100 thoughts on “Guess That Celebrity Tattoo (GAME)

  1. I haven't watched any good mythical morning videos in over a year and I used to watch them all the time. Now I'm back.

  2. Lol! Just saw Shia Labeouf on my hometown of Savannah Morning news. He was in court here for his public intoxication and racist hate speech directed at the arresting officers. But hey! He will not divide us right?

  3. Took a little…ok a long break from GMM…but I'm glad I decided to give it another chance. I missed these two!!!

  4. I fell asleep watching gmm and ended up playing 27 videos before I woke up at 4:46 am.

    Now I have to watch those 27 videos 😂

  5. I always say to people think before they get a body modification. I've got 8 tats and over 30 piercings and I've got plans for more of a lot of both but they were all planned out. Even piercings leave scars, you gotta plan ahead!

  6. "Some celebrities should think before they ink"
    Says the guys who literally have their wives names tattooed on their asses.

  7. Rhett: Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing
    Me: Dang it, now I have to… likes, comments and subscribes

    Lyke if yu do dis evertim

  8. megan has the perfect body and is the *perfect girl type of human … so she wont destroy her body with stupid tats

  9. I love watching this chanel. I have a HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tattoo of the chicken firebreathing the logo

  10. So the guy from India gets a tattoo of their logo on his body forever and they don’t react to it!? I love your show Rhett and Link but that’s just sad. 😢

  11. the parts I can tell from the picture of David's calf are "受け入れられる平静な心、私に—と変える勇気 そして違いの分かる知恵をお与えください"

  12. Oliver Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon has a certain part of the male anatomy tattooed on his leg. His reasoning was because he would draw them on everything when he was younger.

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