Guess That Mystery Meatball Taste Test

– Today we go meatballs to the balls. – Let’s talk about that. (funky electronic music) (fire crackling) – Good Mythical Morning. – Oh I see you admiring my new mug. Well, fear not because you can get one of these GMM mugs yourself
at – Yes, but but besides
mugs, there are a few things in life that I enjoy
more than a succulent, savory ball of meat. I would eat a meatball
anytime, anywhere, any way. In fact, if you’ve got some
meat laying around your house and you shape it into a ball form, I will eat it! – Well, you might be
eating your words today because we have no clue
what mystery meat is in these balls. It’s time for– ♪ All in all it’s just ♪ ♪ Another meat in the ball ♪ ♪ We don’t need no marinara ♪ – Okay, Mythical Chef Josh
has procured an assortment of unique meats and
ballified them using eggs, bread crumbs, and salt. And we’re gonna eat those balls to see if we can correctly
identify the meat. Today we will be potentially eating Silkie chicken balls. – Elk. – Wild boar. – Alligator. – Armadillo? – Sea cucumber. – Eel. – And snails. Now whoever wins will be forever known as the ball master and will get to wear a very special ball bonnet that I’m very anxious to see. – Oh now that there’s
a ball bonnet involved, I’m really excited.
– And Link, because you showed a great propensity for being able to guess
the testicles of animals, I figured you could also
guess the meatballs of animals and so you could officially crown yourself as the ball master forever.
– Across the board today. – Yes, if you do this.
– Let’s do it. – [Rhett and Link] Round one. – We each have a ball before us. And a fork. Oh you’re going straight ball. – Well I’m just, I’m gonna
touch it with my mouth. I may as well touch it with my hands. – Yeah, true.
– Right? – I don’t want you to have
any unfair advantages. Yes, it’s very spherical. – It doesn’t smell horrible, but that doesn’t mean it smells good. – I will say that it does
not smell like the meatballs that I typically enjoy. – Mm, the more I smell
it, the worse it smells. So let’s just skip the
smelling and get to the eating. Dink it, sink it. Quite the meaty ball. – Mm.
– Mm. – Did you mix anything
else in the meatball, or is it just whatever
was needed to make a ball? – Lots of bread crumbs are in there. – Whatever is needed.
– So just the bread crumbs. Okay. – Tastes better than it smells. – It’s a little gamey though. But what game are we talking about? – [Stevie] You guys ready to guess? – I definitely think we’re on land. We’re not like in eel territory, but how close to the land are we? – I think we might be–
– I feel like I’m pretty close to the land. – I think we might be
a little bit of land, a little bit of water. – [Stevie] Okay I’m gonna
need you to stab your balls in three, two, one.
– I’m going with alligator. – Nope, I thought alligator,
which I have had before on a pizza. (chuckles) (crew laughs) – I’m glad I wasn’t there. (chuckles) – But yeah I think it’s the dillo. It rolls up like a ball, right? – Guys?
– Yeah? – [Stevie] These are wild boar balls. – Ah! – Wild boar balls. – Yeah they taste a lot, wild boars and alligators are cousins. They’re very closely
related, so I’m excused. – [Rhett and Link] Round two. – All right here we have a whiteish ball with darkish accents. (Rhett chuckles) – Okay, oh wow.
(Link gags) – That’s of the sea.
– That comes on real strong. – Yeah okay.
– Mm. So immediately we’re in
cucumber eel territory. – Those are two different things. – I know, those are my two choices. – But they’re both oblong. – It looks like, it’s like
a balled up particle board. You remember that hideout
I made behind my house? – That you kept trying
to get me to go into? – Third grade.
– And I never would. – Well it was kinda small.
(Rhett chuckles) – You had to lay on top of each other just to be inside the hideout.
– That was not my plan. I wasn’t going to be in there with you. We were gonna take turns.
– Oh okay. How is it in the hideout? – It was made of particle board,
that’s what I’m getting at. Like I had just–
– OSB they called that. – Is that what they call it? – I did construction one summer. I learned all the terms.
– What’s it stand for? – I didn’t get that far. I did one summer. You learn that the second summer. – I’m gonna put this in my hideout. – Oh gosh.
(crew chuckling) Mm. – Oh that’s good, so good. Ness, goodness. There’s some parts that
I can’t chew through. – I don’t know, I mean–
– This is not just meat and bread crumbs, there’s other things. – But it’s not necessarily, I wouldn’t even identify this as meat, you know what I’m saying? This is something that
doesn’t have normal muscles. That is my guess.
– Oh man. – [Stevie] Okay here we go. Three, two, one. – Eel.
– I’m going with snail. Oh you’re going with snails. – It’s a soft body.
– I was thinking maybe sea cucumber so we’re
not on the same page here. – No we’re not, we’re not far off. We’re both looking at the hideout. – [Stevie] These are
meatballs of the snails. – Yes!
– Aw! – Ha ha!
– How did you know? Is there shell in there? – That one trip to France. You remember when we
went and our wives were on the back of those mopeds with us? – (chuckles) Yeah. – I stopped and got some escargot. – I was looking for a hideout. – And I’m not calling my wife cargo. – [Rhett and Link] Round three. – We have another light colored ball. – [Link] This looks
like a cheese ball, man. It’s very inviting.
