Guess That Episode (GAME)

Guess That Episode (GAME)

(poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let’s Talk About
That, the show about the show. I’m Stevie and I’m
feelin’ it now, Mr. Krabs. This week’s guests both
need TP for their bungholes but have never reached
Great Cornholio status. Please welcome Rhett and Link. (Stevie, crew applauds) Oh and Barbara and Jade! I think Barbara and Jade have reached Great Cornholio status. – Hello Jade. – You’re gonna do so good. You’re gonna do so good.
– You’re such a good girl. – You’re the star. You’re the real star, you’re gonna do–
– You’re my favorite child. I love you.
– I like you more than my boys.
– It’s good. It’s good, you wanna get comfy? You wanna get a back rub? Huh, you want to get a belly rub? – You want a zer-bert? – You wanna get a–
(Rhett blows raspberry) You wanna lick me in
the mouth, that’s fine. – Hey guys. – [Rhett] Oh hey. (chuckles) – This is totally what goes on– – Hey Stevie–
– When we’re not on camera. – Hey.
– Look at that pink belly! – [Rhett] Barbara, that’s so indecent. – Let me hold it together. What I mean is–
– Barbara, that’s so indecent. This is the internet.
– The dog’s okay, that’s fine. – We’re gonna get demonetized, Barbara! – Guys, there’s a lot to do this week and I’m distracted by
the cuteness of the dogs that are before me. – How long can you stay here?
– Settle down, dogs. – I think Barbara’s gonna leave soon so. – Bye Barbara.
– Settle down, dogs. – [Stevie] Okay bye. – You know what, let
her wander, it’s fine. – We have a lot to do today. We have a lot of things that really matter that we’ve got to do. – Cool.
– That’s right. – We had Eva Gutowski on
the show earlier this week to taste some store-bought salsas. What she did not do was
taste the weird ass salsas that we have just right under here so that’s gonna be–
– Snack it. – Our job. – Make sure that Barbara
doesn’t get into the salsas. – They are closed. Also did you guys hear about some kind of amazing book cover release
that happened this week? – What?
– Yeah! – Who wrote a book and who
has a book with a cover? – Wha, wha?
– Yeah so we have that cover and not the book but a book
that the cover’s around that’s a placeholder
book, today physically that we’re gonna talk about briefly. – Excited about that. – And also there’s a game
that I wanted to play that you can play along with at home. It involves listening to
audio from recent episodes of GMM and then trying
to guess what episode that audio is from. I’m calling it Listen Up, I’m
Only Gonna Play This Once. So we’ll play that.
– Okay. – But before all of that, I am really hot. Are you guys hot?
(Rhett laughs) I just like, I can’t–
– What is that? – Like, ooh, I just need some air. Like the jacket’s just like–
– What are you doing? I can’t see it over your laptop. – It’s a picture, well you know what, it is a rendering of not my actual body. (Link giggles) – Hey yeah, there it is.
– I did not– – [Link] Ope, what are you doing? – [Rhett] Oh no. (laughs) Oh my gosh.
– I never thought I’d see the day, Rhett. I’m not gonna finish that
sentence ’cause I couldn’t. – I thought that was part of the design until you pulled the patch off. – Did you have one of those just made? – (chuckles) Yeah I did. – Just for you, I’m– – Mike and Lucas made this for
me ’cause I thought it was– – I’m flattered, Stevie.
– I thought it was really cool but also like–
– I’m flattered. – It has another really cool part to it. – [Rhett] (laughs) Oh gosh. It’s got a Davin on the back of it. – Yeah, can you guys see that? – [Link] Cropped just so that
his nipples are still in. (Rhett laughs) – I thought that was important, you know? – Yeah you know what, you
could probably sell that at a boutique.
– That part didn’t come with gap tape because I can’t reach. I guess I can, what am I touching now? – [Rhett] You’re almost touching his hand. Keep going, further, no other way.
– Other way. Other way.
– Other way. Now–
– There you go. – [Rhett] You’re touching his hand. You’re holding hands with the naked Davin on the back of your shirt.
– Oh wow. – He’s just shirtless, I
don’t know that he’s naked. – Oh yeah he’s wearing bottoms. – Incidentally, the poster
is in Stevie’s office. – (chuckles) Yeah. – Mm-hmm, yeah. – Anyway so if you guys want
one of these just like DM me. – (laughs) Whoa. (chuckling) Well let’s see how many requests you get. – Okay what I usually say is but first, we’re going to eat or drink
and so what we’re doing– – I do all my life butt first. – Um. (chuckles) – Yeah his back end’s really–
– Mm, not in this case. We are going to try
Scandinavian cheese coffee– – Of course we are.
