much I miss lots of the older crew members, I'm sure all of ya'll are lovely people, but who are all these people between R&L?! Cheers to changing times!

  3. David Hill! The newest most favorited member of the Mythical Crew! My God, they know how to pick personalities!

  4. Link! You made that guy feel a certain kind of way when you referenced his cardigan! I bet he'll never wear it again.

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    Next video:

    Guss who dad is from the expended fluid.

  6. Just curious…did I miss an episode where they introduced these members? Bethany's the only one I was familiar with and I'm doubting myself!

  7. I swear to god, I was thinking “he looks like bibleman” but then accepting that there’s no way that’s what Link was thinking too until he actually said that same thing!!!!

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