– You put that on a cheese ball tray in like
eastern North Carolina, somebody will go for it hard. – Mm.
– And they will be surprised. Oh whoop.
– You lost part of it. Put a sign on it that says
do not smell before eating. ‘Cause that’s a dead giveaway.
– I had the talk. You know, back during Thanksgiving, we did the friends
Thanksgiving with a bunch of LA folks and I had to talk people into eating the cheese ball. These LA people were
afraid of the cheese ball. I was like, let me
introduce you to the world of the cheese ball and
now they all love me. People kept coming up
to me, they were like, “That cheese ball.” – Did you bring it?
– No. – You just ate it. – Somebody from Florida brought it. – Okay, oh. – It was a Floridian cheese ball. – This is–
– Surprisingly good. – This is not bad at all. – Are we eating the same ball? – You don’t like yours?
– Not at all. – I like it. (crew laughs) It’s kinda like a crab ball to me. Ooh. Is it Silkie though? There’s no way it’s chicken. I don’t know what a Silkie
chicken tastes like. Is it just a silkier version of chicken, or does it start to taste like crab? – How do you like this? What happened to you in the hideout? – Okay I’m ready to guess. – [Stevie] Three, two, one. – This is eel.
– This is eel. Definitely, yes. – [Stevie] You’re both going
eel, but this is alligator. – Ah, yep. – Alligator, really? – Don’t you remember from your pizza? That you enjoyed in a weird
way and then made a face about? – [Rhett and Link] Round four. – Okay, we got a dark one. (Rhett and crew chuckle) – I mean really, look at that. You see that? I mean it’s like leaking black fluid. – Okay. You biting it, huh? Oh you nibbled. Did a nibble, nibble, nibble. – [Rhett] Mm, okay, mm-hm. (gags) – I’m just–
– Really? – I’m gagging out of fear. ‘Cause I look, something
was exposed that looked like part of a eyeball or something. – It’s not that bad, it’s just off-putting when you see it. But taste-wise.
– Yeah. I don’t wanna look at it,
I just wanna taste it. – It’s not bad, and I
have a very strong guess. You better look out. I might be able to, I might
take a bigger lead here ’cause I feel very confident
in what I’m going to guess. So think about it. Go into your hideout and do some thinking. – There’s some pieces there.
– Mm-hm. Pieces. – Spongy, black pieces. – Uh-huh. – [Stevie] Link, are you ready? – Oh gosh. – [Stevie] Here we go, three, two, one. – Eel again?
– This is the Silkie chicken because the Silkie chicken,
what makes it special is all, it’s the black meat, man.
– What? – Ha ha ha! – I was asking you what
a Silkie chicken was. – You’ve been in your
hideout too long, Link! Well tell me I’m right first
before I get too boastful. – It doesn’t taste good.
– Rhett, you’re right. – Yes, yeah the Silkie
chicken has all black meat. It’s a delicacy. – Why’s that make it Silkie? – Well, again, you
gotta have a second year of construction to figure that out. – [Rhett and Link] Round five. – Link, because I care about you and your reputation as the ball master, I feel like we should make this last round worth three points so you have a chance to, you know, keep the belt as they say. – And wear the bonnet?
– And wear the bonnet. – Yeah, all right, all
right, I’ll take that. Now this meatball just looks like dirt. – Yeah.
– This is like, this is like a mud ball. – Look at the consistency of that. Very gritty. – It’s like something a vegan would eat. – [Rhett] It actually looks
like falafel in one sense when you open it.
– You’re exactly right. – But you know what, I’m
guessing that it’s not. – A falafel ball. There’s white specks,
there’s black specks. There’s greenish yellow specks. – Oh, it’s so gritty. I mean there’s–
– Oh it’s very salty. Not only is it gritty and salty, but somehow it’s still spongy and noxious. – It’s awful.
– Noxiously awful. – It is really, really bad. So salty. – This isn’t turd, is it? – [Josh] I’ll have to double-check. – You didn’t just substitute
a turd in for the last round. – If we were eating turds,
I’d say this is a elk turd. And this is formed by the elk. – I have a guess. I’m sorry ball master but– – It’s very farm, barnyardish. – Farm to table, man. Okay.
– Okay. Three, two, one. – Armadillo.
– I’m going with sea cucumber. For the sweep. – This is much more barnyardish
than a sea cucumber. – [Stevie] Rhett, you’re correct. (Rhett laughs)
– Aw! – Ah! I’m the ball master, man! I get to wear the ball bonnet. – Well I just wanna eat some armadillo. Isn’t that easy enough? – Don’t you wish–
– Oh look at you. (crew chuckles) – Don’t you wish this was you right now? Look at that. I wore the right shirt for this too. It’s like I represent space. Line the kids up, I’m an exhibit. (Link chuckles) – It’s the solar system.
– Yeah. – Of balls. – Thanks for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi, my name is Lauren. This is my dad, my brother Matthew. We’re standing on top of Lake Michigan and it’s time to spin
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