– Which on Two Foods and a Lie which is a game that we played this week, there were a bunch of
really weird real foods and you guys didn’t get to eat any of them so I thought let’s just try one. Now I think that Jen
and John had cheese tea which is another thing–
– Yep, uh-huh. – But they haven’t had cheese coffee so Davin, would you mind
bringing out the cheese coffee? – So yeah cheese tea, they
serve it somewhere in LA but I’ve yet to have it
so might as well start with cheese coffee. – So I have some information
about this cheese coffee. The water of northern Sweden–
– Thank you, man. – Is pure and free from
many trace minerals– – Oh gosh, there’s huge
chunks of cheese in it. – And when consumed in large quantities by veracious coffee drinkers, it is rumored to ’cause
sodium deficiencies. I don’t understand the
logic in that but okay. It is believed that enjoying some, and this is the type of
cheese that’s in it, kaffeost. Kaffeost. – Oh yeah kaffeost.
– Kaffeost. – Kaffeost.
– Helped solve this problem. And kaffeost translates to
coffee cheese. (chuckles) – [Rhett] Coffee cheese. – In America, it’s known
as Finnish squeaky cheese. – Oh squeaky cheese. – Now the one thing I will say is that it seems a little bit weird
to have cheese in your coffee but you put milk in your coffee. – True.
– Dairy product. – If it’s a mild cheese. We’ll just, I feel like that’s dangerous. – Probably have the–
– You did it. – The dink before the cheese.
– Just dink. – Okay. – Okay. What you think, Jade? – What? That is delicious. How much sugar did you
put in here? (chuckles) – [Rhett] Mm-hmm. – That is just–
– Is there sugar in it? – Just tastes like sugar.
– Yeah it tastes like a very sweet, creamy coffee,
like I would be surprised if you were to give me a spoon and I were to hoist out a piece of
cheese, I’d be like oh! – [Stevie] Oh my God, this is delicious. Sugar is great.
– I know. – Let’s just eat a piece of cheese. – Yeah did you eat the cheese
’cause it looks like custard. – This is what happens when
you don’t allow yourself sugar in coffee and then
you have sugar in coffee and then you’re like–
– Oh my gosh. – Whoa.
– Oh my gosh. – Does the cheese taste like sugar? – The cheese is incredible. I’m moving. – This is some freaking good cheese. What kind is it again?
– Hold on. – Kaffeost. – It’s very tangy and it–
– Wow. – When you–
– I guess ost is cheese in that language,
whatever that language is. Where’s it from? – Finnish squeaky cheese
is what Americans call it. – Good gah, what, this is so good. – You know what I feel like would pair really well with this? Weird salsas. – Yeah.
– Yeah. That’s what I was thinking. I’m very pleased. – Okay so I narrowed–
– I love what it does to the– – It’s really good.
– It doesn’t make the cheese melt, it just makes it warm. – Is Jade– – Okay? – (chuckles) I just now
noticed where she was and what she was doing.
– She’s here. Come here.
– Okay let’s move on to salsas.
– Man! – I’ve narrowed it down. We’re gonna start with the least weird. Well I mean I don’t know maybe
it’s not the least weird. – I can’t stop looking at your shirt. (chuckles) – Yes. – Aren’t you getting cold?
– I would like to– – Aren’t you getting so cold–
– I would like to pose for a reboot of the shirt.
– I hope not. (Stevie chuckles) – I would Like to pose, I would like to– – That’d be extra weird.
– Well you did pose. – I wanna offer my body to science. I mean art.
– You already did. That was the result. – Blackberry salsa. – Your wiener is the
size of an infant’s nose. (crew laughing) (Link chuckles) According to my specifications. – Yeah I don’t, I just don’t
remember posing for that. – Do we have, yeah, yeah, come on out. Come on out, David. Don’t wait for me. (chuckles) Thank you.
– Is that an infant’s nose? – And then do we have, yes, thank you. I think I’m gonna dip out of here. I’m sorry, I didn’t hear anything– – Wow.
– You guys were talking about. – We’re talking about–
– Thank you. – An infant’s nose.
– That looks like, it looks like a mole situation. That’s for you.
– Oh you get your own? – Yeah, I’m just gonna use this jar. – That definitely looks like a mole. – And I’ll get my own. I got 30% less. – Okay so this is supposed to be bad? – No no it’s supposed to be weird. – Yeah this is not supposed to be bad. Is it hot though?
– It’s room temp. It’s good. – It’s very sweet. – Yeah, not as sweet as
the cheese coffee though. – I don’t mind a sweet salsa. I’m a savory man.
– Oh you know what, maybe I was gonna make you guess. But what’s your guesses? – Blueberry?
– Close. – Blackberry.
– Yeah you got it! – Oh. – We’re you being serious
’cause I told you what it was, or you talking about your penis drawing. So you weren’t listening. – Right neither one of us–
– You okay? – Were listening to anyone else. – It works out sometimes. It’s not always frustrating. – I call that a date.
– It’s not my penis drawing. – [Stevie] Oh my God. – It’s a rendering of
someone’s idea of my penis. – It’s not my penis drawing,
it’s my penis drawing. Okay this was good. I give it a good. – Yeah I give it a good, not a great. I mean if I want blackberry
jam I’m gonna get that, if I want salsa I’m gonna get salsa. – But if you want both, you get this. – I never need both together. – Right here, now we’re
moving on to something I’m not gonna tell you what it is. – Okay.
– And then you’re gonna guess what it is so we can bring that out and I’ll show Morgan. – Well hold on I just– – I’m so sorry. What I meant was don’t look at me. I’m about to do this right now. – Okay, I couldn’t read it.
– Don’t. – I couldn’t read it. The only thing I saw was garlic. – Don’t look at me! Ugh! – I’m not looking at
you, I’m looking at me. – Link.
– Looking at you on my shirt. Me on my shirt, me on your shirt. – You talking to me too?
– Yeah. (chuckles) – Can you bring the salsa
over, Rhett, get the salsa. – Oh man. – I was looking over there ’cause I thought the salsa was comin’. I wanna taste it. That’s the point of this thing. – I don’t think we’re gonna
like this based on the smell. I would go easy. – This is like not what makeup people do to put things in focus,
just go to the side. – Mm, I’m afraid. Is this kimchi? – Is it?
– Yeah. – This is kimchi salsa.
– It’s kimchi salsa. – Yeah.
– It’s not bad. – Once you know that it’s kimchi– – It’s Ofood kimchi
salsa, tomato and garlic. – I like kimchi.
– I don’t love kimchi, man. – See kimchi has that kind of pungency that we always talk about where it’s like I hate myself and I’m
eating this and I love it. You know like, I hate this. – Yeah it’s called– – Yeah what is the word? – It’s called–
– What is the word, Link? – It’s called–
– Benign masochism. – Benign masochism. – Mm, I’m gonna need
some more cheese coffee. – It’s one of the most healthy
things that you can consume. – Mm-hmm.
– Not the cheese coffee. – Yeah.
– No it’s not– – The kimchi, it’s like
you do this all the time, your bio, what is it called? (chuckles) Why am I
asking you about words? – Biome. – (claps) He’s got two in a row! – Wow.
– Your gut biome will thank you–
– Gut biome. – Every time you have that. – I’m gonna have to go
back to the blackberry ’cause I didn’t like the kimchi. – Okay we’ll say, but I saw this is good. I gave it a good. We have one more. I give this a good and
a good and our last one, don’t look, don’t look at me. Oh yeah, I’m gonna come
in, David, I’m sorry. I know I sound scary. Thanks. – Don’t. My neighbor back in
North Carolina would make some homemade salsa and bring it over. – That’s got a funny smell. – And it looked just like that. And then a year later when
it was still in my pantry, it looked just like that. – Aw. – I just forgot it was in there. – Uh-huh.
– This is– – Ew! I don’t like this one. Why does it taste like that? That doesn’t even make any sense. – It’s tapenade. – That’s what it tastes like. Which would be great
if that’s what it was. – [Link] Ugh, olive. – [Rhett] It has a lot of olives in it. – Well damn, it is, you
have not guessed what it is. It is a vegetable though. – Egg plant.
– Asparagus. – Asparagus. Yeah you taste the asparagus? – Yeah. – It says–
– Sparagadus? – It has its own tagline. – Which is?
– Taste the fruit, but it’s also askew, no it’s not askew, it’s just off-center.
– Is asparagus a fruit? – I don’t think so.
– I kinda like it. – No asparagus is certainly not a fruit. But it is gluten-free.
– Once you know it’s asparagus. – No, I give this a not. – Nil.
– A not, okay, we’ve done it. – Link gives it a nil. – Okay, I have yet another thing to take and put on the desk and it’s not the shirt so let me clear these things
before I do this thing. So I’m sure you’ve seen
on our social medias if you follow us on social medias. – I do.
– I don’t generally. – I do, I do, I do. – Okay and it was also
on Entertainment Weekly this past week but the cover of The Lost Causes of Bleak
Creek is officially released– – Out!
– And out there in the world and I have this little physical,
I mean it’s not little. – Look at that.
– It’s book-size, physical– – [Link] It really feels real
when you can see it wrapped around a book that’s not actually it. – That’s a book, that’s not
our book, but that is a book with a cover on it that is our cover. – Do you want this, do
you wanna hold this? – I do, now as you can
see we’re doing something really retro for this book. Nothing on the back. (chuckles) That’s the new thing, the old thing. No actually we haven’t
designed that part yet or this part, we’ve
only designed this part. That’s all we’re gonna show you. – So we can read a little,
read a little excerpt. – Yeah.
– Read a little excerpt. First of all they put it
on this book upside down. Anatoli Petrovich arrived in Yalta to try to bed my grandmother a
fortnight into our trip. – What, stop. (chuckles) – So this is not our book. (laughs) That is the first thing that I read. This is some book that
we had in the office. Have you been reading again? (all laughing) – When I heard about grandma, I started reading again. – So anyway. A few things about this, I mean, first of all–
– Can I hold it while you talk about it?
– Yeah you can see that it’s aged and that was our way of saying that like hey, the events
inside of this book take place in the past. In fact, in the year 1992. – But also I have like
the entire collection of Goosebumps and the entire
collection of Animorphs and the entire collection
of Eerie, Indiana, and they all, yeah, that’s
exactly what they look like at this point.
– They’ve aged from that era. – Yeah, you read them so many times and then they’re just beautiful. – There’s some clues. As to what happens within the book on the outside of the book,
we don’t have to go into. (chuckles) – Some clues. You’re really sellin’ it. – Yeah.
– We wrote it. That’s a hint.
– Do you wanna talk about like the Jason Moore
who designed the book? – [Rhett] Yes so– – Shout out to Jason Moore
who did this design for us. Thank you, Jason, excellent work. – Yeah so basically all
that we said was hey bro, as we call him, bro.
– Mm-hmm. – We’re like hey bro, we
want a hand and some water. We want it bubbling and glowing. Here’s the title. We’re the authors. We previously wrote a number one New York Times best-selling,
maybe put that on there. – Put that on there. – And boom, this is what he did. – I mean he did a great job
but it wasn’t that easy. I mean he also read the entire book. – He did, he actually,
so yeah, he read the book and came back with a bunch of
different ideas to kinda get that vibe–
– Some of them were really creepy which
actually made me feel good, that like, the thing
that resonated with him from a visual artist
standpoint were these like creepy, gripping scenes
that made me feel good that what we had tried to do worked. That he was like oh, I visualized this and I thought it would be cool, what if that was on the cover? And there were like, there
were more than a handful of candidates for that which, you know, when you work so hard to write a book, every person you entrust to read it, whatever, the first thing they say, they come back with means a lot. If you ever read somebody’s
book, be careful what you say the next time you see him
because you’re basically hanging on every word and that
applied to everybody including him and so I thought
all of his ideas were cool. There’s gonna be 25 different
versions of the cover. – Yeah you wanna buy all 25 of them. The one thing I’ll say is that
you know, as this continues to become more and more of a real thing, like this is the next
really significant step in it becoming a real, tangible
thing that you can have in your hands this fall,
October 29th to be exact. I just get more and
more excited, you know, because it’s also made
for dogs as you can see. But– – You know people want to look at the dog so I was trying to–
– I’m just, I’m super excited about the story and
we’ve talked a little bit about the story but,
see that, and actually, one in 25 books comes with
a long-haired dachshund. – Mm-mm, mm-mm.
– We’re doing anything we can, no.
– I told you not to say that. – But as we get closer
and closer to that date, I just get excited about
people having this story, interacting with the story and us talking about the story as a community
because I am as excited about this as I’ve ever been
about anything we’ve created. – Yeah, yeah, we’ve
gotten a lot of amazing– – I’m so excited.
– Calm down. – Amazing feedback.
– I can’t calm down. – Breathe, man, breathe.
– From the people who’ve– – Have some salsa.
– Gotten to read the book. We’ve gotten a bunch of amazing emails and we’re very excited
for you guys to be able to read it and if you wanna be one of the first people to get your copy, go to where
you can pre-order the book. It’ll have this artwork on that page now. – Yes.
– It’s amazing. – The top page.
– ‘Cause it exists. – [Rhett] If you wanna have that book– – The top page.
– In your hand on October 29th go ahead and pre-order.
– Okay so now, it is time to play the sound byte game that I titled at the top
that I can’t remember what I titled it. – You Only Get One Chance To Hear This. – Thank you.
– Or something like that. – Yeah it was something like that. So I feel like, I mean, I don’t know, I think that you’re gonna be
pretty good at this actually. I think the Mythical Beasts
are gonna be really good at it. – [Link] Okay. They’ll be better than us.
– So the way you play is very easy, I’m gonna play a clip. And then you’re going to
have to guess what episode of GMM or maybe GMMore–
– Okay. – The clip is from and
then there will be a video to tell you if you’re right or wrong. – Is it the first person to guess it? – Are you ready?
– Is that how you do it? – No, I would appreciate it if you let the clip play out first
and then guessed it. – Are we playing together? – Yeah.
– Okay. – You play together. Okay ready?
– Ready. – [Stevie] Three, two, one. – [Link] Okay look at that, grab yours. – [Rhett] The color is
unexpected but I think that– – [Link] I’m going dry. – [Rhett] You should go dry first. – [Link] I’m gonna go dry. – You know, oh.
– Oh, it’s hard. – [Rhett] I always say
nothing livens up a party like a pair of chaps. It’s white and it makes children. – [Link] It’s gone, it’s gone. I’m out. I’m out, I’m flat out of sperm. What?
– Oh. So this is all from one episode? – That seemed like a montage
of our entire GMM career. Not just one video I hope. – That was one episode.
– Oh gosh. – That was one episode.
– It has to be sperm– – That was Will It Dumpling. – The only time we ate
sperm was Will It Dumpling. – That was Will It Dumpling. – Yeah.
– Right, it’s gotta be. – That was really good.
– Steel trap, y’all. – I think that–
– I’m going dry. – You should go dry first.
– I’m gonna go dry first. – You know, oh.
– Oh, it’s hard. It’s gone, it’s gone. I’m out. I’m out, I’m flat out of sperm. (Rhett chuckles) Flat out of sperm.
– Flat out of sperm. – I always get distracted
by how dark my hair is in all those old clips. – Would you say unnaturally dark? (all laughing) – Okay I’m gonna–
– I didn’t dye every square inch of my head, I
only dyed the gray parts. – Are you kidding?
– Really? – Yeah I brushed it in. So it’s like, I mean the part that’s gray, but then I think when I washed it out– – Why?
– It would start to bleed and then sometimes more than others, like, his whole hair looks
dyed, but I didn’t intend for that to happen. (chuckles) – Okay Zack, we’re gonna go
directly to the second clip. They did get the first one. I thought this one was gonna be easier but I just wanna hear
it anyway so let’s go to the second clip. – [Link] Let’s blow on each other. Ooh.
– Ooh I got deep on that one. You can put it in any hole. – [Link] Congratulations,
rich daughters everywhere. (crew laughs) – That was mouthwash ranking. – Yeah I thought that
one was gonna be easy. – Blow on, yeah, ’cause we were blowing in each other’s face. Oh yeah the rich daughter.
– Let me say, shout out to the creator,
this is what he wanted when he sent us more stuff
and I’m gonna give it to him. Shout out to the man
who started TheraBreath. He sent us a bunch of other
flavors of TheraBreath because– – I don’t think he
personally did. (chuckles) – No no, he did.
– He did. – It was either him or his daughter. There’s only two people
that work at the company. – What you smellin’? You smell something?
– Yeah. So shout out to him. – They sent us more stuff because
they said we want you guys to taste some other
flavors and I gotta say, just earlier today I had
one of the, one of ’em. It was so memorable I
can’t remember the name of the flavor.
– Yeah, good. – But I thought it was very refreshing. – And this is when we–
– Sparkle mint. – Throw up the lower third,
go directly to their website. You guys are really, really good at this. I wonder if the Mythical
Beasts at home are winning by guessing before you do but
let’s just play another one. – [Link] There we go. – [Rhett] That’s how I
take my underwear off. – [Link] I think I
could do that hands free at certain points.
– Oh really? – [Link] Yeah man. – [Rhett] You’ve been doing your squats. – [Link] Yes. – [Rhett] Well I was
thinking you would bite it. But you sucked it. So I have insertion.
(motor whirring) – Okay, it seems like there’s a theme to these audio clips you chose. – I don’t know what you mean. Yeah they’re GMM episodes. – [Rhett] This is– – What was that (mimics motor)? – That was when I–
– You were shaving turkey. – No, it’s when I stuck my electric knife.
– Let’s put a mid-roll in. (chuckles) – That was why I did that. Into the football.
– The football? Oh yeah when we, when we– – So that was satisfying videos. Satisfying thing–
– You are right about what you were doing but it
wasn’t satisfying videos, it was like a specific
theme of that episode. – Yeah it was fruit peeling.
– Yeah. – That’s the satisfying–
– But still, you were really good. Okay.
– Let’s see it. There we go. – That’s how I take my underwear off. (Rhett laughs) Well I was thinking you would bite it. But you sucked it. (all chuckling) Man, it’s all unintentional, by the way. – You sucked it, okay
here’s the final clip. – [Rhett] I’m gonna shake
this, we’re gonna deposit it into our mouth holes. – [Link] Just like let it have it. Just (sucks air). – [Rhett] Go all the way down. – [Link] Go all the way down. – Go all the way down.
– Go– (crew chuckling) – Be gentle.
– So weird. – [Rhett] Be gentle. – [Link] We’re gonna do
the old squeeze and pull. (Rhett coughs) – [Rhett] Oh squeeze it real good. – [Link] Squeeze it all the way down. – [Rhett] Just put it in
your mouth and hold it. – [Link] Okay. – [Rhett] Don’t bite down. – [Link] There’s like snot
comin’ out of my nose. – I think I need to hear that one again. – Let’s play it again.
– No, no. You said that the whole game–
– We’re gonna deposit it– – Was you weren’t gonna play it again. Just let it have it just (sucks air). – Oh yeah, yeah. (chuckles) – [Rhett] Go all the way down. – [Link] Go all the way down. – Go all the way down.
– Go– – Be gentle.
– So weird. – [Rhett] Be gentle. – We’re gonna do the old squeeze and pull. (Rhett coughs) I don’t like that cough.
– Yeah. (chuckles) – Stop it. Stop it, don’t look at me. Stop looking at me. – Oh.
– Go all the way down. – So what were you squeezing and pulling? I don’t remember.
– Go all the way down. – It wasn’t that long ago. – I honestly do not remember this one. I remember it but I don’t
know, I can’t place it. – Go all the way down. (all chuckling) – Squeeze and pull. – Hold on, it was when something– – [Stevie] Go all the way down. – I was squeezing something
and you were pulling it. – Mm-hmm.
– It was a teamwork thing. What did we need to squeeze and pull? – You’re on the right track, you’re there. (sighs) – Yeah. I’m sorry I looked at you
like that. (chuckling) – You’re so close to the answer. Just go all the way down. – I was just thinking really hard. (Stevie and Rhett chuckling) – What are y’all laughin’ at? What happened? – Yeah. – He just looked at me like, I don’t know like I was
being a really good coach and he was like really
trying hard for the answer. It’s very tense.
– Yeah it was, it’s intense. And in the context it was just, what was it, I don’t know! – No okay, you were
teaming up on something. Because you didn’t have
something else that you needed in order to accomplish it. So one of you had to hold the thing and the other one of you–
– Oh. It was when we were doing like
the two arm challenge thing. – [Stevie] No. – No, let’s see it. Just like let it have
it, just (sucks air). We’re gonna do the old squeeze and pull. – We were holding hands in More, yes. Just put it in your mouth and hold it. – Okay. That wasn’t long ago. I knew it was recent.
– Don’t bite down. Yeah.
– I knew it was recent. – Yeah.
– But it’s a-fine. It’s a-fine.
– It’s a-fine. – [Link] We will recover. – All right so that’s all I have. – That’s all you need.
– I’m very pleased with myself today. – Yeah right.
– That’s all you need. – Okay, you ready for our final line? – Yes. – Until next–
– Next LTAT– – [Rhett and Link] Keep on BYMB. – F-O S-H-O.
– Let’s see if I can find something else in this book. Man boys like this make me relieve my barely teenage brother is gay. – What? (poppy electronic music)

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  1. It's kinda funny that you are releasing your book on October 29th because that is my younger brother's birthday.He will be 17 this year

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